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@Frise said:
ok now make stab releases long again please

Stab release curve has been adjusted already, it is a slight stab drag buff and makes the end of the animation more consistent at hitting enemies. Will be in the next patch.

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  • 11 Feb
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It is most likely lag on your end or the server, obviously not normal behaviour.

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  • 10 Feb
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@ArmedSpartan said:
That's just sad. Once you removed Naked legs, it broke all my Roman Legionaries, and now they look disgusting. It has Great RP potential. Many like the ability to do this to their character regardless of whether you may not like it personally.

"They look silly" as an argument can be used to dislike many current cosmetics already.

Naked legs are making a comeback with some new shorts pants option, they're similar to the old ones but now an actual model and look much better/more medieval

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:

@Jax said:
next patch will add some more locational play into the game. won't be anything revolutionary, but vertical mixups should be more viable

I am happy to hear this, thankyou. Not sure what you mean by "vertical mixups" but I imagine this means head to foot hits and vice versa? I would hope to see shoulder drags and side stabs become more viable as well.

It was changed in a way so there is more vertical directional parry play but in an obvious way, so for example someone staring at the ground is now much easier to punish by just overheading their head/shoulder, someone staring at the sky has much more exposed legs. But this is only for the cases involving strong movements with the spine, simply looking forward for example still has the same vertical parry height so it's not a return of the leg hit meta.

Directional parry plays on the side are also more viable now, parry box depth towards character was increased (to make parry more consistent & help with insiders) - but parry box width was reduced significantly so it is much easier to get around on the sides.

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  • 17 Jan
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@EvilSuD said:
Has there been any recent statements about voip from the devs?

We might look into it, so maybe.

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  • 17 Jan
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Max FOV won't be changed.

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  • 25 Nov '18
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Dynamic feints is an idea we might explore again, but this time in a more consistent way of having only 2 states which would not affect feint punish of normal feints, streamlined across weapons. This would bring back things like chamber baits, and streamline feint to chamber across all weapons making it more consistent to do, rather than only some weapons being able to do it well.

This could also have other attributes, like costing -5 stamina instead of the regular 10, so very early chamber feints would be free since they cost 5 stamina which would allow players to chamber feint defensively at 15 stamina cost instead of 20

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  • 11 Nov '18
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New Patch 19 is up, which fixes some things in regards to swing manipulation/insta hits and reverts it to Patch 17 state

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  • 11 Nov '18
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Alpha Build #18.1

NOTE: Official servers currently experiencing lag issues, ETA for the fix is currently unknown and non-cloud provider servers should work fine. Windows hosted servers should work now, as they did not show up last build.

Gameplay & Mechanics

  • Jump has been changed - is now faster and less floaty. Visual height is the same, but the invisible extra height for climbing has been removed, so climbing around on maps will be harder and more clunky for the time being, until the new climbing solution is implemented.
  • Throwables & 1h throws now force walk on throw release, making kiting with them harder to do and less annoying to deal with

Weapon & Equipment Balance

  • Fixed greatsword stamina negation


  • Small 3p crossbow reload polish
  • First iteration of 1p crossbow reload
  • Added jiggly holsters

Customization & Equipment

  • Fixed chain coat movement speed
  • Added Parted longbow skin
  • Added Divided longbow skin
  • Added Parted recurve bow skin
  • Added Swirled recurve bow skin

Visuals & Misc

  • Made the holstered pavise slightly smaller, mainly to make it look a bit better, should cover about the same area still
  • Fixed kick angling being broken after some IK reworks
  • Removed collision thickness of a few skirts that shouldnt have any
  • Reverted Windows server Steam API initialization behavior to how it was in 4.18 so the Steam client isn't required to be running. This fixes servers on Windows machines not working at all.
  • Entering/leaving vehicle camera no longer smooths location as it just caused clipping issues
  • Smoother vehicle enter/exit
  • Ladder exit now places the character at a spot that will be able to fall properly instead of too close
  • Added console command m.ForceTorso1PMeshes setting this to 1 will show shoulder meshes in 1p (requires loadout change)


  • Enabled long death screams on: icicle trap, big ballista bolt, beartrap and dying from fire
  • Fixed body fall thuds playing on ragdoll start due to forces received, now they have a startup wait period before the thudder calculations kick in
  • Replaced main menu track with the new mastered one

