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  • 23 Feb
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@Havoc said:
Support main mode? The default spear mode is extremely viable in 1 v 1 duels, oberyn can attest to that, the alt mode just makes it even more deadlier in 1 v 1s. Pretty much any weapon with long range can be delegated to a support role, such as the zweighhander and the halberd. If the spear's main mode was supposed to be a support main mode, you'd think it would be a bit more unwieldy relying on having to support another player, rather than being extremely viable regardless of supporting or not.

Just because you can duel with a support weapon doesn't mean its ideal, most other weapons are much better at dueling than the spear main mode.

And that's also an issue, I wouldn't ever pick-up a mace if a Bastard sword is good enough. Blades are just too viable against everything, and I've never felt incentivised to use a high alpha damage weapon against T3 users. I know that Mordhau emphasizes a certain amount of hits to kill, as well as quick combat flow, but atm a lot of weapons feel like underpowered or overpowered sidegrades. And from what I can gather, NA meta seems to be 3/3/3 longsword, whilst EU meta is 3/3/3 Baxe.

1-3 hits more to kill can be a big deal in a lot of scenarios. Going up against a team full of plate loadouts that is equal skill of you with a 3/3/3 longsword/bastard sword loadout will be a lot less effective than picking up an Eveningstar. Weapon damage types could still use improvements, but saying that it doesn't matter is simply wrong.

Wait... so you're telling me the Estoc main mode... is meant for duels... and the mordhau grip is meant for.... teamfights? You do know the mordhau grip has less range... right? Where as the main mode has more range, and it's main attack is a stab, a high damage fast stab that is less likely to hit teammates in group fights.

The Estoc main mode is good for duels and teamfights, so is the alt mode. It just depends on your playstyle, if you want more precise long range stabs that deal decent damage or if you want more raw damage against a team with lots of plate armor. More range doesn't always mean better for teamfights, the battle axe is a prime example which is currently one of the best team fight weapons simply due to great consistent raw damage and is quite short at the same time.

Yet you're buffing alt-grips such as the mordhau grip to get more players to use them. As we've seen through the alpha, if there's no greater intensification to use an alt grip, players will just stick to what they're comfortable and most effective with. If that's not an issue, why bother buffing the grip?

Mordhau grip is being buffed because the main mode is also being buffed. Again, 1-2 extra hits is a big deal in a game with such low hit to kill as Mordhau.

So... because the mordhau grip was only used once, it was hammered onto another weapon type? What's wrong with just having unique weapons? All of the weapon types in mordhau share animation sets and alternate grips, maybe a bit more uniqueness or diversity would've been better, even if it does require more work, at least then weapons would feel and operate differently.

So instead of the mordhau grip, half swording should have been used, which makes the weapons less unique overall? The estoc with mordhau grip adds to uniqueness because theres no other stab based main weapon with a blunt heavy alt mode.

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  • 22 Feb
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@Havoc said:
Wait, but by that same logic, what about the spear, the billhook, poleaxe, BattleAxe, and the Zeighhander? The real only main different being the estoc has less range. Yet it has just about the same range as a greatsword, but was more so designed for thrusting.

What about it ? None of those weapons have a support main mode apart from the spear.

In terms of mordhau the estoc shouldn't be an all round, that role should be delegated to the longsword

Most swords in Mordhau are all rounders.

And ironically the Estoc mordhau grip would be a more duel focused alt mode that using the half-sword grip.

This is wrong. Mordhau grip has slower attacks but more damage, which translates to better team fight potential. Kinda like the bastard sword is amazing in duels but is a bit worse in teamfights than the other swords. Estoc main mode has faster attacks which makes it better for dueling.

You run into an issue where players won't bother to use the grip if the default mode can get the job done with only 1~2 extra hits.

It's not an issue, its just a choice how you want to play. Alt modes were never intended to be required to use in situations, but an alternate optimal choice.

I don't think haphazardly forcing the Estoc into this role was productive or healthy for the weapon type or Mordhau's diversity. If you really wanted to diversify you could've updated one of the weapons that aren't getting much love or attention, such as the billhook. And by that "2" logic, what about warhammer/poleaxe/halberd, Baxe/Billhook/Qstaff/Eveningstar, or all the throwable weapons. Not really a great justification tbh.

It doesn't mean that there should be 2 of each alt mode and no alt mode having more than 2, but that Mordhau grip is the only alt mode in the game which was only used on one weapon. This makes it so that every alt mode is in the game atleast twice.

