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  • 12 Jun '19

@ToLazy4Name said:

@takemura said:
You're stupid

No you're stupid

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  • 12 Jun '19

@Dialectic said:
That chiv 2 trailer looked fucking awful. Tri can rename the mercs to 2 groups of knights in like 5 seconds if need be, and I guarantee they are working on modes and maps.

That chiv 2 trailer looked more visually interesting than the entirety of mordhau's development and current life cycle. If they were to simply rename the 2 teams to some form of knights, it wouldn't solve anything. The problem isn't that the teams aren't knights, the problem is that the teams are just that. Teams. Within each team there's virtually no cohesion, and between the 2 teams there's no uniqueness. And no, one team being red and the other being blue does not make them unique or cohesive.

Those maps they're working on. If they follow the current trend of maps in mordhau, they won't improve anything.
And the modes they're probably working on, current rumors put them at just modified versions of frontline.
So modified versions of a mode we don't like, on maps that don't interest us.

Its an indie team. Nothing moves at light speed with indie teams. For fuck sake not even AAA games get large updates in 2 months lol

Apparently this was not conveyed strongly enough in the main post.

At this point, most people understand just how long it takes developers to make and update games. They may not have any context as to how hard or complex it is, but compared to years ago, people nowadays are much more understanding of the plight that game developers suffer.

This post was not a "UPDATE YOUR GAME REEEE GIB GUD CONTENT" thread. No.

This post was a clarification and condensification of the current issues of the overall experience that mordhau is supposed to be. And of the experience a large, large number of people, wanted it to be.

The gameplay of the game is good. We all agree on that. However, the quality of the gameplay doesn't matter when the overall experience is an uninteresting, uninspiring, and boring one.

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  • 11 Jun '19

@smellycathawk said:
Can you rank the Chivalry maps now?

Simple enough

Same scale, this time also ordered within each tier for same tier ranking

Note, maps with kings are hard to rate, sometimes the king will sit in a corner for 20 hours and it feels like shit, other times only for a few minutes. Other times it will be a Chad king that actually goes into battle and fights.

S tier

Dark Forest - to the point where it's overplayed
Drunken Bazaar
Castle Assault
Stoneshill - The throneroom is close to making this A tier.

A tier

Hillside - Would be S tier if it weren't for how brutal chokepoint at the beginning is, a lot of pubs struggle with it

B tier

Battlegrounds - Quite enjoyed, the chokepoint at the end destroys the momentum of the map however. Suddenly turns into ramming your head against a brick wall for the remaining time.
Belmez - The beginning of this map is brutal for Agatha, but it's otherwise quite enjoyed. Would be A tier with some tweaks to the beginning.

C tier

Citadel - This would be S tier if it didn't crash people's game and didn't have balance issues. (You know the slaves I'm talking about)
Coldfront - This would be B tier if it weren't for the fact that the timer flips around when the masons break in
Hideout - Pretty map, shit design
King's Garden - Good luck killing me, I'm behind 30 chokepoints

The overall visual feel and design of all the Chivalry TO maps keeps them out of any lower tiers. They're all very pretty and interesting to see.

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  • 10 Jun '19

I'll make it simple.

Torn Banner didn't listen to their community asking for Chivalry 2, so they made Mirage. Now it's too late.

Triternion focused so hard on making the combat gameplay better than Chivalry, that they forgot to make maps or gamemodes we actually care about.


Altering Frontline and using the same maps won't work.

Making Frontline go one way and calling it Push while STILL using the same maps, won't work.

These maps are uninspired, sterile, and boring.

These modes, uninteresting, and poorly thought out.

We know, game development is hard, and requires money, time, and effort.

Yes, your gameplay is good.

But the design of the maps, rushed.
The overall quality theme and design of the art, inconsistent
The atmosphere of the game, nonexistant.
The excitement of playing a gamemode you love for years to come, nowhere.

Team Objective IS Chivalry.
The fight between The Agathians and The Masons IS Chivalry.

What the fuck is Mordhau, because it sure as fuck isn't Frontline.
Nor is it these 2 groups of people we have no context of nor care for.

No, I do not believe that Chivalry 2 will have gameplay as good as Mordhau's, nor do I believe that it will ever see the lifespan the first did.

But look at that atmosphere in the 60 seconds we saw of it.
Yeah, shit animations, and probably combat that's just as bad.
But those 60 seconds looked far more visually exciting and interesting than my 600 hours of mordhau gameplay.

You could say that's because it's a cinematic trailer.
However the first Chivalry would argue otherwise.

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  • 10 Jun '19

@Knight of Rosen said:
Maybe for like the first 2 years yes, but after that getting into Team Objective was a rare occurrence. Hell main reason I was excited for Mordhau, cause I missed Team Objective.

I don't know why you had a problem finding populated TO servers, considering they were always full on my end up until 2017.

Also lol rip your dreams of mordhau having team objective.

The best we'll probably get is a further altered frontline mode, and a frontline mode that only goes one way, on the same boring fucking maps.

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  • 10 Jun '19

@Knight of Rosen said:
That's a load of shit, if Chivalry survived solely based off it's "atmosphere" 90% of active servers wouldn't of been exclusively duel servers on a boring as fuck flat custom map.

