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The fact there's no one behind the wheel to get it anywhere is just sad.

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Discord is leaking.

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@Ranten said:
tfw I have never been included in a single meme on the forums. Not a single one


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@Frizze said:

@crushed said:
You can't chamber it out of a riposte unless you feint the riposte and then chamber.

Wait you can feint ripostes? Damn. Can you feint after chambering too?

Yep. You can see them do it in dev blog #2.

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@Smokingbobs said:
Keep in mind that a moderator/dev decides himself when you're going too far.

okay so yeah we can't say anything

If that's the conclusion you draw, that would be great. But what I actually mean is that we don't need to discuss everything among moderators before taking action. I might let something slide that another mod would not or vice versa.

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The thing is, we don't really want to ban words, especially in an off-topic conversation between long-time members that know each other well (. A word in itself is empty. There's a difference between some guys joking around (be it funny or not) and actual racist or homophobic intent.

This does not mean we want people to go on a controversial rampage in the off-topic section, but we're not going to be preying on every little thing.

Keep in mind that a moderator/dev decides himself when you're going too far. We've discussed this topic briefly to get on the same page and this is more or less what we agreed on. For now. You might still get a warning if someone deems it appropriate, don't take my words as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

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@DerFurst said:

Back to the topic on hand, the rules are fine for the main forums, so long as the offtopic section can remain our safe haven - our "ghetto" if you will.

Overzealous moderation is going to kill the enjoyment of these forums if our banter and funny political talk becomes censored, even in parts of the forum where it's appropriate. Keep it in mind that while the people coming from the kickstarted do need a sanitized experience in the main forum as to not be too weirded out before being broken in, this community is weird which is what makes it so fun. Trying to moderate that out of the forums entirely would hurt everyone's experience.

Off-topic = off-topic; you don't have to worry about much intervention there. Other sections are on-topic, so that is what yo do.

If with "overzealous moderation" you're referring to the high amount of deleted comments, then overzealous is the way to go. Obviously a lot of people are testing the waters, but continuously breaking the rules in order to have us intervene and then complain about intervention is a surefire way to make the forums feel like a police state.

As soon as that Kickstarter finally gets here, I think we'll find it a lot easier to stay on topic and have meaningful discussions.

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@Jax said:
so smokingbobs what defines new? 249 posts or less?

Anyone that wouldn't understand that there are no hard feelings when it's going down. This forum's hard core knows how they can talk to one another, but you can't expect new members to understand it's not serious when they're received by a - in their mind - welcoming committee of absolute cunts.

When in doubt, be polite.

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We deleted EVERYTHING.

EDIT: Said that as a joke. Turns out it is actually true :<

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@Etrius said:
Guys you can't witch hunt a moderator.

Kind of makes the Mordhau forum what it is; no one is free from getting shit on :>

As long as it doesn't happen to some new guy, I'd like it to stay that way.

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Welcome out of the shadows. To be honest, a dab emote would be hilarious.

EDIT: Yeah, I'm serious. Sue me tbh

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The resemblance is undeniable.


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But.. 1v1 me club penguin :<

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@Peregr1ne said:
The game is still in the beta stages, so they'll probably improve things in the future.

Mostly balancing work /bug fixes. But that does not improve the fundamentals of the game.

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Wanted to make a gif of one of For Honor's executions with Marox executing JoBo, but couldn't find footage where UI wasn't POPPING UP EVERYWHERE ON THE SCREEN.

gg I guess.

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You can see the emergence of rules as the harbinger of the Kickstarter. So, very soon the forum will have plenty of new information to discuss.

Just keep breathing. :]

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@DerFurst said:
Gauntlet and Monsteri were chosen because the devs know them from Chiv comp, and Smokingbobs was thrown a bone since the devs like his memes

Who said memes could never get you anywhere.

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"People still think Mordhau is a real game."