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  • 26 Oct '19

For the first part, I would like to clarify that I have any interests whatsoever in denegrating the mentioned server below to my own benefits or my owns server, however I think this subject is from the utmost interest of the South Americna community and the global community in general. This message has the intent to alert to a toxic and destructive behaviour that puts this game`s health in check and prejudices everyone in general too.

My nickname is Sauron and I am known by a substantial chunk of the South American players as the owner of a Duel Server named LIBRAD. For a considerable period of time, LIBRAD has been the only duel server available to the region for as long (as we hadn`t Ranked Matchmaking available from the start and the mode is not so popular as we thought it would be). But thanks to the effort of some players, who helped me moderate and mantain a small but healthy and constant surge of players coming in and off this server (also BIG PROPS to you beatiful bastards who took your time to PM me and show appreciation towards the server, it means A LOT), we had a place where duelists could come, train and have a little bit of fun outside of the clusterf* that frontline servers are.

Some time passed and some other duel servers popped, most distintctively HAUFEN and later MATES Y TORTAS FRITAS (whose admins I want to speak about). What immediatly happened in the aftermath was a flood of complaints directed to me, reporting to me that my server was lagging a lot, some even sugested a DDoS attack. I immediatly contacted my server provider and reported the aforementioned problem, asking for solutions, none given (this is a whole other problem, since this is a well known provider who announces ‘’100% DDoS protection’’ and charges kind a bunch of cash for that, but when confrontated by this, vehemently denies that their servers are vulnerable).

Observing the events, we noticed that as soon as my server emptied out and consequently the other two got players, the lag would immediatly stop. So we started checking for signs of a DDoS abuse and found out that HAUFEN was also suffering heavy attacks, as reported by their admin in their oficial discord. Eventually, the HAUFEN server disappeared from the list (I still dont know if their admin just closed their server or other issue happened), so we immeadtly looked at the possible guilty (the admin of MATES Y TORTAS FRITAS).

At 10-26-2019, at around 13:00 (UTC -3), me and other 2 dudes were playing at my server, and after some time the server started lagging. Note that this is a time of low influx of players, so there is now way the server would be unstable or lagging in any form, the server can`t handle the attack and crashes. I then procced to enter the MATES Y TORTAS FRITAS server and notice the their admin (Hakan) is on and playing by himself, the other two dudes immediatly follow behind.
From now on, I will let the screenshots talk for themselves. I will transcript the whole thing below so it makes comprehension easier.

Part 1:
Sauron: carudo
Sauron: demais
what I meant here was that the DDoS was kinda obvious, ‘’carudo’’ means something morelike what English speakers call a ‘’pokerface’’
Luis Boça: lol
Luis Boça: veio daqui o ddos? - did the ddos come from here?
Luis Boça incomprehesible laugh
Sauron: Hakan, are you the adm here?
Hakan: Yes Sauron

Part 2
Hakan the proceeds to answer Luis who just asked if the DDoS came from his server, by confirming it.
Sauron: sick
Hakan: Luis
Hakan: Librad? :v
Hakan: Yes ;v
Hakan: xD

Part 3
I`m baffled, so at this point I just straight ask how he did it and for my surprise he says he used Google Cloud.
Sauron: hakan how do you ddos librad?
Sauron: do you use a vps?
Hakan: Ye
Hakan: Google Cloud

In conclusion, I don`t want to promote any kind of witch hunt. All I want to say is I endorse and estimulate new servers estabilishing themselves as it increases the overall flow of players in the region and forces old ones to improve and get better, healthy competition is anything but bad.

I also would like to emphasize that I fully understand that the developers have little to no control over private servers and cant do anything to mitigate DDoS attacks, as this is obviously a customer-provider relation.
Nonetheless I won`t sit quietly and let this kind of behaviour ruin the already dwindling SA community, as I urge the devs to take actions therefore against the admin Hakan, applying whatever penalties they see fit.
Player ID:

If devs understand this is not enough proof, I will understand it too. I have the other 2 players who could endorse my version if needed, but if it is not enough at least other people will be able to take conclusions about the subject.
If you took your time to read this til the end I really appreciate your attention and will accept ANY suggestions that you have that might help with this issue.

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  • 12 Sep '19

After this last update, I've subscribed my server to some mods on, the problem is some people, including me have been having this problem when connecting to the server we get stuck at the "Preparing to download mods" screen.
I've tried to connect to the server via "open ip" command and tried to wait for some time but nothing happens.

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  • 4 Sep '19

@marox said:
We're going to be giving the duel servers in SA a shot, but we don't expect the matchmaking to work well for the region once the ranks spread out. We'll post an update once they're active.

For those commenting about other regions, we're looking into adjusting server locations for ranked, please bear with us while we figure what's best for the ranked modes.

Thank you, really!
As Frise said, if It doesnt work, at least you guys gave the region a shot. I really hope this can bring a significant number of players back and that you can figure a way to makes this work for the other regions too.

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  • 4 Sep '19

@smug said:

I see 200 in China and 36 players in Japan. South America has literally fucking 12 people playing(at 12:16 AM) EVEN SO that's fucking absurd that you think MM is even necessary or will work in that region

If you sincerely think that's enough players to populate a ranked queue you need to really do the math and think critically.

If AS/SA get ranked the same people who are whining for them to implement ranked servers in those regions will be the SAME people who will come right back to the forums in 3 days whining about how:

1.They can't get matches
2.They have long queue times
3.It's impossible to rank up past Diamond or even get to elite because the best players in the region are farming eachother in Diamond/Plat
4.If you treat Asia as a central region and think 80 ping is acceptable in this game you are in for a rude awakening. Even if we throw latency concerns out the window, collectively the region STILL doesn't have enough people to populate a queue. So here comes the whining about lag.
5.Inevitably to alleviate the queue times for these regions the devs have to make matchmaking parameters more lax, and then people will be whining about getting farmed by Plats when they are bronze etc

In less then a week those communities will be RIGHT BACK to dueling in community servers.

Are you guys seriously that desperate for esports points, when you will be playing literally the same exact people in your duel servers except with added downtime?

No, we are not desperate for esports points. It`s about fullfilling what Trit promised on the Kickstarter campaign, no one ever mentioned: "Hey, we will have ranked matchmaking, except you guys."

If not, then refund me now, I did not pay 60 bucks to depend on players hosting servers so I can play a half decent and incomplete game.

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  • 3 Sep '19

Worst case scenario, queues are too long, and ranked mode gets dumped by the playerbase. Players then proceed back to inhouse leagues/dedicated duel servers. Nothing happens.

It's not like the game has any game mode that got dumped by the community...cough...BR, right?

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  • 3 Sep '19

@marox said:

@AYE said:
I would like to ask Triternion to switch some servers and give us the chance to play that thing we've waited for so long. I understand that you don't want to pay for extra servers in this region, I don't share this thought but i accept it.

This has nothing to do with cost, but rather that the mode simply would not work with the low number of players in the region. MMR/rank spread would accumulate and very soon you'd be looking at rather ridiculous queue times, where only people in the 'average' rank would find any matches at all. For these low population regions, dedicated FFA duel servers work much, much better, as the entire region's population can fit into 1 or 2 servers.

So, the plan is not adding ranked for SA and other regions without at least giving it a ALL? Wow
Sure, having dedicated duel servers would be cool but the already small community will slowly fade due a complete lack of purpose to play the game.
From my perspective, most SA players are hanging on the game waiting for ranked servers. I'm sorry, but this is Chivalry all over again.

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