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I guess the secret to getting to 100 and up is just camping horse with a spear?

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He's asking where's our T2 Sallet Bevor with raised visors.

Also why can't we get the rim of the sallet a different metal tint.

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Bring back Alpha patch 14/15 shields. Edit from there.

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Got TKed twice without raising a finger, explained that so and so was TKing me. That person said I was TKing and initiated a vote kick. Like 5% team damage or some shit.

A bunch of people in the chat saying I did nothing wrong and the other person was a known troll.

Got vote kicked anyways lol

People just upvote any vote kick that comes up and I wonder what the % needed to kick is at this patch.

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This happens to me every so often. I'd be angry but half the load outs lost are simply clutter.

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I prefer Alpha Patch 14/15 combat.

Even shields were fun to use and fight against that patch.

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I had the most fun in this game in patch 14/15. And yeah why should everything come down to timing? Timing deceptions dont look good and they certainly isn't intuitive to break time and physics.

It stands to reason that the one tool that negates timing completely should be very mindful of locational deceptions.

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Give us back Alpha patch 14/15 shields, please. No need for massive shield hit box, kick stun or sluggish turn cap.

Even with an accurate parry box, Kite shield would still be large enough for noobs yet require proper aiming and allowing better players to out play the shield without cheese.

Heater shield should be a skill based tool. Not a set of training wheels.

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I used to have this problem. All through alpha and until just before patch 13 I had 90-120 ping despite getting great ping in all other games.

Not sure what happened but one day last week or before my ping leveled out to 65-80 and life is so much better. I wish I could give you advice but I'm not sure what changed.

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@CarnifeX said:

just fakerun to the one side and then drag to the other side and just outrun him - guaranteed hit
or just wait aslong the block n parry show goes and time an accel right
or just push him into a corner and kick the shit outta him, i bet half of the team will magicallly spawn next to you immediatly and you'll kick together the shit outta him ;)

You can read a drag with a shield and still not be able to get the shield over in time due purely to shield's turncap. This is exacerbated when a draggy weapon is used by a player with light armor who can dance around you easily.

3/3/3 Shield is THE ONLY way to play shield because simply having the shield, even on your back, gives you the same walking speed as full armor anyways.

I often get kicked to death when I use one hander. But getting kicked to death with a shield is far more likely. People see the shield and know to kick. Kicks magically get two extra feet of range against kicks.

Shields need a rework.

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@CarnifeX said:
i like that, from everything i understand,
but some things are just science chinese to me ;P


Giving parry a few inches of physical length to parry otherwise missed attacks or attacks that would've hit the wall behind you or their team mates instead.

Allowing you to parry feints/morphs/windups inside your body. So feints/morphs/windups/drags/sidestabs/waterfalls that start off inside you are no longer viable. A feint/morph must start outside your body which makes it slightly more readable: Any weapon in your face can be parried and new drags/etc must be done at a distance. Skill ceiling raised.

Allowing you to parry even after your attack was blocked: When you hit someone and they parry you, your sword is stuck to their sword for a few micro sceonds. I'm suggesting you be allowed to press parry during this tiny window so you don't get hit during it in 1vX. This also means noobs panicking can parry earlier during a duel... and be punished for it. This is a drag/timing buff in duels against noobs/panicked players while being a 1vX buff.

Making parry/shields tighter so it requires better aiming to successfully parry/block. Dragging would be promoted but require higher skill in combination with all my other suggestions. Skill ceiling of the game raised while still being noob friendly. All my other suggestions would make very fragrant abuses to be unviable not to mention all the anti-hard-dragging measures Mordhau already has in place. Long weapons would be really good at side stabbing BUT would you require you to do them at a distance or make them telegraphed from the onset because of suggestion one and two: blocking weapons inside your body and the 5-8 inches of "reach" parry would now have.

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3/3/3 cleaver load out, prolly has blood lust, too, and because cleaver is so good, he wont bother grabbing a longer weapon off the ground. My soul hurts for this game. People spam cleaver and I'm not really sure at first glance if it's a cleaver, messer or falchion. Falchion is just a cleaver that can stab. One handed messer is way too fast.

I was having so much fun the other day despite ping spikes/freeze frames and losing on feitoria. Then I realized the reason I was having so much fun was because no one that match was using cleaver, messer, rapier, war axe or shields.

