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@quack_quack_quack said:
there aren't even any Chivalry servers left that are playable for me up in Washington State since the west coast servers died out.

It's coming right around the corner!

Also, we've still got the Moorland holding down the west coast brother. ;)
It's actually warming up right now. It tends to be quite filled up every evening.

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Good day, I figured I'd post a new topic as I fear posting on a "necro" thread will catch flak.

So at the moment the config file I have access to has limited ability to alter settings. I remember Chivalry was similar in what could be changed and as time went on more was customizable. Such as; changing the round time and goal score.

Is this a simple addition I could add to the Game.ini file?

Here is the current game.ini setting:


ServerName=Moordhau Skirmishers - Gracious Welcome

Many thanks. I did a search n' couldn't find this answer.

  • also would be great if Mordhau had what Chivalry had originally but then appeared to have removed in a far later patch.
    The ability to restrict player chat to the team they're on only. This is something I would highly recommend having added for the server side settings. "AllowNonTeamChat=False"
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You're welcome to it Lord Commander Guts, PM if you'd like to password it, etc. Can re-name for the event.

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@Rattsknecht said:

Rattsknecht gets it!

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@Jax said:

Thanks Jax and congrats on being community big dawg!
Baron von Moorland reppin' the Mordhau in California BAAAABYY!

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No room for moor friends. And the alert aspect is nice to see a visual announcement. It works well.

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A Steam group for those who are playing Mordhau and would like a means to coordinate when they're playing and to alert one another.
This is a public group with the ability to post alerts when you're playing.

Join up and ensure you have announcement/alerts enabled so you can see when others are playing and post your own alerts when you're looking for others as well.
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I have a feeling all these players would disagree with the title of your thread.

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This may conflict with the game's ability to lessen the gore of the atmosphere - but I would like to see the atmospheric dead bodies of peasants and soldiers in all forms of decay to be rather detailed.

Crows, flies, decaying bodies (animal and human)

I'd like to see the ruthless aspect of life n' death back then. I.E. People bound up and killed in all forms. tied to a large rock or tree and gutted, etc.

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Another great song!

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Too epic - from my youth - this is an amazing album

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When landsknecht rides into the fray
Cold steel warmed - in this war - of play
For to hold strong - the life - it strains to endure
Riding forth - as if to dance - the gray host - to be sure
Collecting life's debts - bringing those across - who've no moor regrets
Dread naught for your sake - the eternity you will hold
Will be not cold, perceived a loss - instead - warm and awake
This infinite battle untold - is in death true - be sure
For those who's mettle should strike them pure
Are found as victors through the suffering of life's departure

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There must be some benefit to having a shield, and there must be some benefit to not having one. I would think the shield should be a good option for players that are new to the game. It should be easier to block with but have it less mobility when it comes to attacking with combos or something. Whereas having no shield should make your attacks either a little quicker, or just have moor damage to them.
I could totally accept dealing moor damage with 2 handed versus 1 handed.

The perrybox should not be smaller than the actual shield I think.

As for changing the timing - that's all natural and dynamic in combat as it is right?
I'm always trying to throw off my foe's timing regardless of shield.

*and please add the shield bash/attack

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I've not been on since the most recent update but I agree with the DragonBorn's statement regarding 'if' they were OP we'd see everyone use them. That's not the case. The shield feels good to me so far, I feel it can be got around well enough to strike my legs/feet etc.

I've always felt the "it's boring to fight against" excuse to be rather trollish and childish. Think about it.

Could it be some of us are requesting it get nerfed simple because we have yet to understand how to best counter them? It is the obvious role of a shield to protect the bearer. Personally I believe they need to implement an attack with the shield.
If anything should be restricted/nerfed they can reduce some of the combo's one can preform with a shield in use... (maybe)

Attack/bash with the shield should be added though.