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loadout collage pt 1 v2.jpg
loadout collage pt 2 v2.jpg

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  • 26 May

@FlyingTesticle said:

My compliments as well.
Indeed. Great eye for color, details and nicely authentic Medieval style too.

You seem to own the whole cosmetics department...

Great to see some of the pieces I've completely ignored shown beautifully - New buying aspirations for change!

Yeah, I'm really inspired of the middle ages and I usually get inspiration from photos of reenactment and artworks.

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  • 26 May

@Abbey Neville Longbottom said:

@PapaVynxl said:





Sir, you are an artist

I appreciate it!

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  • 19 Oct '17

It would be cool if you could add a helm decoration to your helmet like an orle or a crest. Or maybe add a jousting helm with decoration to the game.