There was no cheese that match. Nobody got free hits for the weapon they brought. Can we please bring cleaver to 5htk on T3 torso? Default archer class should have dagger/short sword as its side arm.

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Bring back Alpha Patch 14/15 shields. Anything wrong with shields like that could've been edited. The idea of a locationally based shield defense is intuitive and should not have been thrown out so quickly.

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Ah shit here we go again

1122 1765

Shit I forgot one.
4) Parry morphs/feints/windups inside your player's body. Pretty sure this was a thing in alpha, not sure why it would have been removed. But essentially, if someone's sword is floating inside my face (literally!) I should be able to parry that and sieze initiative. Zwei stab is so annoying because you have to wait for this magical moment while it's already inside you to parry it.

This isn't a feint/morph/drag nerf. This is simply a rework so feints/stab drags and morphs have to be done smarter and will look better. Like using look down over head feints? Don't do it inside their player model. Like spear feints? Keep your distance and don't face hug with a 10ft weapon. People who try to use this new change to charge into windup's would be easily dragged and I don't think this change will dramatically nerf feints in the long run. Feinting will be less of a button press and more of a strategic, planned move.

Tired of having a bunch of weapons floating inside my face in 1vX but not being able to parry them because they accidentally miss and I have to wait for a magical moment where they suddenly become parryable and lethal.

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Several proposals:

1) I propose making parry box physically longer. What I mean is making the parry size in front of you 5-8 inches larger in front of the animation.

Why? I believe missed attacks are too disruptive in 1vX. A sword stab is right in front of your player model but because it did not touch your physical hit box, the parry did not connect. He missed and you're now in parry recovery while his friends get free hits. That's very clunky.

When ganking someone really dangerous I often throw stabs above their head, fake missing, so they parry/chamber for nothing and my team mates finish them. Why feint when I can just miss? Even in a duel, I can stab AS/Rapier or anything faster and intentionally miss and get a free combo hit while my opponent is in parry recovery.

Adding those inches will only marginally nerf drags, in no way a serious drag nerf.

2) I would also propose making the time between being able to parry after having your attack blocked instant. There's a few ms where your sword has been parried and is "stuck" on your opponents hit box. In that tiny window you cannot parry... and in 1vX sometimes you need to be able to parry in that tiny window but you can't and you get hit. Very clunky.

This would also buff drags against panic blockers. In those few ms, a panic blocker is not allowed to block right after his attack has been parried so his parry is delayed. In a duel, his later parry adds resilience to drags. The proposal would allow skilled players to better defend in 1vX or ganks AND it would slightly strengthen drags by allowing panicked players the opportunity to panic parry even earlier.

3) Parry ( and shield) is too wide. I find it harder to circumvent parries via locational deceptions in Mordhau than in Chivalry. Way harder. Feels as though my entire playstyle of waterfalls and side stabs from Chivalry was deleted. With Mordhau's anti-dragging system, waterfalls and other swing manipulation techniques could never be as absurd as Chivalry's. It stands to reason that the parry turn cap could be greatly eased, so players can aim better AND that parry be trimmed a few inches off each side so that greater accuracy is required.

I know 1vX is often a concern when it comes to trimming parrybox but with a faster parry turn cap, it will be easier to move your parry/shield. Also, double parry mechanic could be augmented so that the second parry has a widened parrybox, to make parrying in 1vX much easier along with the current stamina free bonus.

I also think leg hits should also be a valid locational deception target. Way back the devs buffed damage against leg shots but they should have instead, made the parry box over legs require better accuracy but kept the low damage against legs.

I find playing the game based solely on timing defense/offense nowhere nearly as engaging as Chivalry's. Where's the swing manipulation? The most powerful swing manipulation technique I find useful in Mordhau is intentional missing (or accidentally missing lol.)

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The nobles one shotting with rapier is ridiculous. I would also argue that nobles shouldn't have any bonus damage at all if they can't be flinched and can move freely around the keep. I think it's cool that they do get to move around and aren't tied to one specific room, but the bonus damage is absurd. Leave one shotting and bonus damage for the commanders and guard captains or whatever.

