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@Gambit said:

What would RCON do for moderation though? I'm really hoping it gets added soon but I think moderation still needs to be done mostly in game. Unless it's for automated kicks due to chat or repeated TKs

Change the map, maybe add/remove bots.

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Looking forward!

Baron 495 1381

Sure we don't get that rewarding feeling at the end, though we've been told it'll all be gravy and we might even get a little treat for being so understanding. Thanks for the great game!

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I have a feeling all these players would disagree with the title of your thread.

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@Maci said:

@EpicNTheFadeda.k.a.Dr.See said:
I decided to observe bots on how they fight by accessing their first-person cameras using the spectator cam and the bots seem to be looking down alot while they fight sometimes. They seem to have heavy heads.

they sad
they know they'll never break out of the mordhau
dying over and over again
seeing their humiliated corpses as they respawn, running into certain death again

"Sad"?! That sounds like Valhalla to me!

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Baron 495 1381

@Baron said:
@•҉Ɓaron voŋ Moorland
Hey! Ain't you the guy that made the Crypte horde map?
Dude it's perfect!!

Aye! I converted the Crypt map to FFA is all and Snow Moor, Rain etc..
I host the server which is home to some of those who created the Cursed modes.

Once we see eggplant n' Zedhead n' Phishi in Mordhau SDK... it's going to be off the chain!

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@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Mouse cursor in any of the menu screens do no line up to the actual buttons. In other words if you put the mouse cursor over a menu button it is not clickable or able to use the slider. You have to move your mouse cursor to the right quite a bit in order for it to register and use the menu.

What resolution and scale you playing on?

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@-Phen- said:
The shop itself has never had anything in it for me. Only Kickstarter. Now the kick starter shows it has room for more funding but isn't open for purchase. Kinda makes me sad I can't put in my $60 bucks for this game. :/

Here's your best option for the moment Good sir -Phen

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@-Phen- said:
@baron von moorla. Does the kick starter not allow pledges anymore? I shows open spots to buy a $60 one but no way to really pay for it. So is the funding over?

Yes, the funding has closed for access to alpha keys. There has been talk of them re-opening pledges in the future before official release - though for now it may be best to attempt to find someone with extra keys to sell.

See this link:

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@-Phen- said:
So is there anyway to fund the Kickstarter any more? Or anyway to get into the game?

Keep your eyes open for updates on the selling of keys. Check the forums for some posts related to selling alpha keys. lots of players got multiple keys with the purchase tier - though the price may be inflated due to demand.

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@Alphonse said:

I know this might be hard to implement, but a little warning a minute or so before the match is supposed to end (either from time running out or getting the max score) might be cool if you're playing casually.

Shouldn't be too hard - they could easily implement sound 'end of round' music for the last 60/120 seconds.

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Not a huge deal - but some weapons clip through the body depending on lean angle.

this player is leaning back and weapon clips through belly.


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Baron 495 1381

Great post - thank you for this. Fun read while I wait to play this evening!

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@Valbjorn said:
P.S. I hevent felt myself so helpless and filthy for a long time, this shit really makes me depressed.

Is it wrong for me to like this comment?

Thank you to everyone who's leaving your feedback on the game! Every little bit is welcome. Pleasure to hear about it with only hours to go until I can explore it for myself. Keep the first impressions coming gents!

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Baron 495 1381

@JREX said:
When are we getting the Alpha keys? Droooool

Check your purchases tab under profile. you have it now!

@Smeelio said:

Yo I'm gonna shill for Jax of my own volition, he's currently streaming and I'm currently watching, so if you want a taste...

What's his link again? or can we not post links like that?

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@greyfox said:
Guys....this game already feels more polished than chivalry ever did. I am in heaven now.

Thanks for the feedback greyfox!
Please feel free to post some initial impressions here so people like me (who are at work for hours) can get a little taste through your words!

Oh! and Marox has 4444 likes... it's all aligning perfectly - the portal will open soon

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Trying to sit still at work...

giphy (22).gif
7.5 Hours until Mordhau.