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There needs to be implemented a report feature and the votekick feature needs a solid tweak. People write racist and sexist messages without consequense all the time. It doesn't really bother me all that much, but its a matter that needs dealing with. Also, the abuse of votekicking is really annoying, sometimes you get kicked completely unprevoked, just because someone made a troll vote. The teamdamage isn't very well displayed, so many players will likely just press a random button to get it off the screen. A typical case is that you try to kick either a player trolling the team or writing racist comments, and when most of the playerbase vote "no", they then proceed to votekick you back and you get kicked yourself, quite annoying. Therefore I've completely stopped engaging in conversations or votekicking abusive players because the system is broken. I'm not saying that the freedom of speech should be reduced, only that there should be some way to report other players and that the report would actually be taken seriously.

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Also, just make more of towers climbable, all the "large" windows able to enter (because many windows look like they're big enough and you can't squeeze through) and just reward defenders who are actually doing the objective. Give defenders extra points for staying on the siege tower when the enemy pushes, give them points for defending up on the wall, points for staying near the civillians and so on. Just encourage players to play the objective. Imo it's why some players play attacking, because there's more points to harvest.

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Totally agree, the siege tower feels completely useless, it's way easier to just run inside the tunnels and come behind the enemies than it is climbing the ladders (although climbing ladders is also quite easy if you have a 1h weapon). Make it so defending team can kick the ladders while people are climbing them but make the climbing time a bit shorter so defenders actually have to keep an eye out. Moving speed while carrying rocks could be increased slightly to aid defenders. How about adding some of the newly added boiling oil? You know, the one you just advertised triternion, how about adding that to the actual siege map?

Also, don't fucking hinder you from attacking from the other side; you can travel around the castle on the outside but if you try to climb the tower from the other side you're outside of the play area, which imo breaks immersion quite a bit.

Also maybe add a general "burn X" objective like it was done on Grad Frontline Mode to lengthen the mode.

What about that huge farm area on the other side of the castle, which is completely unsued. It looks to be quite fleshed out, so it could be used for a seconod objective. Also, we could kill some more peasants there because that's fun.

Finally, for more balance, just add more citizens to kill, make them run faster, make them not spawn in the same places every single map (seriously why did you not think of this9. And don't give them an icon display so that red team can just hone in on them easy. Maybe create a final objective by the docs? Something that the red team has to transport a flag over there? Something to draw out the final fight a bit more.

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  • Brawler perk now also speeds up fists


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Knight 218 593

Drawn by hand, scanned with phone, messed around a bit in gimp (not ps cuz im poor)

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@Malviyn said:
Image dump incoming

All my loadouts so far:

Adventurer.jpgBlack Knight.jpgByzantine Soldier.jpgDanish Man At Arms.jpgDuelist N1.jpgDuelist N2.jpgEngineer.jpgEnglish Billman.jpgEnglish Knight.jpgExecutioner.jpgFrench Spearman.jpgGenoese Crossbowman.jpgGerman Knight.jpgGerman Man At Arms.jpgHeavy Hammer Mercenary.jpgKnight Hospitaller.jpgLandsknecht 2.jpgLandsknecht.jpgLombard Man At Arms.jpgMedic.jpgMercenary 1.jpgMercenary 2.jpgMercenary 3.jpgPyro.jpgRogue.jpgSicilian Knight.jpgSupporter.jpgTeutonic Sergeant.jpgVeteran Pikeman.jpgViking.jpgWelsh Archer.jpgTeutonic Knight.jpgSwiss Halberdier.jpgVarangian.jpg

You don't like shoulder plates

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Well, I recorded, with the demo feature, a cinematic fight at crossroads which ends at the top of the mountain near red spawn, but now that entire cliff is missing and the characters are walking around mid air and i cant finish my video :(( so sad. Any way around this devs? Besides reshooting?

