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I tried to download several programs such as Xpadder and key2joy but they all required me to buy them and the free versions don't work on my windows version etc and I'm pretty sure I simply downloaded a bunch of viruses. Did you pay for yours and if not where did you download it?

Another player showed me how he has just fine controller sensitivity and that it's just my setup that's so slow despite having maxed sensitivity in the settings... What could be holding back my controller sensitivity? I simply use an xbox360 controller.

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@a_squire said:

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I'm someone totally against the spinning guessing game

aah, so you werent any good then? cause im telling you my rainbows werent random. and neither were my opponents who also put a thousand plus hours into chivalry.

once the mechanics become second nature for both parties in a chiv duel... the duel could last forever if someone didnt get shifty with some spins like a jedi or cireo farrel.

again: yall kids just wanna role play as a knight, you dont even see the games competative potential.

go play skyrim or that new one: deliverence

edit: once the mechanics become second nature for both parties in a chiv duel... the duel could last forever if someone didnt get shifty with some spins like a jedi or cireo farrel. and the duels could still last forever at the pro level with waterfalls if the two players gamesplay styles were similar at all!! not random. you just never put in the time to learn to read them

Why are you calling me out? What do you bring to the table by telling me to play Skyrim or wtf. Did you even read my whole post? Did you even comprehend it? Why do you even post on these forums, you seem to flip flop on every topic. I'll humor you with a reply I guess:

My duels DO go on forever... because I can read most spin drags and other exorcist shit while I use none... and when someone's particular moves become harder to read I just use a shield and the duel keeps going. That's a problem with Chivalry's mechanics more than anything else...

DON'T call me out until you've dueled me in Chivalry where controller sensitivity isn't gimped, parry wasn't a magical forcefield (my playstyle was at least viable in Chivalry) and 100 ping was fine. Spin all you like, it's gay af but it's just a rehearsed move, nothing to brag about and you can rehearse the same moves in Mordhau that are harder to read and don't even require you to expose your backside.

Redo your last comment. Do so in a manner that intelligently makes whatever point you sloppily tried to make regarding balance/mechanics.

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I'm someone totally against the spinning guessing game Chivalry gave you and that's why I hate the current accel/decel meta... That being said the move above is not cancer and I'm amazed a player like you didn't punish it. There are no reverses so thus spin drags aren't even a major threat since it can only ever be a drag that is easily footworked/blocked/chambered. I'm a bad player and this would not have even touched me, I promise you. Doesn't even look that ugly and I doubt it's gonna scare away anyone who didn't already take issue with delay drags. Actually I'm someone who despises delay drags and I find nothing broken in the gif.

My opinions aside, how would you even "fix" this? Increase glancing hit? Increase turn cap? Convince us.

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Stab drag nerf was a shield buff plus patch 15 shield angles were made slightly less strict. As a guy who uses shield often, I definitely think shield angle/strictness should be brought back to patch 14. Otherwise shields are perfect.

Everyone saying patch 15 shields are still useless simply don't know how to use them... and this is coming from a guy who plays with gimped controller sensitivity and high ping 90% of the time.

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italicised textI don't want people to pivot their whole body to block head on attacks (though some side/hook attacks would naturally require it), I've posted before there should be parry animations for different angles that also show where an opponent is open. Drags should be about where as opposed to when. Yeah infinite parries are abit much to ask for from people who put thousands of hours into chiv but we can all agree that there has to be more than acceling/dragging to this game.. otherwise that's all a morph or feint is and 240 is literally not even worth the trouble of making the animations for... In chiv I used zwei feints from a distance to provoke players who meant to trade hit into spamming and then hit them from out of reach. Here a full feint is just about punishing parries and a micro feint just punishes chambers attempts before they can parry. Literally 100% timing and ping. Morphs are just for punishing chamber attempts before someone can input their ftp in time. Dragged morphs are just steroidal drags meant to punish parries players who parried. Morph feint just punishes morphed chamber feints to parry. Feels like glorified rock paper scissors sometimes, especially at high ping. Accels just punish whoever tries to read something an serve only to make sure people feel the need to input quickly and not read. Fighting a shield is when morphs/feints/accels feel the most natural and fair to me tbh.

I wholeheartedly agree that it should be more like swinging than just sitting there and waiting for the attack.

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I spent a long time writing an essay about how lame defense is... can we like talk about that

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Got something constructive to say? Do you think blocking is set up perfectly? Do you agree the way defense's set up is corny and lame? Oh you don't have the game so may as well comment for the sake of commenting, right?

Duel me in Chivalry sometime and I'll show I can read most drags/feints if they're not disguised as a reverse and I'll show you how to break a guard without resorting to timing deceptions.

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What does controller have to do with literally anything? I did switch to M + K and hated it but it had no effects on actual gameplay but for sensitivity and it wasn't worth the "upgrade"... Infact but for sensitivity nerf I would think controller is 100% superior.

I understand the attack isn't technically slowed down but it IS slowed down in the sense that it delays when it hits and I can't be the only person who sees things in a matrix as you wait for it to finally hit after it's been delayed...

