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@Arkosh said:
Whenever I try to change the hotkeys, I get this instead:

If there are default hotkeys I could make this work, but as of now I cannot adjust them :(

Yeah I'm aware of this issue

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@Dreamer19 said:

@Frise said:
if you can run chiv, you can run this. you will struggle to get 60 fps on the big 64 player servers, but for smaller gamemode you'll be fine.


Gtx 1060 6 gb + i5 7600 (3.5 ghz) + 8 gb ram.

Will run on High/ Ultra?

Cheers mate.

Sounds like high/ultra for [email protected]

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Well gentlemen, this has been a pleasure spending 1.5 years with the same few players. Good bye fellow alpha boys, may we meet again amongs the tides of the release crowd.

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Rapier and bloodlust ? But why ...

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2 of us are working on it already. Hopefully it will be in for release.
If you have any questions I will be happy to respond.

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@TheCheeseball said:
I feel like you should be more vulnerable when healing. With the bandage you have to switch to it, while with the bag you can heal with your weapon out and disengage at any moment. An increase of ~0.5s to 1.0s should be fine.

You're forced to look down tho, can't see any incoming attacks. Unless you cheat with 3p. Remove 3p.

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@Frise said:
All weapons feel almost identical, while Chiv, for the shit show it was, had all weapons feel unique and reward different playstyles. Tornbanner pulled that off by accident. Yet in Mordhau, with mechanics intending to do just that, like no-combo weapons and no-flinch carving knife, weapon variety is miles worse.

I couldn't disagree more. I feel like most weapons have their little something to differenciate them from the rest, especially with the alt modes giving more depth to each weapons.

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@Jax said:
I think you're over-estimating how competitive the 3 main modes are. Frontline is chaotic as hell and some noob can get quad kills easily with a catapult, BR has tons of randomness by nature and isn't an inherently competitive mode, and Horde is PVE.

The problem is not that these modes are casual. The issue at hand is that the game is built around 1p but 3p is just superior to 1p, which causes players to chose between a better experience with an inferior perspective, or give up and switch to 3p.

You can compare it to chivalry's almost unlimited fov setting. People chose to have broken perspectives with floating, see through arms over the better experience because doing so would put them at a disadvantage even when playing casually. Mordhau learned from this and limited the fov as a result.

The way I see it, your argument could be used in favor to increasing the fov limits in casual modes.

Having 1st-person only doesn't improve these modes, and 3p has been reworked significantly with the changes crush has made. If we were talking about ranked or a competitive esports kinda situation, I would agree that having 3p would be bad, and that in a competitive environment you need to have the same forced perspective. But these modes aren't a ranked playlist where it matters.

I'm aware that 3p has been drastically changed (changes that I really approve of) but I'm not sure many are.

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@Goof said:

@Goof said:

@Frise said:

@Balerion said:
Limiting options to players is a bad thing in my opinion. Chivalry had 3rd person, and did just fine.

Yea not like spinning ballerinas that could attack you while looking away from you were a big factor in driving new players away from the game

They did that in 1st person too.

This whole argument makes no sense.

Also you can't ballerina and deal damage effectively because it just 'thuds' and deals no damage. (Keep in mind anything you can do in 3rd person you can also do in 1st person. The animations and mechanics don't change at all. The only difference is the point of view.)

That's where you're wrong. A good chunk of your release happen off screen and fov is restricted so that it stays that way. The game is built around the concept that you're taking a risk by dragging to the extreme because you're essencially aiming to hit something off screen. Your opponent can move aside and cause a miss. with 3p all this is gone because you can follow your opponent and land drags with pinpoint accuracy. I'm not saying they should remove the fov restriction here but it's not very logical to restrict the fov and at the same time provide 3p perspective to bypass it.

About the glancing blow, it deals damage now, and it doesn't happen if you spin the other way "turning where your attack came from".

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@Bodkin said:

That only happen to people before they read and have a good laugh at the shortbow's damage table.

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@MrGhostTheFlyingFlail said:
3rd person is not the sole reason for spinning “chivalry styled” moves, its the game mechanics that currently exist in game.

3rd person makes them worth it though. No one playing in 1st uses retarded spinny moves cause at 130 fov it's a quite risky move that isn't worth it. But if you can see around you they are much easier to do.

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@Stumpy said:
I got like 40 fps at around 45 players at lowest graphics.

I got an
Amd fx-8350 4ghz 8 core
Gtx 980 4gb
16gb ram
Game installed on ssd
2560x1440 asus rog swift 27" screen

Any ideas what hardware i should change in order to achieve 100+ fps?

How are your builds and what fps do you have?

I recommend looking at your task manager while playing to get a good idea of which hardware is limiting you.


in this example you can tell the gpu isn't at its maximum capacity while one of the threads is tanking hard : cpu bottleneck

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3rd person enable the very moves Mordhau was made to get rid of over chivalry. It's easy to duck, matrix and spin around with it, 3rd person players always look odd and out of place. I would bet more people would be offput by the way 3p players generally play than people who would be offput by the lack of it.

Counter arguments like "can't see shit on the catapult" can be easily fixed by forcing to 3rd when in a catapult (just like chivalry did).

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Agatha knight.jpg

Finally managed to afford these overly expensive legs and shoes.
How does this one look ?

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@Runagate said:
I will not stop saying that I want a fantasy coop mode.

Already in the making :)

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Had a good experience with the new frontline, the objectives make it much more interesting than it previously was. On the technical side I did feel the improvements, had playable fps all around even though there is still room for improvement.

Though the replayability heavily depends on the map/objective variety, I sure hope explosive kegs aren't copy pasted on other maps. And it hardly "replace" chivalry's TO, where I could play darkforest alone over and over again due to how fun it was.

I'm definitely not fond of BR, a barebone one on top of that. At the risk of getting hate for that, personal skill matters too much in this mode which means players who aren't chivalry veteran don't have the slightest chance of winning. I'm pretty sure having teams of 2 instead of playing alone would fill the barebone aspect of the mode and give a chance to win for everyone. Right now it's definitely a no from me.

That said, horde is close from perfection imo. Add more waves or perhaps an infinite mode as a way to grind gold and xp and it would be fantastic. Current implementation is already fun and well thought out. It's the most complete mode out of the bunch and the poll results shows that.

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Can't finish it because I'm broke, but this is a good start :
agatha knight wip.png

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I really like the new cosmetics

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The stam costs might overnerf hybrid classes though. You wouldn't be able to support your teammates as a shortbow archer if you're constantly out of stam.

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Hopefully it will go smoothly this time.
I also can't wait to see the improvements to the gamemode itself!