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In regards to archers hitting more team mates than enemies... I'm going to try something new.

Maybe if I aim at allies I'll start hitting more enemies :)

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They removed hit stop on allies, but spamming slash weapons indiscriminately is still the meta... team mates are still hitting me from behind while enemies feint me by incompetently hitting each other in the back and then hitting me after my parry. Double parry is a total gamble. I would really rather just hit trade even in light armor.

Spear is still pretty good, but maybe a point or two, too expensive now... Still the closest thing this game has to a sniper rifle though, sorry @archers, you aint shit and archers prolly shoot more allies than enemies... and can't push objectives.

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Crossbow is honestly the one bow I think is perfectly balanced and I don't mind getting two shot by.

I despise longbow. First off, trying to shoot with it feels god awful, it's like arrows are in slow mo... and players are constantly pingballing around in melee. I promise you if the devs decided to monitor archers they would find they literally hit more allies than enemies...

But then on the recieving end it does so much damage. Why the fuck do I wear full T3 and use a shield? I'm still 2htk if they shoot my T3 helmet, which slows me down considerably at no additional TTK. I've found the best load out when dealign with archery are not load outs with armor but load outs that simply wont get hit; zwei with T2 torso/helm or any kind of bloodlust build... Shields are for roleplayers, they don't help and they block your vision. Two hander with speed/bloodlust is meta. My spear/T2 helmt/T1 torso/naked legs shits on archers... and is 2htk just like medium builds.

And let's be real, landing these repeat shots even with absurdly slow projectile speed isn't about skill, it's about practice. It's like learning to drag; it's just muscle memory. Longbow doesn't deserve to 3htk T3 torso.

Longbow arrows should be made much faster so archery feels less clunky and people shoot allies less... in exchange for doing less damage to armor. And maybe arrows should do more damage to light/naked... there pretty much 2htk just like T2 builds. My naked/light builds shouldn't be able to ignore archers completely while my tank builds get fucked.

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I primarily use swords. Longsword is the weapon I use the most... and I find most swords need a slight nerf... no buffs.

Messer has always been absolutely disgusting where animations are concerened. There IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR MESSER STAB TO BE SO FAST. A shitty stab should simply be a shitty stab. Why artificially buff it's morphs? I think it might have too much turncap... but why would you ever use messer when longsword is now better at monkey spamming slashes in a horde?

I agree that longsword is now stupid ez to spam slashes with, no need to ever stab. It should do 33 slash damage or something to T3 torso... 3 slashes = 99 damage, and then you finish them rightly with pommel throw... The idea though is that it requires a head shot or stabs for 3htk. Mordhau grip is practically useless when slashing is so good.

Zwei stab is too fast. You see their arm move and you're not yet sure whether it's a stab or slash and... a stab is suddenly teleported into your face. Chambering/parrying a zwei stab feels like a total gamble since it's too fast and it could easily be a feint/morph.

Again, I find most swords need a slight nerf not buffs.

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Cesspool is a rather harsh term. I'd rather we think of them as public forums to discuss reeal world political issues.

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I'm so sorry but poo is utterly disgusting

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Jousting is incomplete... It would be neat if the shield worked passively on the rider while couched... So Jousting would be less of a ping contest and more about aiming for the other rider's exposed arm/head and not hitting their shield... Current;y, the only depth involved in jousting is trying to get the lance down in time to kill and predicting infantry's constant gambles... infantry eventually gets lucky and they will one shot with even a cleaver.

Another thing: It's really gay that getting shot by an arrow will cancel a couched lance. And yeah, it's really gay that a spear thrust will beat out the lance many times... and if the spear user's ping is better he might win couched too.

So many quality of life issues with horses. If you told me horses would be the way they are I would have told you not to bother adding them. SO incredibly clunky.

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Imagine being racist against racists...


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When I suffer from this premiuim feature of this toxic community, it's usually because I was also being obnoxious... It also doesn't help that I vote to kick myself when the option comes up c:

I rarely get kicked, even though I often vote to kick myself but what I'm trying to say is that maybe you weren't as goody goody as you thought you were. But only you would know.

But factoring in KD and points is a horrible idea...

I've seen really good players start killing allied level 2s in default classes because they accidentally hit them once.

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Maul should never have been added... but it's here and it's here to stay. The problem with maul is the playstyle people use with it and the sheer volume of people who use it... It should be a very defensive weapon but it's able to mindlessly run and swing in team fights and rack up kills.. and it doesn't require any skill.

I think lowering it's T3/T2 damage by 10, removing the asist-as-kills really would be a step in the right direction. It would certainly be less obnoxious... Ofcourse it's stab has to be made less useful by either damage or slowing it down, too...