Known Issues

  • Loadout switching in Skirmish in between rounds or during warmup can occasionally not work and needs multiple retries
  • Broken 1p shadows
  • Cloth is disabled on Medium Horse and Gambeson skirt
  • Cloth bunches up in Armory
  • Official servers currently experiencing lag issues, ETA for the fix is currently unknown and non-cloud provider servers should work fine. Windows hosted servers should work now, as they did not show up last build.
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  • 5 Nov '18
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Alpha Build #18

Gameplay & Mechanics

  • Chamber Morph matching no longer possible. Now morphs will only chamber with the original attack direction (they always did this)
  • Fixed chamber lockouts, they were completely wrong and pretty much always 0 lockout due to the window change as they were never updated. They now correctly lock out depending on windup time left, to ensure they can be counter-chambered but not gambled as they were now
  • Chamber window reduced 50ms (300ms)
  • Morph window reduced 25ms
  • Morph stamina cost increased to 7
  • Morph maximum window is now clamped at 450ms - this means that weapons with big windups can no longer do very late morphs, without nerfing the morphs on faster weapons
  • Added strike release curve to ripostes
  • Parry/Block box backwards depth reduced, forward range reduced slightly, width increased & box moved down slightly - this will make side hits more consistent, blocking front more consistent and jump stabs more viable
  • Parry & block turncap slightly less strict
  • Character bubble is now much less sticky and easier to move around
  • Shields now have a backpedal debuff during block, backpedal speed is slowed down 25% for shields during block
  • Shield block now has a reduced memory, this will make getting around shield block easier & more consistent
  • Shields no longer have forward parry like timed parries as the shield hitbox itself already does something similar
  • Crouch speed up
  • Chase mechanic now works properly
  • Dodge perk cost reduced to 6 points
  • Dodge cooldown reduced 50ms
  • Flesh wound perk cost reduced by 1
  • Tenacious perk cost reduced by 1
  • Huntsman perk damage for throwables reduced to 175% (200% previously)
  • Stab & stab riposte early release increased, all stabs with release below 350ms had their release increased by 25ms
  • Health regen start delay reduced by 1s (4s now)
  • Stamina regen start delay increased by 200ms
  • Kick foot tracer now a bit more wide, kick turncap slightly less strict
  • Added back kick headshot bonus damage
  • Added m.AngleAttacksWithMovement, make sure m.AngleAttackAfterPress is 0 if using this, since they don't play along too well
  • Projectile damage location (headshot/torso/legshot) is now determined based on the calculated sticky point, this makes it so if you see an axe sticking in someone's head with the axehead, it also dealt head damage
  • Fixed glancing blow flinching hyperarmor
  • Fixed kicks flinching hyperarmor
  • Horse bump no longer flinches hyperarmor/friendlies
  • Fixed door ragdolling riders
  • Morph to kick now 25ms faster
  • Added a few more weapons to the peasant perk
  • It's now possible to drop items during a switch right away
  • It's now possible to switch during a drop (interrupting it, but it will still drop)
  • Third person camera adjusted
  • Ranged 3p crosshair is now more accurate
  • Reduced flinch & parry knockback
  • Can now draw ranged weapons in spawn
  • Fixed out of stam chambers disarming shield instead of weapon
  • 1 Point weapons & makeshift weapons now have 5 stamina on hit instead of 10
  • Global attack miss & world hit recovery reduced by 100ms
  • Plate armor movement speed debuff reduced to 15.5% (from 18%) (6.5%/6.5%/2.5.%)
  • Successful parries no longer put players into partial sprint
  • Shield block is no longer locked to partial sprint, which means you can build up speed while holding the block
  • World hits no longer force walk, but partial sprint instead
  • Theres is now a maximum amount of deployables a player can place
  • Added new weapon: Cleaver

