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@Edy_Nelson said:
We are really not getting ANY clarity from the devs, we end up having to make speculations or ask them privately.

I'd also like to see actual numbers instead of just "changed damage values of halberd". There is no reason to keep this secret or in the shadows, why do we have to spend so much time to figure out the numbers ourselfs when we are supposed to test the game.
It's pretty embarrassing that we have to create damage/speed tables ourselfes because the devs won't provide one for us, even though they would clearly have an easier time finding them out than us.

Not just that, but IF the devs don't have their own table, its clear they're incompetent and shouldn't be adjusting anything because they're just shooting in the dark.

I'd go further and sternly criticize them... for without statistical graphing of all of the activities for every weapon, I MYSELF wouldn't begin to mess with balancing for fear of confirmation bias skewing my results. Where's the giant graph of damage dealt per minute of a weapon's use over thousands of pvp combats weighted against other important factors? Where is the console statistics for every player on every running server in the past several weeks for each patch to compare weapon and armor use and damage results against any other given player or players for every patch so they know what is actually happening from the macro view all the way down to the smallest grain of sand?

Don't even touch balance... work on the animation problems if you don't have good info... Keep the knight's damn hands on the damn sword's grip before you worry about adding or removing damage from things IF you have NO DATA.

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  • 27 Oct '17

Mittsies is right on target. BUT I have to bitch about devs saying something like: "Increased kick turncap slightly"... Give us a freaking actual number and explain what that number means in detail so that we can see the great amount of thought and decision making you put into these decisions.

Which do you think will help the community give you helpful feedback?
"increased kick turncap"
"Increased kick turncap, thus increasing the amount of turning you can do during a kick. With an increase of 2 radians to the turncap's x & y, you will see a 10% increase to the base turncap of 20 radians during windup which lasts .340 seconds. Release turncap which lasts 1.245 seconds was only increased by 1 radian. Also worth noting is that the turncap increases by 10% each .01 seconds after release for .1 seconds until it is removed.
We specifically increased the turncap enough so that kicks will always hit against movement speeds of Head(medium) Body(light) Legs(none) armor setups or slower if the foe perfectly runs in circular motion around you to dodge it as close as possible."

I'm still waiting for a spreadsheet of weapon statistics, listing for comparison things such as "windup time before weapon deals damage after each specific attack is executed" & "damage dealt to head/body/legs with stab/slash".

The devs DO HAVE one of these in the palms of their hands right? They're not just changing weapon statistics without one of these spreadsheets right??? So freaking give a copy to the community so rather than worthless discussions that have no info, the level of discussion is elevated and pointed at a change that fixes the problem.

Here is a fake example to illustrate this point:"rapier is OP because it is too fast/reaching" threads would be replaced with discussion about "rapier reach is too strong without a longer windup time, maybe .020sec longer would make it more fair or "-4 damage on stabs to heavy armored body so that rapier users are incentivized to try to get a head hit for one less hit to kill against heavy armor". You don't do those changes without a spreadsheet showing hits to kill and actual numbers.

I'd also like to see statistics on the maximum reach of weapons during their attacks.