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  • 22 Feb
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@Havoc said:

@crushed said:

@Havoc said:
2 . You already have weapons with the same design philosophy, for example the spear. There's so much you could have done, such as taking range, speed, and damage into account. You've already done so with other weapons. What makes this so different? You're turning the Estoc into an inbred longsword.

It's not the same. The spear covers 2 playstyles, the long mode being a support weapon and the short grip being a dueling weapon. The Estoc main mode stab already has good speed and damage, and making that even better would result in a cheesy and unfun weapon to fight against. So it goes from a stabbing weapon to a slashing weapon, just like Zweihander and Greatsword go from being slashing weapons to stabbing weapons.

That's the issue I don't understand though. By that logic, the default "long"/main mode could've been a support weapon with range, and the short grip a dueling weapon.

The argument that the default "long"/main mode "already has good speed and damage, and making that even better would result in a cheesy and unfun weapon to fight against." doesn't hold much merit because these are just values/variables you can adjust on a whim.

From what I understand, the original design goal was to make it a greatsword with weaker slashes and stronger stabs.... what happened?

Unless you're speaking mechanically, which is disproved by weapons with decent stab damage, such as the greatsword, and the spear.

So please tell me, in what situations would you use the default "long"/main mode, and the mordhau grip mode?

The estoc is a faster greatsword with more focus on stabs and weak slashes. It makes no sense to make the main mode a support mode, because it doesn't suit the weapon. Its a dueling weapon and a team fight weapon in one like the other swords. The spear has a support main mode because of its huge range and because its a spear, it only makes sense just from the weapon itself. The estoc main mode is a good allrounder with more focus on stabs, so having a duel focused alt mode makes no sense.

Mordhau alt mode is being buffed next patch in damage, so it will be a good choice whenever you want to mixup your fighting from stab heavy to slashes and dispose some plate armor enemies quicker than usual.

Another thing is alt mode diversity, instead of 3 halfswording alt modes, theres now 2 mordhau grips, 2 halfswording grips, 2 bastard sword grips etc.

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  • 22 Feb
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@Havoc said:
2 . You already have weapons with the same design philosophy, for example the spear. There's so much you could have done, such as taking range, speed, and damage into account. You've already done so with other weapons. What makes this so different? You're turning the Estoc into an inbred longsword.

It's not the same. The spear covers 2 playstyles, the long mode being a support weapon and the short grip being a dueling weapon. The Estoc main mode stab already has good speed and damage, and making that even better would result in a cheesy and unfun weapon to fight against. So it goes from a stabbing weapon to a slashing weapon, just like Zweihander and Greatsword go from being slashing weapons to stabbing weapons.

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  • 20 Feb
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Rules updated - Politics

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  • 20 Feb
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Rules changed - no more politics discussion of any kind on this forum. Breaking this rule will lead to an immediate permanent ban.

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  • 18 Feb
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Confirmed for next patch as a high block with the shield (same how the lower block works)

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  • 24 Jan
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@Jackass - Knight of Ass said:
I really don't see how the developers can fix it at this point. Almost every player runs around looking spasmic, others look like they've been taken straight out of Chivalry.

There are no fights in Mordhau. Only dance battles.
pls fix. (even though it may be near impossible)

It would be good to provide some examples, which would help us identify the problem you mean. I've been watching this for a while and apart from the lunge issue in the live build which allows people to lunge further than intended with certain loadouts, gameplay looks normal even in a server full of veterans where it would look the worst. Spinning isn't a thing and drags are very telegraphed.

There is another problem in the current live build which allows players to run around swinging, missing and comboing without penalty, which can lead to teamfights being all over the place at times. This will be fixed in the next build. But again, without any examples, "dance battles" could refer to a simple targetswitch.

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  • 19 Dec '17
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Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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  • 19 Dec '17
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Alpha Build #11



