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@Vaygr said:
Never heard anyone defend Battlegrounds before

oh in no way am I saying battlegrounds looks FANTASTIC AMAZING ART GENIUS

it is one of the least visually interesting maps in chivalry

But it is far less bland than Camp is.

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@Vaygr said:
I see the map as a "Grey day at work map" just as Battlegrounds from Chiv. The camp looks more colorful than the rest of the map. I am sure there are many ways of fixing it including fiddling with the mist/fog or time of day.

Chivalry's Battlegrounds took place under F A R more interesting lighting. That lighting played very nicely with the fog that map had.

Mordhau's Camp takes place at mid day, when it's super fucking bright, and the lighting is as generic as it could ever be. The background haze does not play nicely with the light either.

Yes, it's called haze on Camp, fog on Battlegrounds, granted you can't quite tell how far you can see so it could very well be classified as mist.. These are 3 different things.

mist is moisture in the air, if you can't figure that out, I'm not sure what to tell you.
fog is mist dense enough to severely limit visibility at long range

haze is dust, smoke, or whatever other small solid shit is floating in the air, it gradually gets worse with distance as more and more light is blocked from reaching your eyes due to the larger amount of shit it has to go through.

they are 3 distinctly different visuals.

Camp has haze.

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f a i r
a n d
b a l a n c e d

also dear god the mic quality is trash

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$1 per point of HP you regen

You also have to pay the real cost for your armor.

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Ok long hair physics looks gud tbh, but all the fucking C L I P P I N G REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

ALso yes, this is mordhau 2

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@wierHL said:

@Jax said:

@Stouty said:
Sad that in 2019 we're only getting TWO (2) genders. I want to play as a Otherkin-at-arms!!!1!

gender slider when

stop implying that gender is linear you clod

You fucking normies think gender even exists?

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mfw xekratos is the biggest normie to have ever used the internet

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Max blease
the surcoat
we needs it

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if anything TTK is too long.

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we'll get depression

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D e ad g aem e REeEEeeeEee

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@crushed said:

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Why would any one appreciate this community?

Everyone's an ape who laughs while spamming look down morph feints with Greatsword. Spinning is alive and well. Half the newbie posts get welcomed with a hail of dung from screeching baboons who immediately tell them to use the search function. Why would anyone brand new think to use a search tab when they see a potential issue in gameplay videos? Then there's the 2h elitests who insist shields should be beaten down with decreased stamina or kick stun. If kick stun felt bad for 2h elitests why would it feel good for 1h peasants?

This game has been designed by cavemen for cavemen. Duelyards make me feel like I'm in a Geico commercial. Kick stun is so easy a caveman can do it.

Oog boog! Big kick! Puny shield man die nao!

Oh wait but kicking is easy to bait and requires skill and planning so now shields are getting slower and clunkier to make kicking easier. Kick stun will be so easy a caveman can (hopefully?) spam it next patch. Meanwhile both parry and shield hit boxes are astronomically yuge... where are the leg hits?

Not to mention there's South American commies all over these forums. As if Nazis and Europeans weren't bad enough.

Oh and don't even get me started on the miserable creatures who complain about women in Mordhau. Yes, the harsh reality of women in Mordhau will be porno screaming, Executioner sword-wielding, hentai princesses controlled by fat, sweaty neck beards... but what can you do? I know, I know, it's tough being male, middle class and white... but it's 2019, we must have female and genderless avatars and YES, unfortunately we must have black people, too.

This community is gay.


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The sword at 1:06 goes super spin mode
the one at 1:18 does as well

S H I T G A M E ???? ? ? ? ?? ? ?


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MFW the actual real tabard is called "draped cuirass" but the fake movie gay shit that isn't really anything is called "tabard"

fix the fucking names of everything reeee.

Also now that we have a real Tabard. (Which looks far batter than previous iterations of cloth covers due to actually being thin)

It's time for medium armor to get its rightful piece.











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Nah you posted normie anime garbage

post real shit instead

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Normie weeb target acquired

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@Runagate said:
Mordhau tries to be quite historically accurate with equipment.


spiked armor looks stupid regardless

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gibe flabll

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at some point

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Is Dere Flayl