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This has actually been an issue for a long time. When you climb the ladder in the fort in Taiga, you get stuck at the top between the ladder and the doorway. Sometimes you have to get back on the ladder and try all over again to pass through the doorway.

This is the ladder right outside the gate that faces the mines/rope-bridge.

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Yeah these fucks get mad when I decapitate them. So sorry you dress like the enemy and are charging the wrong way.

Team damage really should do 100% damage. Mainly because people smacking team mates acts as a feint for little cost... but also because of these fuckers. And you know they usually have a maul or war axe.

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I don't have any :/ which is really sad because I have a fuck ton of screenshots with me using shield in Alpha Patch 14/15 but no actual footage :(

But basically shields had held block but required extreme accuracy at the benefit of a stamina buff. So they were really good at dueling and holding choke points but required you to be very smart in group fights.

"But how can you block multiple attacks at the same time" foot work, also the shield didn't flinch if you were back stabbed so it was actually superior to regular parry when surrounded... also you can "drag" the shield across multiple attacks and shields had a very loose turn cap. They really were the ultimate 1vX tool, and even more so in tight quarters/hallways.

Also, it's more intuitive to block WHERE an attack is going as opposed to WHEN... especially in a game that's online and ping based... where attacks can be dragged/caceled but parries can't be dragged, manipulated or canceled. Shields gave greater depth to the game by allowing you to manipulate defense against manipulated offense. Shield duels really were beautiful.

It looks like Chivalry 2 will bring this logic to its new combat system. Total freedom to manipulate both defense and offense as opposed to Mordhau and Chiv 1's static, magic forcefield parry.

What was also beautiful about Alpha 14/15 shields... you can augment your armor based on your specific weaknesses... if you have a hard time blocking leg hits then you would naturally wear leg armor... but if you NEVER fell for side stabs then you might wear light/medium torso armor... and if you fell for shoulder drags and fake leg hits alot, then you would definitely wear a T3 helmet.

Also, Morphs/feints took on greater depth against shields. They worked just fine against shield users but you had to be smart. Feint at the shield's legs, then stab him in the face. Stab left, then morph overhead over the shield onto his now-exposed right side. High IQ plays all day. It was so beautiful and I'm still bitter they swapped that for gay fucking kick stun.

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@CoCa said:
I disagree totally with your opinion.

Archer are balanced :
Archers were very annoying Chivalry and too much players were playing them. Private server like =SM= SneakyMonkeys with 64 slots had to limit them to 5 Archers, as you could kill any Knight with two arrows in the head !

In Mordhau Archers are very balanced and need a lot of hit to kill someone. Because of that, we don't see a lot of them in game. Stronger build are more common than Archers.

You can Attack as Archer:
As for myself usually in the TOP 10 players at the end of the match, playing as an Attaking Medic Archer with a light loadouts and a lot of perks.

I usually fire bomb enemies and hit them a lot with my recurve bow. I then pick up a weapon on the floor to defend myself, or help my team as a soldier. I also drop a medic pack on the floor for my team to recover health.

Usually it's help a lot my team to win.

Conclusion :
Please don't do anything to Archers. No Limit, No Buff, No Nerf.

Archers are perfectly balanced currently !

It's not specifically archer balance in question, just a limit for specifically the attacking team in Invasion. I really wish archers were more like you... but I don't think this is just about how good archers are; THE MAPS simply don't allow archers to push the objective. Archers can push on Blue Grad Invasion, they can help on Mountain Top not much...

But archers/engineers can't do shit in other maps "oh we can shoot the forresters/villagers we have line of sight on" please, archers never shoot the hard to get ones, only the ones melee players were about to kill anyways. Absolutely useless players when attacking.

In alot of ways this is more of a map issue than archer issue... The maps simply don't allow them to contribute. Let's just limit the defense based classes on offense. I really would like them to spam javelins/axes/firebombs... medkits are very useful too. This isn't anti-archer bias, the maul dudes really are more annoying to fight against than archers... but the more archers on Offense, the less melee players can help push the objective.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
That might make the match more successful but certainly not more enjoyable unless you are really into winning.

Not really into winning, but I definitely hate getting ganked and farmed the entire first objective for 12 minutes straight. The losing team will lose to the stacked team either way, but it would be much more enjoyable if the defensive style players picked defense and the offensive players at least avoided playing defensively.

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Ah, remember Alpha patch 14, where shields were perfectly balanced, fun to use and alot of fun to fight? Good times, good times.