Frontline objectives and point placement feel wrong. It would make the most sense to me if Feitoria was more like Crossroads: Two teams spawn on opposite sides of the map and choose which objective to take first and in whichever order they want, multiple at the same time should they choose.

If this can't be accomplished then the point order should be reversed: Where red has to take the village first, then town gates/ town square and then finally the keep. The objective in the keep could be killing the NPC commander much like Grad. Attacking the keep as the middle objective is just too blue sided and feels wrong. It would make more sense to attack the city first in Frontline. Invasion objective order plays fine, it's just in FL where it feels weird and plays too blue sided.

Also, killing the villagers/townsfolk in both Frontline and Invasion is way too easy. There needs to be either more of them or better defensible spots in the town that's less spread out.

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@TombstoneJack said:

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I love the way one handers look and I want to main one handed weapons. Its natural one hander's will fall short fighting longer weapons but It's really annoying getting spammed during my riposte by hordes of enemies in front of me AND the hordes of allies behind me.

Worse, areas you'd think one handers should naturally shine in, such as the caves on Taiga or the castle/streets of Feitoria, one handers suck more than they would in open spaces. One hander animations still have them snagging on walls in confined areas and you can only stab reliably. And 2 hander spam stabs are better than one hander spam stabs, especcially in a gank.

Climb the castle walls with BS, WH, AS, Mace or whatever just to get out stabbed by the T3 hordes at the top. I try packing bloodlust but you have to actually bring someone down to get the health and then you're still fighting the dead man's allie's spam. I bring a shield but shield is gay, doesn't counter archery and makes one handers thrice as week to kicks, especcially in the tight spaces a shield should shine in.

Only one handers that do very well are HHA, messer and cleaver because they're just cheesy weapons and looking down slashes always win with these. And they all got decent stabs minus cleaver.

One handers are just a bad choice and few people use them unless it's messer/cleaver in FL. Shields are supposed to bring one handers up to parr but both timed and held shields fall short in this area. I propose both types of shields get a slightly extended active parry time to help against 2h poke spam in 1vX... AND held shields get a much smaller parry box so they're less of a noob crutch and more of a valid anti-archer, 1vX tool for professionals. Also, wouldn't it stand to reason that, as one handers are already very weak to kicks... that kickstun be removed? A kick against one handed players (shield or not) is already effectively a death sentence in 1vX and taking a kick in a duel sets back stamina tremendously... one hander is almost always in kick range... shouldn't shield be BUFF against kicks instead of a free hit in 1vX situations?

the thing ive noticed with shields is you need to be an anchor you wont get as many kills you cant attack an obj effectively and your playstyle slows down a lot with shields it really seems to be more about dragging the fight out as long as you can to hold the ground for your team
(please remove the move speed debuff it has no reason to exist)

also you forgot the falchion its the secret god of 1handers

Really? I look at falchion and wonder why I wasn't better off with one handed messer or using cleaver with bloodlust.

Anyways, yeah shields should be set up so you're encouraged to actually fight and read attacks... instead of the current, sit and wait turtling and then getting kicked for turtling and then wondering why you brought the shield when archers shoot around it anyways. The entire shield set up encourages you to grab a rapier/short spear and wait until your opponent gets side tracked by your allies.

Shields should not be training wheels but valid tools for professionals to use. Shields should not be easy to use. Only easy to use against archery.

If shields had an accurate parrybox then you could aim around the shield when someone is turtling... THEN it's up to them to read where you're attacking since a shield user certainly never has to read when as they would with a timed parry. If people like one handers in 1vX in FL, and/or can't read feints and hate archers then they should use kite/heater and read where attacks are coming. If they can't read where an attack is going to land then they should grab a timed parry shield like buckler or make the switch to two hander, which is easy mode anyways. If they can't read where an attack is going or when an attack is coming then they should play archery or some other support.

Archery, not shields, should be for noobs.

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Also, Heavy handaxe is a pretty broken weapon in itself. Three points? Mace costs more but HHA does more damage in some cases, is incredibly floaty, has a blade and blunt side AND it can repair structures while simultaneously fighting people.

Should be a 5 point weapon. If it got some edits to make it less broken, such as toning down its head shot damage (more than WH alt side in some cases) and making it less floaty, it should still be more than 3 points.

I think HHA should be a 4 point weapon after some appropriate edits.