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@Mr.Coffεн said:
Another issue is the joy sticks do not move the cursor anymore on the main menu or when looking for a game but in game the Joy sticks work fine.

I went into the settings, I bound an attack to the upper left bumper and when pressed the Upper Left Bumper I noticed my Stamina does go down yet no attack is fired which is very strange.

I don't think my joysticks have ever worked in the main menu... as for the stamina going down when no attack happens, this is the result of having feint bound to the same key as your attack. In my experience this was the reason my stamina would go down but my slash would never happen and I had to change the binds to correct this.

I use an xbox gamepad which requires no programming but could your gamepad require reprogramming of certain extra buttons? It may be that the update reset binds/programming.

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HA I'll show you such low level-high ping footage you'll physically get angry watching it.

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I really tried to learn mouse and keyboard when my gamepad broke even going so far as to buy a gaming mouse. But it simply isn't working out and I'm back on a gamepad. I noticed with mouse you can set the sensitivity really high and often times you can see other players doing fast 360 spinning when fooling around. But with gamepad the max sensitivity doesn't even let you do a full 360 spin in the air if you jump by the time it lands. Infact, I think it takes almost two seconds to 360 spin using gamepad.

Its a struggle just to keep certain players in the screen let alone their weapons.

I would love it if devs greatly increased sensitivity available for gamepad in the next patch or so and if one left a comment assuring me that my post was read and noted. Mouse and Keyboard will always be superior, but gamepad shouldn't be so far behind.

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@AntoniusvanDyk said:
Well done and thank you.

One thing I saw on first glance is greatsword alt grip stab damage being higher than regular grip. Alt grip has lower reach okay, but it is super fast and has less miss cost etc.

You get far more thrust power and speed with alt grip (called halfswording.) It makes sense it would cost less miss stamina than swinging the full weight of the sword around from the bottom. My dad was watching something while I walked by talking about how greatswords were often blunted except for the tip and were used more like spears. This is especcially true for the Zwei, which is why it has a second grip above the first.

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I agree with your post and sympathize alot with lash, lunge drives me crazy and it never seems to be predictable. It should definitely be toned down and tbh, I don't really see the point in it. Shouldn't movement speed be all the lunge you need?

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ALSO: Gamepad Feedback.

I use gamepad because I am a noob and I find the sensitivity too low to use effectively, especially against facehuggers that try to get around me. Jacked up all the way and sometimes the large size of the parry box is all that saves me from a hit. Yet I see other players spinning faster than I ever could when fooling around before a duel.

I also can't tell when someone has chambered/parried my hit very well. Like When parried/chambered there needs to be a distinct controller vibration for each. Like someone will chamber my slash but I'll think I landed a hit and start a new hit, meaning to combo but instead I get hit. Same for clashes.

I think a parried attack should have a short, medium-intensity vibration. A chamber should have a low intensity but longer burst of vibration. And a clash should have a very hard distinct vibration similar to a parried attack but more violent.

This is important because using sight and sound alone I will have no idea what happened or how to react.

I forgot to mention that because I am using the game pad I do not have so many keys available to me for keybinds. So I must use the 240 system(I have a lot of trouble landing the attack I want) or bind certain attacks to rather un-intuitive buttons. What I propose to address this specific issue for gamepad users is the ability to bind actions to multiple buttons. For example I can use A+X at the same time for a certain action or say LB + RB simultaneiously to perform kick or switch weapons, etc etc. This will open the door for more buttons/binds available for game pad users.

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A little about me so you can see where I'm coming from:
I started playing chivalry a year ago on ps4, got addicted and played in competitive clan battles there. That being said, playing competitive chiv on ps4 means I'm actually shit compared to competitive pc players. This also means I play on pc using a gamepad(I'll complain about gamepad issues later). I joined pc chivalry since ps4 chiv is pretty much dying and this is where I learned about Mordhau (and also where I learned being top 10 on ps4 means I'm shit compared to pc master race players). I recently got an alpha key and I play 20-30 minutes a night if I have the time after work. I would describe myself as a casual player interested in melee gameplay. Sorry if this whole post is too wordy and I have too many run on sentences.

On combat: Fighting bots on 0 ping I can time my blocks perfectly and I can chamber any stab thrown at me and I'll at least attempt to chamber swings. The bots, however, have no footwork skills at all and prepared me little for fighting the players on 100 ping on Corpsehammer's server. I find the game barely playable at 100 ping, every twitch looks like an attack and I have to block early at the first sign of an attack. This means I'm easily punished by body feints and body movement+real feint. No issues with the riposte feints people keep complaining about, too small to make even me block early if they're not supported by facehugging/body feints or done with a fast weapon. At 100 ping, a chamber is almost always a gamble and rarely pays off. Fighting skilled players I'm often forced to drag and feint, things I rarely did on Chivalry, this isn't necessarily a bad thing since I don't feel like a douchebag using these tactics here as I would've on chivalry but often its the only way to land a hit because....