I want people to counter my statements with why parry as it is is so great and explain why it isn't corny af. Not nitpick technicalities. Chamber strictness makes sense considering you're deflecting an opponents attack with your windup but why does it make sense for your block to end just because your opponent slowed down his weapon? (I'm sorry delayed* his weapon)

We can do wayyyy better when it comes to nerfing defense/buffing offense so it feels like an actual fight.

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Shoulda let this thread die, now I have to rant again. Hope people actually read the whole thing considering I spent over and hour on this:

Nothing wrong with being able to slowdown your weapon... I'm all for swing manipulation... but why in God's name is slowing down an attack rewarded? It's unintuitive and makes no sense... feels cheesy.. maybe everyone is just so used to it in Chivalry but I never resorted to such and I don't see why it should remain the meta here. It's so frustrating when someone last second drags and worse yet when you try to wait to read a drag and eat an accel. Too much pressing a button and hoping it gets to the server in time or wishing you had waited a half of a half of a half of a second longer to press it. I honestly don't see the point in timed parries where delaying/acceling is ezpz and such moves become muscle memory quickly... but reading them is not ezpz and depends alot on ping/hours. It's just not intuitive and literally the same shit people complained about in Chiv.

We all see the attack windup, we see it go back slightly like a drag if the guy uses 240, we hold off our parry, we see it coming down, we parry, the parry animation plays, you get hit anyways due to latency, the guy's followup is prolly an accel again since he doesn't want to risk you chambering when you get out flinch, you wait a heartbeat after his windup just incase it's a drag/feint and then you parry up since it's an over head, suddenly his attack slows down... your parry animation falls out of the way as the greatsword smacks you... WHY WOULD MY PARRY COME DOWN WHEN A SWORD IS ABOUT TO HIT ME. Feels clunky, cheesy and corny. We can honestly do so much better when it comes to making defense harder and offense easier. Defense is hard for all the wrong reasons... this patch got easier but offense needs to be buffed... and not by making parry/chamber windows shorter...

Another thing why do we have 240? It is almost useless considering attack angle means little compared to how you drag/accel attacks. That being said which is the best attack for dragging/acceling? Overheads and stabs and if you watch try-hard videos that's mostly what is used while everything else is just filler to avoid predictability.

Let's make things less about when you press a button and more about how and you'll see alot of positive changes to combat. Make parry longer/infinite (prolly too much to ask for) and make parry angles much much tighter/smaller and you'll still have a stronger offense than defense, accels/drags that aren't broken, more intuitive forms of "dragging," feints/morphs that require IQ to use/read all while increasing the usefulness of the 240 system this game is based off of. The reach,speed and style of your weapon will also be given greater importance. More varied playstyles will develop. Parries should also have animations that represent where the block will be and where the player's body is open to attack, just like a shield. Defense would then be very hard, but for less corny reasons. You'll feel like you're actually defending from an opponents offense and his arsenal is limited mostly by his own creativity/IQ. I want parries harder than shield or at least on targe level... Shields would slightly easier and more forgiving but have all the same benefits/disadvantages inherent to a shield ... They'd be the training wheels before you step up to the big swords or an expected defensive boost for 1h weapons. Parries/blocking don't get RF/morphs but would have no timing issues and be unflinchable... while chambers still rely heavily on timing to give you the chance to morph/feint/ or give a surprise accelerated attack and conserve stamina. I wanted RF for riposte but as stated in another thread it's better that risky, highskill chambers are more rewarded compared to forgiving (but still difficult) parries and I now agree that Riposte Feint is better off removed especially if the changes above are implemented.

That last paragraph is what I expected Mordhau to be more or less but instead I am basically playing Chivalry with weapons that are somehow draggier yet faster with a parry bubble that makes Chivalry's gay looking-up-to-block look good. Noobs will eat this shit up if the changes above are made and you won't hear any more of the complaints Chiv got. This would be Battlefield while chivalry was CoD, people will beg you to get this to console and this will be skill based masterpiece hundreds of times more thrilling than Chiv. Ten years from now people will still be playing it while Mordhau 2 with better graphics and 120 player servers is in the works. If the current meta remains and the changes above are not made however, a different title will come out and Mordhau will be the CoD to their Battlefield. Slasher games are becoming more popular and Mordhau should be at the lead and learning from Chivalry... instead of updating Chivalry.

I'll prolly make this essay it's own thread later.

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Totally agree

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Maul mildly annoys me in terms of realsm but it's not like crazy far out there. In terms of balance though I hate it's stab... does so much damage with so much speed and it's lethal in it's own right but it also makes Maul morphs very dangerous and feels somewhat cheesy.

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Lmao love the start to your video but no mine isn't devious enough to be a Frise drag... mine is more like it's lame virgin cousin

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Naleus' waterfalls are fairly predictable. Of all the great players I fight he's the one I stand up against the longest... He'll eat a microdrag or two when I stoop so low and have conditioned him with accels and if he starts an overhead from the flank it's almost always a waterfall... and I do these all the time but with underhands that hit the backside.