People said they were too hard to use, but I, a true chad and shield user, thought they were just right and fairly intuitive. That's the beauty of differing playstyles and skill sets, right? But Mordhau isn't about encouraging different playstyles and tactics, it's about forcing you to play the meta. So gay kick stun got added and shields became stamina whores that had a magically massive parrybox. Gay.

I'd rather the devs give up AND NEVER TOUCH SHIELDS AGAIN than take shield advice from anyone else here or worse, the comp players. I'd rather shields stay as useless as they are now, than be reverted into even more useless noob crutches.

Bring back Alpha Patch 14/15 shields or you're gay. Or just leave them alone, you've done enough damage to my babies.

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@PC_Principal said:

@Vonwolf said:
Lets be real here.
Archers,Engineers and bad players cannot push points.

Well that's wrong. I built forward positions near enemy checkpoint as Engineer, build spikes in enemy territory and pushed checkpoints as archer with cleaver. It works. Works better if ur a vampire roleplayer.

Another great tip that works 100% certified:

  • Open chat
  • write in chat: too many archers
  • copy & paste spam Teamchat the whole match

Wow, everything you described was simply cheese. But you are correct, bad players can be useful for pushing objectives.

Fortunately for players like you, cleaver crutch exists and even with my suggestion, archers/engineers would still be allowed on the offense. It's a limit not a ban.

However, spamming negativity in chat only encourages people to be negative, work against your will and it's just toxic in general. In fact, being helpful or diplomatic in chat still encourages people to be negative all the same. I'ts a premium feature of the Mordhau community.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
What do you expect archer mains will do once the limit is reached and they can't play their favorite loadout? If they wanted to play longsword and heavy armor they would have done so in the first place. They are likely to leave and look for another server or, if they can't find one, they might just switch to javelins, fire bombs or smoke bombs. I wonder how you would enjoy the game when 6 players per team do nothing but throw smoke.

Javelins can push, they do significantly more damage than archery and allow for a reasonably strong melee load out. Even 3 slots of javelins with shitty aim would be more useful than a good longbowman sitting in the spawn or hovering behind the chokepoint. These objectives are about physical body counts on them, not about melee skill/talent... Even a javelin memer will get into the gate house or on the wagon. At least a lute player won't shoot me in the back when I'm finally on the objective. Even the worst melee players who hits team mates will get on the objective and prevent the game from being hopelessly miserable. Archers simply die or camp outside. With the exception of Grad Blue Invasion, these Invasion maps simply aren't suited for archers to contribute on offense.

Also, Smoke/Fire really is useful for offense. Afterall, the archers/engineers on defense are actually dangerous and can stalwart the offense... and firebombs/smoke by defense will counter archers and engineer spam. And the new firebomb limit encourages them to make their fire bombs count.

And we all know nobody is leaving the lobby because the archer limit is too high on the offensive team. Players playing purely defensively should join the defensive team... If they can't join defense then they will pick something else, as you suggested... There's plenty of hybrid range/melee builds that are at least somewhat useful, even by shitty players. They can still have fun with their projectiles :) AND be useful AND prevent these hopelessly miserable matches. AND it's a limit not an out right ban, there could still be archers on Offense.

Everything you're saying is actually a good thing Mike.

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Come on, we've all had those matches where you can't get anything done because half the team is sitting in spawn role playing as Robin Hood or Bran the Builder.

Can't get past the first objective because the defensive team is defending but the offensive team is also defending. And for whatever reason, the first objective also has the most time, so it's miserable for players like me who get farmed for 12 minutes straight. Or worse, we some how clutch the first objective and the timer extends, so we get farmed through the second objective which we know we don't have enough time to complete.

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I actually really appreciate that I can immediately tell a player is in third person by their posture and weapon choice.

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Not a dumb question.

They add an extra few milliseconds to your parry, a very very tiny extension. Ofcourse it's not noticeable and not much help but it is a little something extra.

They also passively block things during your attack but ONLY if they hit the shield... not much and it's definitely not reliable but it is something.

There is a held mode, too. Hold down R key to activate... its rather clunky but it's decent at holding doorways. Archers can still shoot around it and it can be kicked down however.

I would not recommend shields to beginners though, since you'll become dependent on that tiny extra parry time (It's not noticable when you use it but its VERY noticeable when you lose it.) They also cost way too much stamina. Playing Longsword/poleaxe would be better for a beginner, to learn stabbing/slashing, dragging and of course, parrying.

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@xXLuxXx said:
There really is 0 evidence for your claim. Archers absolutely wreck sometimes, they make pushing braindead easy... or if they miss, they make the game harder. It's kind of the nature of skill differences. One archer can completely turn a game from stalemate to full-on push.

