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hey hey, you wanna test things out in alpha ?? Git outta 'ere !

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Eh, fuck it
Lemme in you cucks

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@Jax said:

Please crush

I will pass it to Crush to consider


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I think those little bits of rework should be left for after-release phase but be noted down now.

They are too little to fix in this state but too much to keep after game is out.

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More sway ? Fuck that, I already feel retarded while aiming.
There should be a better way to make Archery more skillful than adding retarded mechanics.

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I mean there is no point in taking a 12 Point Bow to NOT deal damage to nearly all the people out there If t3 were to be immune.

I don't feel powerful when playing archer builds if I'm honest. I feel more like I want to enjoy archery but feels like I'm just crippling myself to play Mordy

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Unless thats a shitpost, fuck that

Even though I love the archery concept in games, right now one in Mordhau isn't welcoming now that I think of it.

You got shit damage, you got shit targeting "sway" which is stupid idea in its own, you are pretty much a mosquito who annoys others only to get 1 shotted anyway.

Archery doesn't need buffs or nerfs, it needs rework before launch imho.

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Did you just give proper critic ?
Get the fuck out of here !!1é!

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@marox said:

@Stouty said:

No offense intended to Crush or the devs, if I didn't believe the game had huge potential or wasn't already in a superb state I wouldn't bother giving detailed criticisms

Thanks for making the video! I don't generally agree with the points made regarding what exactly is the problem, but the examples are pretty telling on their own. Over time we've remedied aspects of this problem, but the issue at large persists. It mostly has to do with attack manipulation in the early part of the release, it doesn't specifically have anything to do with animations or release times. Sure, changing those can affect this somewhat, but it would also affect other parts of the game where this isn't a problem. Instahits occur when the velocity of the hand/weapon inherent in the release animation combined with the mouse-look manipulation produces a velocity that's above a certain threshold. Of course attack animations in that early state come out quite fast, but that's how these things generally look physically, and add to that attack manipulation, where turncaps are lax enough and you get a speed that's quite excessive. On their own, both of those aspects are fine, attacks need to look physical, and turncaps need to be lax enough to not feel restrictive. The problem is just when these are combined in the early part of the release.

I'll make the point again, as you can also see in the video, the problem is the velocity in question, not the time when something hits you. Doing an overhead while looking at the ground is fine. Performing the looking down while that overhead starts to travel is the part that's problematic, because suddenly it moves at an insane speed. There's various procedural tricks we can try to remedy this, so we'll play around with it a bit and see if something can be done tackling the issue from this angle.

I'm no expert but I think Deleting Mordhua.exe could help.

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I feel so fucking blind, lmao

Tell me what you see bröthers !
Wheres Maci to mock me about blocked Imgur !

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Cool Post tbh

Would appreciate If you could upload the pictures etc. to forums keks. Fucking hell, I didn't know I would miss Imgur so much

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I don't see any thing good coming out of increasing sway tbh I already feel retarded looking up in the sky to get the "early sweet spot".

Which brings me to "Draw Time = Damage" concept, which is also pretty good idea imho. Drawing a bow could have a couple stances;

  • Half Drawn: Loosing the arrow earlier to deal less damage than Full Drawn Bow.
  • Full Drawn: Deal the complete damage of the weapon according to the armor tiers etc. Last X seconds (I don't know enough to go details in seconds)
  • Overdrawn: Starts after Full Drawn stance ends and there is a slow decrease in accuracy more you hold it. Drains stamina as well.

I think that could work somehow, whadda ya think

As for the current Sway, we have a layer of "randomness" or obstacle to accurate spam.. at first few hours of archery. It is good to some decree but having to look elsewhere than the target is pretty absurd, seems like a bad design for bows.

In defending against rangeds, I don't think giving an "Anti-archer Perk" would solve it. Because anyone, regardless of armour could use it, even a naked build which doesn't make sense. Make armour tiers more unique.
Instead give t3 armours defense against Bows (Recurve and Longbow) thus making them more suited for targeting t1 and t2 armours and adjust Crossbow to give about same buff against t3 or leave it as an overall ranged weapon. Just like Swords and Maces, each have a purpose.

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@Trix said:

Video too long and don’t want to watch it? I got you covered. Here are some resources that I quickly whipped up:

You deserved my like just for this

Good job m'friendo

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Yellöw Circle Boi

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Still doesnt explain the need to have a Test build.. wait for it.. inside an Alpha Testing to me tbh ??

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Looks like a good match with Ratt

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Drunken spreeeeeeee boiii

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A fucking jolly fellow he is