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@LumpyCustard said:
After some research I have found that there is a console command for ragdolls, however I have not found how to make the change permanent. You need to enter it into console every time you launch the game.

The console commands are:

m.ragdollstaytime 999


m.maxragdolls 999


edit: Here it is in action:



Wow thank you so much! I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this haha

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Is there any way to increase the ragdolls passed max? I tried finding an ini file that has all the settings and couldn't find it. I really just want to test how many ragdolls my PC can handle. And I can tell you this much, it can handle way more than 20. I really just hate disappearing bodies, I loved in Chiv I could have it on unlimited. Can someone tell me if theres a way to go passed 20? Or can the devs just increase the numbers on the limit and time? It'd be really cool to have the max be unlimited.