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  • 30 Mar
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@Shovonem said:
To me, camp looks cool. However, it would be nice if the devs made different version of the same map. Like Rainy camp.. same map but there's a rain. or another camp with foggy weather etc. Since weather changing in the same map would put a lot of stress on performance.

This is something we'd like to do post-release in the future

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  • 16 Mar
 Spook — UI

I definitely agree that interactive objectives are more interesting and engaging than passive "idle until bar fills up", the trouble is making objectives that are fun and can be completed by both teams while also impacting the match in some way - the solution we implemented was to instead contain the interactive objectives as endgame goals to give the match a feeling of progression and finality when one team gets pushed back enough, naturally giving it a structured attacker/defender dynamic in a mode which conventionally has the teams playing both roles. However, it might still not be enough given the response and feedback to the mode so we're looking into ways of introducing minor, two-way interactive, player-driven objectives on top of the current capture points.

Last night while playing Frontline I noticed a few players had set up emplacements around an objective creating a wall or barricates and mini-ballistae, this really dynamic sandbox gameplay was incredible to see and got me thinking about ways we could encourage it in a way that felt natural to the gamemode.
One idea we've thrown around internally is redesigning the way the toolbox functions by making it a world spawn at capture points and raising the build limit for it quite a bit, then give some incentive (points, gold, cap bonus, something etc) to build around the objective. This gives the defending team a reward and reason to hunker down and solidify their position while simultaneously giving team attacking something to destroy as they overtake and capture it (with points/gold/etc bonus for breaking them). We could then in the future add more buildable objects and expand outward through the toolbox.

This would be the simplest, most realistic thing we could implement prior to release but I'm very interested in hearing other suggestions and ideas! Just keep in mind the scope limits we're bound to.

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  • 2 Mar
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@Stouty said:
let's go spook we got this

Dunno man, Babaji's a force to be reckoned with

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  • 25 Feb
 Spook — UI

Tutorial won't be mandatory, instead it's heavily incentivized with a good amount of gold on the first completion.

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  • 27 Nov '18
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@Jax said:

@Humble Staff said:
The new thingy that shows info about your enemy when you get killed has the HP and Stamina values switched. Like, i was fighting someone and dealt 95 damage before dying and this window said he had 5 stamina left and 45 HP. Happened several times with different values so i'm pretty sure it's a bug.

health on kill?

The values were switched but it's fixed already internally.

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  • 30 Aug '18
 Spook — UI

Only the armory SAVE button greys out when clicked, would like to apply this functionality to the settings APPLY buttons as well in the future. As for the video options not applying, I'm not sure what the issue is there.

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  • 27 Aug '18
 Spook — UI

Flesh Wound + Brawler is a hilarious combo. Get your hands chopped off and DROP people with your powerful, meaty stumps.

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  • 25 Aug '18
 Spook — UI

...I need to see this in action

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  • 25 Aug '18
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  • 12 Aug '18
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@Shovonem said:
Beautiful perk system. The only thing I can suggest here(obviously it's not even out yet but just saying) is some change in the UI. For example, instead of a chest image beside the perks, there could be separate sign for the perks. For example, Brawler can have sign of a fist, acrobat can have a sign of someone jumping over obstacle, Smith can have anvil and hammer symbol etc.

That's the plan, right now the chest icon indicates how many equipment points that perk costs, but in the future we'll have unique icons for each perk.

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  • 28 Jul '18
 Spook — UI

Nice post! Just wanted to update the state of the dynamic crosshair.

New crosshair
There is a new crosshair that will help show a lot of information to the player, such as: the angle for your 240* attack, the chamber and parry window and all the attack phases.

It at one point had separate elements that indicated all of these things (and more), however it ended up just being bloated and not entirely useful so most of the fat's been trimmed and what's left (and what'll likely make it in the next update) is a very minimal version. Right now (and this can change between now and patch time) it previews the 240 angle your attack will take, the parry window, if the attack's a riposte, and subtly indicates windup & recovery without additional elements. As the chamber window is much bigger now it's not as necessary to show the window visually so that's gone. Hitmarkers are also seeing a change with unique animations for each hitzone (head/torso/legs).

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  • 29 May '18
 Spook — UI

@Frise said:
I always thought it only showed up when you killed someone with a blunt uppercut

Nope, secret kill messages have a 1% chance of appearing, secret suicide messages 5%

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  • 29 May '18
 Spook — UI


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  • 4 May '18
 Spook — UI

Loadout select menu is still placeholder, we've got plans to show your character & loadout

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  • 1 May '18
 Spook — UI

@Stouty said:

Fixed two team scoreboard being off center by a few pixels

thank GOD

Game is finally playable

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  • 5 Apr '18
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@Jax said:

  • chat filter: game already has a cooldown if you spam, would be nice to have a list of banned words that cause a 5 minute cooldown or something. could have a line in the server config to enable disable, default on servers and enabled on official servers ofc. allow private servers to turn it off if they want I guess

The issue here is where the line gets drawn for banned words - some people might not care at all what they see in chat, other people might get offended at much lighter words, it just gets real messy and there isn't really a one-size-fits-all solution. Obviously someone spamming profanity sucks, which is where a client-side mute would come in handy (this'll probably be added eventually, on top of the ability to votekick people like that). In any case, if we do add a chat filter it'd be something you can toggle in the settings.

@Jax said:

  • toggleable UI elements: maybe another screen in the settings called "HUD" that shows all available ui elements with checkboxes next to them. being able to uncheck chat, enemy names etc. would be nice if you want to have a minimalist look but still see your health/stam

Would be nice to have for sure. This is something I can't do by myself so can't say if/when it'd get added.