Weapon & Equipment Balance

  • Pavise can't be repaired beyond its maximum anymore
  • Firepot damage reduced slightly, damage vs wood increased
  • Jousting lance regular attacks disabled
  • Buffed jousting lance couch
  • Beartrap damage increased, placement time reduced, now ignores flesh wound
  • Beartrap point cost reduced by 1
  • Ammobox cooldown decreased 15s
  • Longbow, Recurve bow and Crossbow now have slower weapon switch time when switching away from these weapons
  • Crossbow is now more accurate right after drawing
  • Crossbow damage increased slightly
  • Recurve bow now starts trembling faster & reduced maximum hold time, draw time slowed down 100ms
  • Longbow sway adjusted a bit & experimental jump sway, draw time slowed down 100ms
  • Battle Axe range increased 15cm on the main mode
  • Battle Axe point cost increased by 1
  • Falchion strike windup 25ms faster, strike release 25ms less - slowed down the stab but increased damage
  • Messer stab slowed down 25ms (buff reverted)
  • Arming sword strike release reduced 25ms, buffed combo speed 25ms
  • Estoc strike & stab windup on main mode 25ms faster again (reverted nerfs from Patch 17)
  • Mace stab 25ms faster
  • Fixed some feint lockouts being slightly off
  • Fixed messer being broken on horseback
  • Fists timings reworked slightly to be more realistic (faster windups but less release), damage adjusted slightly
  • Billhook main mode stab can now pull riders aswell
  • Bardiche, Battle Axe, Halberd & Greatsword main mode strike turncaps slightly more strict
  • Halberd main mode strike release reduced 25ms
  • Bardiche main mode strike release reduced 25ms
  • Throwing axe draw time reduced 50ms


  • Fix for lag induction causing the grunts to play earlier


  • Third person morph blending improved
  • Feint animations slowed down & reduced forward offset which will make them more readable
  • Improved 1p blending of movement animations, and made them more responsive
  • New third person movement blending, torso will no longer be delayed & it will be easier to judge where characters are moving/looking towards
  • Stabs no longer use the windup-release equalization, which caused them to be really sneaky
  • Added two handed animations for horseback attacks
  • Improved recovery animations to new recovery timings
  • Improved chambered/blocked animations in 1p and 3p in feel and responsiveness & lockouts will now be telegraphed better
  • Reduced 1p attack & riposte blendin slightly, which will make them more responsive
  • Improved flinch animations slightly
  • Shortspear 1p animations reverted to regular 1h animatons for the time being due to work on the throw & other improvements
  • Changed 1p camera clipping plane which will reduce clipping across the board
  • Added new slide effects to give better feeling of momentum during strikes, currently added on polearms (right strike)
  • Improved 1p combo animations, they now flow better and are more satisfying
  • Added new fist animations
  • Added Crossbow reload animations (WIP)
  • Third person bow draw improved, animation now locks into the draw pose before it can be fired (improving the issue of quickshots happening too early visually)
  • Third person weapon switch animations now better telegraphed to the lockout
  • Introduced new global HLOD settings which improve the overall appearance of far-away objects and reduce pop-in
  • Various performance optimizations on all maps
  • Pit: Fixed some stuckspots and wonky collision in spawns
  • Camp: Some detailing
  • Grad: Moved some terrain features around on the outskirts. Lots of detailing. Fixed some stuckspots and improved some common fighting areas. Added 64 player variant for TDM that utilizes more playspace. (Some areas still lack polish like missing rooves and holes in dungeon entrances)
  • Tourney: Fixed reflection captures in the spawn areas
  • Contraband: Moved two reflection captures to base level that were only used on FFA
  • Mountain peak: Fixed some stuckspots and added a lift interactable

Customization & Equipment

  • Gambeson coat added
  • Chainmail coat added
  • Fixed Tightened Aventail for real this time

