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@Dutch_van_der_Linde said:
I see duel servers everywhere, I'm just looking for one where high level players frequently go to. Most duel servers are full of newish players where I'll win with 0-3 deaths and it's not helping me get better.

I think there was a dallas one or something I went into, had a bunch of lvl 50+

Idk, just go to a bunch of servers with ping that suits you, and stay on the one with the highest level people/regulars/frequenters, and remember the name so u can search for it

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And btw OP if I was you I'd just go, deathmatch, and max ping 70, and then find good servers like that that have a decent amount of players on them

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If anyone with the knowledge sees this pls tell me where can I find a dueling teacher/trainer and is it limited to only guilds/mordhau groups where I could find someone like that?

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Is this only something only available through guilds/groups whatever they're called? If so how do I join?

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I want to play Mordhau Baseball

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Necroing becuz dis thread makes my pp hard

Mordhau baseball make it happen pl0x

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@Pariah said:
Wrong place mostly, no one scrolls past the bugs & glitches board.


I guess most of the people who do that just go straight to general to complain about something they don't like to try and change it to a way that's convenient for them


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Is it just people posting in the wrong place, or general discussion vaguely allows it?
Or is it both?

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@SeweruS said:
Good day dear creators my name is Vlad my steam acc is Madnoobu i working market manager and I want to offer you my vision of the future in your game. first i want to say you make Great job to make so nice game we have a lot fun with my friends in your game!
BUt ..... it always will be But ..
So for this month you will take top selling on the Steam its great ! People want something exclusive in your game and i know what they want , what i want see in your game its very important for your income every month .

  1. Rank system
    for people who will play every day will be great take ranks with every lvl from peasant grove to king ! Why not ? people will be interested take not only lvl . maybe if you will make combo Ranks + achievement sound good ? i dont think it will be hard to add on your game ? it give more interest to your game to keep people play every day .

2 . Guild
Why not ? map is big why we can play guild on guild ? i think this game must have some tournament in future but its not game for solo playing you dont think so ? ye you can play duel but you dont have duel option too . But if i will make Guild and give this guild name with some logo i think i can fight for it, and it will be some sens to rent for real money server for my guild to practice . Guild vs guild where every know what to do archers mele and commanders who told peaople what to do ? is sounds like some Raid in WoW where every body doing his job and in the end you will be the best in the world .

  1. Store online
    Why you still doesn't have it ? You dont need money ? when people will be stop buying your game and your income will be less and less every moth ? you need add some store in your game with skins on the weapons skins on armor its a lot different model in the history what you can use it . for Example your friends from PUBG they take money only on they Store selling cases and skins for real money Why not ? i will pay my money for by so exclusive skin on weapon

SO its what we recommended with my friend who played you game every day!! thank you for your big Work on this project

I use Grammarly (Free extension)
So I can see stuff like spelling mistakes outlined in red, and gosh just looking at this post is triggering me, It's so covered in red, it looks like a fucking blue teammate SO COVERED IN BLOOD in Mordhau that a newb hits by mistake because he doesn't know that pressing H lets you see where your allies are and confused him with a red enemy

Anyways, yikes, what's up with these aids suggestion posts on general discussion, this shit should be kept to suggestions/feedback, shouldn't it?

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@JohnnyMuldoon said:
then you should not play battle royale since besides skill you also need a lot of luck there (Maps too small for BR and you get killed immediately when you are not lucky with your first chest).
Also if I were you I would practice against bots and learn the game mechanics:

And forget archery since it sucks unless you practice 100+ hours so you can hit moving targets at any range.

If you want a better K/D ratio play with a 2/3/0 spear build and just spam the mouse wheel in frontline. Its boring but at least your ego gets a little candy.

My ego gets a big fat boner when through practice and self-reflection/self analyzation/learning from my mistakes I improve and get to beat more people than I could before, I think for pitiful people I agree with you that going the way of instant gratification by using easy to use meta builds to beat people who aren't good, like using shield x rapier/anything else compatible is going to feed their ego/make em' feel better in the short term

But I really hope less people do this, I wish stuff like the number of people that used weapon x shield would be organic; people who genuinely enjoy using that specifically/had interest in it, like for example, someone enjoying the thought of using a big fat greatsword to cleave through people to me is far purer and ideal/right vs just using something that is "meta" or "good"

I really don't mind any weapon use or weapon combination, what I dislike is people using them not out of interest/like, but out of "welp, it's the meta/ez to use" Basically like people who google "What's the best class in X game/what does the most damage?" without caring about anything else

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@PinkerStinklage said:
come back, man :( share some more mordhau server admin cringe

2nd reply to this thread

A team of about 5 dudes on red clearly in coms like teamspeak or discord, using shields and spears performing an effective phalanx to push individually fighting pubbies on blue off points in frontlines, sometimes not outright killing them but forcing them out of the circle. At no point did anyone group-think to outflank or pincer them, but the server cried bullshit and a mod tossed them out for being "cheap noobs"

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@SWSeriousMike said:
Please leave me out of this. We had a political discussion (only allowed in PMs according to forum rule #5) in which we disagreed about basically everything.
Please stop inserting my name in your posts as if it would grant you any authority. Not only do I have no authority but I also don't share your opinions.

