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I cant see the new patch notes anywhere?..NVM

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Just keep it on topic guys. If we want to change things about the game what's flaming one another going to do to help?

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"Spamming" attacks had it's draw backs ie. Having to ftp constantly and losing the Stam fight. It kept the game fast paced though and allowed you to feel like you're actually making a big impact and don't get me started on 1vx fights. Just to be clear I'm not a mindless spammer but I am an aggressive player and the fact that I have to give my opponent time to breathe and vise versa just takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Tbh I never had any problems in team fights with the old system... I actually felt more flexible than I ever did in chiv.

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Well put das. The back and forth combat is just plain dull and helps make fighting uninteresting. If they can find a good balance I think a lot of us would be satisfied but if they can't find that sweet spot then this will end up just being a chiv clone but with better visuals,chambers and the option to switch grips :-[

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shield should ALWAYS lose a stamina war to a 2hander, (unless it's like a dagger or smth) because otherwise they will be way too strong and with such a low skill requirement. Shield user can offset weakness by chambering, so it balances itself out. otherwise shield is probably gonna be broken in 1v1

shield users still have a huge damage output, that 1h mace does retarded damage to full plate for what it is

THIS... I agree with most if not ALL of what you said but this takes the cake. Well put giru

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Same issues here but only when im on the road. Im a truck driver and i play from the back of my sleeper and no matter where i am i usually get 100 ping on my hot spot but other games like overwatch i almost always have a low steady ping.

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sounds good..

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Thoughts on the way they tweaked the lockout. I totally disagree with it now and like the way it was before.

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@Glassfan said:
imo, this patch is heading in the right direction.

The option to play more defensively and patient is now viable via the parry/chamber lockout changes.

This by far is my favorite and now fights just feel better to me. The pace is slowed down a bit and spamming attacks is not as effective.

Prince is just salty cuz his spear cheese is nerfed a bit. Which is a good thing --since it was an easily ab-usable weapon.

Idk about the new lockout...seems more noob friendly to do this. TBH i like the way it was before where i could just keep swinging to pressure my opponent but now im limited to having to wait for an incoming attack like i had to in chiv? This is a step in the wrong direction and for me is what separated this game from chivs "take turn hitting" game play. Also now shield users cant be stunned?? What the hell were they thinking by letting this slide?

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@Alphonse said:

@Huggles said:

@DrEpochノಥ益ಥノ said:
at least shield in chiv worked...

He very obviously went for your legs

Yet it looks like the swing goes through his shield / arm and not under it.


Not saying the aim was right or that shields require passive blocking, but the clipping still looks weird.

Not to mention when someone has a heater shield you should be able to hit their feet more easily but that clearly isn't the case with this game.

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Lets do this boys n gals.