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yo could we get a fuckin ranked duel server for down here in Antarctica

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@banjoman_franklin said:
thats like the number 1 most retarded chiv mechanic you could possibly bring over

vanguard charge would like to have a word with you

I miss teleporting through space and time to one shot other vanguards :(

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or just break the ballista after the first vote kick fails

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gamers rise up

also, keeping this thread alive IS a shitpost.

Because this thread makes people on both sides mad.

Also, imagine unironiclaly using the term "breed" in regards to human reproduction.

Incel spotted amirite boys.

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Ah yes, because we all know that statements people make on the internet are always 100% in line with their political and world views, and aren't just shitty jokes and sarcasm that are completely irrelevant to their actual views and beliefs. Because they are clearly not made by a generation raised under the blanket of safety called ambiguous anonymity provided by the internet.

Then again, people have been making statements irrelevant to their own views and beliefs under the safety of ambiguous anonymity for a long long time now.

My personal favorite.

"Shooting women is lots of fun, try killing one that's pregnant son, you'll get two for the price of one. Napalm sticks to kids."

It's called desensitization and the lack of giving a fuck because none of it fucking matters in the end.

If people were to say these things in person, in real life. Yes, I agree, they would need to feel the repercussions.

However this is the internet.They aren't going to crawl through your monitor and drop some fucking mustard gas in your room while screaming heil hitler and searching for your jewish friends.

If it really bothers you that much.
Use the mute function.

Or turn the chat off.

Crying like a fucking bitch on the forums and internet is less mature than they are being.

You're literally going up to some random stranger and going "SIR, SIR, HE SAID A BAD WORD AND I CAN'T FIND MY MOMMY TO TELL ON HIM"

The random stranger doesn't give a fuck, because you're a 20+ year old adult (probably).
If anything, he's probably more worried about your mental health than mr bad word's.

Both sides are being fucking retarded.

The problem, is that the autistic dumbasses are generally consolidating their retardation to one corner of the room. Yet people like you, however, see this, and start running around the room screaming about how you don't like them being there. When there's a door 10ft to your left.

The irony, is that hunting down all the bad word bois on the internet and trying to silence them.
It's kinda like what hitler did to the jewish people of europe.
According to your point of view that things on the internet are always 100% relevent and accurate. Saying nazi shit makes you a nazi.
Then, what the fuck does acting like a nazi make YOU?

According to your point of view, you are trying to silence and remove those whose views and beliefs differ from your own, simply because you do not agree with them.

So what the fuck does that make you then?

The world didn't go to war with the nazis because hitler was an angry angry man saying mean things.

The world went to war with the nazis because they were killing millions of innocent people and taking things that weren't theirs.

You're acting like you're fighting against actual real nazis, and that you're a hero because of it.

You're not a hero, you're a jackass looking for a reason to be a jackass.

Yet in the end.
It's the internet.

99% of the time everything that someone says is completely irrelevant to what they actually fucking believe.
Going "HEE HEE ECKS DEE HALL OF COST" doesn't make you a nazi.
It makes you a dumbass.

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it's funny because I predicted this all long before anything.

I said flat out, mordhau is going to inherit chivalry's community.

I then explicitly stated that all the normies won't be able to handle the chivalry community.

Yes, it is possible to go too far, Lazy knows that all too well.

But for 99% of people, what they're doing is just normal trash tier shitposting mid game.

If you don't like what you find on the internet, and you don't have the mental capacity to turn off chat or mute people, fight the bots. Although, at that point the bots would probably upset you by fighting back anyway.

In short. If "ECKS DEE HALL OF COST" upsets you,
Because the shitposters who HAVE grown up, still shitpost, and they do so extremely virulently in an underhanded manner. You're just too stupid to notice or understand it.

Just like you're too stupid to know what virulently means, so you had to fucking google it. You baby.

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your color choices disappoint me.

as does your choice of face.

and really everything else you chose

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all you fucking normies use heavy armor.

so many fucking same old same old plate armor people

use something else

also, in mordhau, armor is quite literally by definition, a crutch.


when all the pubs just let you LMB their head.

