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That moment when Mordhau is gonna have in-game Black Knight Mod

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Oooof, apply cold water to the burnt area

Also where the fuck is Mordhua Gaems u tard ?

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Mercenary 1924 3266

@marox said:

@Iodine said:
Does it have to be mouse movement and click to play notes or is there another way?

It uses the same system as attacks, the undercut/overhead/straight angles are what triggers the different sounds, so you can simply have binds set, ideally by using the second keybind of the binds so you can still have normal binds and put them somewhere sensible.

Can we chamber Lute vs Lute though ? Thats the real question

Inb4 Bard Duels

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Says the one farming likes in this thread.
squints eyes

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Well hello there u banned cretin

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I don't get it.

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Eye itself is pretty good imho, well done but the position seems a little bit off to me. Or it lacks a dept between eye and the nose.

Neck seems a little flimsy to me and too 2D imho. Could "turn" it more as my sculpture proff say, to add the 3D effect on it.

Also seeing the left shoulder a little would feel more natural unless it was intended like that, our bodies hardly stands that perfectly to side to hide the shoulder like that in poses.

Just my 2 pleb artsie schmeckles.
Pretty nice overall imho tbh

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Mercenary 1924 3266

Upload the New Helm pic you lil' shiet, stop with the imgur links pl0x, thaaaank you

Me no access Imgur, me sad

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Black Knight tbh

Mercenary 1924 3266

lel Did he ban himself after that comment ? keks

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Virgin Blonde mauled hard by 5 muscle men

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The thing is, lately (3 months) we weren't really given anything other than 1-2 Discord screenshots to get hyped about.

Thats what I would have an issue with rather than getting upset on things not confirmed being cancelled or such.

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@Huggles said:
We need lootboxes for titles tbh


stones him in sarcasm

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I totally agree Jax got undeserved shit on him tbh lov u Jaks

Like Devs leak screenshots on Discord all the time ? Localized wounds ss being the latest by crush iirc.

Development Dump thread is there for a reason, use it m'DevDudes. You guys should be regulars in forum too imho, you know its your forum ?

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@Jax said:
Recurve can still do considerable damage to lightly armored targets, but heavy armor eats arrows shot from the recurve. The idea behind the recurve was to make it a viable but cheaper option - if you want to go full "archer" then take the longbow, but if you wanna use a war axe or bastard sword plus some acceptable armor, that's the recurve.

Makes sense when you say it like that tbh imho

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@EatAtRedLobster said:

@crushed said:

@ThunderDuck said:
His tweets are funny though.

I was going to ban you for this, but then I flipped a coin on it. Let's just say you got lucky this time.


Eeeeyyy I made that meme, haha nice


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@EruTheTeapot said:

I was fuckerying around with the hors and noticed that you can't go in here mounted. The beam is just at your level.

And if mounted collision to non-player objects would ever be a thing (to get knocked out of hors) please include this here to troll new players thinking they could run through there ! I know I did and would laugh my ass off If I would get knocked off my hors

Press CTRL to "crouch" when mounted and adjust some beams and shit to make use of "mounted crouch" ? Np, no need for thanks Devs

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Inner crush intensifies