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  • 12 Apr '19

I have been playing with the medic bag on all my classes for the past few weeks (~35hrs) and I feel the hold time needs a slight increase.

As of now, it is not broken. It is however very easy to withdraw from a team fight and heal to full quickly. Normally just one friendly between you and them is enough distraction to step back and heal, and I have healed very close to a team fight many times quite safely.

I feel like you should be more vulnerable when healing. With the bandage you have to switch to it, while with the bag you can heal with your weapon out and disengage at any moment. An increase of ~0.5s to 1.0s should be fine.

This would not mean the bag doesn't see play as post team fight all players wish to heal from the bag as it is much faster than a regen.

The 2 point cost is also good as it allows good armour and weapon choice.