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@Roag said:
Try setting the customisation .ini to read only here
I also have this problem of steam games 'uninstalling' - doesn't happen often, only if my PC doesn't shut down properly.

Ill try this :)

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Yes, tons! Do you have any potions for that?

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Every time my computer has shut down since one of the recent patches, Mordhau will sort of uninstall. I say "sort of" because all the files are still there and so is the icon, but when I click on the desk top short cut, it starts going through the process of redownloading Mordhau as if I didn't own it.

I go directly to my steam library and it will offer to download the game, instead of just playing it. Then it spends about 25 minutes downloading, discovering "existing files" and having me agree to terms/conditions etc. Once downloaded it plays fine and so long as the computer doesn't shut off, it won't ask me to reinstall the next time I play.

But when it is installed my classes may or may not be there. My levels/gold are saved etc but my characters are all gone and this, today. will be the 4th time I make another set of characters since release.

This never happened during alpha or early release, I know it has to do with one of the recent patches.

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Update: I recieved my compensation.

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Also: I'm not a fan of the new default class changes. I liked it better when the baxe boys had flesh wound and a secondary weapon, instead of an unGodly amount of throwing axes. Also Raider class should've stayed T2 torso.

Knights with bandages played out better than Knights with flesh wound. Also the bandage encouraged them to play smarter and understand the ebb and flow of team combat and to heal... pretty sure having flesh wound just encourages them to go berzerk caveman like the Raider class was built for.

Also why is cleaver in the game? It hacks apart armor like it were a 3 pt weapon and should definately be more htk against T3. Anyways, archer class should not have cleaver, it lets them spam apart wounded melee players and win with spamming rmb alone. Yeah dagger like previously may have been too weak for them but there is a short sword and I think that would be best for the class.

Did we really need to give Estar on a beginner class? I feels like Estar has been nerfed in release which is good but its still a really powerful build to give ti newbies, especially with T3 torso. Alot of the medium looking beginner classes take alot of hits and play like Knight load outs... but is there even a real medium load out anymore?

The rapier class is prolly the coolest but is obviously very weak... Not sure if it needs a buff or not but just pointing out that it's almost useless lol

Everyone keeps buying Targe and getting surprised it doesn't have held block (LOL.) There really should be a 1/2/2 class with AS and Targe so it plays like the rat class and raider class combined... but with blood lust perk or dodge/second wind. So it plays both stamina warfare/kiting like Chiv MAA in duels and maybe gets full health when finishing people off in the melee chaos.

Just my feedback on the default classes.

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Ok but can we talk about how powerful throwing axes are?

I don't really have a problem with archers, they're very weak imo... but 50 axe boys throwing their axes at me isn't so bad but it only takes 1 or 2 to leave me at 1htk despite full T3. Throwing axes are just too powerful against armor that should be relatively immune to those tiny axes.

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It doesn't look bad this time but I would have to see from your enemies perspectives to really decide. Then again I played a few hours yesterday and didn't notice at all so meh maybe this time it was done right.

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I feel like all BS and below underhands simply teleport into me with no animation. I play at 90-120 ping so yeah I can't expect everything to be totally readable but underhands are dramatically more unreadable than everything else.

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I was hoping for another shield balance thread but instead this was about kicking with unarmed shield, bows, firepots and all the other memes.

If it wasn't so late I would write an actual shield post here.

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Am I the only one that can see them?

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I'm very happy with the state of lunge and weapon reach. The problem isn't abuse of range but abuse of running away, though I'm not sure what can be done about running away.

Previously, every weapons range was ambiguous but with lunge nerfs, a long weapon feels like a long weapon and a short weapon plays like a short weapon and now we get reasonably consistent range gauging. Using the full reach of your weapon is not "abuse" but an encouraged and healthy part of the skill ceiling.

Also, Estoc is definitely priced right point wise. It's reach and invisible blade makes it brutal in team play. No, it's main mode may not hold it's own in a duel against GS but it's Mordhau grip will decimate a GS knight and Estoc is certainly as effective as GS's in team play. Estoc > Longsword due to reach, speed and invisible stabs alone.

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Make chambering harder or make parry lockout longer? Is there a middle of the road, best of both worlds approach because neither will feel too great.

A much longer parry lockout WILL feel bad. If it stops you inputting chambers then it's too long which is ironically how it's been proposed 1vX gets improved. A slightly longer parry lockout might be nice for nerfing outright gambles but it shouldn't inhibit the X from reading attacks and inputting chambers or going for long weapon stabs from range or back stabs/flanks.

As much as I love the current ease of chambering they should definitely get a bit harder as it's the best way to address chamber spamming by the X without things getting clunky. However, I don't think anything too drastic or zealous is necessary. Chambering should be a challenge for the X because attacks might target switch or drag into them or away from them but micro dragging is not something I want to see in duels.

Also, wouldn't it be nice of chambering got something of a reward in 1vX? AP would look all wrong but Chamber into chamber would be very nice. Chamber a slash and your morph from chamber then chambers another persons stab. Basically morph matching but because chambering is harder it's not as brainless as prevoius patches AND it still costs stamina. I honestly thought morph matching was the coolest thing in the game, especially in 1vX. Successful chamber into parry costing no stamina (in essence a double parry.) Going the caveman route with unflinchable chambers is an option though not necessarily one I want.

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^ By far the most frustrating scenario when dealing with 1vX is when your parry/block is flinched.

Glad to hear something will be done about it, just hope the minor AP boost comes out just right.

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@Jax said:
Additional shield changes coming next build.

Can you go into specifics please lol so I can argue for or against them in advance?

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I don't like that we get scraps of what may or may not be coming from people who might be on the dev's inner circle. More specifically to deflect or play down combat complaints that have been made since day 1 of Alpha and will likely continue post-release.

Where is Jax?

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So can we get midgit models alongside the incoming female models?

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What the fuck

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Played 3 full matches, I like the new additions to FL. Building stuff is pretty cool and so are the new mini objectives. More will always be better, would love to see building siege stuff to assault castles with down the road.

Not as laggy as before but I still get alot of ghost swings. 1vX feels much harder than it should and again I have to point the finger at flinched parry and parry turncap. Love all the new armors, especially the campaigners torso. I'll try out the new war axe when I can.