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  • 7 Jun '19

Hello, here are my keybinds for my controller.

I' m using a xbox one controller so it may be different for you:

RT= slashes
RB= overheads (Upper strikes)
LB= Stabs
Y= Open voice menu
X= crouch
B= Kick
A= Jump
Right Stick= aiming Up/Down and Right/Left
Clicking on the right stick= Undercuts (lower strikes)
Left Stick= Moving foward/Backward and right/left
Clicking on the left stick= toggle running and it is also my "use" button
D-Pad up= weapon 1
D-Pad right= weapon 2
D-Pad left= weapon 3
D-Pad down= weapon mod
Special button (or back)= Open Emots menu

Be sure to check Mouse X axe flip attack side in the control menu so you only have to use one button for both sides of an attack. Activating this will allow you to do a right strike if you are looking at the right side of your opponent and left strike if you are looking left for instance.

Also check toggle sprint in the controle menu so you don't have to hold the left stick to run.

Knight 11 51
  • 11 May '19

I have exactly the same issue. Also everything after level 30 is still locked despite the fact that i'm level 45.

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  • 16 Feb '18

I'm only using a controller in Mordhau too, and i'm doing fairly good against keyboard users, so it's possible.

For sensibility i'm using a software called Xpadder which is a emulator for keyboard( and mouse)/controller.
So when i move the right stick it's like i'm moving the mouse. I also set the max sensibility for the X and Y axis in this software so that i can turn as fast as any keyboard user.

However i tried recently without Xpadder to see how it goes, and when i put the max sensibilty (which is 5 for mordhau) for the right stick and for both axis, i can turn really quick too. So i'm not sure what you did wrong.

Knight 11 51
  • 13 Sep '17

I would also be interested to know a fix because i'm having the same issue.