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  • 18 Apr

NO your not allowed a thread AS WELL its NOT fair?

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  • 11 Apr

It's possible to escape tourney (and probably other maps as well) using the small teleport buildable items currently cause when changing state.

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  • 29 Mar

hello op 😊 judging by the thread, you are new to mordhau. t'is an awesome thing to see! just a few things: 1) i'm jimmy 2) i'm top 5. i'm not like the average competitive gamer, if anything, i'll be the one at the bottom of the scoreboard 😊

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  • 29 Mar

A really weird spot to get stuck in on taiga, it's impossible to get out, you can get stuck here just by walking up to this part of the tree.


Baron 697 1267

It's possible to get stuck falling here on grad.



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Baron 697 1267
  • 25 Mar

@Stauxie said:
For one of the VQ servers it wasn't giving out gold or xp. Admin restarted the server and it started working again.

This was happening to the VK public server, restart fixed it also.

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  • 22 Mar

Your mercenary is obscured by leaves on grad.


It's possible to get stuck falling in this spot on taiga.


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  • 19 Mar

Saw a bot stuck behind these spikes round the back of the camp.


They can also get stuck on this tent, in which case they will throw shit at u which is actually pretty dangerous, almost lost a game to it.


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Really fun mode but it gets a little repetitive, though there are probably some cool things that you can do by barricading houses and using spikes ect, seems like the best way to play is to split up and kite forever with long weapons.

Shields are a bit boring but i don't think its an issue, they are maybe a little too common (especially late game with the super tough red kite shield ones)

The time between waves is way too short late game, it's very difficult to get to weapons and armor if they are far from spawn, it's made especially bad if you have died since you spawn very far from lots of the better equipment like heavy armor in the mine. It's not so bad early game with small groups but later on 20 bots will spawn on you before you can get to lots of items from spawn. Players can be put in a weird gameplay loop if they keep dying since (i'm pretty sure) you don't get money from kills while you are dead, combined with not being able to get to good items before enemy spawns on you, which can be a bit unfun if you dont have friends to buy items for you late game while leaving the last enemy.

The one handers seem a little weak, 100 points for a billhook is way better than 80 for a falchion especially since you can get to 100 points very easily with fists, maybe points should be gained slower at the beginning or bots with weapons should spawn more.

Firepots should perhaps do a bit less damage to buildings as well, as it is they 1 shot everything which makes cool strategies with ballistas or spikes useless for the last few waves. Imo there should be a way to refill the toolbox without having to throw it away.

Having said all this I do think it's a lot of fun, i'm looking forward to playing on other maps.

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Bots won't move past somewhere in the red box on taiga.

Here is more precise line.

bug 3.jpg


This is very easy to exploit in horde mode and lets players sit in the building and shoot bots forever.


It's also possible to sit under this stairway and only get hit by throwables, sometimes bots do manage to get under here though (not sure how) and when they do they get stuck and can't get out.



This breakable wall causes trouble for the bots sometimes, they just stand behind it (on the side the camera is) and fail to break it.


Baron 697 1267
Baron 697 1267
  • 26 Feb

This rock has weird geometry and can stop you if you walk over it in the right direction.



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I was getting lots of 50ms+ spikes, one every few seconds almost, I tried turning off cloth physics and that seems to have fixed it. I didn't used to get them on my old gpu (gtx 770, moved to a rx580 recently) so I would assume it's something else.

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@thecrc-cristian said:

@idiotgod said:

@Jax said:
We abstract weapons, and in some cases rename them to make it easier for a layman to understand what it is supposed to do.

what? nice PR spin...

Better rename Bardiche and Halberd, to Big Axe and Biggest Axe, respectively.

For the laymen.

He just didn't know what to say and jumped with that line of unjustified shit. Also, "it is pretty much a sidesword but nobody actually knows what a sidesword is so we named it rapier" sentence that has 0 sense "so its like x but I will call it y" 10/10, and yes, it is well known what a sidesword is or what its name represents today for the ones that like swords.
This is a comparison between a Rapier and a Sidesword:

ropera y sidesword.png

"We abstract weapons, and in some cases rename them to make it easier for a layman to understand what it is supposed to do." This sentence is so desperate I had to laugh at it, but I chose to answer with good manners and logic, no reply.
This comparison is between what could a Rapier, a Sidesword and a Smallsword be if there are still doubts:


This post is so desperate I had to laugh at it, but I chose to answer with good manners and logic, no reply.

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  • 29 Jan

Get the fuck outa here kid, are you legit this sensible? I hope the devs aren't, as I stated time and time again I love this game and I want it to succeed. What the fuck would be the point in me doing what you say I'm doing? What could I possibly get from it? You clearly has nothing to contribute on this subject, why are you still posting here?

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  • 27 Jan

OH there's Battle Royale? I thought this game was going to be new and exciting, and not just hop on trending bandwagon of fortnite and pubg, but guess it will just another early access kickstarter indie dev cashgrab scam. this chivalry clone For Honor-wannabe will be dead on arrival, glad I didn't spend $60 on this scamstarter ripping off and feel sorry for everyone who backed it. worst of all there is of course dragging (a exploit) and there will never change because troll developers want broken gameplay.

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  • 11 Jan




Found a rare wall tumor on Contra.

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  • 21 Nov '18

Raytracing is a meme currently, it's far too hard to get decent framerates on current hardware, it won't be relevant at least until 7nm gpus hit some time next year and people can get 1080p 60fps on cards under £1000 (that also don't die randomly).

It's just a clever move from nvidea to market these features which they will push for software support while they have no competition from AMD, its long term planning to create more of a monopoly in the future by making this feature broadly adopted by game developers for future hardware while they are ahead.

Even if it never catches on (like physX) it's a justification to bump the price up hugely to clear out the excess stock of 1000 series cards which they had left over after the mining craze died, it makes 1000 series cards especially the 1080ti (which is pretty much just a 2080 at a lower price point and more vram if you dont use rtx, which is likely given the 2080 is too slow to get decent framerates in the handful of games that have the feature) look like a good deal, when in reality it's just nvidea competing with themselves.

The technology has been around for a long time and i'm sure something similar will catch on some day, but as it stands now it's a marketing move which is only supported by a handful of AAA titles whose budget for audio alone is probably 10x mordhaus kickstarter.