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"This forum is aids, basically 4chan."
And that's why we love it friend, in the free world there is no retarded censorship.

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"Someone said mean things on a video game! Oh my God, ban him!!!"
Turn off chat.
It is your choice to be offended, in the end

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@SWSeriousMike said:
And I'm sure your answer would have been brilliant. But unfortunately now the world will never witness it. What have I done?
I wasn't flaming by the way.


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@Peacerer said:
Sitting on 200k gold, 51 levels bashing same switches, being on top almost every FL round playing ridiculously OP 2h weapons, BR is RNG crap, Horde is PVE crap, 3 playable FL maps, archery implemented badly on purpose, shields not "fixed" after years of trying, biased developers keep supporting 2h elitism etc. Same old crap. Despite massive success game was nowhere near ready to release.

Yes, i know you love me guys, i love you to.



(Since alpha screenshots)

I see you never let our expectations down

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I have found very interesting results:

From ~6 minutes time to get into the menu and then to load a map
I got to less than 3 minutes to do all of this by defraging my HDD and unparking my CPU.

Considering this, it is worth a try. -unpark CPU (cores) Defrag HDD (Do not Defrag SSD as it can shorten it's lifespan and is unecessary anyway)

Well, shit, somehow I managed to fix my problem by using tricks I forgot to use again after reinstalling my OS.
If you have problems, do it boys, you got nothing to lose.

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@Deadmode said:

@NikolaiLudovik said:
"This everyone" you are talking about doesn't seem to provide me with enough proof of "muh game loads fine, you dumb" hypothesis you got.

I used examples of another person I know running the game on a HDD, so not 'muh game loads fine' at all, and I also never called you dumb.

There are plenty of people here having no issues, both on SSD and HDD. If it was the game then I would've thought that we would all experience extreme delays to some degree compared to other games when, in fact for me and my friends, it's one of the fastest to load. You would also hear way more about bad loading times if the game did have an issue.

I stand by it being a hardware issue.

I was making more of a joke with that dumb part considering how you put it but whatever.
It is too much of a coincidence to be a 3 people coincidental hardware issue in my case, it make no reasonable sense.
How new is your friend's hard drive? When did you get yours? I have mine for roughly ~3 years and had no problems loading so far.
Maybe I need to defrag it or something, I will look into it now to see if i can find anything new.

Edit:So far I found out I have the same 7200rpm;
Defraging and consolidating HDD now, (Do not defrag your SSD because it can shorten its life span)
I will also Unpark CPUs after this.

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@Deadmode said:

@NikolaiLudovik said:
Any other game loads faster than mordhau, you can say that my HDD is failing all you want, but it is undeniable that the game's loading sequence could be improved and optimized.

Everyone is telling you otherwise. But yeah, fine. It’s the game.

Every single one of my friends who has mordhau is loading at similar rates as me (3 of them respectively), except a single one who has installed the game on an SSD. So yeah, it is in fact the game. It makes no sense as to why the game loads so slow to enter the menu and then, if you connect fast to a server, it is still slow (fine, the map loading makes sense to take long), but if you just finish loading the menu and then join your friends, you risk getting "Connection to the host has been lost" error, while the game also freezes during the last stages.

"This everyone" you are talking about doesn't seem to provide me with enough proof of "muh game loads fine, you dumb" hypothesis you got.

To enter the menu, the game shouldn't load for this long, because there isn't much to load anyway. It has room for some optimizing at least in that area, if not when entering the map.
(Really reminds me of how Rust took a shit ton to load, considering the large map and such, until the developers optimized it and it took less than half the time to do it)

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@Goof said:
Side note : Votekicking can be initiated for ANY reason. TKing, RDMing or otherwise.
Trolls also use votekicking to kick anyone they don't want in the server because there are absolutely no restrictions to votekicking except for team modes where you can't kick the enemy team.

Most people don't pay attention and automatically vote yes and alot of people get kicked for no valid reason. In team modes it should show team damage done(like in chivalry), and for deathmatch/duels you should be REQUIRED to type in a reason for initiating the votekick and it should show for everyone. "Kick due to : RDM "

These would not be difficult changes for the devs to make, and would help to reduce the amount of abuse.

Exactly. Easy to implement, why is it not in yet? I mean, I don't mind using the console commands but let us type the reason in it to prevent troll kicking

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Shields are keeping your true godly potential down.