Otherwise, I don't think it's speed/stamina stats should be tweaked though.

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I think that's just the ping/server issues causing insta-hits

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I agree on the sound part, horses are too quiet.

The horse rearing might be thematic but it's gross... and it's not like the rider is able to parry reliably from horseback to begin with. There's no cool down either, so people will stop the horse and spam stab it and it will just keep standing around like a person. This might be a videogame but I expected more life from horses than what they have now.

Shitting turds is cool and all but an AI and less clunkyness would be nice.

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I hear everyone complain about the one shot... but I think the 75 damage torso shot is "the problem"... people get assists counting as kills for random bonks on the battle field.

If one shot is removed, people will still be playing Maul and still be getting their kills... And people can just ez stab with maul to make up the difference if their team mate won't finish them off.

But if random body shots don't count as kills, and the stabs don't do as much damage... and it keeps its one HTK head shots...then the monkey playstyle and the cancer bonking would come down. Maul would be viable but less common, less cancerous and we won't see entire teams stacking Maul.

But some food for thought: How much better could Pred have done in that match with Estar or War Axe? War axe users play the same way and don't deserve 2htk T3 torso... and Estar is the weapon every. single. person. forgets to parry.

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Cleaver was never nerfed. And it's still the same point cost. Actually it's technically cheaper because you can now have the same cleaver bloodlust build as before but with more perks/armor than before.

Why live

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I'm not a fan of spear/polearm stabs making horses rear. It feels clunky and ruins good fights... Having an actual fight with some guy and the horse just keeps standing up while he spams spear... Can't parry for the horse, can't reach him can only dismount... but the horse is perfectly fine, it's just decided to stand for a few seconds on end while someone stabs it... The horse rearing feature is also unreliable. It doesn't always seem to work when a horse is hit...

Most importantly though, it's also unnecessary because spear and other polearms are already incredibly powerful against cavalry. Why should they be made even more powerful and eclipse the billhook?

Besides these spear dudes aren't truly anti-cav builds, they just steal the horse for themselves then reign on horse with the spear. And spear on horse is where horses are actually cheesy. Lance should be the only couchable weapon for obvious reasons.

It pisses me off that horses are made into these obnoxious, clunky flinch machines rather than actual fighting units... Horses in this game are like Ghosts in Halo when equipped with spear... but are more like Halo's Mongooses when using anything shorter. Everyone sees the horse and knows there's a good chance their crouched-leaning-back gamble will successfully one shot the oncoming horseman. Why can't parry work from horse? Why do attacks aimed at the rider always seem to phase through due to lag or vice versa, when the rider swings at infantry? Why would a cleaver slash one shot T3 legs when the rider passes by? Why is there even bonus damage at all against rider's legs? Why can riderless horses block paths and doors... but players can push the horse as soon as someone gets on it? Why is my own team able to bully my own horses and cause it to do 360s if I try to take it to actual combat. Shouldn't fighting from horseback be no different than, you know, fighting people from any other high ground? It's not like the horse has AI, it's just all around clunky for everyone involved. And laggy.

These are complaint's I've had since Alpha... the most annoying though is parry from horseback failing despite being properly aimed... and solo infantry being able to push/spin the horse simply by face hugging a physically powerful animal that would've been trained to kick, bite and not fear weapons. Really clunky.

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Most games are shooting games, where you shoot at player's from distance and may not even read their names or recognize them as you kill or get killed... It's not personal at all. You prolly only get angry at really good snipers or campers.

But Mordhau is very personal, you get in people's faces and beat the living shit out of each other. You might get out numbered or targeted for your talent or unique playstyle. You definitely recognize players's names and you may even recognize them if they change their names, due to their unique playstyle.

I'ts much easier to get angry or feel targeted in Mordhau than most other games.

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I would also add rape mechanics but no women.

You'll have to make do with men and horses.

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I don't mind war axe head shot damage being 55-65... But it's just too spammy with the current fast and easy 2htk torso.

My thoughts on War axe are pretty similar to mace tbh, no reason for that brick-on-a-stick to 2 shot T3 torso either, but if it's damage is decreased, it would also have to be made faster... mace is really slow and unresponsive, which is why it's rare despite 2htk everything. It sometimes fails to punish a maul feint lol War Hammer is far superior to mace in every way.

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I get really annoyed when I'm at full health, beating the shit out of people when suddenly I'm gambled and before I can parry again I'm killed by a spamming war axe user... who prolly has bloodlust.

I think it should require a head shot for 2htk T3... the any two torso shots feel gross and come too fast in the chaos of battle. Even 49 T3 torso damage would be fine in my book. Requiring a head shot for 2htk still allows it to kick ass and be the berzerker's weapon.

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I would add triple KO