Btw anyone keen on helping me reshoot the ending send me a message here

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Yeah but that doesnt seem to work

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So I've looked for a while now and I can't figure out which console command you use for things like 2x dmg, reduced gravity and so on. Are these commands that only admins can use in real servers or can you use them locally as well? If anyone knows, thanks in advance

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We all understand the fact that you probably have shittons of work to and a complaining community who only whines about no patchie, but literally the only thing you need to do, is atleast let us know a little bit about what's happening. Sure we had that post from Jax about the future of the game and the update, but that's over a month ago now, and even the post itself was long overdue. I really don't want this community to die, and only have the competetive community left, as it's a really fun game to play casually. You've done a great job with this game so far, the sales number from launch clearly tells that, but don't let the game die. Just give us some more info that's not super vague, and please don't let the bearer of bad news be a discord screenshot. It really just seems like people who know you, or talk to you in private, get info leaks, and that's not how it should be. Most likely we're not going to get an update for atleast another month, so you really need to put some news out onto your acual forum, you know, the place where the devs are supposed to be actively talking to the community?

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@crushed said:
Patch will be most likely after gamescom (end of august)

Which ends august 24th, in three days. What you're basically saying is "Patch will be most likely after this week", which is extremely vague as it is only implying that the patch won't come this week, which it obviously won't.

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much they think this guitar is worth.20180613_172900.jpg
Thanks in advance for responses
Edit: oh well imgs got flipped

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Make the targe shield throwable, fly quite far, but deal medium-low dmg and have a long wind up throwing animation. Having a shield bash, or a strike with the shield (like with the flail in chiv), without making it all that powerful. Lets say for example clashing with it would knock it out of the hands of the one striking.

Add either a brass knuckle weapon or make it possible to fight with fists and targe/buckler (for cap america build lmao)

Create a version of the open barbute with a brush style cosmetic addon (similar to one of the tier 3 helmets with feathers), in the style of a roman / spartan officer helmet. It'd be cool

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Been some talk around cavalry, and how it's way too op currently. Some suggest adding the dmg bonus against the rider as well, but that would imo just make the billhook useless as you onehit the rider anyways upon hit. Perhaps give the billhook less dmg but also less point cost so it can be brought into battle as a tool for handling cavalry.

A part of the point of cavalry is that you're supposed to be a bit powerful and invulnerable, however, perhaps make it so that if your horse is hit with a melee weapon as it rears, the rider is thrown off.

In real life, spearmen are the natural counter to cavalry. Spears in the game are obviously powerful against cavalry because of long reach and dmg, but imo they lack a fundamental anti-cavalry ability in which the spear would be placed to the ground in a locked position. This would provide very little rotation movement, but kill a horse charging straight into it. This could also be used against soldiers on foot, but with some major drawbacks:

A sprinting soldier would be killed upon impact, however, sidestepping it should be quite easy, only making it effective in a cluster or with multiple spearmen. A player "piking" with the spear would be unable to parry, leaving the position would take a small amount of time (free hit for an enemy taking him by surprise). Hits landed on the piked spear itself would deal stamima damage and force him out of the position. Damage taken while in the position would disarm the spear (not while leaving the position).

This addition could provide some fun and maybe more balanced gameplay. Piked position could be done behind corners and such, tricking enemies into certain death, however, missing with the spear would then result in a hit on yourself, creating a high-risk high-reward mechanic. The mechanic could also make it way easier to area deny enemy cavalry, only without the need of an engineer building like crazy.

Again, this could provide a very nice counter to cavalry, downside is that the spear would be really op with this extra tool added, but again, it is a really expensive weapon. Could also be nice to make the halberd unhorse enemies on alt-hit as it's a really expensive weapon.

Alright I've rambled for long enough haha, what does people think?

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Only thing i would like improved is the amount the arrow seems to deviate at extremely long ranges from where you're aming. If you try to hit enemy archers across map on camp, you'll miss because of this inaccuracy.

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Maybe a feature where anyone can use your ballista, however when you press E on it they're forced of it and you on it. Also when they hit you or kick you, you dont exit it as well as gaining a small reduction in teamdamage. In addition, perhaps make it so teammates cant destroy your ballista while you're using it, experienced several times that when i keep kicking them off it, they just start destroying it

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Make the war axe a throwable just like the maul?
Add a followcam on projectiles?
Make it so when you throw your short spear, you can continue holding R allowing you to not throw it yet and then perhaps press Q to cancel the throw, would make timing the throw easier.

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  • 1 Aug '18

Add towershield for awesome shieldwall tactics

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  • 26 Jul '18

People will answer, "when mod tools are out", but literally nothing is happening lately so good post op