Remove the shield, and embrace godhood

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@Paranaueparana said:

@NikolaiLudovik said:
And, when it comes to the stairs (I think you mean ladders?), maybe they can implement a no-build zone (small but enough to prevent such blocks) when you climb up the stairs, or get down them.

Are these solutions to the problem?

Indeed they are, horses destroying the first stage barriers would be great, it could be achieved, maybe, with less codding than adding another build stage to it.
And you are right, I meant ladders. A no-build zone for barriers/spikes would be tricky because I still think its a viable option to place a bear trap on top of it to get those that aren't paying much attention. So in that regard the devs would have to try a few things to see wich one is one is optimal.
Those were very well put suggestions,sir.

Yes, i think it would be pretty easy to implement, maybe the devs will look into it

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Any other game loads faster than mordhau, you can say that my HDD is failing all you want, but it is undeniable that the game's loading sequence could be improved and optimized.

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Not gonna lie, this shit is really annoying. A private server might be a temporary solution,
But we want a final solution

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It's to punish people who throw shit instead of preparing to meet their enemy in melee combat when in range.
So switch your weapons in time or die.

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@MoMoMonsterkill said:
Sorry if this has been suggested before - just signed up.

If a player wears a second shield (or any shield) on the back , it should be (somewhat) harder to backstab him.



Hey, seen you ingame before!

Regarding the shield, yeah, it's not a good idea, it will very likely become even worse than rapier+shield builds. Blocking arrows: sure, I think it does that already, but not stabs/slashes.

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And, when it comes to the stairs (I think you mean ladders?), maybe they can implement a no-build zone (small but enough to prevent such blocks) when you climb up the stairs, or get down them.

Are these solutions to the problem?

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at least regarding the horse block, maybe the horse should destroy barriers that are just placed and in the first stages of building, by simply crashing through it and blowing it apart.

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So far I only see two problems with frontline:

1- Balance
-I feel like spawns are not well adjusted ,and the red team is closer than blue on most cases to the next objective (not always ofcourse)
-Also, on CAMP, the blue ballista is behind the spawn so it's barely used, and when used, it's used by the enemy team.
You can destroy it, but you know.. why not move it at the edge of the wall or something to actually not defeat the purpose of having one?
And on GRAD on the other hand, the ballista has direct sight in the stable point, not too op or something, but at least it's not useless.

2: General Team management
Coordinating a team is pretty difficult because:
-You need to have a squad defending your point, and another squad attacking the next one, so that your team doesn't lose because of the enemy capturing faster, basically it makes it very hard to do unless you got a clan or something.

I don't really think there is much of a fix for this, so yeah, it's more of how the gamemode simply is.
the "SIEGE" gamemode, which I hope it's literally Team Objective from Chivalry, would solve this. The objective is simple, you only need to focus on one task at hand and can be played with a lot of players easily.

Also, what I have observed is that 10v10 on Frontline works a lot better than 32v32, due to better team management in general and it feels a lot more competitive and less of a one sided fight. (I had matches that turned tides while we were at 450-150 and lost for example)

-Snowballing and bad spawn time. You have two teams fight each other in a large group, a massive badass battle. One loses, then the rest of the team spawns one by one, fights the group of the enemy team and die, one by one, therefore the enemy team having the number advantage in every confrontation since people don't spawn together and attack together. (like Verdun, Tannenberg, use wave spawning). People don't really pay attention to how many friendlies they have near each other while engaging, so they just die 10v3 or so repeatedly because they just spawn at different intervals.

Anyway, just my two cents on the matter, if you agree or not, please leave your thoughts bellow, fellow kniggas

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@bardika said:
and it does not cost me a penny as I have 2 lawyers in my family )
keep adding to my thread as evidence


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@bardika said:
thank you for all this evidence for my court proceedings )

Yeah, can't wait to be deported from my country and judged by some foreign court for something I said on a forum online
Man, some people.

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@takemura said:

@smellycathawk said:

@takemura said:
I'm wating for your fucking videos proving me wrong or get the fuck outa here.

Usually when you bring a case to trial you are the one who has to support it.


No bitch, this is not a fucking trial and who needs to bring proof to this argument is the faggots that are claiming it is easier to counter with chamber and all that BULLSHIT, they are the ones that need to prove their crap or get the fuck out, period.

Or, you know, work on your reaction time, practice, like everyone else?
I mean, I've had no problems so far. The only annoyance is the rapier, but even that is not that bad after you start to manage it.
You are overthinking this