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  • 22 Mar '18

This is all I have to say
me face when maulz.jpg

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  • 3 Oct '17

@marox said:
Yes, this isn't actually the messer, but an alt-skin for it which is the Maciejowski bible chopper, that's why it's lacking the crossguard.

I must admit I got a good laugh when I opened the loadout window expecting to find a Kriegsmesser and, instead, a big ol' kitchen knife was staring back at me.

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  • 25 Sep '17

You're new, so I'm gonna do everything in my power not to grill you over this.

What you're not understanding here is that a big part of the defensive skill in this game is related to conditioning yourself not to parry reflexively as soon as you see an attack starting. I think you're still in that phase where you understand the general idea of parrying, but you can't time the parries properly yet. Playing in third person is also not helping you with this because it's more difficult to actually aim your parry into their weapon precisely.

This is an extremely basic overview of defense, but the next time you're on a server, find some guys that play this way and watch their attacks start up and begin to swing towards you before you block. You probably won't do it right the first time, but if you keep resisting the urge to immediately hit your parry once you're aware of an attack then you'll begin to feel out how much of a window you actually have before attacks hit you.