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Suprised that this forum hasn't died off yet.

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wtf you guys still in this forum ?
What you even doing here

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You seem don't seem experienced enough to enjoy the game tbh
Calm down and try Mordhau again, thinking you mastered Mordhau at 7 hours is such a shallow mindset lmao

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I have logged back in after 4 months of being away, I don't have items I bought before.
I got a skin for Longbow but don't own Longbow now ?

Looking for a solution tbh

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Fuck yes, 3d printing is the new shit
Trying to meddle with it myself too

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u still here ?

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@2cool2care said:

Ps : We suggest you play the maps with shadow quality set to ultra. Well, everything at ultra if possible ! And music ON.

laughs in low-end
M'dude pls.

Cool jobs guys, noice but I find it weird to create Chiv map(s) tbh, I mean why ?

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@TombstoneJack said:
I can feel the janky animations from here

Same tbh but that has its own appeal too

I'm looking at you TABS

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Tires to be somewhat nice in this tread, what a monkeyass

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@Cence said:
Not everyone can put 3+ hours a day into a videogame everyday to "get better". He just wants to play, enjoy his time and not get stomped in duel servers to maybe some day become good at the game.

Ranked mode will literally fix this by allowing bronze to play with bronze.

Don't over dramatize my words, I don't even spend more than 4-5 hours per weeks maybe when I can. If spend 10hours a day mindlessly LMBing that won't improve your gameplay either

Sure people can cavemen themselves with parries and LMB spam at bronze but is that truly an enjoyable experience ? Thats like saying
" Lol I wanNa Plai ChesS wheRE kInG snIPes eveRyoNe frOm 6TilEz awAi "

If someone wants to enjoy a play, they will be willing to learn it imho

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@KonyHawkProSlaver said:

@Goatie said:
Because not every game should hold your hand. Those no life neckbeards are dedicated players and developers are lucky to have them. Unlike people who can't immediately stomp without practicing and leave the game.

Why do people keep saying that like it's some point of pride? This game will end up with 500 neckbeards interfighting if there is no ranked matchmaking for all the major game modes. You sound like you want this to happen.

OP talks about as if ranked MM will make his attacks better, it will not if he won't try to get better. Everyone sucks at some point that is more likely about time spent in game than the matchmaking. He has 20 hours only, pls. His problem isn't with matchmaking imho.

And before someone else gets triggered, this doesn't mean I dont want ranked MM lol, just don't confuse apples and burgers

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Don't go "GaEm is bAD" at 20 hours lmao
my first 200 hours in alpha was pure pain thanks to the AlphaBois

Mordhau is a hard game until spare some time to learn whats what. Once you grasp the basics and timings, talk with people on duel servers etc. to get to next level (drags, accels Morphs etc. whatevers out there)

Just have fun, you will hit a point where you even enjoy dying if you know why. Its not fun to die when you don't understand why or how you died m'dude

long story short, git gud

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Nah, its a visual clutter imho and shouldn't be on default BUT it should be easier for new people to see that there is such an option.

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Bitch, I AM this tread.

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Shit, you started out good but you lost me at

if you gonna add arabs, I wanna see Ottoman armor

As a Turkish dude, I shame on your tribe

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You may have 16k given likes but that doesn't give right to bully newbies u lil fucken doritos

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I expected a Tomato Faceapp shit..

clos da tread !?!

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Animals isn't humans

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Goise, do something about Team Death match mode etc. too ( modes outside matchmaking) they shouldn't be forgotten.

c00l upd00t tx m'fren