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Knight 86 133
  • 4 Dec '17

You master chambering King that’s why you’re asking this. You’re not asking to increase the skill cap but only the skill gap between you and future players. On the rest I totally agree with you !

Knight 86 133
  • 4 Dec '17

The strength to chambering is that you gain a stamina advantage and you auto read any feint. It's a risk, already has very strong payout it does not need any more

Making chambers harder is also a bad option because then you just alienate weaker players from an entire mechanic.

Stamina advantage after 15-20 sec of fight, and that implies that you chamber way way more than your opponent. When I train with my buds I can’t chamber all their attacks because heh, they’re a minimum good. If I chamber 2/3 attacks I’m fine and they are rarely out of stamina before one of the two dies.

If there’s more advantages to chamber why aren’t we all chambering more than parrying ? Because the risks-learntime/gain ratio is not interesting atm.
That’s why I asked for a slighter advantage by making normal parry ripost slower

You put the perfect words on what i meant in an aproximative english with your last sentence. 😁

Knight 86 133
  • 3 Dec '17

What am I reading (thinking about Ed's post)

But let's move on.
Chamber shouldn't be harder. Only few of alpha players - and we all know that alpha player database is mainly former Chiv vets - are mastering chambering. I know that because I've been mad for weeks trying to chamber against "normal" parrying guys.

I always said that if we want players to go into chambering we don't have to make it harder because they will settle for normal parry and some random stab chambering. Instead of that we have to give it more power OR really nerf normal parry riposte.

I mean when I chamber I have 3 solutions :

1, If I chamber an overhead, I can riposte with an overhead
2, If I chamber an attack, I can chamber feint (I have to hope that my opponent don't read it because yes, if he chambers too I get a free hit)
3, If I chamber an attack, I can morph to a stab

When I do normal riposte, I can :

1, Switch to any 240 attack with the same speed of a chamber riposte (?)
2, Wait. (which is kind of feint if for example it occures after severals attacks)

And that at the low price of few stamina points.

I want normal parry ripostes to be slower, so that gives chamber ripostes a real advantage.

King, except to discourage people to chamber more, I don't see (atm) the point of making chamber harder. I imagine it's about the skill (c/g)ap. You'd be able to settle with a more little chamber window so let's do it and f*ck the others ?

Knight 86 133
  • 4 Nov '17

My opinion :

I agree with kick stunning against shield users when they're rising it. I don't like the idea that you can raise the shield on a side while facing/attacking another like Rag said. Plus i imagine that would be hard to implement. You can throw a weapon when rising shield by using the emote "facepalm" as we tried out with King few weeks ago (Considering that you would throw your weapon at a certain distance and not in a close range fight and that raising shield is to defend yourself from other players' throwings).

That's the big part for me. I try my best to chamber atm and unlike Rag or King it is still a bit difficult and risky for me. Considering Chamber is harder than Parrying both with 240 attack system and binding system as you have in fact 6 parries to master (Right/Left Overheads, slashes and underhands), i would give a slighter advantage to chamber so people would seriously start to play with them.
I do for example chamber right overheads well but i'm often being punished because the player parries and ripostes with a left overhead
(especially when i'm being facehugged).

Then I'm like "Ok, but if i chamber x or y hits, my opponent will run out of stamina". In fact, we found out yesterday that your opponent can strike with his fists and take his 2nd weapon allowing you in most of the cases one free hit.

So i would like more drawbacks for parrying or more advantages for chambering.

Atm I think the only advantage of chambering against a guy that only parries is chamber feint as they usually fall in.

I globally follow King.