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Someone asked for Patchy?

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I feel like now is a good time.

I wasn't banned by @crushed because I made fun of the shortspear idle animation.

I was banned by crush because I kept using havoc to bait myself into posting irrelevent shit into the general channel after crush told me to stop multiple times.

I wanted to leave the discord but not of my own accord, because I'm a socially awkward piece of shit.

I had havoc start the rumor about me being banned because of the shortspear animation as a big ol meme post.

Also IIRC I was unbanned relatively quickly. I just don't wanna rejoin and deal with the low quality shitposting that I deal with enough of on other servers already.

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Are you a 2Lazy alt?

Or are you ranten

Also the rules are simple

Don't be a jackass and you'll probably be fine.

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So you're telling me I can get widespread attention from many people by being an ass?



If I knew that, I wouldn't have had Crush kick me out of the discord because I didn't want to deal with looking at the aids that is real time chat with this community every day. (I get enough of it in other discords)

In short, stop talking about it. It's done. They made a decision, and you can't veto it.

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The real cart we need

With accompanying triangle club weapon

Primary mode smak hed
secondary mode smak triangle to make noise

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16 points - Your armor is twice as effective and weapons you spawn with deal triple damage.

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Thinks that liking all of my posts will make me like him.

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EZ quad tone balance.


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MFW people give a shit that "there's a delay".

You know what else was delayed, the light sent from the monitor into your eyes, which then sent a delayed signal into your brain, which then slowly thought about what dumb response you may or may not type with the 2 brain cells you have left. Then your brain sent a signal to your fingers, which was delayed, to type your poorly thought out and uninteresting response.

In short, games get delayed, it fucking happens. They were overzealous on their original estimation of development speed, and instead of holding to that date and providing a sub par product, decided to push the date back and make sure it can be as finished as it is supposed to be.

This isn't steam early access. Stop asking for instant gratification, and grow up.


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The trick is that it's not a trick.

Check the link of that image.

It's not a photoshopped image.

That's an in engine image of the next update I got from a dev.

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The standard suite of requested information is now requested

cpu, gpu, amount of ram, os

have you tried verifying files (it's possible some files didn't update properly on steam or are just corrupted, it sounds like a joke but it can and does happen from time to time)

have you tried reinstalling the game (sometimes steam's file verification doesn't even solve the problem yet reinstalling does)

is it ONLY when on a multiplayer server (will these crashes happen if you try local play)

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You're literally one of the "I was born in the wrong generation" people.

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Duels are for the people who think K:D matters in an objective based game mode and then they still end up losing because they're farming kills instead of doing the objective, then they call the mode gay and go back to duels.

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Have it accompanied by a HMMM voice line.


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There is no "theory crafting" with the effective range. Literally every single relevant stat is identical other than the actual reach of the weapons. Also, since they both cost the same, the player movement speed can be considered identical for both.

The presented difference in stationary reach is identical to the difference in the reach while moving. As the literal only difference is the 2 extra tracers.
Since moving forwards doesn't magically increase the distance between each tracer, the reach difference between the 25 and 27 tracers of the halberd and spear, remains literally identical in motion to as it does while stationary.

Also hit trading is now a thing in mordhau against people performing a riposte.

So in terms of comparison. Lets pretend the halberd and spear don't have swings. Lets also pretend the halberd stays in the alt mode, and the spear stays in the main mode.

The halberd takes 1 less hit to kill on heavy head and legs, and light legs. (add all the HTK together and the halberd requires 10% fewer to kill 1 person of each armor set (30 for the spear, 27 for the halberd)) While having 7.4% less stationary reach than the spear. (the % is lower in motion)

You're acting like sprinting forwards changes the effective range to be like this. Where the spear gets a large amount more.

When in actuality it's just this. Where the overall reach difference is not changed in any way.

Both weapons are using identical stab animations. Both stabs start at the same time, both stabs end at the same time. Both are performed while moving at the same speed, as that is the point, a spearman can literally just swap out for a halberd at literally no compromise because they cost the same, and proceed to use it in the exact same manner as the spear.

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Information updated.

By no means is it a complete update and I'm still going to do a large sweep on information later on.

Right now stuff like glancing hits, in depth shield information, actual archery information, and practical cavalry information is still absent.

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Effective range is derived from the weapon's reach, attack times, animations, and player movement speed, yes?

Lets say we build out a spear boy, and then just decide to give him a halberd, now both weapons have the same player movement speed.
Now lets take a look at both weapons' attack times, both are exactly the same for the attack we are looking at, the stab.
How about animations? The same.
So that leaves the reach. Since both weapons have the same movement and attack speed, and they both use the same exact animations, there is no discernible relative difference between their total reach in motion compared to stationary.
The range difference IS as small as that.

Now onto the striking part. Of course you aren't going to be striking with a weapon you are using as a spear. With a spear, you stab. However the halberd has the OPTION for a wide reaching hard hitting strike. It is understandable for the spear to fall behind in the damage department in this area, because it's literally meant to be used for stabbing.

So, if the spear is MEANT to be used for stabbing, and is supposed to be very very good at it.
Why does the halberd have near identical if not superior stabbing performance, in some people's eyes, to the spear, while ALSO having the option for powerful swings and costing the same amount to equip.

Literally nothing is stopping you from using the halberd exactly like you would the spear, hide your windup behind your friends, and stab the enemy when they don't expect it, except with the halberd, you're still most likely 92% guarenteed still in range, and you do more damage.

The animations are the same
The attack timings are the same
The turncaps are the same
The halberd does more damage and kills in 1 less hit sometimes, and can hit hard with swings if needed.
The spear is a little bit longer.