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  • 25 Mar '19
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@ThePracticeKnight said:
I know there were bugs present for the backer stress test, however, I've played each day and didn't receive any gold or exp. Still not getting any to this day.

This might be your client not correctly authenticating with the backend servers for some reason.
Could you please send me your latest Mordhau.log file where you were on a server and didn't get any rewards?
The log files are in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Mordhau\Saved\Logs

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  • 27 Nov '18
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I believe messing with the default ini files could've caused this.
Make sure that all the ini files in Mordhau/Config are in their original state and delete the Mordhau/Saved/Config directory.
Then the server should be able to properly generate the files in Mordhau/Saved/Config on the next launch.

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  • 25 Nov '18
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We changed the way server configuration works back in build #14.
The required ini files will be generated on first launch within the Saved/Config directory.
Editing the default ini files is generally a bad idea since there's a good chance that your changes will be lost on an update.

Also please don't redistribute our server files outside of Steam since they're not publicly available while we're in closed alpha.
I deleted the download link.

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  • 5 Aug '18
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Which file is that? Looks like a modified DefaultGame.ini.
Editing any of the default ini files can cause weird behavior, you're only supposed to edit the ini files in Saved/Config/<Platform>Server/.
Also "Maplist" isn't valid, it should be "MapRotation".

I recommend you restore all default ini files to their original state and delete the ini files in Saved/Config/...
After that running the server once should generate a valid config in Saved/Config/... and then you should be able to make your changes there.

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  • 17 Mar '17
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Unfortunately UE4 currently only supports Vulkan for mobile platforms properly. The implementation for desktop platforms is still incomplete and unstable.

We'll definitely try to get Mordhau on Linux but please understand that we can't make promises until we're 100% certain that we'll be able to deliver.

On the bright side the UE4 roadmap shows Linux Vulkan support labelled as "April" so hopefully we may have some good news for you in a short while.

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  • 2 Mar '17
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@vanguard said: