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With releases i assume you mean the strike releases

Next patch will see some changes for releases, all strike releases got increased slightly which seems to put it in a good spot between too fast and too slow

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@Frise said:
How does this make sense?

In the above example it looks like the max ping extrapolate was messed with. I can only replicate the gif by setting it above the default, which is not recommended.

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@Gauntlet said:
Posting from mobile, yeah I agree that looks like it should have chambered but through no fault of the user it's the real time strikes system tripping up that 200ms window at the last moment. I do wonder if tighter sword turn caps would resolve edge cases like these. It is my experience that the sword manipulations are the most wild because of relaxed turn caps. My thoughts anyway, but it's a good example.

Turncaps isnt really a solution, it would have to be very strict to make an impact and would feel very clunky to play overall. The greatsword already has pretty strict turncaps too. Ontop of that stricter turncaps would mean the footwork would need some serious nerfs otherwise it would be impossible to hard to hit anyone. So less fun overall, imo

Also standing still means you're very prone to swing manipulation, the way to chamber consistently is to use footwork since you limit your enemies swing manipulation that way.

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@Havoc said:
It serves no point what so ever except creating annoyance, why not just have mouse deceleration to prevent players from attempting 360° spins in the first place, like mordhau already has?

And you can already perform 360° using morphs so the entire concept is moot.

Mouse deceleration was in in the earlier patches. It was deemed not a good solution to fix spins because the animation kept going, and is not tied to your mouse aim, so you could still spin. Also this was way, way more annoying than glancing blows and made comboing feel very bad.

Glancing blows have completely removed 360 strike spins out of the meta/gameplay. You cannot use morphs to bypass it, the result is the same. Players adopting 360 swings in their playstyle was a thing before glancing blows and a big marketing problem for Mordhau, hence the mechanic. It's not inconsistent either, I don't see most players ever getting a glancing blow anymore since they adapted to it.

Utility? Jax, ffs what I, Maci, and everyone is saying is that chambers are still too inconsistent to perform and to see visually despite them supposedly being in their most consistent state, either due to latency, netcode, visual feedback etc.

And don't you dare misinterpret me again. I'm not saying that it doesn't work if you try it alllll the time. I'm not saying that it's too difficult or in certain specific situations you can't chamber. I'm saying that in ideal situations, where you SHOULD be able to chamber, it doesn't connect consistently, and also due to Mordhau's awkward attack blending, and player body contortions, it becomes difficult to tell if an opponent performed a chamber, and no, the current audio cue is NOT sufficient enough.

You should provide some examples how performing chambers is inconsistent when it should connect. As of latest patch, chambers are very consistent below 100 ping, just very difficult to chamber 100% of the time. Chambers are like a bottomless pit of skill, similar to 1 taps in shooters, chambering everything everytime will never be a thing. This has nothing to do with animations, or netcode, it's simply the fact that it is a 200ms window, which is very prone to swing manipulation. Reading and dealing with that is where the whole skill comes from. If swings were locked in and there was no swing manipulation, or the chambering window was bigger, it would be extremely easy. Same reason why it was so easy in slasher, not because of long releases or any of that nonsense, it was simply a huge window. Recognizing when a swing is probably too risky to chamber and going for the parry instead is also a skill.

Right now we have some of the better players in the game chambering accellerated attacks and drags are a very high rate, even though drags are supposed to counter chambers, we frequently get complaints and feedback that the game/chambering is too easy now and the game might suffer long term. I'm not saying the game is perfect, but if you complain that chambers are inconsistent all the time its most likely you and not the game.

Unless chambers can be improved enough to get a lot more consistent and a lot less latency dependent, personally, I'd rather they be removed.


You're blatantly ignorant or ignoring that mordhau has loads of inconsistent dynamic timings that are tied to player latency, and by your own words, the devs couldn't get active parry to function consistently.

There's not a whole lot of dynamic timings in the game. They are not inconsistent either, they are pretty consistent hence why it works out.

Active parry would have been easy to get it to function consistently, the problem with that is is that it would be extremely overpowered and feel like absolute shit to play against. (this could have been done by having AP active on the whole swing, and much bigger parry angles)

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@TheDankestMeme said:
we need mordhau games to be an actual mod in mordhau

@ThunderDuck said:
I wouldn't mind a Battle Royal game with actually decent melee combat


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@Frise said:
Yet you defend this scenarios, Crush,

I don't defend it, the OP gave me the impression that this was about the angle and not timing that's all. The drag looks wierd and tweaks will be made to improve it.

