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Do not sell to EA Games and the likes of..

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Where do I post on how server lags, ping algorithm is calculated ?

As example, I played a game Dirty Bomb, and realised ping is not an indicator of connection to game server and back. On some connections where I had ping of 350, there was minimal difference of what I see and what the game server sees, whereas on others where I have 20 ping, I get teleporting avatars.

This will affect multiplayer game play. This leads me to suspect that while a common factor or "scape goat" where game servers are geographically in the world which do affect lag times from cable lines, this can be mitigated on how information is linked and shown.

It will be interesting to know how, a player playing with 20 ping connection to a game server with another player playing with 300 ping connection to the game server, how information is calculated or shown.

This might be a potential issue as in First Person Shooters, you might say that they can be more forgiving than melee based games as you are either grasping at straws at thin air or you are not but have room for error in distance through time for the way bullets or "missiles" travel, where there is less to no error for poor aiming when the range is melee range.