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So I am now a knight who uses a longbow......hmmmm

Did I level up?

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What would be the Mordhau equalent of a 360 noscope?

360 noscope, but with an arrow


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Eww, Smash 4? That game is so slow and easy. There's a reason why Melee is played more competitively than Smash 4.

The other reason is because only basement nerds still have gamecubes

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I play the newer ones on the Wii U / Wii

I main Link for this simple reason.

Link and the Legend of Zelda series are the most racist things in video games

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white hero that is wearing a hood, has to smite the dark foes using The Master Sword

The hero can shoot chains to grab his enemies and put them in bondage.

The main villain in each game is a big dark-skinned man with dreads who always steals the white girl, and the hero has to go save her.

The land of Hyrule.... is ran by large castles (gated communities) full of nothing but well off white people, and all the dark foes come out at night to cause trouble in the neighborhoods.

The hero is destined for greatness (white privelege)

The main symbol of the hero, the Triforce, represents the Triangular Slave Trade of the 18th and 19th centuries.

And lastly, in the newest smash bros. installment he has a skin where he is wearing a white robe with a red belt....


Basically for these reasons, along with the fact he has arrows, I play Link.

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ToLazy4Name Theme Music tbh

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Well Matt is a historian and probably gets nit picky about the way things look because that is his expertise, just like how I get nit picky at how the archery animations look.

It is what it is really, I hate that he put down the game so much but I guess I'd get annoyed at things like that too if my knowledge base was specialized in that area.

That being said the game is fine the way it is, the things he was nit picking are what make the game balanced. The only thing I'd at least consider is hitting multiple people with one swing. Im all for it, but it is definitely odd and always will be. Not much you can do to stop that. Everything else, like making different armor sets have unique stats and such, is rubbish for balance.

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Please let different shades of green be available for both teams as trim. So like dark green for your red/orange team and light or bright green available for the white/blue team.

Don't ask me why

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I want everything seen here in this picture the broken bowl hair cut the pedo mustache the doofy sandals the jesus bling and the fucking robes if I cant dress as this man and run into combat with only the word of god and my bare hands then I might as well buy for honor friar-tuck-monk-medieval-costume-fb8cf579.jpg

Loophole- name your huge fucking sword 'The Word of God'

Sword of the Spirit*

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mordhau fatty.PNG

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looks like we have another challenger


Cool if it wasn't for the fact that he is literally wielding a penis with testicles

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Do you get paid for this ratt?

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May God have mercy on your soul

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If u aren't using a sword to take out nazis then gtfo


That man's life and story in world war 2 is amazing. Jack Churchill for anyone interested. He has the last recorded longbow kill in warfare history, Emerald's weat dream.

To willingly kill someone with a sword or bow when you could shoot with a gun them is very inhumane and requires a complete psychopath, shouldn't have been let into the army in the first place tbh.

No he just likes to spread cancer

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"Proper Viking armor"

Puts up leather armor with a horned helmet and a whole arm exposed


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"It's lumpy and bumpy, just how I like it" - Matt Easton 2017


Longbow / Self Bow from Mordhau

As you can see it's got the leather/fabric handle wrapping, but I am perfectly fine with this tbh with you. Its not like it was never done, its just a lot of the soldiers didn't do it probably because they were issued their bows without one, and didn't want to mess up the feel of what they used everyday. I handle wrap my bows just to make sure that I am holding it in the same spot everytime, making sure the harmonics of the spring after release are the same on each shot, leading to more consistent accuracy. Historically archers could do this by feel alone, so they probably didn't see a need for a handle. I like the handle to do it quicker.

Its a very smooth and well carved bow. The knobbiness of some Longbows was not done for aesthetics nor was it done for any design reason. The knobs are there because the bow was made from a piece of wood that had knots within. The Bowyer has to make sure that the bow is equal strength on each "limb" or it will snap (the limbs of a bow are the portions above and below the handle that, on modern bows, bend and provide power. On old longbows the whole bow is essentially a limb, but I am referring to the bottom and top halves). If he comes across a knot in the wood, it is often more beneficial to work around the knot than to cut it out, as you will probably make the wood weak and break the bow if you try to cut it out.

That being said, I do like the knobby look tbh. I do, however, prefer ones that look like this

Warbow Penetration.jpeg

World Record 200lb draw Yew English Warbow

I suggested arrow customization a long time ago. They did not seem to be against it, except for customizing your arrowhead which will be specific to the bow you are using according to them. Some bows will use broadheads for cut damage typing, others using things like Bodkins. But yeah, customizing the wood hue on the shaft and the fletchings would be really fun.