This game is about timing your defensive input down to the ms ahead of accel+ping but after feint/drag/morph window etc. Thus the meta on the offensive end will always be about making you react too late or too early. Such moves and last second drags will thus always be the meta and if you nerf them fights will go on forever... until you nerf parry/chamber windows but then you're back at square one. THIS IS WHY PARRY SHOULD BE ABOUT LOCATION/ANGLE ETC rather than the corny and lame way Chivalry set it up. The game is really fast, yes, but slowing it down is just a band-aid to the real issues at hand. Slow it down and everything becomes ez block and ez chamber and you don't feel the pressure to try inputting before ping. The purest, most natural and intuitive moves come from players attacking a shield user. I'm impressed when Huggles or Naleus rape my shield. Those aren't muscle memory moves you use to break a shield and muscle memory moves don't work twice against a shield user without mindgames and ofc, skill.

We tried a smaller directional parry recently, and it was very bad. The directional drags are a lot more wonky and unintuitive to fight against than timing drags, they look much worse too when you aim at an attack, parry and it goes trough. Teamfights were ruined completely. We're definitely not going to change the timing focus of the combat.

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Chamber failed not because of angle, but timing here

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Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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Gameplay & Mechanics

  • Kick now stuns. When getting kicked in parry/block window, you will not be stunned and only flinched instead (same as the previous kick). This means that there is now another layer of defense against kicks that prevents you being stunned. Damage is dealt in both cases.
  • Kick now has early release
  • Kick windup increased 50ms
  • Kick combo windup increased 25ms
  • Kicking someone that has recently been in the stun motion will only flinch and not stun
  • Removed ability to combo out of kicks. This means that missing a kick is now a lot more punishing
  • Kick reduced stamina miss cost to 13
  • Kick reduced feint cost to 13
  • Kick clash no longer allows follow up combo, its duration is also increased to 300ms, acts like a blocked state
  • Removed HP on kill
  • Removed Active parry
  • Removed Team flinch
  • Riposte reworked - you can no longer be flinched during riposting, during a riposte you take 33% less incoming damage and 50% less knockback.
  • Riposte Feint removed
  • Riposte early release increased (now the same as regular strikes, which will help with ripostes hitting too fast in certain cases)
  • Added ability for riposte to parry in early windup
  • Increased riposte window by 100ms
  • Successful parries/blocks now extend their parry by 100ms
  • Initial Feint window reduced 75ms
  • Combo feint window reduced 50ms
  • Feint animation has been tweaked so that feints are still useful with the nerfs
  • Removed hit recovery skip (when hitting someone and not comboing, the animation will go back to idle before you can attack again)
  • Disarm now acts as a clash, which means you can now immediately follow up when disarming someone
  • Disarmed recovery reduced 200ms
  • Disarmed now forces partial sprint
  • Hitstop recovery increased 50ms, now 400ms for all hitstop weapons
  • Getting chambered/parried/blocked now forces walk movement debuff for the lockout duration - this means it will be much harder to run away from ripostes
  • Combo windup now forces partial sprint
  • Ground friction reduced by 1 (Movement slightly more weighty)
  • Landing from fall or jump now forces partial sprint for 0.5s
  • Sprint acceleration is now 4 seconds to max sprint, for all armor classes (also fixed a bug where you could reach max sprint instantly on any loadout)
  • Reduced T0/T1 base speeds very slightly
  • Max sprint speed increased
  • Health regen start delay reduced 500ms
  • Reworked how the hold RMB to parry works, it now doesn't keep trying to parry after it successfully does a parry, so if you want to parry again, release and press it again. This fixes issues where it would happen in flinch by accident, etc. - this should help with the mistimed parry issues in flinch
  • Projectile flinch removed from smaller projectiles - affected are: Throwing knife, Shortsword, Dagger, Carving knife
  • Throwable equipment can now also throw by pressing the altmode/reload key (R)
  • Reduced global hit knockback
  • Morphs reverted to patch 13 (Morph window decreased 25ms, morphs less dynamic & increased morph blending slightly to make them look better)
  • You can now restock ranged throwable equipment from your loadout at ammo boxes
  • Ammo boxes no longer go on cooldown if they're not able to restock/heal anything
  • Hitstop now has attack queueing
  • Re-equip after throw is now smarter and less buggy. It will try to find the same equipment that was thrown if it exists and switch to that. Failing that it will try to find a weapon, last resort will be fists.
  • Increased jump stamina cost to 13
  • Jump cooldown increased 50ms
  • Bubble reverted to patch 13 (slightly increased again)
  • Team deathmatch now uses wave spawning, spawntime increased from 5s to 10s (makes average time to spawn remain the same)
  • Fixed lunge attack jump
  • Added slight knockback to team hits
  • Switching equipment is now smarter: if possible it will automatically switch mode to accommodate e.g. a shield if it has a one-handed mode
  • Added new weapon: War Axe