  • Added Character point system - This is a big change that introduces additional tradeoffs to building a loadout, forcing players to sacrifice defence for better offense and vice-versa. You start with 16 points that you can spend on armor, weapons and other things. For example, the halberd is the most expensive weapon, so you can not use it with plate armor.
  • Clashing now has a angle check to prevent back clashing
  • Strikes now curve toward a horizontal slash angle at end of release, this starts after half of release has passed. This will make feet drags easier to deal with and overheads easier to land.
  • Added lockout limits for chamber and parry: 0.4 max for chamber, 0.55 max for parry. This will reduce the long lockouts against bigger weapons slightly.
  • Added 50ms chamber lockout offset, this will fix the problem of being unable to counter chamber certain chamber attacks.
  • Added 200ms attack queue to blocked/chambered state
  • Failed parry recovery no longer uncaps mouse
  • Kick windup speed up by 25ms, Kick stamina drain increased to 20
  • Strike chamber window reduced by 25ms (275ms -> 250ms)
  • Jump stamina cost increased to 13 (previously 7)
  • Feint queue window raised from 200ms to 300ms
  • Chamber feints now cost feint stamina
  • More aggressive 3p feints - adjusted feint lockout curve, slightly faster early feints^
  • Parry recovery window increased by 25ms
  • Parry angle changes - slightly harder to parry attacks from the sides, significantly harder to parry attacks above your head including jump stabs, much easier to parry feet hits now
  • Changes to parry detection, hand tracers are no longer used to determine parry view direction checks - this prevents being able to parry overheads while using spine bending to facehug into someone
  • Added back parry prevention, which also affects active parry
  • Sprint accelleration changes, fixed a problem where a player would lose a lot of sprint speed from changing direction slightly, removing the sluggish feel of sprinting and making target switches easier
  • Adjusted upper leg hitbox, now less likely to hit the leg when going for hip hits
  • Slight tweaks to active parry angles, making it more reliable against things in front of you
  • Adjusted shield block angles (Shields use the parry angles as base which means they are significantly easier to get around, especially above) - Kite shield slightly easier to go around the sides, Heater shield has the same values as kite apart from less leg protection, Targe shield has less leg and overhead protection compared to heater)
  • Knockback lateral friction reduced by 0.5 (slightly more knockback when parrying midair)

Weapon Balance

  • Increased zweihander damage (now 2HTK medium again with stabs/swings to chest)
  • Halberd increased damage slightly (now 2HTK medium again with stabs and strikes)
  • Halberd new experimental alt mode: Unbalanced grip - increases range to maximum, more turncap, more miss cost, more stamina drain, slower strike combos, more hit knockback, same damage on stab, strike has more headshot damage, halberd is flipped around (uses the spike side)
  • Increased longsword main mode damage slightly, can now 3htk plate with stab torso hits, strike raw damage increased slightly (same htk)
  • Increased bastard sword strike damage on both modes ( can now 4htk plate to torso)
  • Zweihander main mode stamina drain increased by 1
  • Halberd main mode stab stamina drain increased by 1
  • Eveningstar main mode strike stamina drain increased by 1, increased strike miss cost by 2
  • Poleaxe alt mode stab windup & combo windup increased by 25ms, Poleaxe alt mode strike damage against plate reduced slightly, now needs 1 headshot to two shot plate
  • Added messer alt mode - 1H Grip - Can be used with shield
  • Arming sword slowed down stab slightly, stab has more damage now (can 3 HTK plate with torso hits), Strike raw damage increased slightly
  • 1H Cleaver rework - swings are slightly slower, deal significantly more damage, faster combos, drain more stamina - stab is faster but weak damage
  • Mace increased stab combo windup by 25ms, reduced strike headshot damage slightly, now needs 1 headshot to two shot medium armor (same HTK otherwise)
  • Spear main mode stab slightly stricter turncap, Spear main mode stamina negation reduced by 1 (19 -> 18)
  • Spear alt mode stab damage increased slightly, Spear alt mode strike damage increased slightly
  • Spear alt mode stab combo windup reduced by 100ms (300ms -> 200ms) - Spear alt mode strike combo windup reduced by 50ms (200ms -> 150ms) - Spear alt mode strike release increased by 50ms - Spear alt mode stab release increased by 25ms
  • Increased shortsword stab damage against light armor & naked