These are the "drags" we should be seeing though, not the slowmotion is it gonna hit me, is it actually a blitz attack. You could mitigate reverses/drags in Chivalry by keeping close enough to bait reverses while far enough to dodge them and/or read drags/feints. Here it's already hit you as you debate range, reach, speed, body orientation and playstyle. I am literally playing Chivalry except now there is no immediate footwork solution to anything that isn't super telegraphed, my side stabbing/overheading/mindgames have been deleted, you have less time to determine accel vs decel and less accel/decel telegraphing in general, ping plays a much greater factor and graphics/customization have been vastly improved.

I don't even really have a style that is my own when I play this game, I just regurgitate tons of accels with token drags like everyone else until I find a good setup for a feint/morph. My waterfall underhands (water ups?) and feint set ups are about the only things unique to me and they're predictable if you duel me enough. I suppose there is no point ranting any more though, everyone loved spinning/dragging in Chiv and the game was a success even if it had a large turnover of new players. I always look for playstyles like mine when watching comp Chiv videos and I'm always disapointed when its sow/messer spam fests. I always thought I was playing Chiv the right way without using timing deceptions and now I realize it was the whole point of the game and apparently what people want this one to be about too :(

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Drags only counter chambers because they are often times a last split-second drag which many consider unreadable in an online game with latency. Otherwise you could chamber literally anything anyways. This game IS about reaction times and ping.

Everything is super fast and you have a half of a half of a half of a second to decide which button to press while an attacker can change his mind about when he hits at any instant. Everything should be readable and a fight between equally matched players should theoretically be a stamina war. Dragging/feinting/morphing should be about deceiving where a hit lands as opposed to performing a rehearsed move and the defender has to press/delay pressing whichever button and hope it gets to the server in time when he does press a button. Then it will be more intuitive and we'll see alot less of these gay drags that hover just beyond your parry/chamber and hit you after.

In the video we see the defender go to chamber a dead-on stab, then go to parry the morph but the slash was dragged out into the crab walk thing. If a bot did that the player would have chambered later and parried later and then hit the attacker's exposed flank. There is latency as with any online game however and accelerated hits would have hit him if he waited them out. The attacker didn't have to commit to anything. The drag was telegraphed in that the attacker was looking away at the slash part but how long did the defender actually have to read that if it turned out to be an accel? Ping and reaction times and it's the same as Chiv's meta... just no back tracers and a really small parry/chamber window to compensate for this.

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Slowing down your weapon is the most unintuitive thing ever. Why do delay drags exist in a skill based game about sword fighting? WHO CAME UP WITH THIS WHY DOES IT EXIST HOW IS THIS SKILL WHY IS IT REWARDED

Why do we have timed defense? Why aren't parries location based? Why don't drags do less damage with the more you look away from the attack during the swing?

Acceling makes perfect sense... in fact it's what you should be doing with most swings. Dragging only makes sense when you're going for reach or fighting multiple opponents over a wide area and those kind of drags are usually accelerated ironically and rely on footwork rather than last split-second body orientation. Delay drags will always look bad, unintuitive and drive away the noobs like it did in Chivalry.

In fact, just like this game is based off fixing Chivalry's issues I bet someone is gonna make a new first person slasher based around fixing Mordhau's issues and they will likely make parry infinite or make slow sword drags do less damage based off physics.

I risked $250 on some guy that coulda been scamming me for an alpha key and expected the way I fought in Chivalry (the right way, no cheese) to be the new meta but instead Chivalry's drag-accel-feint meta is still the meta and my Chiv play style was totally deleted. At least they got rid of the blatant messer/sow mid-combo trades :/

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They usually come as accelerated over heads, then turn to your flank but come back to you at the end of the swing... usually hitting your foot just when your parry ended...and so they're called foot drags.

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@Marox I used to use feint and parry on the same button but I've noticed there was a huge delay between the feint and the parry animation and so I now use the auto-ftp button. Pressing two buttons will always be slower than pressing one but this delay was much greater than simply the difference of pressing two buttons and it was very noticeable.

Will this delay be removed?

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Shields are in the greatest spot they've ever been in. Before I was trading high ping misparries for cluncky shield mechanics but now shields feel responsive and can stand their own while still requiring talent on the defender's end. Dev's did shields perfectly this patch.

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Let's be honest... not attacking 240 because I use it... but what is the point in using 240 slashes when binds do everything faster and more reliably? What good are having 240 attack angles when 6 binds and one center-chest parry will block all of them? For the one in a hundred swings that, if inputed right, will come over/under an obstacle/teammate and land where you want?

I started with 240, then went to 240 but binded overheads, then went completely to binds and now I am back 100% on 240. Im only using 240 now because it's easier to just use one button for slashes and one for stabs but 240 is only ever beneficial when fighting and tricking shields at least in my experience. Theoretically... If I use an angle that is between both overhead and horizontal slash, can't both binds chamber it? So then it's not even good for confusing chambers. This is the part where I say parry size should be smaller/stricter like shields so our 240 slashes have more overall relevance.

I agree the 240 toggle-able crosshair indicator is a must.

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I figured they would've picked AnalGrinder instead tbh