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oh one of these threads

likely started by a player that is sub par at archery

the truth is

with the current archery, if you're actually not trash at it

you're going to piss off a lot of people in the server.

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you mean stopping your windup?

like how you do in real life? youknow, to start moving it forward?

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I feel like I should also clear something else up.

I'm not bashing on the overall quality of the art and maps in the game.

This is content most likely none of us could have ever made. They're objectively pretty. But they're also generic, stale, and otherwise sub optimal.

(it's good art, it's just not the art we're looking for)

Mountain Peak is a good example. It's a pretty map, that with some blizzard effects, would be pretty fucking cool (oh my god that's a pun). The huge problem with it is that 2/3 of the entire fucking map serve no purpose and are completely pointless. "flanking" you say. What the fuck do you mean flanking when people just spend the entire game on the flanks and never capture the points.

Your maps need to complement (not compliment, look it up) your mode, and your mode needs to take advantage of everything your maps have to offer.

90% of crossroads literally serves no purpose as it's a KOTH map and should just be put into its own rotation because it's pretty much a completely different mode. The reception of crossroads would have been FAR less negative if it was introduced as a new KOTH mode.

Camp's objectives swerve in a zig-zag and create large zones of pointless TDM in the middle of the map. On top of the fact that this map takes place during the middle of the day on an open field. It's the most boring map we have in the game. Give it rain, make it darker, it will be interesting to look at then.

Taiga is actually visually interesting, it's set in interesting lighting while also having an interesting overall visual design. The problem it still has, however, it's basically just a glorified TDM map.

Grad is getting near to how a map SHOULD be. What it NEEDS, is a change in lighting, and a ram objective to bust open the gate in the castle once you clear the barricades out of the way. "but there's already big holes in the castle you could run through" Yeah, well close those up and add spawn ramps like how mountain peak has them in the side of its castle walls. "but this would make it blue sided" Yeah, well time to make team objective.

Stop setting your maps in the middle of a clear day, it's sterile. Give it clouds and rain, give it wind and have leaves being blown off trees into the middle of the battle, flashes of lightning light up the darkened battlefield, sandstorms, thick knee high mist, a fucking eclipse. ANYTHING to make it not just "another day".

Crossroads is a good test in dramatic lighting, but it's obviously way too strong because quite a few people have issues with target ID in the middle of the map.

We all love this game, and want it to become even better. And while I may seem like I'm ripping apart pointless parts of the game to make issues that aren't actually there, well. Lets put it this way.

Do you want mordhau to be a flash in the pan like the majority of games nowadays? Or do you want mordhau to keep going, and going, and going?


Chivalry's gameplay was TRASH. Yet it kept going, and going, and going. Not because it didn't have competition, but because it was exciting and engaging, DESPITE the huge flaws in its gameplay.

If Chivalry went on for as long as it did with its gameplay.

How fucking long will Mordhau go for if it gets to where it needs to be?

Also for those wondering, @crushed works on weapon balance and animations. He doesn't do any work related to this thread and doesn't matter here, he's just upset that people are laughing at him because of the heavy handaxe balance.

The devs we're looking for are:
@marox as the lead dev (he posted while I was writing this and I had to edit the whole thing god damnit)
@elwebbaro as the lead art dev
@Vesanus as the level design dev
@Grator works on maps too.

The work these devs have done as a mostly inexperienced team is incredible. There is no denying it. They just needed this push in the right direction to make Mordhau unstoppable.

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@takemura said:
You're stupid

No you're stupid

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@Dialectic said:
That chiv 2 trailer looked fucking awful. Tri can rename the mercs to 2 groups of knights in like 5 seconds if need be, and I guarantee they are working on modes and maps.

That chiv 2 trailer looked more visually interesting than the entirety of mordhau's development and current life cycle. If they were to simply rename the 2 teams to some form of knights, it wouldn't solve anything. The problem isn't that the teams aren't knights, the problem is that the teams are just that. Teams. Within each team there's virtually no cohesion, and between the 2 teams there's no uniqueness. And no, one team being red and the other being blue does not make them unique or cohesive.

