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  • 22 Jul '17

Also (I may have read this while skimming but) why cant a Pre-Order full game?

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  • 22 Jul '17

Maybe sell me a key here? My max is 100 dollars but that probably wont happen.

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  • 16 Jul '17

I came by earlier to be like "yay I can finally get this game!" Yet the store is gone. Did you run out of alpha and beta keys? What about pre-order the full game? I think I missed something big...

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  • 16 Jul '17

@DerFurst said:


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  • 8 Jul '17

WOW! To sad I wont be able to play till NEXT YEAR.

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  • 15 Jun '17

@Byzantine said:


  • Cost: 3 / 4
  • Use: Anti-knight & support, psychological warfare / intimidation
  • Damage: very high, blunt
  • Range: effective 30~50m / projectile itself just like longbow
  • Speed: internet explorer

The musket, despised by many, is difficult to balance. Perhaps the most controversial weapon ever to exist, if it should be implemented.

Suggested attributes:


  • Inaccurate
  • Gives away your position
  • Obscures vision after shot
  • Flinching
  • Player immobilized while loading and aiming
  • Misfires
  • Long loading time


  • Highest damage output of any ranged weapon
  • Due to blunt damage especially effective against plate armored opponents
  • Not chamber / parry-able
  • Intimidating

The shooter, in order to shoot this thing needs to do a tedious loading process which can take up to 30 seconds (which will prevent people from spamming bullets).

Matchlock loading procedure

  1. Load barrel with powder
  2. Put in a wad
  3. Place bullet on top of the barrel
  4. Take out the ramming stick
  5. Shove the bullet with the wad down the barrel
  6. Return the stick into the frame
  7. Sip some black powder into the pan
  8. Aim & Fire

In this time, he is immobilized. In order to move, he has to complete the loading process or cancel it. He also is immobilized while aiming and firing, due to the gun resting on the support, as illustrated here:


This makes him very vulnerable to cavalry charges and ambushes from men at arms.

When giving fire, there is a chance of the gun misfiring, which delays the shot. Also the pan igniting and the blast will make the shooter flinch, which will affect his aim. After the shot has been made, the blast and smoke will give away the position of the shooter, making him easy prey for enemy archers.

How much damage the weapons is going to make in order to be balanced, I'm not sure. With all these cons I would think that a one shot kill would be justified (at least on non-armored and lightly armored opponents), which won't be of much use, since the weapon's primary role is to defeat armor. How shields are going to affect the bullets, I don't know.. perhaps it should go through the shield with reduced damage to the user, get blocked by the shield or smack the shield out of the opponents' hand.

Inb4 autistic screeches

That's a good idea, but will really set off medieval time

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  • 2 Jun '17

nothing like seeing a knight run by on a man jousting

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  • 31 May '17

I get it. no console version...

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  • 29 May '17

@Sammy said:

@Ianshaggy said:

  1. Maybe better graphics.

I'm definitely for a console port down the line but don't make me laugh.

Ok sorry, it wasent for laughs

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  • 29 May '17

I know you guys keep saying that there will be no console at the moment, however, I have some things that are good and may be worth trying console. I wont be mad if it dosent come out for console. Btw here is the list. may get a lot of money (if thats what the devs want)

  1. I heard that you can use a controller to play this game, so if that's true, that means you dont need to make up controls to the ps4 or xbox controllers.

  2. Many games have done this. I know chivalry did for a fact. (Also I heard that chivalry people are helping to make this game. So if that's true they can maybe help you). Unless unreal engine 4 cant do this.

  3. The mods can still be possible like what you guys said you wanted. Skyrim, for example, was able to do this cool feature.

  4. A lot more people will pre-order (including me).

  5. Maybe better graphics.

  6. More people are happy.

Down sides

  1. Porting

Note: there is this weird glitch that the list numbers are (upside list) 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 (downside list) 1