Visuals & Misc

  • Added dynamic lower parry animations
  • Added dynamic lower shield block animations
  • Fixed hole in Grad boundaries
  • Fixed Motion Blur being forced on under certain conditions
  • Added Messer base set
  • Adjusted cosmetic procedural parry bounce values to new lockouts
  • Adjusted 1p animation of getting chambered
  • Increased sliding effect radius
  • Added 6 new heavy chest armors (Hussar, Italian, Maximilian, Fluted, Elizabethian, Padded)
  • Added 4 new pairs of boots (Rider, Traveler, Folded, Fur)
  • Hourglass gauntlets material remade to allow for optional leather color and brass
  • Hourglass gauntlets no longer use team color
  • Added a tightened version of the bishops mantle that works under some tighter helmets
  • Added Greathelm: Greathelm, Greathelm band, Greathelm Cover, Greathelm Paint, Greathelm band Paint, Greathelm Cover Paint
  • Added Hounskull helmet & variations
  • Improved flinch animations
  • More lax dismember on ragdolls (easier to chop them up now)
  • More dismemberment on alive characters (easier to get partial decaps/full decaps)
  • Lowered ShadowBias on all maps for more accurate self shadowing on characters and other movables
  • Set up spectator bounds on all maps
  • Lightmap tweaks on some meshes
  • Minor FX optimizations
  • Softened lighting on Grad
  • Main Menu moved character doll slightly to better center it
  • Fixed some light leakage on Contraband
  • Changing profile in customization now updates it if it's currently selected in-game (e.g. didn't update in skirmish)
  • Added new hit sound for strong pierce strikes (used on Halberd alt mode strikes)
  • Improved Mordhau hit sound

User Interface

  • New button click sounds
  • Added armor tier icons to wearables page
  • Added point & cost display
  • Updated home page text with new goals
  • Changed high ping indicator threshold to 100 (from 150)

Known Issues:

  • Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
  • Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
  • During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
  • Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
  • Bots are afraid of heights.
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  • 6 Dec '17
 crushed — Art

Temporary Halloween Build #10

Just some sp00ky changes, nothing else to see here.


Alpha Build #10



  • Fixed people being able to catapult off spinning characters
  • Kick feint cost increased to 15 (previously 10)
  • Removed kick ghost tracers (range is now accurate to the foot)
  • Increased kick turncap slightly
  • Kicks now flinch instead of stun. Removed the kick protection that prevented getting flinched by another kick as the flinch time is lower than stun time.
  • Increased Kick damage to 15 (from 10)
  • Increased Kick knockback
  • Decreased Kick miss cost to 20 (from 30)
  • Naked & light armor max. sprint acceleration lowered slightly - naked now (0.9 / 0.9 / 0.3) light armor (0.85 / 0.85 / 0.3)
  • Light armor movement speed slowdown increased (from 2% to 3%)
  • Increased parry recovery by 25ms - this will make double parries harder
  • Flinch headbob is now less disorienting
  • Fixed ping in scoreboard overflowing if above 255 and starting from 0 again
  • Increased parry knockback (from 600 to 800)
  • Increased world bounce knockback (from 600 to 700)
  • Parry in release is now possible after landing a succesfull hit (previously only in hit recovery)
  • Feint adjustments, mid feints are now more punishable
  • Nerfed Halberd raw damage for all attacks (HTK mostly the same, apart from HTK against medium armor)
  • Zweihander raw damage nerfed (HTK mostly the same apart from medium armor, halfswording swings now significantly worse compared to stabs)
  • Maximum stab release is now .425 (affected by this reduction are: halberd, zweihander, greatsword, bardiche, billhook, poleaxe, bastard sword, warhammer, messer) - this will nerf stab dragging
  • Removed confusing 0.6 miss recoveries, weapons now have either 0.4 recovery or 0.8 (0.6 recoveries have been increased to 0.8 for the most part, affected by this are following weapons: 1H Cleaver, 1H Axe, Bastard sword, Messer, Greatsword, Longsword)
  • Added m.AngleAttackAfterPress console command, only works for strikes - this will activate the other 240 system
  • Greatsword damage adjustments
  • Greatsword slowed down alt slashes by 25ms
  • Eveningstar nerfed headshot damage against medium armor slightly
  • Eveningstar increased stab combo windup by 50ms
  • Spear main mode stab damage reduced (cant two shot plate anymore with 2 headshots), main mode stab miss recovery increased to 0.8, main mode stab release decreased by .25, alt mode stab release increased by .25
  • Reduced 1H Mace stab damage slightly
  • Messer strike combo windup decreased by 25ms
  • Added full stamina system for all weapons that can be selected in loadouts (makeshift weapons are excluded at the moment) - stamina values change per weapon on parries, feints and misses. The system works with stamina damage and stamina damage negation, which means that some weapons drain more than others on regular parries, while other weapons lose more from misses and feints etc.
  • Lowered leg damage across the board
  • Increased bardiche & battle axe alt mode strike damage against plate by 1 so you can now two shot plate with 2 headshots
  • Parried and Chambered lockouts are now dynamic - this will reduce the attack spam after parrying someone. Lockouts are based on windups, which means that getting parried by a rapier will give you the current lockout, while getting parried by an eveningstar or slower weapons will lock you out more. System is setup so you can always chamber the riposte or the counter chamber. The lockouts range from (400ms-600ms for parry, 225ms-425ms for chamber) - Blocked animations will adjust accordingly to your lockout
  • Strafe walk modifier speed increased (0.975 -> 0.99)