90% of active servers were Team Objective servers, I don't know what fucking substance you smoked, but you're obviously high as shit.

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  • 10 Jun '19

@✵ Legate Lanius ✵ said:
Chiv MW did not have any proper competitor. So of course many stayed for years. Then games like for honor and others came out, chiv was abandonned for Mirage which its name is fitting for its release, then it started shifting to what is now 200 players on Chiv.

No one in the melee games community cared about for honor, very few, if any, left for it, because it's not an actual melee game.

Literally NO ONE wanted mirage, and TB had abandoned chiv long before mirage.

The only reason the chiv player count went down is because Mordhau became a thing.We were all so excited about chivalry but with not shit combat, and now that we're all so invested in liking this game, we can't go back. It's not chivalry but with better combat. It's better combat wrapped up in an extremely boring game.

Think of it this way.

We would not have played chivalry for nearly as long had it had the mordhau maps and atmosphere. It would have been a complete fucking joke that probably would have killed the genre for a while.

Now imagine Mordhau if it had the chivalry atmosphere and maps.

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  • 10 Jun '19

@ToLazy4Name said:
epic game store LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL dead on arrival

Yeah we all hate EGS, no shit.

Had mordhau not used steamworks, it'd probably be on EGS too and we'd all hate it just as much.

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  • 10 Jun '19


Chivalry 1's combat was a trash heap.
And we all talk about how shit it was

yet we all played it.

for years
and years
and years

It had a killer gamemode, and incredible atmosphere and drive.

Comparatively, mordhau has a joke of a gamemode, an extremely lackluster and boring atmosphere with no care put into it, and literally no drive to the game at all.

grounded map settings are boring, combined with the fact that you're literally just 2 groups of people fighting for probably no reason, and the fact that these 2 groups are unique in literally no way

on top of the fact that frontline is fucking trash

I don't care how good your gameplay is, if your game is fucking boring.

Chivalry wasn't boring.
Mordhau currently is.

Yes, the combat and animations in the chiv 2 trailer look like a fucking joke.

But everything else?
Everything else looked great.

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  • 10 Jun '19

S tier: best maps always amazing to see and play in, everyone enjoys them
A tier: preddy gud generally enjoyed by most people
B tier: it's alright
C tier: Not anyone's top picks but they'll play them
D tier: you don't want to play this map
E tier: people leave the server when this map comes up
F tier: if this map is picked, leave the server, close your game, come back tomorrow.

S tier


A tier


B tier

Updated taiga

C tier


D tier

old taiga

E tier


F tier


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  • 10 Jun '19

Where the fuck is my 540 degree FOV

shit's fucking gay

game is just cashgrab trash

Knight 1388 3163
  • 9 Jun '19

how to fix crossroads

literally remove it from frontlines

or the entire fucking game

it's a shit map that should never have been released.

Knight 1388 3163
  • 9 Jun '19

As above, the FOV in game is vertical, with the max cap being 101, at an aspect ratio of 16:9, that is 130 horizontal FOV.

If you have a wider monitor, you get a wider FOV.

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  • 9 Jun '19

@SerJaGGsaW said:
imagine spending like 20-30 minutes making a thread where you presume to rate all the weapons in the game

Not going to lie

I put halberd in S tier, and then just started placing shit at random. It took me like 2 minutes.

welcome to the community

if someone says something is serious or isn't a meme

it's a meme.

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  • 9 Jun '19

he's #1 in the EU because no one else wants to play with him.

So he's never lost because he fights bots. 1 at a time. Because duels are a reliable metric of all skill in melee games.

also because no one else exists in the EU and if you say otherwise you're probably on some of that heroin the EU loves so much.

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  • 8 Jun '19

that thing you guys like about maps

where you progress through them towards the enemy base to win

yeah we don't got that here

that thing a lot of you hate



yeah we got a lot of it

hope you like glorified king of the hill

and spawning into cavalry since the spawn points are unprotected for some fucking reason

also I really hope you like it when one team steals all the cavalry.

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  • 8 Jun '19

G tier: God tier, literally nothing beats this
S tier: All the players that pretend to be good use these because it's easy
A tier: A lot of normies probably use these weapons
B tier: Even more normies use these weapons
C tier: players with actual skill use these and are good with them
D tier: actually just trash weapons

G Tier:

being a retard in chat

S tier:

mashing LMB with the fucking messer

A tier:

recurve bow
executioner's sword

B tier:

pole axe
battle axe
blacksmith hammer
bastard sword

C tier:

throwing axe
Arming Sword
throwing knife

D tier:

training sword
wooden mallet

Knight 1388 3163
  • 7 Jun '19

what the FUCK is this nonsense

really though
how in the fuck do you rate throwing axes D tier

Knight 1388 3163
  • 4 Jun '19

have you tried not getting hit

Try playing with no armor on for a while, you'll learn footwork nice and quick that way.
Because if you make a mistake


you die.

Armor is a crutch for players who want second chances when they make mistakes.

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  • 1 Jun '19

players are exactly 200cm unless that has been changed.