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If this is real, I'm 99% sure the person who wrote it is online on his/her cellphone more than 90 minutes lmao.

It's the onion.

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My Winged Hussar cosplay.

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@vanguard said:

Also holy shit Halo and Madden are coming back to the PC, and the new Assassins Creed is like Mass Effect in ancient Greece now, romance and all.

This E3 was the most pleasant kind of surprising.

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@Jax said:
norman reedus and the funky fetus

I love how most Hollywood movies manage to spoil their story in a minute and a half teaser. But after like fifteen minutes of footage for Death Stranding no one has any idea WTF is going on still.

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@SIEGE said:
The Souls franchise is easily the most overrated franchise in the last decade.
Games are horrible. Really not much RPG about it,
it's super linear and repetetive.
The fighting system is clunky and unresponsive,
and while still better than Skyrim,
it is laughable when compared to titles like Mordhau or Chivalry.
It is not hard in a way that
the game actually has intelligent Ai
or requires planning in any way,
what makes it "hard" is again, the clunky combat
and the bosses that rely on
pattern learning instead of reaction time.
Despite this cheesy approach,
bosses are still pretty much the same across the board.
You just roll arround
until they are in their "vulnurable" phase,
and then attack the shit out of them
until they start swinging again.
Repeat that for some minutes and
you've got all your bossfights in a nutshell.
And that's it, that's the game.
Normal enemies are really just boring trash
that are just there for the sake of being there.
They serve no purpose other than
giving the player the illusion of an actual game
that doesn't just consist of repetetive bosses.
Aside of that, the franchise milking is real.
All Souls games are pretty much the same.
Merely a reskin of one another,
with somewhat updated graphics
and new bosses that still
behave exactly like in the part before that.
They play the same otherwise.
The whole franchise really is
targeted towards children that heard
stories about "hard games" from their
older siblings / parents.
They want to be part of that aswell
but fail to realize that games back then
weren't hard for the sake of being hard
while relying on cheesy tactics to achieve that,
instead they were hard because
they required planning, thinking,
had smart Ai and required
reaction time and timing
instead of solely relying on pattern learning.

Have my children.

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@SK.Edam said:
More like The E-ist of disappointments.

For fucks sake you haven't even seen it yet.

It's like the gaming community's default attitude towards everything, no matter how great it looks, is disgruntled skepticism. Until of course an actual horrible game like No Mans Sky of Sea of Thieves comes along. Then everyone blows 60+ dollars on pre-orders without a second thought and jumps on the hype-train like there's no tomorrow.

I remember when everyone was thinking DOOM was going to be bad based of a single two minute trailer. Yet at the same time despite multiple signs something was up with No Mans Sky everyone was completely enthralled by it, the thought of actually waiting to see if it would be good far out of their minds.

At this point 90% of y'all should honestly just figure out how hyped you are about a game and then reverse your expectations.

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It begins tomorrow my dudes.