In my opinion, the parry box is too forgiving. Even with Chivalry's forgiving parry, I could use side stabs/overheads with ease to put down a player and never resort to delayed attacks or feints. Yet, because footwork is so wonky and the parry box so large, it hardly matters how I move or where I attack. I am forced to use feints, riposte feints and drags to overcome what few opponents I can. I am of the opinion that where I attack should matter more than the timing of my attack. A morph should be more than just a fancy drag, or into baiting a chamber attempt, it should be more about tricking my opponent into blocking the wrong way. In fact, I shouldn't even have to circle or sidestep to land hits around a parry. In my vision of a perfect game, my opponent and I should be able to get around each other's parries without timing delays even if we were stuck in cement facing each other.

Also, Foot work and range are very difficult to use against an opponent, a knight with a battleaxe/longsword etc can lunge at my unarmored zwei wielder and negate all range/speed advantage with ease. Spear is the only weapon I have trouble fighting against with regards to range, these guys prick me to death from a safe distance no matter what. But against any other weapon I can close the gap, even when fully plated. This paragraph is about more issues than just lunge. The issues about footwork are caused by more than just lunge speed but by a whole plethora of issues: This is about armor balance with regards to movement speed/lunge, turn cap on weapons, overheads turning to slashes, forgiving parry and maybe other issues I have forgotten(I am a casual player with laughable skill and not the brightest, the true pc master race veterans could prolly describe these issues better.)

An overhead turns into a slash and that is something very hard to sidestep(I don't see the point in this when crazy drags are nerfed anyways). However, when I try to use my right overhead to shoot over someone's right shoulder(to get around their parry box), it almost always misses due to turn cap. When I sidestep left (to trick an opponent to look to their right), then go right with a stab(my opponent's left), my stab always misses due to turncap. There's not much I can do with regards to mindgames/footwork unless I'm using actual feints and timing deceptions. Back to the zwei comment earlier: What is the point of playing light armor against a knight when I'll never be able to use my reach against him? Why play light armor at all unless you're gonna spam stab/feint with rapier/armingsword and throw in token slashes to prevent stab chambers?

I would also like to throw in: I am level 57 on ps4 chivalry and yet I find myself flinching at every twitch an opponent makes(some of this is due to ping issues but still). This game is very difficult even when using a shield. In fact I feel as though a shield hit box is easier to get around than my parries. If I have difficulty learning to defend in this game, imagine what noobs will go through? *Nothing wrong with a high skill ceiling but I am having trouble seeing new players signing up for this and sticking with the game.

I think some of this can be solved by decreasing lunge for the heavier an armor piece is, removing turn cap (weird drags/reverses do not work well anyways,) reducing parry size, making attacks more readable/fixing those overheads (animations overhaul which is already in the works, right?) and sending me a million dollars. I invite the veterans and more active players to read this, make suggestions or to tell me I'm stupid and wrong.

Disclaimer: I thought long and hard about all these gameplay issues but again, I suck and maybe I just have too much Chivalry in my head, idk. I also feel like I've forgotten a half hundred other issues regarding gameplay, maybe I should have done one of those diagram things I was taught in 5th grade to organize my thoughts.

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@Prince Oberyn Martell said:
In a melee game, where pretty much everyone needs to be in your face to be able to kill you, the people who can be across the map and still kill you will always rule/wreck the meta. I can't think of a counter to archers besides other archers. If I had my way, I'd ban them completely from any competitive matches. They're fun in big casual games, because who cares. But they'll be completely overpowered in competitive team fights unless they're nerfed into the ground, but at that point, why even play an archer?

I don't know how developers will balance archers, but I definitely DO NOT think the solution is to buff heavy armor anymore. For fucks sake, heavy is still the meta even after this patch. I use a spear, and I'll be damned if I still don't have my 3/3/0 load out. Think of how many competitive cosmetic/light players you you see. I don't see any.

My current issue with the game is that even with the point system, plate armor pretty much still dominates. You can have full plate and battle axe, full plate and messer, etc. I think five point weapons ought to be the max points you can put into a weapon while still being able to have full plate armor. I also think they need to give naked/light armor more advantages over heavy. Right now, they're essentially the same thing, but heavy can absorb three to four hits while light can absorb pretty much two. One handers are also pretty good for the amount of points they cost. This patch did a nice job of making shield a little less OP, but shield + mace or shield + messer is still incredibly strong.

Light and heavy armors should have their strengths and weaknesses to balance them out. The weakness of heavy armor should be that it's slow and cumbersome. Yet heavy armor can still perform all the matrixes, ducks, jumps, etc the exact same as light armor. What does light get? A little extra speed? That just doesn't really cut it imo. Would like to hear other opinions.

I agree with many of your sentiments. Heavy armor should prolly be slower off and maybe more cumbersome (jumps cost more stamina, torso manipulation limit, etc) and light armor gets the speed and matrixes. Medium armor would get a bit of both with a weakness to ranged and piercing weapons.

I strongly disagree with the idea that armor should limit your weaponry. It may be reasonable that the heavy classes don't get Zwei/Halberd but they should be able to get their Messer, Battle axe, and maybe even Greatsword along with a point or two left over for a secondary. Why would anyone use slow 2h without armor to protect them? Might get quick stabbed before you even raise your slow weapon for a hit.