"Please leave me out of this" Hahahaha, should've said that earlier when we concluded our argument over this thread via PMs

Our political discussion was completely irrelevant to this and was just started out by you out of nowhere

Again, I honestly could care less, stop talking to me if you don't want to be replied to or talked to/about

Nobody else has tried to troll me for fun or at least tried contribute to thread, so I'm not interested in continuing to post here, again, stop making shitty assumptions like always m8 :)

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@PinkerStinklage said:
haha get kicked

Watch out with the salt m8, you might get a heart attack :p
@PinkerStinklage said:
what an insufferable cunt. id fucking ban you twice if i could

Since you're just going to repeat yourself like a 12 year old I'm just gonna go have fun somewhere else, doesn't seem like you're gonna be any more fun
Thankfully I was already satisfied by arguing with almost everyone else before you
Though pitiful all you did was call me names, get salty, and repeat yourself like you're still 9 and playing fortnite, though that was a funny contrast compared to everyone else, especially the two other people who at least made some decent arguments

Have a good one :)

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@PinkerStinklage said:
what logic isn't adding up? lmao you said retard on a server and got kicked, and now you're all assmad about it on the forums. get fucked, cunt

there is no argument here, youre mad online and i called you a name. thats really all there is here, im not trying to have some coherent back and forth on the matter. i merely see someone upset on the internet, and want to make them feel better

Btw, I don't know why you're surprised that I'm assuming you're salty

When you make the same type of assumptions, and type out things like this lul

@PinkerStinklage said:
what an insufferable cunt. id fucking ban you twice if i could

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@PinkerStinklage said:
what logic isn't adding up? lmao you said retard on a server and got kicked, and now you're all assmad about it on the forums. get fucked, cunt

there is no argument here, youre mad online and i called you a name. thats really all there is here, im not trying to have some coherent back and forth on the matter. i merely see someone upset on the internet, and want to make them feel better

So you're like every other retard here who failed to read lol, just like I predicted
Again, I didn't come here posting this angry, I came here laughing at how hilarious it was that I got kicked by such a hilariously silly rule, that puts retard as a kickable offense, on the same level as saying the hard R N word, all I wanted to see was people share stories like that, but instead I only got 1 contribution like that, the rest are retards like you who're here because they want to make smartass remarks and shitty assumptions even though they know nothing about the situation, and fail to understand that this is not a post about me complaining or some sort of circlejerk, but again, I don't expect good reading ability from a random on the Internet on the Mordhau forums

Edit: At least, even though I only got 1 person who gave a proper reply instead of derailing the thread, at least I got a bunch of idiots to make fun of and laugh at, so I still ended up getting what I want, to laugh at dumb shit lol

2nd Edit: Wow, I don't know why you even edited your reply, trying to fix a mistake, when your whole response is filled with many basic spelling mistakes

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@PinkerStinklage said:
its not like it took anything from me to say that. all i had to do was see you replying to yourself incessantly. my only reaction was "wow what a cunt" and you reply with "hahaha wow salty???"

"It's not like it took anything for me to get so triggered that I decided to say "I would fucking ban you twice if I could"
"What a cunt" Lol, nice one dude, but the logic doesn't check out

"Replying to myself"
What are you on about? Most of this thread is me replying one time to randoms, and the rest to SWSeriousMike

Why can't anyone here read

Edit: Before you even reply trying to rationalize/justify your actions/thinking
Just don't even talk to me m8, cause if you're going to try an argue with me or something, I will never agree with you, and I expect the same from some random on the Internet who's first way of addressing me was "insufferable cunt" kek, unless by miracle you happen to also be a somewhat reasonable person like SWSeriousMike to private message and resolve your issue with me/my post

So either reply with something unlike what I've described or just go somewhere else on the forums, I've already talked to enough people here of the same shit, I'm about to reach the point of "wow, this is actually getting boring now"

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@Beautiful Brexit Boy said:
Tbf killing yourself when you die in mordhau is immersive

It's always epic to see

Kill someone in contraband, they have bloodlust so they run off/or they're really low>Then they jump straight off the map

And of course..

You follow them and jump too

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@PinkerStinklage said:
damn dude, you sound rather worked up. i suggest you chill out :^)

Hmmm... I think I should remind you of reality

@PinkerStinklage said:
what an insufferable cunt. id fucking ban you twice if i could

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@SWSeriousMike said:

@MyDudeximus said:
over 40 replies with an effortless thread :p

You wrote more than the rest of us combined. I wouldn't call that effortless.

Thankfully, I got at least one person (you) to understand LOL
Though in reality, most of the thread is just

Dumb random who can't read>I reply>Random leaves thread


Like you

Random replies>I reply>Cycle