  • Fixed sky UFO bug
  • Added new UI dropdowns for weapon & armor selection in the customization menu
  • Some UI style improvements
  • Removed hover sound from wearable entry buttons
  • Grad map update, map size increased and layout changes
  • Various Optimizations on camp and grad
  • Added spectator bounds to Camp and Pit
  • Poleaxe mesh adjustments for better visibility
  • Made 1p animations more responsive for running and walking
  • Parry & chamber bounce animations are now more different, which will make it easier to indicate if you got parried or chambered
  • Improved parry Bounce animations are now more responsive/snappy/powerful
  • Fixed broken late release 1p bounces

Known Issues:

  • Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
  • Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
  • During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
  • Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
  • Bots are afraid of heights.
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  • 31 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

@Bang said:
You should be able to confidently fhf an alt grip poleaxe, battleaxe or eveningstar with say a longsword, assuming you just jousted at each other with stabs.

You can FHF slower windups reliably. Windups are not in "similar range" at all. What you want is animation windup fixes where they blend in much quicker. Currently the windup animations hide part of the windups, making everything seem faster and more deceptive than it is, making these timing punishes much harder than they should be. This kind of improvement is part of what I'm working on currently, and will be part of a bigger windup animation update, soon.

I have watched the example video you have given, and the problem you have with the lockout, of not being able to disengage after you parry someone, happens also in the video. Someone trying to target switch by turning around from the enemy he is fighting, only to then get hit in the back multiple times, unable to disengage. In Chivalry you had to time your target switches properly so this doesn't happen, as well as be aware of the matchup (much harder to disengage from a vanguard with a zweihander than a knight with a onehander). This is very similar in Mordhau.

Chasing someone who just target switched was a bit more risky due to reverses, since that person could always just fake it and do an instant hit if you chased blindly. There is currently no chase mechanic in Mordhau, there probably will be a chase mechanic in the future, although I can not give any details if it will also be used for this kind of target switch or just regular chasing.

There is currently a problem with movement which affects this, where you lose a lot of speed on even slight turns from max sprint or diagonal running. This will be fixed in the next build.

Why don't you increase parry lockout by a flat 100/200ms, disallowing some of the "op" weapons such as heavy and vanguard the ability to chamber chambers/ripostes?

There have been some recent lockout changes. Next patch the max. parry lockout will be 550ms, and chamber 400ms. It will also have the input queuing and counter chamber problems fixed. This means that in an average teamfight where two handers are dominant, parry lockout will be increased by around 100-150ms. While this does not sound much, its a significant change in pacing slowing the game down and making it less "spammy" overall, while retaining fast pace and game feel that isn't clunky.

It also means that chambering constantly in a team fight means that you cannot disengage/targetswitch as easily, so you want to use parry as well, giving you the choice between the two.

Restricting chambers in more states outside of flinch would feel terrible and mess with the flow of the game too much, as well as remove options from players and dumb the game down.

Regarding the other problems such as face hugging, extreme drags such as feet dragging etc. are known and will see improvements/fixes.

Please stop using other comp players as reasoning, as there are still plenty of clans and non comp players who enjoy the game or see it's potential. Leaving without providing any feedback that I've seen doesn't help the game at all, so them leaving the alpha doesn't really matter. So please stop jerking off to what other players did and focus on the points at hand. And if you speak for them, sorry, but you're not doing that great a job.

It is interesting because I have heard the complete opposite to what Bang is saying about this from the vast majority of comp players I know. Even if it was true, quite frankly, it doesn't matter very much. The Chiv competitive scene is a tiny, handful of people and a lot of outsiders see it as a joke, it is not exactly a good example. Feedback from everyone is still considered and appreciated ofcourse, but I have been myself part of it since the very beginning, I've seen many competitive minded players and teams leave and never come back. IMO a big factor in this is some of the core gameplay, heavy emphasis on extreme dragging and so on. I believe that the vast majority of players, competitive or new, prefer a fluid chamber style gameplay to extreme drag heavy gameplay, both in looks and fun/gameplay.

Mordhau is a new game and a fresh start, if people want to play it competitively, then a new scene will form, regardless of the past competitive scene.

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  • 31 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

@Bang said:
The game at its core should be timing, movement and hitbox porn. And the former two are neutered due to the incessant need to chamber everything with everything during everything.