Visuals & Misc

  • Startup load times improved significantly
  • Fixed a crash bug related to ragdolls, minimum ragdoll count is now 2
  • Lots of big optimizatons & reduction in spiking
  • Improvements to foliage rendering and culling
  • Lute equipcommands can only be used when in idle (previously could be used at any time, e.g. during emotes)
  • Naked character bug has been fixed (or should be)
  • Fixed body and face tab getting wrong slider/widget values when changing loadouts
  • Fixed Lute base note being incorrect pitch, making all songs especially those played from midi, off key
  • Horse poop spawn chance increased
  • Fixed the FOV zoom not working if FOV is set above 101 (e.g. on ranged weapons)
  • Camera FOV affecting LOD fixes during map view and possibly in armory
  • Added extremely simplified character rig for dedicated servers. This improves server performance when it comes to animations by around 200%, which is a huge optimization and also helps reduce spiking when characters are put into full quality animation mode (during attacks).
  • Changed character fidelity/ragdoll fidelity numbers, moved them up 1 level. Now the values go from 0 to 3 (Low, Medium, High, Very High). Options UI will need adjusting. (The new 0 value is the old 1 value). Technically it is possible to go up to 4, but only via console/manual editing.
  • Added m.NoTeamColorsOnGear setting this to 1 will disable team colors on armor and shields, giving you a more vibrant, but dangerous battlefield. This is client-side. Changing this value will not update current colors until the players respawn.
  • Dismemberment now applies a wound at the dismember location, better masking the transition
  • Fixed pavise and bear trap sometimes showing outlines when people pick yours up and plant it
  • Fixed maul tracers being off slightly
  • Lots of improvements to ragdolls & force
  • Removed dismember from rapier
  • Fixed maul & sledge ragdoll force
  • Clashing sparks now more accurate
  • Fixed various color palette issues


  • Voice pitches adjusted across the board - can now go lower on some voices, some extreme high pitches were reduced
  • Added a bit more thud to the body fall sound
  • Lots of overall sound improvements, footsteps/awareness, combat & hit sounds etc
  • Added sounds for equipment ragdoll collisions with the world
  • Added new voice


  • Ballista, catapult, trebs, projectile traps (icicle) ignore flesh wound now and can't be survived.
  • Horse acceleration reduced, controls & handling improved
  • Horse bump damage reduced, horse slowdown from bump increased slightly
  • Ballista bolts can now dismember

User Interface

  • Various optimizations and bugfixes

Known Issues

  • Loadout switching in Skirmish in between rounds or during warmup can occasionally not work and needs multiple retries
  • Broken 1p shadows
  • Cloth is disabled on Medium Horse and Gambeson skirt
  • Cloth bunches up in Armory
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  • 31 Oct '18
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Alpha Build #17.1 Hotfix

  • Fixed server anim LOD not working, it is unclear when this broke: this should improve server performance drastically (potentially 2x or more)
  • Players/bots are now spawned using a queue, and only a single character is spawned per frame. This reduces spikes, drastically so in local play and on servers with wave-spawn modes where multiple charactes might be spawned at the same instant.
  • Tourney wall fix.
  • It is now possible to switch equipment and perform other actions during reload and ranged cancel
  • Switching perspectives now restores the proper draw, release, cancel and reload animations
  • Crosshair now works with 1p spectator mode
  • Lute is more audible at a distance
  • Lute can no longer be played using equipmentcommands in altmode (melee mode)
  • Reduced lute hit and parry volumes a little
  • Rebuilt navmesh on Grad
  • Trebs are now in loaded state in FFA/SKM/TDM Camp.
  • Fixed rusty pitchfork stat display
  • Fixed weapon length stat not updating for alt mode

Known Issues

  • Loadout switching in Skirmish in between rounds or during warmup can occasionally not work and needs multiple retries
  • Bows cause T-Pose when jumping on horseback
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  • 30 Oct '18
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New build on testing


-Clients will now remove block colliders and clash colliders from characters/equipment, since these are only used by the server. This saves CPU performance when characters move and animate
-More optimizing
-Fixed spectator cam fov issues
-Camp lightmaps
-Chase mechanic is now more effective - aiming at someones back for 2 seconds while sprinting will put player into maximum movement speed, which means 0% slowdown. Even naked has a small % movement slowdown by default, so chasing is now guaranteed. Naked & light armors will take longer to catch since the movement speed difference is much smaller.
-Successful Parries will no longer put players into partial sprint, which means the movement is less sluggish
-Holding shield block no longer has partial sprint restriction, which means players can build up speed up to max sprint while holding the shield up. This buffs shields vs projectiles
-Successful Attacks & Hitstop will no longer put players into partial sprint, which makes movement less sluggish
-Parry/Block box changes: Depth & Forward parry range reverted to Patch 17 live build, this means more depth again & slightly more range on the forward parry, making parry/block more consistent. Width was reduced significantly compared to Patch 17, making side hits and directional swing manipulation more viable.

