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So the main purpose of held block (holding to block all arrows) is moot on heater shield since arrows always seem to hit the legs or face. Also, kick stun, forced speed reduction and turncap renders heater shield a noob crutch as opposed to 1hander upgrade... the best looking, middle of the road shield should be practical in all situations regardless of skill level and not feel like a set of training wheels or a hindrance.

Buckler should be the mackdaddy of shields for dueling but Heater should be the go-to pair with any one hander in Frontline.

I propose giving heater a timed parry like targe/buckler. What would set it apart from buckler is that it gives less stam negation BUT some other kind of buff for one hander to fight better in 1vX and Frontline.

Said buff could be slightly longer active parry on riposte, since people always spam and trade hit one handers on FL. That would go a long way in 1vX fighting.

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Bodkin's dude is literally the shit of nightmares. I bet he has the foppish voice at the highest possible pitch too.


Him and that rapier were the most traumatizing things from the Alpha.

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@The Bird said:
The Bird has been beaten by skilled shield users. Kicks do not render shields useless, if shield user is not useless himself.


Yeah but a skilled shield user is prolly just meming with the shield. And we all know a skilled shield user would be better off without the shield to begin with.

I know I do leagues better with just one hander and no shield... why nerf my self by spending points on a shield and become magically weak to kicks when I fight multiple people? When I use the shield I often have to put it away when fighting mroe than one person.

I like the way a shield looks but hate the way they play... and I don't think anyone but cavemen can enjoy current shield balance.

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My shield thread has devolved in to Bastard Sword discussion between South America's best player and some noob with 8 likes.

Shield Thread X: Reloaded: The Final Solution, Phase II: Part 1 "Crush Strikes Back" coming soon.

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@Atlas-D said:

@Hailrake said:

but kick cannot be countered if you have shield, it just cant be
you will never win a single match against good enemy.

and it doesnt make any sense from any perspective, either balance or realism.

delete shields from the game then and be done with it, no need to make game another counter strike 1.6 with deagle, ak47, m16 and awp...

Good, as it should be. Shields serve a purpose in group fights and team modes for bad players.

Yeah they allow rapier noobs to be untouchable in XvX but easily kicked in duels and ganks. Why can't shields be made so that a shield is only as good as the player using it regardless of the scenario?

Instead of being just an annoying crutch for the bad and a useless item to skilled players...

Alpha Patch 14/15 shields please.

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Yeah I hate the skinny "emaciated" knights the most. They look like anime characters or toons. Especially if they have a maul or the anime halberd skin.

All the 3/3/3 builds look best with muscle.

Rapier nubs should stay scrawny though.

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Did anyone complain about shield balance in Alpha Patch 14 and 15? Who ever is in charge of latest shield changes is an ape.

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I don't think it's fair that shields are punished for turtling by kicks.

One hander is already weak to kicks, especially in 1vX. Not even buckler or second wind could save you if your opponent landed a kick on you in an even duel against 2hander.

Then shield, even without kick stun, is even more so weak to kicks due to stamina disadvantage. Kick stun just gives the enemy a free hit in duels + the stamina gained on hit + stamina advantage taken by kicking anyone anyways + the natural stamina advantage any weapon will have over a shield in the first place.

Not to mention shields now force 3/3/3 walking speed AND kicks now have about 2 feet of invisible range. Why can't we find something to balance shields with that doesn't involve stamina weakness (only applicable in duels) or kick stun (makes shields invincible in team fights but useless in 1vX.)

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This shield thread may die but this is only Phase I of the Final Solution.

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Even if shields were good and didn't have all the intentional handicaps (I only found out about speed movement decrease today and that's gay,) a shield is constantly getting spammed by anyone with a longer weapon (everyone.)

Testing out invasion and my riposte is constantly getting drowned out by pokes even if I hit the people after they poke me. One hander obviously loses the trade war, especcially against multiple people. There's a reason messer is now the only solid FL shield pair for skilled players.

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We should all just switch to cleaver, those guys are always having the most fun.

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@Cracksmith said:
imagine thinking 1 handed mace/bs is cancer lmao

Imagine posting about shield balance

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Oh I love how when I gamble kick a shield user and they're out of range... invisible kick tracers kick stun him anyways :D I'ts like hacking but the game has intentionally given me bonus kick range. :)

And man, if they have a blunt weapon just keep kicking because, even if they hit me or an ally, they will have to put the shield up due to blunt hit stop and then one of our kicks will get lucky. Not like he can hit more than one of us at a time.

FUCK! The mace shield guy put his shield away, now we have to actually read his attacks now and stop kicking like Kangaroo Jack.

I don't even bother with shields anymore myself, unless I'm using a lance. One handed bastard sword or mace are pretty cancerous and why should I nerf myself by paying points for a shield.

No really I get pretty good KD with one handed bastard sword as opposed to bastard sword paired with a shield. Messer is a different story though, it's prolly the only real FL weapon that's actually buffed by a shield. Maybe short spear too, since it's always out of range of kicks with an extra meter of invisible tracers.

I block arrows better with regular parry anyways, tired of pesky archers just shooting my face or legs anyways.

My point is: Shields should have to read where attacks are going like in Alpha patch 14/15 instead of getting an invisible forcefield that's magically weak to feet and runs out of stamina quickly. Why should a shield user have to run away at the sight of multiple opponents or put his shield away because he knows he'll get surrounded and kicked to death? Why do I, after spending points on a spear or Zweihander and light armor, have to run up and kick a shield or play stamina warfare... when I built my load out to play range.

Kick stun was invented by a caveman for cavemen.

Kickstun is gay.

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It does require tighter aim last I checked, so it would seem to me that people should not complain that you spend an extra 3 points to have to aim tighter but have more stamina.

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@DefendinMyBase said:
No fuck all of you horses are a terrible addition to this game and the worse they are the better.

Ah it was only a matter of time before a civil discussion about horse balance devolved into... well you know.

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@wierHL said:
I propose to make momentum-based dmg not apply to legs. Then you'd need a long weapon to get the bonus.

I actually really like this idea ^

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I find the bonus damage from infantry against horsemen rather... overzealous? Charging a group from horseback in full armor should be dangerous because it will take 3-4 shots to kill you, your opponents may have polearms or a billhook and you will likely only kill one of them while the rest lean back and stab you.

Charging a group of infantry from horseback in full armor should not be dangerous because you now get one or two shotted and who cares if they have a billhook anymore since any polearm will do just as well or even better.

Also, can lance be made the only couched weapon? Couched weapons take little to no skill and take the timing out of cavalry's offense. At least the lance would be a niche cavalry tool that needs to be paired with a shield to defend with and has a limited number on a map.

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Another "buff" I would like to see is arrow speed increased... I'm tired of getting shot in the back by friendly archers because I'm faster than their arrow. It would be more than fair if this "buff" came at the cost of slower reloading speed or less damage against armor.

I'm not exaggerating when I say friendly archers do me more harm than enemy archers.

Would also be an indirect horse nerf.

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The plot thickens

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