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  • 23 Mar '18
 Spook — UI

@LuxCandidus said:
User Interface

  • While on the second and third pages of the emote menu, it still says "page 1".
    Even if it were to update properly, nothing really tells you there is more than one page when you are on page 1. My suggestion would be to make it say "page 1 2 3" and have the current page number be white while the others are greyed out.

Good catch, not sure what's up, seems to work fine in the editor but is definitely bugged in the live build. I'll change the text to include the max number of pages.

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  • 10 Jan '18
 Spook — UI

Here's the patch notes:

What do you guys think of the changes? Discuss them here!

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  • 10 Jan '18
 Spook — UI

Alpha Build #12



  • Added glancing blow mechanic to strikes - late release hit cancels based on turn amount and release animation progress. If you start a strike, and your weapon rotates 300 degrees or more in the same direction, the hit will glance off enemies and drain miss stamina cost. The extra release turncap curve is now more lax and kicks in once you will get a glancing blow. This fixes the spinning problem and all kinds of extreme drags involving spins.
  • Last 15% of strike release tracers now no longer deal damage (can still be parried). This will get rid of the vast majority of extreme offscreen dragging. Also slows down late release combo mixups slightly.
  • Adjusted parry timings - parry window is now reduced by 50ms (400ms), parry recovery is increased by 50ms
  • Strike chamber window reduced by 50ms (200ms)
  • Increased all strike releases by 25ms - this combined with the tracer and parry/chamber window adjustments means that dragging capability against chambers & parries is very similar to before, but now you have to face your opponent
  • Hand tracers are now parryable in entirety - this fixes the problem of attacks going through parries
  • Added new successful parry state - after a successful parry, there is a 500ms window where parry is easier. This affects parry into parry and the same parry for the remaining window. This state is also active during flinch, so parry out of flinch is now easier.
  • Fixed active parry backparries
  • Increased stab & stab riposte early release from 0.2 -> 0.25 (this will make stabs hit less instant)
  • Attack morph window increased by 0.025
  • Increased global morph stamina cost by 1
  • Brought back riposte feint with a small feint window
  • Adjusted feint lockout - early feints are now less clunky and easier to use for chamber baits
  • Adjusted 3p feint animation - now accurate to first person feints and faster/more aggressive
  • Reduced clash angle to 80 which fixes some edge case back clashes
  • Added new increased soft bubble - only for enemy characters. This will make the gameplay more consistent, reactable/readable as well as nerf facehugging and groundsniffing. Only active on the front/side of character.
  • Removed mesh offset for characters - this removes the sliding when characters turned and will make it much easier to judge characters based on their body rotations.
  • Teamhits now cancel the attack
  • Strike hit recovery skip now always atleast 100ms slower than combo (fixed some cases where it was faster)
  • Added Shortspear, can be used with shield, 4 point cost (no throw yet)

Weapon Balance

  • Slowed down turncap on Bardiche, Halberd, Poleaxe, Spear, Eveningstar, Greatsword, Zweihander slightly
  • Increased Zweihander main mode stamina drain by 1
  • Increased Spear main mode stab stamina drain by 2
  • Slowed down Rapier stab combo windup by 50ms
  • Slowed down Spear stab combo windups by 25ms
  • Slowed down Halberd alt mode stab combo windup by 25ms
  • Slowed down Bastard sword stab combo windups by 25ms
  • Slowed down Bardiche stab combo windups by 25ms
  • Removed Halberd alt mode bonus headshot damage (now the same damage as halberd main mode)
  • Halberd alt mode strike miss cost increased by 1
  • Eveningstar reduced main mode strike release by 50ms
  • Eveningstar increased strike stamina drains by 1
  • 1H Axe strike windup slowed down 25ms
  • 1H Mace increased damage against medium armor, increased point cost by 1
  • Messer main mode strike combo windup slowed down by 25ms

Visuals & Misc

  • Small map changes on The Pit
  • Archers Cap added, with and without feather
  • Added German Kettle and a raised version of it
  • Added Falchion base set for 1H Cleaver
  • Houndskull renamed to Hounskull
  • Added Riders Hosen and Linnen Hosen
  • Added various Maille hoods & Aventails
  • Fixed Hood having wrong display name
  • Added new experimental bloodmask on Eveningstar
  • Various LOD fixes
  • Various clipping fixes with wearables
  • Ditched the arms on the Tunic so that it can be used with most of the others instead
  • Chain Boot material remade to be colorable
  • Matched Gambeson and Padded Coif to other padded items.
  • Added elongated first person override for Gambeson Arms.
  • Gore meshes now more visible
  • Fixed some boots which had an oversized rim and adjusted the baggy pants to fit that
  • Fixed server commands being unable to resolve player names to SteamIDs - this will fix the kick/ban command not working
  • Added dedicated server animation LODing - this will improve server performance
  • Fixed some chamber morph issues in regards to animation which didn’t make it telegraph properly
  • Fixed Messer & Cleaver attack trail
  • Random generation no longer includes exclusive gear
  • Fixed another bug with server commands

User Interface

  • Increased button click volume

Known Issues:

  • Profile select menu causes the input to become sticky.
  • Crashes may occur on Alt+Tab during loading screens, use Borderless Fullscreen if it happens to you.
  • During spectate, players may become invisible except for the person being spectated.
  • Flickering between the main menu and loading screen can occur on start-up. WORKAROUND - thanks to iluvfuz
  • Bots are afraid of heights.
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  • 19 Dec '17
 Spook — UI

@Lincs said:
Explain how hitting a teammate cancels the attack, and why that's beneficial to gameplay. Or am I misunderstanding the wording?

I'm not sure of the implications of this for teamplay.

This is so you can't hit through teammates to hit an enemy, you have to be a bit more careful around allies now.