Those maps they're working on. If they follow the current trend of maps in mordhau, they won't improve anything.
And the modes they're probably working on, current rumors put them at just modified versions of frontline.
So modified versions of a mode we don't like, on maps that don't interest us.

Its an indie team. Nothing moves at light speed with indie teams. For fuck sake not even AAA games get large updates in 2 months lol

Apparently this was not conveyed strongly enough in the main post.

At this point, most people understand just how long it takes developers to make and update games. They may not have any context as to how hard or complex it is, but compared to years ago, people nowadays are much more understanding of the plight that game developers suffer.

This post was not a "UPDATE YOUR GAME REEEE GIB GUD CONTENT" thread. No.

This post was a clarification and condensification of the current issues of the overall experience that mordhau is supposed to be. And of the experience a large, large number of people, wanted it to be.

The gameplay of the game is good. We all agree on that. However, the quality of the gameplay doesn't matter when the overall experience is an uninteresting, uninspiring, and boring one.

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@smellycathawk said:
Can you rank the Chivalry maps now?

Simple enough

Same scale, this time also ordered within each tier for same tier ranking

Note, maps with kings are hard to rate, sometimes the king will sit in a corner for 20 hours and it feels like shit, other times only for a few minutes. Other times it will be a Chad king that actually goes into battle and fights.

S tier

Dark Forest - to the point where it's overplayed
Drunken Bazaar
Castle Assault
Stoneshill - The throneroom is close to making this A tier.

A tier

Hillside - Would be S tier if it weren't for how brutal chokepoint at the beginning is, a lot of pubs struggle with it

B tier

Battlegrounds - Quite enjoyed, the chokepoint at the end destroys the momentum of the map however. Suddenly turns into ramming your head against a brick wall for the remaining time.
Belmez - The beginning of this map is brutal for Agatha, but it's otherwise quite enjoyed. Would be A tier with some tweaks to the beginning.

C tier

Citadel - This would be S tier if it didn't crash people's game and didn't have balance issues. (You know the slaves I'm talking about)
Coldfront - This would be B tier if it weren't for the fact that the timer flips around when the masons break in
Hideout - Pretty map, shit design
King's Garden - Good luck killing me, I'm behind 30 chokepoints

The overall visual feel and design of all the Chivalry TO maps keeps them out of any lower tiers. They're all very pretty and interesting to see.

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I'll make it simple.

Torn Banner didn't listen to their community asking for Chivalry 2, so they made Mirage. Now it's too late.

Triternion focused so hard on making the combat gameplay better than Chivalry, that they forgot to make maps or gamemodes we actually care about.


Altering Frontline and using the same maps won't work.

Making Frontline go one way and calling it Push while STILL using the same maps, won't work.

These maps are uninspired, sterile, and boring.

These modes, uninteresting, and poorly thought out.

We know, game development is hard, and requires money, time, and effort.

Yes, your gameplay is good.

But the design of the maps, rushed.
The overall quality theme and design of the art, inconsistent
The atmosphere of the game, nonexistant.
The excitement of playing a gamemode you love for years to come, nowhere.

Team Objective IS Chivalry.
The fight between The Agathians and The Masons IS Chivalry.

What the fuck is Mordhau, because it sure as fuck isn't Frontline.
Nor is it these 2 groups of people we have no context of nor care for.

No, I do not believe that Chivalry 2 will have gameplay as good as Mordhau's, nor do I believe that it will ever see the lifespan the first did.

But look at that atmosphere in the 60 seconds we saw of it.
Yeah, shit animations, and probably combat that's just as bad.
But those 60 seconds looked far more visually exciting and interesting than my 600 hours of mordhau gameplay.

You could say that's because it's a cinematic trailer.
However the first Chivalry would argue otherwise.

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@Knight of Rosen said:
Maybe for like the first 2 years yes, but after that getting into Team Objective was a rare occurrence. Hell main reason I was excited for Mordhau, cause I missed Team Objective.

I don't know why you had a problem finding populated TO servers, considering they were always full on my end up until 2017.

Also lol rip your dreams of mordhau having team objective.

The best we'll probably get is a further altered frontline mode, and a frontline mode that only goes one way, on the same boring fucking maps.