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Cause this guy is non stop.

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When i press the play button it open up the "spectate or join the match" screen, anyone know how to fix

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It provides nothing other than another negative to being in lighter armor. Its not usefull in current game modes... there's no reason to have it.

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i agree with a lot of points made in that video. How ever, those are all re-hashes. As base games those were terrible bad mechanics that didn't have good mechanics. And like every single other BR they were other shooters. Look at Crow royale or what ever its called. Its different, its popular because it plays well and it has different fighting mechanics. Paladins was by in large a failure of a game holding a minuscule player base, BR made it explode (not paladins) but a game that had different mechanics from PUBG, H1Z1, fortnite.... Would fortnite be popular without building... probably not, would pubg be as popular without already being an established mod and by one of the originals (some what like the rise of LOL coming from one of the original modders of warcraft mod DOTA) probably not.

How ever, here we have something completely unique, Melee combat and bows and arrows. It's more visceral and completely different combat than FPS/TPS

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would be amazing. a BR mode. A game valhall is coming out. BEAT THEM TO THE PUNCH. a BR mode could do for this game what king of the kill did for H1Z1

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get gud... thats how you beat shields. Pussies

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@Elder said:
What if the game is dead because its bad?

the game is dead because it IS bad

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@Moo said:
The only reason why I'm not playing is because they're not balancing anything. Why play a game where I get a little angry because of unbalanced bullshit?

i mean, they're balancing kicks...

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@King Sinclair The FluffyDragon said:

@Havoc said:
I'd assume they can fix dwindling player population it by fixing what needs to be fixed. Just keep poking @crushed with a pointy stick until either he dies or he fixes the things that need fixing.

Maby we should put guns in the game

this might help

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@Frise said:
Are you not capable of logical thinking? The hype of alpha release is gone for most people, and they have shit to do and games to play. That doesn't mean the game is dying.

And the combat isn't broken, you just completely fail to understand it, and complain about every fucking thing that kills you. Grow up please.

all i've done is ask a question. And you got awfully mad. Why is that?

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@Sir Zombie said:
And what you are saying is an opinion
There aren't a lot of people playing because there aren't a lot that can play

i agree, but you look at any of the player number monitoring programs, mordhau is slowly declining. wont be much development with only 10 people playing

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Combat is stale and whether some players like it or not. completely broken.

I know most people and ppl from chiv are going to rage hearing this. But facts are facts.

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@vanguard said:
A lot of people play PubG because it gives you money to do so, me included. Game already paid for itself here, these sort of thing is great for keeping a "healthy" (at least in quatity) playerbase it seems. Hell if I can make steam money while playing mordhau, I'm all for it tbh bring the loot boxes

I was able to build an almost 3k computer off my preorder and 10 drop during the invitational boxes alone.

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@Frise said:

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:
at least shield in chiv worked...

Right, so you want shield to work like in chivalry, where they made you parry box huge so that not only you couldn't delay-drag or feint a shield, user, you also couldn't do any sidedrag against a half-competent shield player. Thus, fighting against shields was literally just riposting them until they ran out of stamina.

Goes to show what kind of game you want.

or you could have the shield degrade as its hit like every other event game out right now.

All you want is to be able to 1080 spin no scope back hit warp through the ground. So i don't get your high ground attitude but you're being a bit of a shit head to everyone that disagrees with you. Stop the elitist attitude and actually look at things objectively.

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@Ruby Rhoderick said:
This shouldn't be allowed to happen - it's this sort of bullshit that ruined Chivalry. Can you learn to react to these kind of drags? Sure, but do we really want the combat in Mordhau to look like this? I understand that drags are valuable to keep the combat varied and constantly evolving, but this doesn't look like a melee fight - and isn't that what the developers said they were going for?

Ask 90% of the people on this forum if thats what they want... yes it is

its sad, they just want a new looking chiv

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I've noticed this a lot with 1 handers, While 2 handers can miss but you can "WATERFALL" it back in 1 handers can literally go right through someone and not land.

Ducked it?

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@Runagate said:
He did what @Frise said. Look, not everything that kills you that you can't deal with right away is bad for the game.

think about what you're saying logically.... You're saying a swing that misses should be able to then be moved down after it already passes your body to still connect... That's what you're saying

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@Soulcatcher said:

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:
Yes, the combat is lacking any depth at all.


Drags, accells, directional attacks, feints, morphs, chambers, footwork, timing, knowing the range of your and your opponents weapons, knowing how many hits it'll take to kill him, different grips for weapons , kicks, countering kicks, controlling the pace, making your opponent panic, ducking under swings

The game needs a lot of tweaks and balancing but the core of the gameplay does not lack depth m8

Lunges make up for shitty footwork.

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Misses his left to right swing. But still lands it after on the far right side?