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That feel when the main mode of the game, the main reason people are coaxed into buying and enjoying the game, is getting absolutely obliterated by a sideline mode only added to be a cheesy fun experience.

Fucking rip frontline.

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I've seen enough people abusing third person to look around corners or get info of what's just behind themselves.

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Chiv 2 when.

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Go buy it and have an actual fun melee experience.

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Virgin Frontline vs Chad Horde mode

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my favorite part of the prefab fortification emplacements

is that they're useless

Who would win

  • Strong fortifications to deter enemy troops
  • Literally just going around it.
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That shit is literally a casino machine, may as well meme about it within the game itself.

Make it like a 1 in 1 million chance to happen, but having it in game would be a big meme.

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I think you quoted the wrong person there, vanguard.

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It's a sunny day in a large open field during noon
It's not an interesting lighting environment

There's no interesting atmospheric effects like fog or rain
There is the distance haze, but it honestly does not look as good as I think was intended.

it's just, another boring day.

The map is well made, it's just,
visually boring

I feel like it'd look a lot better in the rain.

The large swathes of dirt are just asking to be turned into a muddy hellscape during an overcast rainy day

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The engine is loading assets

EG, when you hit a character and it plays a hit sound for the first time after launching the game

it will drop a few frames as it loads that sound asset.

This applies to all on demand assets like that.

It's an engine issue, not a mordhau issue. Games like KF2 have it too. Unreal Engine wants to die nowadays.

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@ÐMontyleGueux said:

There is a spawn damage protection preventing traps right under your spawn point already.

It doesn't work then

They are easy to see, can be crouch walked over, can be deactivated safely. There is a lot of ways to counter them.

None of which are viable or relevant during combat
Easy to see: not when they're hidden in walls, in doors, and under bodies. Time to turn off all your ragdolls and foliage so you can see the traps.
Can be deactivated safely: not reliably, and not without opening yourself up to enemy attack.
There is a lot of ways to counter them: all of 2 ways apparently.

As for horses, they are supposed to be very strong but in limited numbers on the battlefield. The spawncamp is an issue simply because having horses on small maps is a temporary thing most likely.

As for horses, they're horribly balanced and have very few actual threats in the game.

Yes, much like the halberd, they are supposed to be strong, but also like the halberd, they are currently TOO strong.

The horse doesn't require you to spend 11 points. It's free.

Bear Traps are an annoyance that take no skill to use and are a detriment to the gameplay of others.

Cavalry is an unbalanced nightmare of a feature.

Both need to be changed.

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@Mittsies said:
I've probably died to throwing knives or door-kicks more times than I have to bear traps.

If you are wearing light armor legs, they do 100 damage to you and kill you.

a 2 point item that is fire and forget.

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@Mittsies said:

@Tim_Fragmagnet said:
that won't fix anything

Well it'll stop you from dying to Calvary / Traps the literal second you spawn, which is currently a huge problem.

Yes but then you die to them the second you leave your spawn tower

The problem isn't the spawning, that happens regardless

The problems are the cavalry and bear traps, those need to change.

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that won't fix anything

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this literally solves nothing.

you'll still get gayed by bear traps and cavalry as you drop down and move away from it,

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What excessive seasonal events can you come up with, maybe you fight relevent mythological monsters, maybe it's a simple change to a game mode that makes sense.


Mercs vs assorted baddies (werewolves, vampires, other medieval mythos). In fitting maps, mostly at night, in a dark spooky city, or dark spooky misty forest.

You and your friends get to fight K R A M P U S