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I still seem to suck at gaem, this hasn't been fix't since Day 1.

marox pls

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Mordhua cancelled, sorry.

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Goise, you will kick me in the balls but I wanna make For Honor example. For those dont know it at least.

They give 3 team options with their own colour schemes: Neutral, Attacker, Defender

  • Neutral: Used for the Duels (1v1) mode only and includes all options.

  • Attacker: Has Orange as default colour and includes warmer tones as options.

  • Defender: Has Blue as default colour and includes colder tones etc.

Its not so fucking hard to throw in mix of colours tbh.

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I think this is the new low we can get in here tbh

lmao, some kiddös are weird

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Quick someone post Political shit and sacrifice himself to close this shithole of a thread

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I'll pass it to Lazy to consider.

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Real question is:

Are women traps ?

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Mercenary 1962 3373


Training to be the bezt

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ZomboMeme 16092018002215.jpg

Here have some original memes

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Hey thats a nice way of income imho but then selling maps and emotes for moniez.

I would like to see the designs to grow in the shop.

Supporting this kinda shit over micro-transaction everyday.

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Blabla some wall text about some shit, I dunno.. yeah

Cya in weeks when I get my hands on Mordy

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Swiggity swooty, gotta maul that booty.

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14mins well spent, nice job m'dude ;1!1!1!1

Also those in-town shots of the new map gave me orgasm

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Ah for some reason I had forgotten Mordhau preferred Video DevBlogs, actually forgot they even existed keks sorry

A new up to date video would be very nice yes but meanwhile the silent could kill much more interest of newbies.

Sure when the video drops it will gather attention BUT when it drops. Official forum should be kept alive with mini-announcements at the very least.
I know I say it often and know that you are aware of it but you can't seem to do it along all the work I guess.

Its something all Devs need to keep in mind, locking garage door and inventing stuff means nothing if nobody knows about it. yeaaah, properly retarded example amiright

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Recently (3~ months) I have been away from home and couldn't access to Mordy and been following the progress like a literal casul pleb.

We got the New Update after months, coolio but we were also promised some Dev Blogs or even a basic forum post about the future plans/patches/updates on developing etc.

I mean its really becoming annoying to hear everything is "in 2 weeks, soon, lmao w8 4 it".
Breaking promises are one thing, making a habit of it is another. And afaik its starting to look like a habit.

A forum post with an effort less than 15 min. is better than keeping Announcement Section dead for a long time.

I personally would like to know what's the reason behind the DevBlog delays @Jax
What's so hard about it ? Not everything should be a "big reveal". Giving info in small doses can't be hard if Zombie and some others can do it like 3 times now Vs 0 CM post.

I don't why it bothers me so much that I have make a thread about it but you get the point. Take it as a honest feedback Tbh

Literally "look alive" Devs and Jax.

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Status update, For Honor is actually quite fun Tbh

fite mi

But really, its nice

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Probably doesn't even like personal space, Finnish fgt

Mercenary 1962 3373

Cause u both fgts

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