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  • 3 Jul '19

There has really been a lot of toxicity these past few days. Most of it from people over-eager to witch hunt and craft tenuous incendiary narratives.

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  • 15 May '19

These are fairly low priority I imagine but they're worth noting for content creator's sake. More QoL issues than bugs.

Demo playback/Spectator Bugs
Any amount of Mouse Smoothing causes the camera to become near unmovable with any amount of time dilation lower than 1.
The character's faces during demo playback often take a long time to load (sometimes a minute, well after everything else seems finished) after navigating to a new time or unload randomly, reverting to a default face.
Even on a map with no other characters, playback of a demo recorded with a lute playing will often be missing many of the notes being played in game, causing what is a fine song in-game to sound spotty and confused in the demo. I imagine this one is tied to the way that demos are recorded and have no idea if it would be solvable.
I'm sure this one is known as well, but very slow time dilation will cause corpses to float up into the sky randomly at high speeds.