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Oh The bravery of being out of range KILL THE ARCHERS

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Yeah my shield complaints are longer than that Mordhau article.

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@Jax said:
no round shield probably :(

Why live

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My knee jerk reaction is fuck no.

But tbh, stabs are the weakest in 1vX due to easy chambers and there's little chance of hitting multiple flanking people and thus, people get to free flank you while your attack can only hit one person and your combo is limited to the opposite side of your thrust.

Hit stop on stabs would make it harder to flank and gank in Xv1 if the 1 can then hit from whichever side they want using hit recovery.

One can argue that hit recovery is already in for stabs if they simply aren't comboed but stabs are the attack most likely to whiff or be dodged and you definitely don't wanna give your opponents free hits by foregoing combo and ftp from combo. Hit stop on all stabs would certainly be interesting.

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Bienvenidos a Mexic-hau!

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@Crushed This is very welcome news

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Why would any one appreciate this community?

Everyone's an ape who laughs while spamming look down morph feints with Greatsword. Spinning is alive and well. Half the newbie posts get welcomed with a hail of dung from screeching baboons who immediately tell them to use the search function. Why would anyone brand new think to use a search tab when they see a potential issue in gameplay videos? Then there's the 2h elitests who insist shields should be beaten down with decreased stamina or kick stun. If kick stun felt bad for 2h elitests why would it feel good for 1h peasants?

This game has been designed by cavemen for cavemen. Duelyards make me feel like I'm in a Geico commercial. Kick stun is so easy a caveman can do it.

Oog boog! Big kick! Puny shield man die nao!

Oh wait but kicking is easy to bait and requires skill and planning so now shields are getting slower and clunkier to make kicking easier. Kick stun will be so easy a caveman can (hopefully?) spam it next patch. Meanwhile both parry and shield hit boxes are astronomically yuge... where are the leg hits?

Not to mention there's South American commies all over these forums. As if Nazis and Europeans weren't bad enough.

Oh and don't even get me started on the miserable creatures who complain about women in Mordhau. Yes, the harsh reality of women in Mordhau will be porno screaming, Executioner sword-wielding, hentai princesses controlled by fat, sweaty neck beards... but what can you do? I know, I know, it's tough being male, middle class and white... but it's 2019, we must have female and genderless avatars and YES, unfortunately we must have black people, too.

This community is gay.

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Am I the only one that can see them?

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Because he is the cancermancer. Not sure why he didn't pair a shield with that rapier for supreme toxicity.

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Shields require some reading but at high level it's easy reading.

What I mean is shield parry box is still large enough that misreading where an attack goes is ok because the parry box is so large. But the parrybox is just small enough that very advanced waterfalls or morphs get around it... So noobs get killed by attacks they have no hope of reading while also getting kick stunned. But a player like me doesn't get kicked and reads/mitigates waterfalls well enough to do ok against better players and get free hits when they try to kick and through 1h cheese.

Kick stun only hurts noobs and ironically nearly everytime I've been kick stunned was on EU 1vX despite reading or trying to bait the kick but ofc ping is a major factor. Or when fighting face hug mace/baxe/rapier pokes and being dumb enough to try blocking these. Kick stun is only intuitive to people because Chivalry had it. For what other reason would throwing my foot at a shield be more disruptive than a mace or longsword?

Please listen to me and cease this kick stun madness. You devs made parry size very forgiving regardless of weapon size but made them very brief so they still require skill... It only makes sense that if something gets an infinite parry it then becomes unforgiving to where location is concerned.

If you try to buff kicks by making them faster or giving them more reach than you're actually not nerfing shields but all 1h. If you try to force kick stun to "work" by making shields slower then you're nerfing specifically footwork/stamina/1vX of all shields by making them clunky: Lower delay prevents a shield user from kicking an incoming kick they read and if they just lower the shield they still take kick damage and stamina damage.... but with 1h they're constantly in kick range. If you leave kick stun as is then noobs will constantly be in kick stun while most people are getting baited when they try to kick in a shield. Kick stun has to go or it's not going to be worth it for noobs to use and will actually be worse off than Chivalry's shields.

Please listen to me, I love shields and they're either a complete joke, totally op or a complete waste the way they've been balanced lately. Fire pot's a better investment than shield for someone just starting to play the game, especially if kicks are somehow buffed.

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Shagwell is honestly my favorite villain, remember when he'd make the dismembered heads talk to each other? Or how he'd talk about raping his mother? Or raping Briene?

And when he jumped out of nowhere with that 3 headed flail of doom to kill Nimble Dick? LOL


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Blunt weapons colide with a player then the attack stops. So blunt weapons can only hit 1 person at a time.

Clash is where two attacks hit simultaneous and instead of trading or passing through, both players attacks stop and very quickly start a new attack. I'm suggesting that flail get the interesting feature of clashing on peoples bodies instead of stopping like other blunts.

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Wow two flail threads in two days, maybe the devs should listen what the universe is trying to tell them. Obviously any talk about flails is purely theoretical and theyll just have to wait for the future but its fun to imagine what they could be like.

I imagine the light one being 3 pts, 3/4htk, short range with weak drags as the result of poor reach but good waterfalls, side hits and feints/body feints and obviously no stab/chambers. Hit stop or not is kinda negligible since it's such a short weapon and fighting multiple people will never really be it's thing, unless it has very fast combos like war axe.

Maybe instead of hit stop they get clash on hit? That would be pretty bad ass.

By chain being unblockable or lacking tracers, the OP meant that the head would have the tracers and be what does damage, opening the door to attacks hooking around parry and requiring more accuracy from the defender. NOT that it is altogether unparryable. If it's too long then this would play out really bad. If it's too short then it could miss people despite passing through them lol so it sounds iffy but maybe it could be pretty cool.

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Prepare to be sued.

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Release is a myth.

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MORDHAU   4_15_2019 9_40_33 AM.png

My evil jester partially inspired by your psychopath and by Shagwell the evil jester from GoT.

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I'm very happy with the state of lunge and weapon reach. The problem isn't abuse of range but abuse of running away, though I'm not sure what can be done about running away.

Previously, every weapons range was ambiguous but with lunge nerfs, a long weapon feels like a long weapon and a short weapon plays like a short weapon and now we get reasonably consistent range gauging. Using the full reach of your weapon is not "abuse" but an encouraged and healthy part of the skill ceiling.

Also, Estoc is definitely priced right point wise. It's reach and invisible blade makes it brutal in team play. No, it's main mode may not hold it's own in a duel against GS but it's Mordhau grip will decimate a GS knight and Estoc is certainly as effective as GS's in team play. Estoc > Longsword due to reach, speed and invisible stabs alone.