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nah they dead as shit

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tfw people complaining about the mythical 2H elitism

while also being dumb enough to forget that bows require 2 hands as well.

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what in the fuck even happened in this thread. Also that's a really good pasta, holy shit.

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@GAYFISH said:
it's absolutely useless outside of duels and pubstomping

There's competitive play
There's duels
There's casual pub play.

of the 3 types of gameplay, you say it works in 2 of them.

The one you say it doesn't work in, is the kind where large swathes of equipment and playstyles are ignored and deemed nonexistant due to the fact that they aren't as efficient or statistically relevent, and never really has true balance because the word meta exists.

Seems like dodge works to me.

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The chainmail armor piece we N E E D.

hey mom.png

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Trust me.

Dodge works.

It requires experienced timing, and ideally you have a large amount of experience with footwork in melee games.

But it absolutely works.

It's just not "press dodge button to not take damage, ez" which is what you seem to expect.

For those chivalry vanguard mains, unironically try out the dodge perk, using it properly requires utilizing a lot of the same concepts in mordhau that a good vanguard player would in chivalry.


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lol when you think war axe needs a buff.

not only does it lop heads off left and right like an absolute monster.

If you want to do destruction objectives, if you have the wrecker perk selected, war axe destroys them faster than any other loadout ever could.

Those carts on red side of grad frontline?

12 hits per cart instead of the 40-84 hits it takes other weapons.

That's all it takes.

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@BudSpencer_vs_TheHound said:
Fists and no armor do not cost 11 points, but the longbow does.


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@narwic said:
Top tier bait.

I don't know what you mean by bait.

This is completely genuine

Armor and weapons are unbalanced and unfair crutches used by the less skilled players.


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I can't even parry with fists. This is bullshit and unfair.

Even in a fantasy context, you don't parry by absorbing the energy of the weapon, you parry by redirecting the weapon, which you can then quickly counter attack off of, known as a riposte.

Also I can't even grab enemy weapons to prevent their use. Why are you guys such fucking weapon elitists.

Also many weapons 1 hit unarmored players? How is this even fair?

You say this is a skill based game, yet you punish players for using the most skill based build the game has to offer.

Looks like Mordhau really wash just a cashgrab after all.

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Knight 1388 3162

the devs are aware and are working on it, you can also use the disconnect command in the main menu as a workaround.

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@Corsario said:
I would try to be less arrogant over this. We all want armour accuracy and not to antagonize the devs...


@crushed said:

We all appreciate the work the devs are putting in, they know that.

They also know this community, as they were born from it.

Also it's less about armor accuracy, and more about armor actually looking good. The heavy tier "tabard" does not. A new or reworked asset that brings it in line with the "draped cuirass", puts it in the medium category, and may as well make it look like an actual surcoat, would be vastly better. The "tabard" is an art asset that has been jabbed at quite a lot for quite a while.

And don't get me started on the "Chainmail tabard".

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hey mom.png

continues to look like fucking garbage





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The devs are aware of the problems that some servers still have.

These packet loss issues appear to be related to specific servers.

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all of bodkin's loadouts are EXTRA virgin

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Knight 1388 3162

It's vertical FOV.

101 vertical FOV on a 16:9 monitor is 130 horizontal FOV.

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literally never

the panini projection is a cool trick

but it has a HUGE flaw.

Look at the floor.

It swaps distortion at angles for distortion up close.

Something that would be a large detriment in mordhau where pretty much all of your combat happens up close.

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@Feng said:
Spear still has more reach and speed tho.

Spear has LITERALLY the same speed as halberd alt. and less than 6 inches of extra reach. It's not an amount of length you're consistently able to use reliably within a game. It's something that happens and you go "hehe see this weapon IS longer" and nothing else.


Combine this with the fact that the halberd has dummy thicc swings that destroy planets, and the fact that it is literally only 1 point more.

Why the fuck would you ever pick the spear.