Weapon & Equipment Balance

  • Shield lower/raise delay removed
  • Getting blocked by a shield now has less recovery, making them easier to pressure
  • Shields can now attack at any time when shield is being lowered
  • Shield turncaps made less strict
  • Shield block angles now slightly easier again
  • Shields can now partial sprint while holding block
  • Shields stamina increased by 1 again
  • Adjusted some strike & stab attack timings on various weapons, stabs now have a max. Total animation time of 1 second (windup+release), strikes 1175ms. This means weapons with strong drag capabilities had their drags nerfed, strike drags got nerfed & stab drags got nerfed heavily across the board. Mostly release reductions.
  • Bardiche alt mode can no longer combo
  • Quarterstaff strike windups increased 25ms
  • Increased strike combo windups on various faster onehanded weapons by 25ms
  • Repair hammers now have lower throwing damage
  • Shortsword stab damage reduced against medium armor torso
  • Shortspear stab damage reduced against medium armor torso (3 HTK)
  • Shortsword is now faster
  • Dagger is now faster
  • Battle Axe strike damage against plate armor reduced (now needs a headshot for 2HTK)
  • Battle Axe stab windup increased 25ms
  • Battle Axe point cost reduced by 1
  • Estoc main mode stab windup increased 25ms
  • Estoc stab combo windup increased 25ms
  • Greatsword alt mode stab windup increased 25ms
  • Spear can now one shot naked heads with stab
  • Halberd strikes can now one shot naked to torso & one shot light to the head
  • Longsword strike damage vs plate torso reduced by 1 again (needs headshot for 3HTK)
  • Arming sword slash damage vs plate headshot reduced
  • Arming sword stab damage vs plate & medium reduced
  • Reduced Throwing knife point cost by 2
  • Reduced Fire bomb ammo count by 1
  • Reduced Fire & Smoke bomb direct hit damage to 5
  • Fire bomb height increased so it cannot be jumped over as easily
  • Fire bomb now starts dealing damage faster after exploding
  • Fire bomb now deals damage almost immediately upon entering the fire (after its active)
  • Adjusted Fire bomb damage & speed - Fire bomb is now a lot more dangerous as area denial, damage over time is nerfed
  • Reduced Rocks ammo count by 1
  • Fixed Messer values not being the same on 1h/2h for medium armor headshots
  • Maul strike windup reduced 25ms
  • Maul stab windup increased 50ms
  • Maul strike miss stamina drain increased by 1
  • Maul strike torso raw damage increased slightly
  • Maul strike can no longer combo/you can no longer combo out of maul strikes
  • Maul strike increased stamina drain greatly
  • Maul stab stamina drain reduced
  • Maul strike miss recovery increased 100ms
  • Billhook pull increased slightly
  • Billhook main mode strike windup increased 25ms
  • Billhook main mode slightly stricter turncaps
  • Removed some excess damage on headshot 1 HTK attacks


  • Improved 1p hitstop animations
  • Sprinting will now tweak camera fov slightly
  • Removed flinch animation on death for 1p since it was just messing the deathcam up
  • Fixed some flinch bugs where animations could slightly snap on two consecutive flinches
  • Fixed horse flinch not working when done twice in a row quickly
  • Sped up horse flinch anims
  • Added headshot flinch for horses using the head flinch anims
  • Improved riposte animations - now slightly more exaggerated
  • Added stab release curve - makes stabs come out of windup slightly slower & speed up towards the end of release which should help with stab drags and stabs hitting too fast out of windup
  • Added strike release curve - makes strikes come out of windup slightly slower & speed up towards the end of release which should help with attacks coming out of windup too fast, drags and make the attacks look more weighty (Ripostes do not have this)
  • Fixed some attack animation issues in 1p that caused some minor jerks
  • Fat pose now has a wider walk
  • Added 1p animation sway


