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TLDR; Firebomb nerf ruins engineer counters and makes smoke pots OP. Tools to nerf them are already present. PLS roll back or indicate nerf in GUI

So, firebombs got a cap at one firebomb per loadout. No GUI indication of this other than literally not showing me firebombs in the equipment list after I've picked one. Troll builds aside, this really cripples the counter to engineers. If an engineer can carry a weapon, their toolbox and a smoke bomb along with other allies who can have up to three smoke bombs themselves, why should firebombs be capped at one?

Duel servers can already mod them out, and they aren't available in ranked mode. People could easily target you in FFA deathmatch for spamming them, sometimes even when you're up against troll engineers' fortresses. Builds with 3x firepots were fucking weak and easy kills for the most part (you at the very least had to be skilled to be effective doing that. The cap completely wiped a whole playstyle that I admittedly indulged in).

Please roll back restrictions on firebombs or at the very least give some tooltip/visual that they exist and compensate in some way.

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I think it would be interesting to see a dual team objective mode at some point, i.e. each team has their own linear set of objectives. Here's a graphic I made about my idea of what a gamemode like that could be like:


Are there flaws in this? Very likely. If you find this idea interesting, let me know what you think!

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Once again asking for a 15 minute cap on invasion games


Also some things about mountain peak INV: second objective (ram push) is actually really tough to get past if the red team knows what they're doing, so the difficulty curve there is pretty nice. Lost two games as blue with the ram barely at the gates. However, the first objective where you burn the corpse piles is a bit difficult to attack, particularly on this spot here:


In the matches i played today, red built spikes and ballistas in the area above the stairs leading up to the spot, and that wouldn't be as much of a problem if the only other routes didn't render players on blue in the open or seriously vulnerable to attack by red.


Red can kill these horses within a few minutes of the match starting no problem


And if there's anything that can be done to make the VIPs last longer during invasion, I'd do it. On some maps they tend to die within five minutes, ten or (by barely scraping by and/or holing up in safe spots on the map) until the end of the match if the team is decent. Maybe tweak the way they heal? (Never been a VIP so no idea how this is done currently) Adjust the time reward for the other objectives leading up to the VIP stage?

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I played the patch a bit more, I think adding things like a cap on the total time the attacking team can accumulate and properly scaling added/starting time for the objectives would be a perfect solution to this inevitable mess:


(Is 15 minutes really what the Free Guard needs to burn some corpses in Mountain Peak?)

Also, not sure where the little red shading that showed on your point counter for loadouts while comparing equipment went, but that would be nice to have back (with the amount of calculating I now have to do after the update).


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So I guess this is a good place to dump my feedback for the update where it won't get drowned out as fast.

Not sure what to say about the rest of the update, but my first two matches playing either of the new invasion maps breezed by with ease in favor of the attacking teams.

The timers seem way too generous for how vulnerable the objectives are.

  • With the time collected through my playthroughs of mountain peak INV and Castello, both rounds ended up with about 17 minutes on the clock by the last objective (same lobby both matches).

I thought the steal treasure objective in Castello went by too fast

  • The way IC can just spam grab the gold piles feels too easy on them. Also, the second to last objective with the portcullis went by in about 15 sec while I wasn't looking (had to check back in my recording to confirm), lol.

In mountain peak invasion, we had 16+ min to kill a king(warden) that died in 1.

  • Mountain peak INV's objectives seemed alright for the most part (what does IC need piles of corpses for?). As I stated earlier, the timer seems to tack on too much time for each objective completed, which makes it so you have a situation like the match I was in where it basically ended with well over 10 min left after the first blows on the king/warden.

I can't comment in more detail on things like map design because I still just started playing the update (my experience might also be skewed because of the lobby I was in), but so far those were the most glaring issues with the levels that I noticed in my playthroughs.

