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"UGH UGH UGH AGH AGH AGH" - Marox 2018

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When actual mordhau discussion threads get around 50 posts in a day, while the politics thread gets fucking 250 posts in a day.


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People complaining about BFV not being "realistic" or "historically accurate"


The battlefield series has literally never been either. It started in 1942 with, among other things, you bringing fucking bazookas into an airplane, jumping out of the airplane mid air, shooting another airplane with it, and getting back into the airplane just fine.

Battlefield appears to be going back to its original atmosphere of silly goofy stupid 80s action movie bullshit, and it's actually wonderful.

Also the people thinking the british lady has a "cybernetic arm". What. How braindead are you actually? That was an actual prosthetic arm that existed and was used at the time, and in short, you could smoke a cigarette from it.
If you can smoke a fucking cigarette with it, you can operate a lee-enfield.

"But that british guy had a katana, that's retarded"

For all you know, he got it from a friend who was in the pacific theater that got it from a dead japanese officer. Or hell, he got it from the dead officer himself.

"But the facepaints look stupid and ugly as fuck"

So what? Battlefield 4 had a retarded level of stupid camos you could put on all your shit too.

I saw someone complaining that there was too much shit exploding in the reveal.

Battlefield being a game about everything everywhere exploding all the time because reasons.

In a battlefield reveal trailer, there were too many explosions.


People cherry picking little bits of information, and pushing the notion that the series has never done anything similar to it before.


It's a fucking battlefield game. A fictional piece of media. Not a goddamn historical documentary.

In short, stop complaining, you haven't even seen real gameplay yet.

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There is a difference between knowing the overall visual length of a weapon, the length of its hit tracers, where the hit tracers start and end, and the amount of extra reach provided by different attacks.

I have a list of most of the tracer lengths. However that info by itself is largely moot, since different weapons utilize different animations, which add different amounts of extra reach. On top of different weapons having their tracers start at different locations.

In short, knowing the statistical length of the weapon is irrelevant, and is only good for comparing between weapons that use the same animations.

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@ÐMontyleGueux said:
Well the reason it's frustrating is when you're trying to overhead while having a wall behind you is because your windup goes straight through the wall and get stuck on release. In reality your character wouldn't go that far behind himself knowing there's a wall right behind.

The reason why wall hits are forgiving is because you can't be expected to control your movement precisely enough to avoid every wall like you would do in reality.

You have 4 different keys for making sure you are positioned properly.
It's almost like it is up to you as a player to use the basic functionality of your brain to think "HMMMMMMMMM maybe I shouldn't swing my huge sword near this wall."

Having forgiving geometry collision goes directly against what mordhau is trying to do.

So you try to do an overhead swing and hit the wall behind you?
Well too bad. You weren't aware of your position nor of the fact that your opponent pushed you back towards that wall for that reason.

Watching an enemy's weapon solidly clip through world geometry without stopping is unintuitive and inconsistent.

Mordhau should have one or the other.
Either no weapon collision with terrain or objects at all, or complete collision.

The way it is right now makes it a guessing game. Sometimes the weapon will clip into the wall and stop, sometimes it won't. That right there is what mordhau is trying to get rid of, inconsistency.

Upon any clipping with terrain, attacks should either never stop, or stop every time.

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Honestly wall hits should be less forgiving than they are now.

Watching someone's sword clip well into a solid piece of world geometry and not get stopped is pretty annoying.

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So WiDeScReEnS aRe PaY tO wIn?


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@Void said:
I also love the heavy tabard even if it may not be historically accurate. I like that it's long and I think it looks cool with heavy armor. I hope in the future we have more like this.

You're missing the entire point of the thread.

The point of the thread is that the heavy and chainmail tabard look terrible.

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@ÐMontyleGueux said:
I agree with all your points. Yet I love the heavy tabard because it's the only heavy armor that doesn't make you look like a tin can. Do you have an example, an image to show how you see it being reworked ?

This is a tabard (shoulder bits are optional)

For starters, just simply cutting the long tail off the entire piece fixes a large portion of it.

Then you could close up that neck a little and slim down the leather trims.


This thread has everything.

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@Jax said:
imo the tabard could just me some low-tier unlock and we can make a better looking one tho


It should be shortened and completely reworked.
Or removed entirely.

It's not that the heavy tabard looks like some low tier cosmetic.

It's that it looks BAD from a historical AND graphical design standpoint.

It is the equivalent of wearing a rug.
Not only is it cut improperly for a tabard or even a surcoat.
Not only is it the improper length for a tabard.
Not only is it way too thick for how long it is.
Not only are those leather trims way overdone.
At the end of it all, it just looks stupid over plate armor.
You're wearing gambeson and mail, with plate over the top of them. So then you put over it, a thick heavy long fabric that could likely get caught in the joints of your armor?

Even without the ""muh historical accuracy reeeeeee"". In the end it just looks dumb.

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It must be bigger for maximum effect.

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@Jax said:
something like this would be nice tbh
long hauberk with surcoat and some neat trim at the waist that's leather-colorable
and sword belt too


That's not a surcoat, it's more like a tabard. (even then, that too is iffy, artistic freedom and whatnot.)

Surcoats go with medium armor and are longer than tabards.

I'll post it again,

That thread shows the actual difference.

Again, we cannot deus vult without the proper attire. ree.jpg

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@Bodkin said:
Pretty sure the only reason this does not currently exist is because they made this kind of Tabard instead have plate under it and called it heavy.

Because of this, and the fact the tabard covers the whole torso, there would be no way to tell if it is chainmail or plate under it.

I call bullshit on this excuse.

There are already multiple ways to visually conceal which tier of armor is in certain positions, mostly with the heavy tabard. Leaving only individual player experience to let you know which is which.

On top a handful of ways to mess with what team colors you seemingly have. Again, leaving only individual player experience to let you know which is which.

By the way.

You're asking for surcoats, not tabards.

The thing about this.

If we don't get proper chainmail surcoats. We can never have the deus vult content.

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title should be sufficient.

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I just want good looking spearheads.

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Can you see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

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Fix by stretching (bigger or smaller) 1 pixel to the left. Then shifting 1 pixel to the left.

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@crushed said:
there will be some adjustments to the 1p stab recovery animations which will make it much more obvious that the stab ended.


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Bite my shiny metal ass