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@crushed said:

@Frise said:
ok now make stab releases long again please

Stab release curve has been adjusted already, it is a slight stab drag buff and makes the end of the animation more consistent at hitting enemies. Will be in the next patch.

ok now make patch releases short again please

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Still waiting for Mordhau Games, tx 2 dat fgt

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@Nameless1 said:
Just placed into my favourites.
That said, I just watched the video and hated the fact that you decided to dumb down the "friendly attacks". So basically the consequence will be that instead of careful placement, movements, hits and a little bit of tactic we will have the players swinging carelessly and stupidly all the time. Because who cares, right?
Unfortunately I'll probably skip buying the game just for that.

Thats a pretty bad excuse to not buy the game, out of all possible problems lol
Trust me friendly fire is a bitch already.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:

@Runagate said:
i promise i'll be gentle

i doodled u a riddle guess what it is and shut up k


ohohoho nice !

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K, first you take a kebab and then, very carefully here because it must be done with utter care, you carefully remov it.

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How about a golden dick ?
You guys amaze me tons of threads about how "YoU gOt WhAt U paID 4 ?!*11" and yet there are still more of the same.

You got KS rewards, you get supposedly in-game titles and shit. What more do you want ?

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oh shiet also got a Troll Boi here

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Sooo yeah some deep sea creature like shit ? Just learned some render tips with photoshop and all

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@Bodkin said:
I'd say recurve is a fkn joke in most instances but Longbow and Crossbow are def viable.

Recurve might be good too, I just never really use it and saw its pitiful dmg numbers. The damage of that weapon vs heavy really is a fkn joke lol.

Wait, it damages heavy ??

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dEvvLopr mAek MordhuA bAd


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Animu fuq

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Then thats a useless advice ?

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.commie got point tbh


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Ah, you so claim to be following since 2016 yet comment so ignorant at the same time. I guess clicking Sub2NewzLettear isn't following Mordy.
There are enough players, they just don't 24/7 Mordhau lmao. This doesn't mean game has failed or just cause you can't get your hands on it, doesnt mean it wont succeed.

People play other games, have lives, have finals and fucking hobbies (like waiting for Bannerlord while waiting for Mordhau)

When you put something in center of your attention and If there isn't much you can do about it, it will get tedious. Check on it once in a while but don't obsess over Mordhau or "some streamers getting zhe keyz b4 miiii"

I just think that you are salty cause you randomly seen a post "X Streamer gets free game, WhaaAAoooAAAttt !?!?!?" and got triggered over it.

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