  • Tweaked exposure ranges and offsets on some maps, resulting in less over/underexposure
  • Expanded Grad in preparation for Frontline (you can explore the map in local play with damage turned off)
  • Grad will suffer some performance regressions due to the new areas not being optimized yet
  • Small layout changes to the castle area of Grad
  • Some material streamlining on Grad
  • Added TDM variant for Grad
  • Fixed a performance regression on maps that made use of a very expensive material mainly Contraband
  • Some regressions on Contraband still remain on this patch
  • Added some fun stuff to LiteMordhauTestLevel (Doors and other breakables)

Visuals & Misc

  • Fire/Smoke bomb impact FX is now properly aligned to the surface it hits
  • Improved fire/smoke bomb FX
  • Firebombs will now spawn charred decals to increase contrast and thus making the fire more visible on a wider range of ground materials
  • Changed Fire/Smoke bomb fields to have a more circular shape
  • Smoothed out Smoke PostProcess effect to be less jarring and sudden
  • Fixed spectator camera not getting the right FOV
  • Skirmish now deletes projectiles and smoke/fire fields on round start
  • Added post process effect for being near and on fire
  • Main menu now correctly assumes control of the main menu pawn which prevents look/movement, previously it incorrectly possessed a spectator pawn which could look around and move for a split second.
  • Turning cloth physics on and off should now work correctly
  • 50% less tilt of the head for look-at head tracking
  • Deathcam improvements
  • Added missing trails to Throwing Axe and Throwing Knife projectiles
  • Added fire trail for Fire bomb
  • Added smoke trail for Smoke bomb
  • Added projectile trail to rock
  • Disabled initial delay on trails
  • Fixed subfields not deactivating particles correctly, this made smoke turn off fire subfields but never turned off the particle effects of those subfields
  • Tunic lower chest, chainmail chest low and peasant shirt arms now don’t have individual color slots and they derive pattern and color from their parent.
  • Armory now has depth of field
  • Characters in armor customization now have equipment
  • Slightly tweaked armory camera & facesculpt pose
  • Improved eyelashes
  • Improved body poses (Skinny/Strong/Fat)
  • Increased step height slightly and made the perch tolerance lower, the perch made it so that you could walk outside of a platform with even both feet outside of it and still stand on it, so it's basically the angle where the character starts gliding off, not changed drastically, just so the extreme cases are avoided.
  • Set up holster for throwable equipment, bows, xbow
  • Fixed coat of plate holes
  • Fixed baggy pants clipping bare chest
  • Added a widened variant of the hood coif that can be used with more helmets
  • Fitted the neck of the armet set a bit better
  • Cloth collision improvements on some skirts
  • Added decal fadeout to blood spurt ground decal on hits
  • Decal fadeout for the big blood pools on death/dismember thud
  • Renamed gothic armet Close Helmet
  • Fixed changing pattern in wearable armory not updating the available colors if those changed
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't setting the hascolor properly for equipment
  • Set Firebomb, Smokebomb and Rock to have no color options
  • Renamed Rocks to Rock, Throwing Axes to Throwing Axe, Throwing Knives to Throwing Knife (since this shows in killfeed now etc)
  • Pulled up waist of Hunters Hosen
  • Fixed some LightmapUVs
  • Various LOD fixes
  • Fixed rare crash in loading screen
  • Fixed startup videos being interrupted if main menu loads too fast
  • Disabled loading screen music for now until proper fix for volume is found
  • Projectile impact particles and decals now orient using the actor right vector of the projectile, making them consistent with direction
  • Disabled input for 150ms after possessing a character, prevents accidental inputs going off on respawn
  • Fixed hitstop weapons not doing the team hitcancel when hitting teammates (was instead doing the hitstop which is similar, but not quite)


  • Estoc blocking sound volume increased slightly
  • Rock hit sound redone to be more powerful sounding
  • Added small/medium/large/huge draw sounds to equipment and set it up for current equipment/weapons
  • Added killsound


