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@greyfox said:
Are there information about the 90mb update?

Alpha Build #2

Level Design

Fixed map exploits and wonky collision on Contraband
User Interface

Added beginner tutorial video to the home page, created by community member Jax
Armory controls panel is now open by default
Death tips are visible for longer and styled differently
Fixed server browser getting cut off in 4:3 resolutions
Potential fix for killfeed blur bug
Changelog button links directly to the forum thread now

Regen is no longer stopped by some actions (emotes, etc)
Match warmup time increased from 15s to 20s (Skirmish from 10s to 20s)
Kick stun increased by 100ms
300ms grace period before you can get kick-stunned again after being in a stun state (will just knockback and no flinch in that case)
Successful kick recovery reduced to 0.2 (from 0.4)
Auto-equip is now smarter when picking up/spawning, it will try to equip both a weapon and shield instead of holstering it.
Trying to interact with a stickied weapon with no free equipment slots will now cause that weapon to fall off the character (can even do it on others or on self)
Fixed an edge case where backswings were possible
Fixed spear slash not doing any damage to heavy legs (damage value oversight)
Fixed 1h axe stab not doing damage to heavy legs (damage value oversight)
Smarter spawn point selection logic that takes into account proximity of friendlies/enemies/crowdedness
Active parry during riposte and chamber no longer knockbacks the defender
Poleaxe damage adjustments (no longer 2 shots medium/heavy armor with torso hits)
Removed double battle axe head (will be added in the future as a separate map spawn pickup weapon)
Throwing weapons after being thrown now switch to a weapon if there is one
Added stamina on melee kills, current value is 30
Weapon mode is now remembered when holstering (still resets on drop)
m.autoftp 0 now works correctly when feint and block are bound to the same key
Fixed bug where players would sometimes spawn naked/without customization
Potential fix for hit sounds not playing on certain hits
Projectiles won't sticky to hands and feet anymore
Fixed team join restrictions not taking into account the player that wants to switch teams
Skirmish no longer counts scores/deaths/teamkills/etc during round end
Slomo now works online if you have admin
Removed some debug commands
Fixed axis config not loading after a restart

Thrown weapons will now bloody themselves to the max if they hit flesh
Added console variable m.headbob that scales headbob (0-1), but only applies to some headbobs like footsteps (by design)
Fixed 3p death cam bug online, also added some lockouts to spectator input when it's created since players have a tendency to mash buttons before/after dying
Separated limbs are now more likely to create their own pool of blood (less distance check to other pools)
Zoomed out facesculpt a bit
Known Issues:
Emote menu stops movements sometimes.
Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
Server leaving message plays twice
SteamVR launches with the game, causing huge performance problems.
Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up.
Initial level load camera is broken and spawns you at 0 0 0.

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  • 13 Sep '17

@marox said:
Thanks for making the video, highlighted the scenario better for us to track it down. The fix will be in next patch.


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