The Mordhau Alpha is out!

If you have backed the game on Kickstarter or bought it on our shop, check your e-mail for a message from us. You will have to create an account and confirm your purchase, then head over to your purchases to redeem the Steam key.

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Sorry to hear that.

I think Steam early access should only be considered for the beta for the reason you've stated. There're a lot of people that frown upon SEA because a lot of those games get stuck in development hell in there. But when people have seen videos of Mordhau in the alpha stage such a consensus can be avoided for Mordhau and bring in that extra cash when the beta is released on SEA.

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  • 27 Jun

@MrBlackDragon said:
I like this idea. When you are killed, there is a chance you enter a fatally injured animation(laying on the ground possibly screaming, gurgling blood etc.) While in this animation YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD. cue the respawn timer. You cannot move or perform any emotes whatsoever(maybe some exclusive audio emotes taunting or pleading to your enemy). The enemy(or an ally) can deal any amount of damage to you in any way possible to end that animation thus making you a ragdoll corpse as usual.
This will make for some interesting end-of-round entertainment. Executing a couple of bodies on the ground after a victory while spamming some witty emote is a great way to celebrate.

The devs would like to have something like this in the game, so we'll probably get to see something like it.


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  • 25 Jun

These kinds of "mechanics" would be way better if implemented through death animations. Longer animations that show someone bleeding out or something like that would allow the player to have the sense of execution the player he beat without anyone being locked in some obnoxious cripple-mode.

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Probably very similar to how M&B did it.


EDIT: When matchmaking is implemented duels can be done using that. So the game would put players of similar skill level together in a game to duke it out; same goes for 2v2, 3v3 etc.

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  • 20 Jun

Looking forward to the gigantic pommels.

Even though you're talking about messers

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Random Madness, the gore review guy, did an interview with Marox, which also included horse gore:

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  • 17 Jun

@ColonelMustache said:

@crushed said:
Yes there is a seperate button to go unarmed (not fists)

What does the alternate mode button do when the fists are equipped?

You switch from fists to open hands and start slappin'.

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  • 16 Jun

@Jax said:

@TheUprising said:
why would they be bothered when a greatsword kills full plate in the same number of hits as a mace?

This is where good equipment costs would come into play

If a greatsword costs 4 points and a mace 2, then you could achieve the same result with a weapon that leaves you a lot more space in your inventory for other things.
Sure the GS is longer, but the mace is also faster.

This is why I love the direction Triternion is taking with loadouts, because you have another way to balance weapons out.

Exactly. Not only does it grant more intuitive and immersive character creation, but also leaves a lot of room to tweak certain load-outs to fit a unique role within the arsenal and proficiency system alike.

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  • 10 Jun

@Stumpy said:
oooh i've been there actually! salt mines in poland. would be nice if the mines looked like that!

Right? The water makes for some nice choke-points in the form of ledges you have to fight on or fall off. Of course, it's also quite beautiful aestheticly.

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We're already writing down the numbers before deleting them, and have been for a while. There's a lot of them, but we've already found some that match and thus are re-used.

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@Void said:
Nice little chat, but the truth is that we don't have anything to base our opinions right now. It's one of those "balance" threads that are meaningless because we don't know what the game needs until we start playing it. Those things must be seen in game.

True, but Huggles was asking our opinions, which is why this thread is in General Discussion and not Feedback & Suggestions. It's just because we can't wait to get to experience this stuff in the bloody game.

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I don't think knockback is a necessary mechanic, but if it will play an actual role in Mordhau it would be pretty nice to let chambers have it vastly reduced or not at all. Instead of blocking you would really get the feeling like you're manoeuvring past his weapon with an attack of your own. It could also help fight spears with a smaller weapon if you get good at it.

Maybe this is already in, but if it is I haven't noticed it.

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There is no bias against you or anything of the sort. You must understand stand that if your "reputation is built on upon shitposting", like you said, you can't expect a lot of leniency when you take it too far.

Also, you have been creating alt-accounts to evade your ban, which is very much against the rules. Yet, we've turned a blind eye and let it slide. And again you're back at shitposting and submitting the exact same picture that got you banned in the first place. You show regret here, but not in your overall behaviour. Off-topic is not a "wild-west". I'm not sure how you got that idea; the rules are right there in the Forum Rules thread.

You're not in a position to bargain here. This is a game forum, not /b/. A toxic community can hurt a game pretty bad, especially in its early stages. I don't think you're really trying to be toxic, of course, but just wanting a reputation based on shitposting, and creating alt accounts often leaves a very bad taste, specifically for new users.

How can you say TheDankestMeme has never been reprimanded or warned? We don't want to turn this forum into a police state, so we're generally quite reluctant to ban anyone.

We've decided to give you one last chance. I advice you to use it wisely. Welcome back.

If you've got questions, PM me or another mod. Now let's get this classic back on the rails...

The Souls franchise is easily the most overrated franchise in the last decade. Games are horrible. Really not much RPG about it, it's super linear and repetetive. The fighting system is clunky and unresponsive, and it is not hard in a way that the game actually has intelligent AI or requires planning in any way. What makes it "hard" is again, the clunky combat. All Bosses are pretty much the same, you just roll arround until they are in their "vulnurable" phase, and then attack the shit out of them until they start swinging again. Repeat that for some minutes and you've got all your bossfights in a nutshell. Normal enemies are really just boring trash that are just there for the sake of being there. They serve no purpose other than keeping the player busy between the bosses. Infact, all Souls games are exactly the same. Merely a reskin of one another, with somewhat updated graphics. They play the same otherwise. The whole franchise really is targetet towards children that heard stories about "hard games" from their older siblings / parents. They want to be part of that aswell but fail to realize that games back then weren't hard in a frustrating way, but in a challenging one.

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Yesterday we actually had the original, the legend:


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Titles and flares still come with pre-purchasing the game. The items, however, were Kickstarter exclusives.

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If you want to inquire about these things, PM a moderator/developer, instead of creating new threads.

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tfw you thought we didn't hit the last stretch goal.

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Another evolution. Have to admit I smiled.