  • Hitting horse now has hitstop
  • Fixed leaving vehicle getting the player stuck in the ground randomly
  • Fixed vehicle leaving animation being broken online
  • Vehicles no longer obtain viewtarget, they no longer have camera components, all view trickery now goes through the character. This fixes bugs related to entering and leaving vehicles where the camera would jerk and in some cases go to world origin (0,0,0) for a frame or two. It also fixes the bug online when leaving/entering vehicles where for a frame or two, the character would appear in 3p model even though they were in 1p. Vehicle enter/leaving should now work in multiplayer the same as it does in local.
  • Fixed reins on the horse armors
  • Improved horse armor textures
  • Added 5 new color variants to the horses and set them up making 8 variants in total now. Black, Chestnut, Cremello, Red Dun, Seal Brown.
  • Catapult slope angle from 15.5 to 25 degrees, making it possible to traverse more difficult terrain
  • Added catapult trail
  • Fixed vehicles not properly resetting location/rotation of player when they die but player stays alive (causing broken rotation sometimes)
  • Fixed catapult grounding issues where players could break grounding by going near the catapult, or cause it to bump away from them
  • Ladder collision/movement reworked, it now uses the softbubble, which fixes most issues related to ladder / multiple people climbing, etc.
  • Made ladder steps work better
  • Reduced bump damage on bare horse and medium horse
  • Light horse now loses most speed from bumps, armored horse the least
  • Adjusted horse damage taken modifiers, light horse now takes 2-3 hits, medium 4-5, armored 6-8 - HTK varies depending on attack and weapon used
  • Horses now all have the same turn handling (turn curve of the light horse)
  • Adjusted some top speeds, medium and armored top speed is now faster
  • Slowed down horse health regen tick and start delay
  • Added vehicle enter/leave motions which now restrict movement / attacking etc
  • Updated horse and rider movement blending so it doesn't jerk as much when sudden changes (e.g. online, or hitting obstacles)
  • Fixed horse tail jitter at low fps and improved its simulation a bit
  • Fixed a major vehicle bug for online play
  • Horse & Rider HP Regen is now disabled on Gear 3 and 4
  • Disabled HP regen on ladder
  • Horse attacking now angles dynamically to avoid hitting the horse
  • Adjusted offhand on horse not animating properly in attacks
  • When vehicle dies, character is no longer placed on the ground, instead he remains where he was seated
  • Getting on ladder/horse now properly re-equips the unequipped stuff
  • Added all missing input bindings to ladder/horse
  • Own vehicle now counts as friendly/teammate, i.e. has hitcancel, gets team damage reduction
  • Ladder moving is now smooth online

User Interface

  • Crosshair should now retain its sharpness on non-standard aspect ratios and resolutions
  • Added hitmarker
  • Fixed assists being awarded for teamkills
  • Added scorefeed
  • Repositioned ammo counter
  • Fixed spawn info and spectating UI appearing when watching own death
  • Firebomb fire should now credit the kill to the fire bomb properly instead of RIP
  • Individual kill score gain raised from 10 to 100
  • Assists above 75 damage now count as kills
  • Entering spawn protection will now display a different message
  • UI optimizations
  • Fixed target info bottom text not working for players on vehicles

Known Issues

  • Emote menu page number doesn’t update properly
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Currently no plans of removing this

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@daWASTI said:
It's because noobs cried that they can't judge if they get active parried or not, which actually gave a distinct sound ... ripost doesn't. Do you want to give ripost some sound too?

It had nothing to do with sound. Active parry is visually unintuitive and unrealistic. You attack into someone who looks vulnerable, and you get parried by nothing, an elbow or where ever your attack should hit. The reason why this works for FTP and CFTP is because there is a parry animation. Active parry looked completely broken in comparison. On top of this, unless you used it to steal initiative, it felt like your attack was pointless which is bad, and felt shitty. Chamber feint had a stamina cost introduced for the same reason, attacking should never feel like a waste of time.

You say noobs complained about AP but AP was probably THE most controversial/complaint heavy mechanic in the game amongst competitive players. It felt consistently inconsistent despite various improvements to the mechanic in that regard.

Riposte hit trade is much better for various reasons, it looks and feels a lot more realistic which makes it a lot more intuitive on its own due to that. It's a much simpler, known concept. You don't get fucked over for attacking someone when it feels the most intuitive to attack them, your attack goes trough and still deals damage. This is why the hit trade feels nowhere near as bad as getting active parried and hit. It's a lot easier to execute and consistent, there's no specific timing windows etc. You just riposte and that's it.

X using riposte trade in a 1vX would not be that useful, since it wastes time of two people and they have better tools to spam the 1 with. But if teammates feeding ripostes becomes a big problem it can be easily fixed.

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  • 29 Apr
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@MrRag said:
Dumbest thing I think I've ever read. AP's purpose is to prevent spam by forcing 1+ people on the defensive, after feeding a parry/chamber. It is the primal reason it's there.

