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Can't block accel ripostes on 20 ping. Can't block some combo's (mace stabs for example) or punish misses because recovery is too long/attack too fast. I don't know about technical stuff, but could it be lag compensations that's screwing me here?

Mercenary 1263 2303
  • 21 Oct '17

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Mercenary 1263 2303

I've noticed some of the hitboxes are messed up, idk enough about game development to tell you what exactly is wrong, but since the last patch I get hit a lot AFTER ducking a strike, or kicked when the person kicking isnt even aiming at me. Before this patch those things never happened to me.

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I really cannot get into new builds when players just turn up and accelerate at your feet the whole fight and it's a gamble whether you can parry anything because you're trying to chamber attacks that can't be and in general trying to play normal while they spaz out and try and break the tracers. Delay dragging is fine but jesus the speeds on weapons vary so wildly it's impossible to tell at a glance whether something can interrupt your current action. Like starting a kick and then they have time to start an lmb and drag it into you before your kick lands, what's the god damn point of counter kicking if a fricking eveningstar can just beat it anyway.

Yeah this is something that isn't discussed very much on the forums but I completely agree. Accelerations are way too fast, that it becomes practically impossible to "react" to them, so I have to try and predict with a parry gamble. If they decide to not accelerate the strike I'm fucked.

Also some of the heavy weapons have accels that rival the dagger.