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MS is milliseconds.

It's talking about frame latency, how long it takes for your computer to produce the next frame of video for your display to show.

Frame latency is considered a far better metric than FPS for measuring visual fidelity.

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For those wondering about an official spreadsheet.

I spoke with the devs about getting some sort of loadout encyclopedia in the game while I was compiling information for the masterthread.

The encyclopedia would contain values for every aspect of weapons and armor and would pull directly from the code of the game, meaning it would always be up to date and correct. (unless bugged)

Such a concept would render the weapon section of the masterthread mostly irrelevant and free up reading room for more detailed information. It would also make maintaining and improving the masterthread much easier.

If such a thing makes it into the game however... We'll have to wait and see.

For now, I'm pretty much waiting for beta to begin to compile mass statistics into the masterthread.
As well as a general information update for it.

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Something to note about attacks like stabs hitting you when they visually have not made contact yet.

2 things exacerbate that problem
High FOV
Pulling the camera position back past 0.

Combining both makes it extremely noticeable.

However I'm not sure that it is something that can be fixed easily. If at all.

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@BurritoWarrior said:
fuck you

Of course you would want to, but I'm out of your league, you have no chance.

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@BurritoWarrior said:

Walks into a construction site



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2 spots you can crouch into to get some major camera clipping. Can also clip your entire head in.
0 camera distance

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Red are just standard hit tracers,
Green are width tracers for when it may need to be more than just a flat line.
Blue is where the weapon is held, I'm not fully sure they actually mean however.

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Neat little idea, make ragdolls have different physics weight based off of what armor they're wearing.

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@Smeelio said:
However I gotta ask, what makes you think the perk system is gonna come out soon/in the alpha? I woulda thought it'd be a beta or even launch thing (although I don't really know anything about game development)

The fact that they've said it's what they are working on right now.
And the fact that it's on the main menu of the alpha.

Also for education.
Alphas are generally for adding functions, systems, and features to a game. While making sure the game doesn't just immediately crash upon launch or delete things off your hard drive.

Betas are usually for optimizing, balancing, and fixing those things that were added in alpha. Generally by the time a traditional beta version of a game comes around, it's considered feature complete on the main fronts of the game. That isn't to say they can't add more features in the beta if they come up with them though. However by this time, the game usually has all of its planned functions implemented. Likely not perfectly, but they are implemented.

At any time during development, more gameplay content can be added, and usually is for testing purposes. Such as new weapons, maps, and gamemodes.

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elweb left clues for us in the camp map,

and I finally cracked the code

spear pennons confirmed bois

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@afiNity said:
Yeah the spear is longer, so what.

16 whole cm longer.
Brandi is baby short in comparison.

TLDR, I only used thrusting spear more than you only used spears.
I only used thrusting spear so much that I literally never even used a 1 handed blunt weapon.

And let me tell you this,

That 16cm means EVERYTHING in a teamfight.

And in terms of spears not being able to combo in mordhau, that's a terrible idea. You don't remove combat mechanics to try and balance a weapon. That's how you make a bad game.

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@afiNity said:
I don't care about realism but as someone who only played brandistock in Chivalry I'd really like to have a nice long, heavy, slow spear thing that actually feels different to swords. I'd also be okay with spears not being able to combo

MFW he thinks the brandistock is long

think again sweetie

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Added a speculative development roadmap. Link for convenience.

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SINGULAR PIXEL (open the full size images)


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@BEACHES said:
My problem is it is not the type of buff the spear needs. It's needs to outrange the halbred/zwei. It doesn't atm.

The spear isn't for spamming fast attacks. It's about flinching in teamfights and range...

3 identical thrusts from identical horizontal starting positions.

2 identical swings over the same angle thrust from earlier.

edit: in the second image, the top swing is actually the halberd. I mislabeled it without noticing.

I believe each of these hit tracers is 15cm apart.
It's also not taking into account the attack lunge.

I partially agree with your argument, while yes I would love to see the spear actually utilized to its full extent, that's only because right now it is visually gimped and held about a third of the way up the shaft with the thrusting arm, which is never done when using a spear with 2 hands.

It also appears to be using the exact same animations that the halberd is. (crushed pls)

However, the spear needed the windup buff right now because as it was before, it was just straight up losing stab fights when it shouldn't have. This buff made the weapon actually work.

In terms of the balance of giving the spear more reach? There's room for it, but it can be a tricky thing to balance.

That said however, the alternate grip makes it much easier to balance, one could give the spear's long grip the proper full thrust and reach, and just make it have slower attacks.
This would destroy its capability at close range, but that's what the alternate grip appears to be for anyway.

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@Jax said:

Spear lowered stab windups by 25ms, increased stab release 25ms, decreased stab combo times by 100ms

  • needed buff, might be too much or might just be @moepork pushing my shit in. will continue to test

The 25ms change was much needed for the spear's thrusts.
The combo speed increase however, crushed and I both agree, it was too much.
You're probably getting dunked on by the memespeed combos.

As it stands however, I feel the spear thrusts are in a pretty good spot after this buff.
Can't really say much as to how further buffs of this nature would affect balance, but right now they do not feel needed.

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The 25ms change on spear thrusts is exactly what it needed.

The 100ms faster combo is too much and will probably be completely removed.

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Fully reproducible bug.

While in first person, if during your death, your camera gets jammed up against an object, it will decouple from your body.
It occurs at any camera distance setting.