Might as well just say "There should be a limit on greatswords on the attacking team. The attacking team cannot afford to have very many players wasting space as greatswords" It's non-sense.

You seem to have an issue with players with less skill, not archers.

I will allow that archers contribute greatly on Grad blue invasion ONLY. This is because they spawn in great cover, with ammo crates and on fortifications overlooking the objective where Red's counter archers and even melee players have no cover... but this is because the map is reversed from typical Invasion maps; The defensive team (Red) has no cover or fortifications around the objective, but the offensive team (Blue) has plenty of cover, fortifications AND the high ground. Not to mention blue gets all the time in the world on that map.

But on Red Grad Invasion, archers can't push because they have no cover or fortifications... and then the damage they do is negligable. Again; I'm asking for an archer limit not an archer ban and only for the offensive team

Not even on mountain peak, arguably the most archer friendly map, can archers contribute to offense like they could on Blue Grad Invasion. They simply do not pull their weight offensively.

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"0 evidence for your claim" I've played this game along time and this has been my experience. At the end of an ez round, players on defense sometimes remark "good fight but they had too many archers." I've thought about this for a long time too.

The offensive team starts losing, switching to archery... and suddenly there is even less push. Archers CANT push. Yeah, their DPS may help if they're really good... but what good is one really good archer if your team has 3 more that don't hit anything? No one has ever said "they had too many knights" and NO ONE has ever said "they didn't have enough archers."

Note the difference between an archer ban and an archer limit. Players who want to play defensively should be playing on the defensive team. Archers and engineers on defense can get shit done. Simple logic.

As far as an actual archery buff/nerf, I'll leave that specific debate for other threads.

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Someone has to care

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Above the knee counts as torso damage.

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I've always been against archer limits. Afterall, not all archers are equal


Lately, in Frontline/Invasion the losing teams will often switch to archery, hide in their spawn and compound their own defeat... While their melee players are now out numbered and getting shot in the back by both enemy and ally archers.

I propose an archer limit for the attacking teams in Invasion. The attacking teams in Invasion cannot afford to have very many players wasting space as archers who hide in spawn and cannot push objectives. The same can be said of engineers who plant ballistas/forts on the spawn and contribute nothing.

Many Invasions matches are ruined by these selfish players; people looking to main archer/engineer should OBVIOUSLY be playing defense where they can be useful and I do not think there should be archer/engineer limits for defense.

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Fighting the nobles inside the castle made alot more sense and was alot more fun. Why? It gave storming the castle real purpose... currently, we just run in and kill shit until someone decides to actually pick up the bundles... it plays more like TDM.

Before, Red would mobilize the catapult and hunt the nobles while blue team was defending specific choke points, the nobles or were laying down fortifications... and leading sorties to destroy the catapult. It was beautiful. There were also legitimate reasons to go behind the castle.

Currently blue kinda just waits around where ever most of red goes, like a TDM match; no real strategy, no interesting plays, they certainly don't try to cover all the entrances or protect the bundles... and red is happy to do the same while hoping at least one person is actually grabbing the bundles somewhere, somehow. Also, it's usually light/naked people who grab the bundles... and blue knights can't hope to catch them half the time so why bother.

If the nobles didn't have one shot capabilities WITH A FUCKING RAPIER then it would have played out just fine before. The problem before was scaling the castle walls, fighting determined engineers/campers all to get one shot in the bat of an eye by a rapier... so instead of having a castle the nobles now graze in some city for some reason... while still holed in with their food and one shot rapiers and determined engineers... Nobles should not be one shotting with a rapier, and the rumored health-on-kill is a bad idea for very obvious reasons.

Give the nobles back their castle, that was alot more fun, blue or red... but either way their one shot powers should go. It would be really interesting if the new last objective for red was actually to burn down the city, kill all villagers and bomb the boats in the city... as opposed to simply hunting down nobles in random houses, where the catapult is too difficult to be commonly used and there's little incentive to try anything new to get in.

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Had no idea people even played Ranked... it's so laggy and glitchy.

Ya'll still get your third person play for actual duel servers and for FL/invasion. You can totally understand why ranked players don't want third person cheese in their little world.

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@Humble Staff said:

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
They would also make great map pickups on certain siege maps for the defense side... assuming the load out limit was one per player.

your plea has been answered in today's hotfix lol

Oh really? Are they one per player? or now map pick ups? Or both lol

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They would also make great map pickups on certain siege maps for the defense side... assuming the load out limit was one per player.