EDIT: "Maybe instead you have them grab the piles and they then have to take bags of the stuff with them back somewhere." Just noticed the treasure chests near to the gold in Castello. Still think the objectives are too ez tho

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Haha, yeah. You can try, but he don't give a fuck. Just look at his face

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neuarcher01 - loingdoing.jpg

neuarcher02 - amorchad.jpg

My two newest archer loadouts, Loingdoing (longbow) and Armorchad (recurve)

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  • 10 Jul '19

@Brewhλwk said:
Agatha Archer
Agatha Man at Arms
Agatha Vanguard
Agatha Knight
Mason Archer
Mason Man at Arms
Mason Vanguard
Mason Knight

Nice. I've also been working on my own Chivalry Loadouts:

MHchiv-V2-Agatha Knights.jpg

MHchiv-V2-Mason Order.jpg

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  • 7 Jul '19

YES! I heard about this bug somewhere else on the forums (or in reddit-- can't remember which) and it JUST happened to me today. It had something to do with clicking around the character customization options, and it was either accidentally clicking on the voice or hair style menu that randomly gave me gear from another loadout I had just been editing before that and renamed my current loadout to other said loadout. I'll have to get back to you to find the forum or replicate it myself, but it's pretty bad. You're not the only one.

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  • 6 Jul '19

Here's Ranger from Quake

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@Earraigh said:
Made a fair hard-working tax-paying man. Kills Geralt cosplayers instantly but hard-countered by Shrek cosplayers.
BRUH! Nice to see someone else in the know of Heroes 5. I actually made a bunch of HOMM5 loadouts myself


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Getting back on point: I think to fix crossroads you would definitely need to fortify and defend the spawns way better than they are now. Horses shouldn't be able to rampage through and spawnkill players un-challenged, so in addition to proper walls and barricades preventing that I think there should be ballistas, ammo crates, and/or other measures to enable counterattacks against cavalry. Blue should also (still) have an easier route into the center castle, as that hasn't changed one bit since the last update. In the meantime red's infantry should be moved farther back from the point, because they are still roughly in the same area compared to where they spawned previously. And on top of all that there should be some minor spawning advantage to the team holding the point.

Other suggestions:

  • Move the preexisting team barricades to places where the team can actually use them. Blue's barricade being all the way over at the side gate makes no sense, doesn't get it much use, and doesn't do much of anything. Red's barricade at blue's chokepoint into the castle doesn't make any sense either and also rarely, if ever, sees use.

  • Move the god damn mortar somewhere else. It's possibly the most useless thing on the entire map.

  • Do something about the catapults. Either create a fixed variant and replace them with that or even remove them from the map if possible. Nothing more annoying than having to harass the enemy insta-killing half of my team on the point.

  • Please make some changes to the map or game that keep horses off of the point.

  • Those spiky things around the map (Cheval de frise)? Make 'em hurt horses. That's what they were meant for right?

And one last thing, they should definitely have some sort of content testing servers open to people. I think they could afford it and it would probably help prevent unfinished stuff like this from being rushed out.

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  • 6 Jul '19

Adding on to this there should be a drag and drop function to move and prioritize loadouts. I can't express enough how annoying it is to click the little side arrows repeatedly to get my mercenary from point A to point B on my pitifully disorganized list.

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  • 3 Jul '19

So I have an idea for a really big theoretical gamemode for a future update.

What if Mordhau had a campaign-mode, where players would play a series of maps in varying gamemodes with the goal of advancing territory? Think frontline, but on a much larger scale. Maps would function like control points, and depending on the particular gamemode of the map, sometimes roles would be switched depending on who currently owns the stage the map takes place in. Team bases in this situation would always be one-sided sieges; last stands for the losing teams.

When a player picks a team, they would be fully committed to that team until they leave or the game finishes and starts over. If a player leaves early, they'd have to wait a set amount of time before they could rejoin (meant to prevent team-switching). Gold would be granted by round, but far larger rewards would be given to players who see themselves through to the end of the game, based on how much time total they spent playing the campaign.

Measures could be taken to make sure games don't drag on. Maybe after a certain amount of times a map/stage is played it is claimed by default and victory goes to the team with the most territory. Maps in this situation would be based in a victory-loss system (imo should be out of about 3 rounds per stage).

Here's a picture of the general idea and some potential scenarios I was thinking of:

Mordhau- Frontline-Campaign Demo 00.jpg

Mordhau- Frontline-Campaign Demo 02.jpg

Mordhau- Frontline-Campaign Demo 01.jpg

Mordhau- Frontline-Campaign Demo 03.jpg

I'm not sure what the dev's plans are with eastern invasion, but It'd be awesome if we had something like this in the game, even though it probably would take a really long time to figure out and balance.