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The muscles used to draw a bow are hardly used in daily life or exercise tbh, so idk.

I'd guess he could do 90 without any training for shooting a bow.

Only real way to train shooting a bow is to shoot bows. I've had people who were bigger than me try to shoot my bow and could not, meanwhile I could (Even though Im not a small guy whatsoever, I mean gym rats were the guys I tested this with).

tl;dr - cant say because I don't know how he trains.

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@Stouty said:
How the fuck do you "train" an archer? It's literally a point and click class, which J-P is the undisputed champ. The ego pampering in this thread is amazing, Speedy you're like the EU version of Roshawn.

Crossbowmen are a point and click class tbh. No real need to lead your target much, no worry about hitting teammates in team fights, etc

I do enjoy that Mordhau will be adding to the archery where people can parry you if they do a good job, it's going to make arrow feinting and mind games a cool mechanic imho. Just look at games like smash bros and how better players can still hit with projectiles even though their opponents can dodge and block them far easier than it would be in Mordhau.

Archery will be best when it's good and difficult enough where even though everyone hates you for shooting them, they at least respect you for being good at it

@j-p no disrespect meant. I've never met you in game being a a freedom man and all. I was under the impression you used the normal crossbow. Anyway here in NA no one really used the Warbow but me tbh. At least in recent years after its meta died to either using shortbow or longbow 90% of the time with the occasional normal crossbow. Is the warbow a commonly seen weapon in EU?

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@Smokingbobs said:
Hot damn. That's a handheld ballista right there.

Average Warbow draw weight was supposedly between 140-150lbs

They did find one on the Mary Rose wreck that was 180.

Makes me think the personal bow of the most elite archers must've been real heavy like this one honestly

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Is English

Calls Archers scum

Insults his own heritage

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I've really never played DnD tbh. I just read somewhere long ago that the Ranger class was op.

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  1. Chivalry Medieval Warfare - Yeah its cancerous but that's half the fun and its all we got until Mordhau. We wouldn't be having Mordhau had it not been for Chivalry.

  2. Insurgency - good game, good fun. REMOVE KEBAB / JIHADI SIMULATOR

  3. Depth - I don't really play this game anymore, but at the time I was playing it I very much enjoyed the experience.

  4. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (xbox original) - Really fun old RPG game I played as a kid.

  5. Elder Scrolls Series - its quickly going down the drain if they don't do something about it fast, but its a great game series.

  6. Mass Effect Series - The devs of this game are cucked as hell and their product reflects it, but the gameplay is solid minus all of the propaganda we see in the undertones of the game.

  7. Robocraft - An aspiring engineer's dream tbh.

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I've never played but I'll stay out of this one because rangers are op ;)

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Hello speedy old friend

Say hello to my European counterpart everyone

The Crimson Crackshot

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@Jax said:
is that Captain Sorry, Eh?

Captain Canuck (Cancuck)

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A simple bone crunching sound is quite effective at making something gory without any visual feedback (even though I'd like both)

Good blunt gore requires very nice audio.

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Found Spook too


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islamophobia is quite justified in many cases.

To deny this is to live in denial tbh, pure cuckery. Reality is these refugees come from places where Sharia law is practiced, and they have caused many problems. A good number of them are not coming to integrate into western culture, but instead to modify it and mold it into a bastardized version of their own.

Funny thing is none of the local countries surrounding these people would help them. They probably know a thing or two and are letting the classic white guilt fix the problem.

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google is bad at translating communism

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I think you forgot to add that the LONG POINTY STICK is actually a great deal longer than other weapons

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Nearly every single minute was spent projecting cancer

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