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  • 17 Jun

not that im advocating for frogmouths, but there are some depictions of frogmouth-like helmets being worn on foot in the early 15th century, both with breath holes and without, with a movable visor and without


these could a type of bascinet or armet visor that resembles a frogmouth, or an actual stereotypical stechhelm (maybe not so likely since being able to raise your visor is very valuable if not necessary in a field combat scenario)


what i see as the main difference between jousting frogmouths and these supposed field frogmouths is that the former variants tend to (but not always) require the wearer to lean forward to be able to see out the visor, while these artistic depictions have their oculars lined up with the wearer's eyes to be viable on foot
so while the heavy frogmouth helmets of the late 15th and 16th century are optimized solely for the tournament, there are at least some manuscript images that show frogmouth-like helmets being worn on foot. i wont say for certain whether these helmets existed in abundance, but there are a sizable amount of manuscripts that show them being worn outside of the joust; maybe just for heraldic and knightly show-off purposes? some of the depictions revolve around the tales of the knights of the round table, but not all of them

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  • 17 Jun

@Cence said:

You must be the most annoying person on this forum. Literally everything you post is either useless to the discussion or just disruptive.

have you met analgrinder

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  • 28 May

i would also advocate for a spike addition to the warhammer, but that would mean throwing away the possibility of a dolchstreithammer skin

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Knight 230 1102
  • 26 May

@Ikarus said:
Everyone must have realized that the archery system is broken, very slow and out of the reality. I suggest watching this video, which shows historical facts of how it was more dynamic and fast.

Obviously the archer is extremely skilled, but suggests it would be a common skill in medieval times.

lars andersen should not be taken seriously when it comes to history, he is a good circus act but he is wrong about how archery was done in the middle ages, both misinterpreting historical sources as well as neglecting to mention certain things. what he says about archers in the past not standing still is pure horseshit
also he uses a low poundage bow, not the kind of thing suitable for a medieval battlefield; if he used a bow with a heavier draw weight that was appropriate to bring into war, he would have a much harder time pulling these tricks off so quickly
here's just one video debating some of the things he says

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  • 24 May

@Gterry180 said:
What the packet of sugar is a Knigga?

a combination of knight and nigga

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  • 23 May

AKA a corazzina


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  • 19 May

@FlyingTesticle said:


replace the kettle helm with a sallet and bevor and use the gothic or fluted gauntlets
use the short mail skirt and the gothic legs

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  • 17 May

grator, the main weapon artist, has said that a katzbalger skin for the arming sword would be inappropriate because the arming sword is suited for thrusting and most of its blades taper to a thin point to show it, while katzbalger blades tend to have much rounder points
there might be something else coming up though

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  • 16 May

@CoiNs said:
Heavy armor is too strong against arrows

and thats the way it should be 💪

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  • 15 May

doppelsöldner from around the 1520s


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  • 14 May

have you met the 8 foot tall man using a maul who cant be flinched

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  • 11 May

here's the list of things that i really think mordhau could use in order to complete some of the armor sets as well as bring more life into customization, now with pictures:

  • brigandine spaulders for the shoulders

  • italian pauldrons

  • italian legs

  • more besagews, or some spaulders with besagews

  • fluted 3x3 pauldrons

  • fluted arms & legs with bearpaw sabatons

  • mitten gauntlets & fluted mitten gauntlets

  • 16th century arms, with or without articulating inner-elbow plates

  • italian sallet with brow protection on visor and shorter tail

  • bellows-face armet

  • more authentic clothing12381cccd4c9d3417c4887cd79040d29.jpgacc7907687702a91762e145f68040aeb.jpg

some other things i would like to see:

  • a better color palette for the brigandine, allowing us to pick red or blue outside team modes
  • spurs
  • lance rests
  • the ability to color visors and other parts golden
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  • 10 May

not that i want pink in the game, but here's some more depictions of it from around 1400, give or take 10 years


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now that we have a plumed armet, it would be nice to have a crested variant of the great helm


Knight 230 1102


will update with the brigandine greaves once i unlock them, but for now i think it looks nice
unfortunately i cant dye the leather an oxblood color

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@OverlordSmörgåsbord said:

in 1139 Pope Innocent II actually BANNED crossbows for use against christians because it was such a devastating and terrible weapon. able to kill a fully trained and geared knight with 1 shot from a peasant.

do you have a source for this? because not only is this not completely true, but it sounds like you’re mixing up the armor of the 12th century (dominantly mail) with the advanced and nearly crossbow-proof full plate armor of the 15th/16th century
crossbows weren’t as nuke-like as you’d like to believe

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  • 29 Apr

check again

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  • 24 Apr

thank you for the kind smile, heres a small lizard