Forward parry is a small box inside the regular parry box, which can force parries earlier, as it will parry tracers instantly and not only when they connect with the character like the big box. The forward parry has roughly the width of the UI parry symbol, so it needs to be aimed more precisely. (This has been in the game since Patch 17, but wasn't explained)

-Parry & Block Turncap less strict
-Longbow & Recurve Bow draw times slowed down 50ms
-Better kick ragdoll force direction calculation
-Various Map improvements

-Combo windups no longer put you into partial sprint (miss or not), however combos no longer have the lunge as a result - this is a experimental change
-Shields no longer have a "memory" for blocking, this is very experimental and may break things, but basically this will allow players to get around shields easier using swing manipulation

Server rotation has been updated to FFA/TDM without grad test

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  • 26 Oct '18
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The huntsman nerf will be reduced, throwable projectile damage against quiver will be 175% rather than 150%

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  • 6 Oct '18
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@Jax said:
We're not going to be hopping in your private server and VAC-banning people for saying mean words, like I was saying earlier - this individual was a problem on not only a single server, but the entire game.

To add to this, we're not going to be babysitting the servers even with rules in place, there will be a very lax approach when it comes to this stuff. The individual in question simply crossed the line way too far, there are many reasons why he got banned, including things such as threatening to DDOS Mordhau servers.

Nobody in this game will be banned for insults or being politically incorrect alone.

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  • 3 Oct '18
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@ÐMontyleGueux said:
I agree with the devs in this case. What they meant on discord isn't that they are more important people than others, it's that the intention behind harassing and insulting a random player are really different from actually targetting someone you know has the power to kick/ban you. The fact that he directly insulted the developers while being fully aware of who they are and what kind of power they have is making the whole thing even worse. That's what they meant.

I cannot support any unbanning for the simple reason that he entirely knew what he was going into, he literally asked for it.

This is correct. We will also have some rules/conduct in the near future to clear things up more, as well as an easier way to appeal bans.

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  • 3 Oct '18
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@MrGhostTheFlyingFlail said:
Can Devs enforce authority on players playing on private servers?

He was not banned from the private server itself, but he is on the official banlist. Our official ban system works together with VAC, so if server admins choose to use VAC, they also use the official banlist. This is entirely up to private server owners and they can disable it in server files if they choose to do so. He can play on private servers without VAC.

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  • 25 Sep '18
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Speaking of objectives given by the game, Frontline will most likely not only be capturing flags. We are currently looking into giving each team a proper main base, instead of a last flag point. This means that the bases would have classic attack/defense scenarios that do not involve flag capturing, and the attackers would win the game if they win their assault. This is our way of adding more immersive/persistent objectives into the game mode without breaking the dynamic tug of war gameplay of Frontline. Examples of such an assault could be raiding a base and destroying everything inside it, or more dynamic objectives based on the map itself.

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  • 25 Aug '18
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Discuss the new patch here!

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  • 25 Aug '18
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Alpha Build #16