You still haven't given any actual reasons why the former two are "neutered" without chambers, or why the game plays "janky" without chambers. Most of your feedback seems very confused/contradictory or straight up wrong (mechanics being balanced around chambers etc.) - give some details and suggestions how you would improve footwork/timing so I can see what your problem is in this regard.

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  • 27 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

@Hadeus said:

  • Will knock a player back (as it does now)

  • Create a short window where you cannot attack, but you can still parry (maybe chamber?)

  • Drain victim of stamina, (10-20?)

All of these are already the case right now, kick flinches which means it puts the enemy on the defensive where he cant attack for a short window

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  • 25 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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  • 25 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

Alpha Build #9



  • 240 attack input changes, now using old method of angling before button press but with improved detection. Angling after press method failed on things like scrollwheel and had too much input delay in some cases
  • Increased walk -> partialsprint accelleration
  • Partialsprint is now 10% faster than before
  • Movement strafe modifier increased speed from 0.95 to 0.975 (faster)
  • Removed partialsprint restriction in attack release, remains enabled in attack recovery
  • Parry recovery (both successful and unsuccessful, will skip if riposting) will now limit to partialsprint
  • PartialSprint limits added to: blocked (chambered, parried, worldcollision, clashed), flinch, and feint recovery
  • Character hitboxes revamped: this will make the hit detection more consistent, as well as headshots etc. Cutting off limbs is also easier/more accurate as result
  • Attack lunge reduced overall and duration is now weapon and mode-specific: Halberd, Spear and Zweihander have a lunge duration of 0.3, rest have 0.35 (0.4 previously)
  • Spear stab windup on main mode increased by 25ms (from 0.625 to 0.65)
  • Increased parry window by 25ms (from .425 to .450)
  • Reduced parry recovery time by 50ms (total parry time is now 900ms)
  • Increased all weapon releases by 25ms
  • Dynamic feint lockout adjustments: the lockout ramps up faster, which means you can now punish mid windup feints easier. Maximum feint lockout reduced from 450ms to 425ms due to parry changes
  • Chamber attack 240 angle tolerance increased from 0.5 to 0.75, so it is less picky in terms of getting the exact right angle
  • Made successful parries have a more lax view direction check making them easier to parry another attack
  • Made chambering have a more lax view angle direction check, making it easier to aim them
  • Increased strike chamber window by 25ms (0.25 -> 0.275)
  • Riposte queue window is now entirety of parry (for held blocks its same as parry duration though so it isn't infinite)
  • Feint queue now works based on endtime instead of starttime but remains 200ms


  • Adjusted animation of feints in 1P for better feel
  • Adjusted projectile sticky to new hitboxes & reduced floating
  • Made 3P feints a little more readable by adjusting the animation
  • 1P movement anims now scale with character speed modifiers which should improve the feeling of faster loadouts feeling faster
  • 1P anim movement velocity is now directly sampled from input, instead of actual movement speed, making it much more responsive
  • Head look-at fixes to prevent neck breaking
  • Fixed bug with movement anims sometimes not playing after spawning in air
  • Fixed some issues with crashing on death in 1P for certain loadouts/settings

Known Issues:

  • Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
  • Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
  • During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
  • Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
  • Bots are afraid of heights.
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  • 24 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

The next patch will include a kick rework.

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  • 14 Oct '17
 crushed — Art

Parry buff only applies to a parry thats still active after you parried someone. So when you parry someone, and don't do anything, that remaining parry window has a bigger parry angle (roughly double) of a regular parry. It only affects 1vX/teamfights and is not related to parry into parry.

Chamber/parry windows got increased because release time was increased globally, so its the same, just a little bit slower.

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  • 10 Oct '17
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@Bang said:
If you cleverly mix in micro feint kicks some of the shit you can do is pure aids. And when I say feint, I mean the smallest feint possible, not even visible. Kicks after feints are the same speed as kicks in neutral. Chamber morph feint kick is faster than riposte kick if you're fast. I could hit you with the very end of a release with a slow weapon and you'll be flinched long enough for a free combo feint kick. There's an endless amount of ways you could weave in microfeint kicks which surprisingly "gasp" isn't very legible/predictable. Not even mentioning how gambling kicks is better than just gambling nowadays (because speed).

All of the situations you are describing have been significantly slowed down in Build 7. A feint to kick is never as fast as a kick from neutral. Kicks still need some range fixes, however.

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  • 9 Oct '17
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We're aware of this, emote menu will change in the future