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Everything is looking quite awesome bro. But the thing I (along with many other peers) am wondering is how do you plan on increasing the racism? I personally want epic amounts of racism (when picking a race I want to be able to set stereotypical racial features, so the killing is nice and comfortably personal).

I absolutely love you guys for listening to your community and knowing what we want, and the fact that you are taking the issue of no racism seriously is quite honestly, freaking excellent.

To accompany the racism-oriented additions (don't tell me about them, I want to be surprised!), please add a whip. It will add to the racist cosplay that I and many other peers will be practicing. It doesn't even have to be balanced. They can be 1 point and for peasants.

Alright stay awesome my dudes!

A side-note, Grad is a wonderful map but it needs some optimization for when you are on the castle walls in frontlines. There is too much in the distance to render that isn't even in the play area, so that might be something to consider.

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smh when the joke flies over your head

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Now this, this is epic

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Huh... I hope they handle it the same way For Honor did. I hope they encase that content in lore so it makes sense, but yeah I'm pretty open to see how that turns out, as long as it they give it proper treatment.

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How do you know this, and furthermore how do you know that this isn't just talk? Also, yikes.

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I am a Muslim, and as much as I'd love to see a game representing Muslim warriors the fact is that is NOT what this game is. Like it or not (clearly not) the atmosphere and setting of this game is amalgamation of European knights. If you add minorities it would feel out of place. It isn't racism, it isn't bigotry. Same way I would not want to see white warriors in a game about Mongolians conquering Asia.

Ok, let's say you guys cave in. Let's say you add minorities. Well I don't accept that. That's fucking racist, if you are going to add black people I want to see zulu armor. If you are going to add arabs I want to see ottoman armor. Thats right, all the research on the different medieval periods that you did for the past few years to make the armors we have in game, I want you to painstakingly do again for different cultures. Yeah, it would be awesome, and while you are at it, add some fucking samurai. OH and pirates! And then there is the shit-storm of voice acting. If you are telling me that a black guy in crusader period armor yelling in a scottish accent "HaVe YeW SeEn THe SizE oF ThEs FoCkiN' SwoRd" is believable, I don't even know what to say. So at that point, add some ethnic accents to the voice acting. Yep, pull some cash out of your ass to add voices that don't fit with the games theme anyways, otherwise as a minority I say you guys are racist. I mean how could you not be racist, you added people of color but didn't give them the same treatment that white characters get.

You see the problem yet?

Your game is so fucking great because it allows players to have a badass fantasy. I can gucci my guy up with high level gear, get a cool sword and on the frontline battlefield players would have to genuinely think about engaging me because they would see that I am high level and know how to play the game. That is a genuinely awesome mechanic that I don't know if you guys planned for. If I see a ridiculous looking black guy in plate armor with his visor up shouting in British English, there is no way I could get that sense of intimidation that I could with a white character, not because I'm racist, but because it looks ridiculous. And I don't blame the player who made his character black. If he is black irl of course it makes sense that he wants to identify with his character, but it just doesn't translate well in game.

So just don't do this. If you did and ended up adding all those armors from different cultures with the voice acting included, I'd still say you ruined the game that I originally bought for the knight fantasy and I'd also say you could have spent the resources that you did to add that to add other things like maps, weapons, new actual knight armors and balancing.

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I've noticed this games distinct lack of blunt weapons (that aren't meme weapons) compared to blades and also the lack of 9-point weapons.

Oh what's this?


It would have slightly less damage than the evening star but makes up for it in range and stab ability.

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This game's customization is almost better than chivalry and for honor. The reason it is almost is because in those games you can choose different color palettes for your red and blue team. For example: My knight in chivalry for the red team has black with red linings.

I understand you guys want to decrease team damage as much as possible, but for the casual player that cant discern a simple color code, make the team indicators (the one you hit h to enable) enabled by standard. That way we can have team color customization, and casuals who would normally tk if they see white and navy blue instead of traditional blue would not warden.png
^ This is my blue team knight from for honor ^

*I am not going to show my chiv knights because why would I keep that garbage installed lmao

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I'm literally shaking

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Honestly proximity chat would be awesome. I'd love to scream "I fuck your mother baby man" to everyone I kill.

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This is the big truth

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Yes plumes would be amazing

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This is kind of an unspoken thing, but something that chivalry had going for it was how well it did in allowing really skilled players to distinguish themselves on the battlefield or in a duelyard. I am talking about the cosmetics that were locked behind a major grind of levels (the silver, black, gold and purple helm). Having a large presence on a battlefield because players know you are relatively skilled with cosmetics is a really fun way to reward veteran players. I think Mordhau should have some kind of simple leveling system that is for cosmetics and nothing else. There don't have to be frequent unlocks at short intervals; it could be hundreds of hours to get a single cosmetic. All the customization features that are in mordhau absolutely tower over chivalry in depth, so it really has the opportunity to expand upon this idea that chivalry had.

These special cosmetics could be:

  • Some of the fancy tints of armor (gold, black, etc.)

  • Abnormal color schemes (like brown for red team, or navy blue for blue team)

  • Special variants of weapons

  • Tattoos (this isn't historically accurate for a knight, I am just pouring out ideas)

  • Scars

  • Different hair

I don't know if I am describing what I mean by "large presence" right to you guys, but I think all of you level 50+ chiv players know what I mean.