Gameplay & Mechanics

  • Added character ragdoll implementation to combat. Characters can now ragdoll, then stand up. Right now it happens to horse riders when the horse dies, when you get hit on a ladder/horse by a billhook or halberd alt mode strike and on couches that don’t kill (on vehicles only)
  • Kick followup attacks now initiate a combo for up to 400ms. This will make kick followup hits a lot smoother and faster. The combo does not have the regular combo windup debuff, which means that Kick is now also more useful in 1vX due to kick into kick combos, or kick into attack.
  • Kick stun time reduced significantly
  • Kick block now forces slowkick followup if kick is pressed again
  • Kicking in a kickblock will not attempt to queue it
  • Kick clash recovery time reduced
  • Morphing into Kick is now 200ms faster
  • If kick can't stun due to the character being in stun already it won't flinch either. Prevents stunlock/flinchlock.
  • Initial feint window increased 25ms
  • Combo feint window increased 25ms
  • Initial feint lockout increased 25ms (same as combo feint now)
  • Re-added recovery skip on successful hits. Animations now blend properly, making it look no longer broker. Currently at 400ms which is slightly slower than it used to be, also has queueing making it smoother to use.
  • Getting hit while riposting no longer has knockback
  • Attacking into a riposte now forces a 300ms recovery after dealing damage, this means you can no longer hit -> parry riposte hit trades without risk. The recovery is only 300ms short however, so only hit trades where the attacks are very close to each other are affected. This is telegraphed with bounce animations.
  • Riposte damage reduction buffed to 50%
  • Riposte window reduced 50ms (this will allow faster non-riposte follow up attacks after a parry, while keeping the riposte easy to do)
  • Riposte parry now uses initial feint windows, same as regular FTP
  • Riposte parry now requires eating up a pointless feint (which does nothing) before it can be activated. For people with bound FTP, this changes nothing. For those with bound feint or parry however, it means you need to double click rmb to activate parry in riposte. This fixes issues where it was firing off unexpectedly due to the input being different on that scheme compared to how feint to parry is done.
  • Health regen start delay reduced 500ms (3 seconds total now)
  • Removed the small knockback on teamhits
  • Disarmed lockout increased 25ms
  • Disarmed state now allows you to switch equipment right away
  • Disarm no longer has knockback on disarmed side, making it easier to followup with shorter weapons
  • All combo windups slowed down 25ms
  • Fixed a bug with morphs, would not chamber with the original attack type/direction they came from (only with the new morph direction/type) which made morph chamber done too quickly cause the chambers to fail. This is a pretty big buff to morph chambers, as it makes them more consistent.
  • Continuously missed attacks in the same combo now drain double stamina miss cost (if you miss, then combo and miss again, it will drain double)
  • Parry recovery of failed parries now forces a walk movement debuff. This will make it significantly harder to run away after falling for a feint/doing a mistake, which is a significant buff for offense. This is an experimental change in attempt to make short weapons more enjoyable to use and make the combat more grounded, without nerfing movement/footwork outside of this state.
  • Flinch now forces a walk movement debuff. This is an experimental change. Will buff offense and control over your enemy significantly and make short weapons more enjoyable to use. Light armors can kite better and keep enemies at bay easier, while heavy armor can now use this momentum to make it impossible to run away from if hit repeatedly.
  • Parrying projectiles no longer has knockback
  • Removed projectile flinch entirely
  • Easy parries now no longer drain stamina (parries up to 500ms after a succesfull parry. These parries also have easier angles)
  • Parry turncap now slightly less restricted
  • Shield block angles slightly easier
  • T0/T1 Base move speed values faster again, light armor went from 5% slowdown to 2%
  • Removed extra damage to legs when being hit while jumping
  • Added Federschwert (training sword)
  • Added Executioner’s Sword

Weapon & Equipment Balance

  • Weapon draw speed is now different for each weapon, with dagger being the fastest
  • Throwable projectile speeds & arcs adjusted, will be slightly harder to hit now
  • Dagger and Shortsword blade increased 15cm in length
  • War Axe point cost reduced by 1
  • War Axe strike release increased 25ms
  • War Axe strike windup increased 25ms
  • War Axe strike can now oneshot light armor to head
  • War Axe stab windup increased 25ms
  • Fists timing and damage adjustments
  • Bardiche & Halberd alt mode strike headshots now deal increased damage
  • Greatsword can no longer two shot plate armor
  • Kicks now deal more damage against lighter armors
  • Eveningstar alt mode stab turncap slightly less strict
  • Eveningstar point cost reduced by 1
  • Zweihander leg damage vs plate armor buffed slightly
  • 1H Axe strike windup increased 25ms
  • Shortsword windups increased 25ms
  • Throwing axe damage reduced vs plate
  • Throwing knife damage adjusted, now great vs lighter armors but bad vs armored
  • Throwing knife point cost to 4
  • Rock ammo increased to 5 (since global projectile flinch was removed)
  • Rock damage increased very slightly, damage now different depending on armors
  • Longsword torso damage vs plate increased by 1
  • Wood damage adjusted on various weapons
  • Bardiche strike release reduced 25ms
  • Halberd alt mode strikes can now pull like the bill hook
  • Adjusted couching values on various weapons, disabled couching for weapons where it makes no sense right now


  • Made tracers 2x as dense as before, this makes attacks less likely to pass through thin objects
  • Added custom rotation interpolation for characters turn/lookup, it is now stable across different FPS as it's a simple linear interpolation and will make torso movements easier & faster to read while still looking smooth
  • Attacks are now visually slightly in the future. This makes parries & chambers a lot more consistent, especially waiting until the last moment to do both.
  • Added console variable for this, m.MaxPingExtrapolation by default it's set to 0.025 (25ms). This is essentially a visual way for the attacks to match your ping, which gives you a better hint when you should act. It does cause visual jankiness if too high, setting it higher than 25ms will cause bad side effects, so it is best to leave it at default as we found that to give the best overall result. It's a client setting, since this is purely a visual aid.