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Just thinking aloud here, do not own alpha so I've not played and maybe I do not fully understand some issues:

@Prince Oberyn Martell said:
Yes but consider that my legs are completely vulnerable as well as the fact that I have only one weapon. Bigger fish to fry out there like full plate BAXE lol or full plate Messer

Maybe the weapons need nerfs, etc, but making them (medium sized weapons you'd expect a heavily armored knight to wield) incompatible with heavy armor seems extreme in my eyes. (Not sure if that's what you meant.) I also dislike that alot of these costlier items combined with armor force you to have no secondary, maybe a future perk can be a spare point or two for a secondary.

People in recent videos using halberds look absurd with no or light leg armor. Making halberd/zwei incompatible with full plate may be reasonable but making them incompatible with even medium armor seems overboard. Halberd can't possibly be that overpowered and if so then the weapon needs to be nerfed, not the overall loadout. Maybe that perk I mentioned can be just a general thing to complete your loadout's armor or get a secondary or whatever.

@Huggles said:

@Jax said:
baxe is a good weapon but I wouldn't say that it's ridiculously good, except in duels. I prefer using something with more versatility and reach in teamfights most of the time.

stabs are useless in terms of damage and in teamfights you lack a lot of reach - however the speed and damage are really fucking good on it. I'd say bump it up to 7 points to put it on par with the poleaxe if anything, but the bardiche is equally good or better in some scenarios, so at what point do you stop making weapons cost more?

Also, spear is good at team fights and poking but that's all it's really good at; it does have good alt-mode strikes but overall it's a very limited weapon, unlike the halberd which can now do like 75 damage to heavy heads at spear range with its alt mode, and two shot medium chests I believe. Halberd simply has better damage output at the cost of a little less range in the normal mode, and actually has useful strikes without losing that range to get them.

see here's really the thing. There are no problems with reach in this game unless you use a one hander imho. Movement speed is so fast and the lunge is decent enough that basically everyone in a fight is within striking distance in a matter of ms.

It is for this reason that I honestly don't see extra reach as that much of a selling point for picking up a wep. Unlike in chiv where I would really appreciate that extra reach and could totally see why people would pick up a spear over a brandi just for that extra reach adv.

Battleaxe would be balanced if movement speed was nerfed but as of right now its reach just isn't impaired that much at all on normal grip. I never feel a point at which I just wish I had more reach. Spear is the obvious exception here, because you don't really have to be anywhere near your opponents to be in striking distance. It is absurdly long and stab drags are ridiculous as fuck. Spear is probably the best weapon in the game right now. Almost impossible to 1vx if anyone in the x has a spear and is competent with it. Not good, competent. Also the slashes really aren't a joke in terms of damage and speed either. They aren't rapier tier slashes.

Armor should be about protection vs movement speed, not damage output/weapon length. If heavy plate baxe can close the gap between most combatants easily then maybe heavy plate needs movement speed nerf instead of less load out options. Why shouldn't my plate knight carry a bastard sword with his kite shield and dagger? Kite shield in itself means I can't sprint. Also, why shouldn't my plate armor soldier use a greatsword with a backup dagger?

That being said, imagine how annoying a naked peasant with that greatsword and backup arming sword would be. He'd move so fast and you would always be at his mercy, never able to reach him with your plate armor on and that same armor means you didn't have enough points for a weapon with reach. You'd never even get in range.

Perhaps heavy armor needs a speed debuff and the long/heavy weapons need their own movement speed penalty, too. Maybe some of these issues can be addressed by the perks system instead, was just thinking aloud here.

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@TheKingInTheNorth said:
I don't think shield should simply be a "buff my one hander" item. The focus imo should be on using it as a utility for fighting multiple opponents. How you would go about achieving that though, I have no idea.

Shields were horrible 1vX tools in Chivalry unless you had something with good reach like the Longsword. You were better off with just that Longsword and no shield, however, since you could at least riposte and not get stuck blocking. In 1v1 shields were still a huge risk since one could simply gamble-evade-tradehit you with both fast weapons or heavy weapons without fear of a quick riposte. Never really fell for the feint-to-heavy kick but you still had to monitor your stamina real well, especially against polearms/greatswords. I found shields were only good for team fights or against players who wouldn't resort to tradehitting. Flail was the only safe shield weapon since you did reasonable damage and the shield thrust stopped attempted tradehits in their tracks.

In Mordhau on the other hand, shields still block continuously, allow ripostes and cost more stamina to block with. Not to mention you can still use active parry and there are no trade-hits in Mordhau. To me that sounds like how a shield should work. Maybe shield hitboxes need to be smaller or some other nerfs but as far as actual mechanics go shields seem perfect. With right sized hit boxes, feints would be viable against smaller shields.

1vX with a shield in Mordhau as it is now would be difficult (requiring skill, timing and stam moderation) but maybe better than using a 1hander with no shield at all. 2h would still likely be better though. In Chivalry and Mordhau both, shields would be best for team fights, against archers and for beginners.