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Listen sister stick that bow up your ass and spin on it to get off one last time before I use your head as target practice (good test of skill judging by its rather small size)

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Zack wtf is this cuckery with your profile pic kys before I take matters into my own hands

EDIT: will I finally attain lazy-tier living meme status?

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@SirZombiethe3rd said:
Hope I win :)

As if

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Can you go fuck yourself?

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That's Lazy ain't it

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Inb4 not every African was royalty and those that were ruled with an iron fist


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@Sammy said:

@Stouty said:
I hear it's $40 for beta, $60 for alpha

If we get multiple beta/alpha keys for big boy packages I'll give out to poor boys on forums

i am poor stouty

He specifically stated poor "boys"

Girls cannot partake in his blessings sammy.

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My arrows are dipped in cancer and fletched with the American Flag of Freedom I win cucks

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Honestly surprised nobody said me.

I guess people secretly enjoy getting shot. Go figure

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"Fucketh Thee Joe"

-The Emerald Archer

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I never really understood why people automatically revert to low player count when referring to competitive play.

I don't see how a well regulated 12 man team is any less competitive than a 6 man one

Honestly because of the vast customization and variety in loadouts Mordhau seems to be providing, I think the old 6v6/5v5 mold should be broken tbh

"It's harder to manage a big team in a competitive setting"

Isn't being hard the point of comp? And wouldn't good communication, drill, and tactics shine even more with a larger team?

I am not against small team modes whatsoever but I find them less fun honestly compared to medium size games.

Now huge teams of like 32v32 I can understand because the team that spams more will win plain and simple

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I'd imagine it would go like this

Half heavily armored knights

One quarter medium pole arm wielders

2 skirmishers carrying lots throwables or the recurve bow

Probably 1 or 2 dedicated archers to attack the flanks and provide support


all bowmen using the recurve bow with medium armor for fierce fighting capabilities too lel

You can't parry 6 synchronized shots on you and you will most assuredly die

Just a joke tbh but imagine it


All Knight with shield spam

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So I'm apparently not the only archer cancer faglord on the forums anymore

Happy but sad at the same time tbh

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@Alphonse said:

@TheEmeraldArcher said:
The muscles used to draw a bow are hardly used in daily life or exercise tbh


I would expect any rowing or draw+pushing type of movement would train those muscles. I mean, when you're doing bench presses you draw your arms back in a similar motion until your hands are almost past your profile.

Not necessarily. The way a bow is shot properly is by a tightening of the shoulders as the bow is not held out in front of you. You stand sideways to your target and start the draw with your forearm and then squeeze your back together as your arm loses leverage.

Only exercise that would help the back part would be that weight machine where you stand sideways and then pull a string across your chest that is attached to a pully full of weights. My memory fails me.

I'm sure general excercise helps somewhat, but most of training to shoot heavy bows is forcing your joints and bones to get stronger due to the intense stress being put on them when drawing. It can permanently injure you if you aren't used to it. I almost did it to myself when I was young shooting a 70lb I wasn't used to

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The primary advantage of the crossbow in Mordhau is complete unreadability for parrying given it uses a trigger mechanism and can be held for as long as you want

It will also sway less

The longbow though is a higher tier weapon and limits your options more and thus a more powerful weapon overall. Probably having crossbow damage with a faster rof

The recurve bow is the cheapest to equip and allows you to still be well armored and equipped but it is a less effective missile weapon

Obviously none of this is set in stone but it's what I've gathered talking to the devs

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@j-p said:

@TheEmeraldArcher said:

@Stouty said:
How the fuck do you "train" an archer? It's literally a point and click class, which J-P is the undisputed champ. The ego pampering in this thread is amazing, Speedy you're like the EU version of Roshawn.

Crossbowmen are a point and click class tbh. No real need to lead your target much, no worry about hitting teammates in team fights, etc

I do enjoy that Mordhau will be adding to the archery where people can parry you if they do a good job, it's going to make arrow feinting and mind games a cool mechanic imho. Just look at games like smash bros and how better players can still hit with projectiles even though their opponents can dodge and block them far easier than it would be in Mordhau.

Archery will be best when it's good and difficult enough where even though everyone hates you for shooting them, they at least respect you for being good at it

@j-p no disrespect meant. I've never met you in game being a a freedom man and all. I was under the impression you used the normal crossbow. Anyway here in NA no one really used the Warbow but me tbh. At least in recent years after its meta died to either using shortbow or longbow 90% of the time with the occasional normal crossbow. Is the warbow a commonly seen weapon in EU?

You don't really see archers anymore. Before mercs warbow was common because there was a need for counter-archering and it was viable but mercs shifted the whole class more into melee flinching where shortbow, sling and javs shine thanks to high fire rate and high mobility which makes shooting you that much harder and lets you get into close range.

I've always used light crossbow. People like to say it's point and click but you still have to lead your shots quite a lot. When facing an enemy archer or if your enemy knows how to use throwables you're not gonna get into close range without good terrain where as with a shortbow you can get right next to the fights without ever stopping firing. People often forget how huge the impact of being able to move quickly while firing has on the actual fire rate. I'd argue that in most real scenarios against a shortbow archer light crossbow is just as hard to land shots with because you just can't get as close. I at least can get a similar accuracy with bows. Thing with light crossbow is that for it to be viable you need to be able to shoot continuously without running around which is really hard against decent archers.

In scrims there's usually a high chance of missing because people are actually capable of avoiding shots. When you do miss a shot it hurts a crossbow archer or even a warbow archer more where as with a high fire rate your damage is distributed evenly, you can take full advantage of easy shots and it's less realistic to avoid shots when they keep coming at such a high rate from close range. Add to this the flinch and I'd say shortbows, javs and the like just dumb down the whole class.

There's a reason why Mordhau afaik won't have high fire rate projectile weapons with high mobility.

Crossbows are less of an issue in Mercs than they are in vanilla where they are straight cancer

Honestly j-p I have to be mindful of terrain and such a lot using the warbow as my slow movement (slowest of any weapon) makes me an ezpz target.

When I played competitively I pretty much tried to shoot from positions where I was relatively hidden and could deal with enemy archers very well

All the other comp players thought I was dumb for using the warbow, but my philosophy was quite simply put, "why flinch you when I can fucking kill you" with the warbow being the only bow that didn't just tickle people