  • Feint animation adjusted, it can now be more effective if used right, but you can now see that it is a feint much faster, making it easier to punish
  • Recovery skip animation improvements


  • Added Mountain Peak map
  • Added Icicle traps (can be found on mountain peak)
  • Ammobox refill delay increased to 20 seconds
  • Added some fun stuff to test level
  • Layout changes to Frontline portion of Grad
  • Fixed various stuckspots on Grad
  • Collision improvements to some meshes
  • Set up gate on Grad
  • Added ammobox to Contraband

Visuals & Misc

  • Scaled up throwable axe and knife
  • Increased intensity of blood overlay a little bit, added pulse effect when health is critical
  • Tweaked tightened gambeson arms skinning to retain the shape in the elbow area
  • When toggle sprint is enabled and you let go of the forward movement key, it toggles sprint off (like pressing the sprint button again)
  • There is now a separate bind called Feint or Parry, that does what it suggests (it won't try to FTP), so you can now use both binds instead of being forced into one or the other.
  • By default scrollwheel down is bound to right upper strike
  • Auto pickup of projectiles is only possible 1s after they hit something, not before (previously you could instantly autopickup), active pickup via use key is unaffected
  • Switching mode will now unequip the shield e.g. if it needs to rather than preventing the mode switch
  • Changed how shield passive projectile block is implemented which might cause some new bugs, but prevents blocking projectiles that it shouldn't like ballista bolts, etc.
  • Added various LODs
  • HUD elements can now be individually toggled on or off in the game settings (can also be disabled using console commands)
  • Fixed grounding being turned on in blocked motion for kicks, which was a bit wonky
  • Fixed the alternate mode animation bug (on join, people could be using the wrong animations for the weapon mode)
  • Fixed bug with morph chambers which caused them to not spawn sparks
  • Fixed crank not working online


  • Adjusted attack yells so they roughly start being loud at the same time, some of them were a bit off before
  • Attack yells now play 50ms before release starts. Used to be exactly on release
  • Added low stamina breathing sound, starts at 25 stamina
  • Own character won't play breathing sounds on low stamina
  • If foot IK can't land a trace, it will use the last found trace to determine ground material. This fixes cases where the footsteps simply would not be playing in cases like steep inclines where foot IK fails to hit the ground properly
  • Boosted volume of muffled voices
  • Added door sound cues for a few varieties and set up the wooden ones as default
  • Added sounds to supply chests
  • Equipment switching sound now uses 1p attenuation in first person
  • Set up different environment hit sounds based on lite medium and heavy, also lowered some of the wood damage values on the smaller weapons such as dagger and shortsword
  • Added sound to doors being kicked open when they hit the other side


  • Ballista Bolt now always deals 100 damage
  • Fixed destroyable actors not being able to be repaired from 0 health
  • Ladder speed now uses the same movement % scale based on armor worn as regular movement
  • Ladder reduced character turn limits
  • Enabled 1H Weapons on ladder for testing
  • Being on ladder no longer stops health regen
  • Ladder does not force leave on damage anymore
  • Improved vehicle rotations online making them look smoother
  • Attacking from ladder now causes all angles to be overhead angle
  • Horses now support parry look-up-down additive anims, set up their own animation profile for horses for 1h and shield, shield angles at low angles so it doesn't clip into horse (unless aiming at front through the head)
  • Fixed horse rotation turn counteract bug online
  • Turned doors and gates into dynamic navmesh obstacles
  • Disabled horse hitstop for testing
  • Lowered threshold for horse fall damage, can still fall pretty far but will die from silly heights, About grad wall height is where it starts taking damage

User Interface

  • Fixed two team scoreboard being off center by a few pixels
  • Fixed emote menu showing / not hiding on vehicles

Known Issues

  • Emote menu page number doesn’t update properly
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