Active parry gave initiative to the X in a 1vX with good players. There is a window of commitment in attacks where if you get hit, you take guaranteed damage - this window is : end of feint window to end of early release (non-cancel non-damage phase) to end of release. The flaw of active parry is that when it parried enemies, it put them into blocked state, which means they can parry again, out of a phase in attacks where you usually take guaranteed damage if hit first.

What this means is that whoever got active parried first could instantly parry the riposte/chamber again with a bit of practice, stealing initiative from the 1. IMO this is why with time, AP would have gotten completely useless against more competent players, and also why it encouraged spamming from both sides. (This is completely seperate from the fact that it looked wierd and was too inconsistent to execute for most people, as well as being completely useless for enemies from the sides or behind) The best move to do was always attack, regardless if you were the 1 or the X in 1vX.

So if you hit them you just won't be able to instaparry like you would if you had hit anyone else ? If it's that, what a garbage idea

Exactly what it means, for same reasons as above. Will make attacking into a riposter a lot more risky, making the better move to parry the riposte instead of just spamming into it

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  • 22 Apr
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@Lincs said:
But fuck it, it needs to be said.

What you need to understand, despite what you might think about this, the banning on this forum is still very relaxed and you still have a lot of freedom to post a lot of things. A good amount of stuff being posted, in the off topic section in particular, would have been removed/banned on the vast majority of other video game forums a long time ago, more mainstream game forums especially. Trust me I do not enjoy doing it myself, but there is a line that needs to be drawn eventually, especially since a good amount of people have expressed their distaste for the content on the forums/some users personally to me, both online and in real life.

As for Humble staff, posting imagery that promotes pedophilia will have consequences, this is common sense. If you don't agree with that, then I'm sorry but you need a reality check. This forum directly reflects upon us devs and we cannot have content like that being spread around and allowed.

As for the ban being permanent with no warning, I realized that it was too harsh, hence why he is unbanned now and has received a second chance.

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  • 22 Apr
 crushed — Art

@Humble Staff said:
The other guy that was banned permanently wasn't a regular and he can't do nothing about it, i don't know if he cares about the ban or not but someone in the future in his position maybe will. ¿Wanna know why was he banned? because he quoted my stupid meme with a Chris Hansen meme, i don't see ANY reason as to why that would break a rule, if anything, it called me out as a pedo (which i am fucking not, god dam'n it). But he was banned and there is nothing we could do about it when plain simply deleting his post would have been enough.

Nobody but you got banned. The individual you are talking about only had his post removed. You need to stop spreading lies and fake bullshit.

Individual in question

He has no previous suspensions either.

a pedo (which i am fucking not, god dam'n it)

Not sure about that



I don't care if you think this is a joke or memes or whatever if you post this kind of shit here you WILL be banned no hesitation. You only got a second chance because of Jax, but right now you are very close to being permanently banned for good. Especially since you necro'd this thread.

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  • 22 Apr
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@June said:
Yea this patch is much more on the side of being easier/more bland but it is in the best spot its been in terms of new player retention. The question is how do we keep this while making the game more enticing at the higher levels of play.


The goal now is to make offense a bit stronger again, but in more reasonable ways that don't feel like shit to the vast majority of players (e.g heavy stab dragging in patch 14)

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@TheShade said:

@Jax said:
Pretty sure the reason is that it could promote spammy gameplay. Riposte trading will be getting really nice here soon, so I think it differentiates chambers by making them better for switching and stuff.

I have to agree with Stouty on this one. This reason is complete bullshit.

It's not. Hit trades are fine right now because they only exist in one state in the entire game (for enemies), which is riposte windup to end of release. Ripostes cannot feint, cannot morph and have their own animations which make them easy to tell apart from regular attacks. The first two make the riposte feel like a "stronger" attack, so hit trade here fits well and synergizes with the lack of feint and morph.

Adding more offensive hit trade states will quickly result in very messy gameplay that is hard to understand. Right now it works because you always flinch your enemy unless he is riposting which can be seen easily. Chambers can feint, morph and they feel a lot more technical than the riposte, so in my opinion hit trade would not fit for the chamber. It would also make ripostes and chambers more similar again, which was a problem for a long time (Ripostes and chambers feeling too similar).

Chambers absolutely need something to make them more worthwhile, especially in 1vX, but hit trade is not the answer for them.

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@Jackass said:

@Humble Staff said:

this will get you banned by crush, no joke:(

Thanks for reminding me

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who's responsible for this

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  • 17 Apr
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Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!