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Combos are also still way better in Chiv.

Go ahead and elaborate on that one. So far, the only thing Chiv has that Mordhau doesn't have is the front and center overhead swing with hammer. Now the over head swings are slightly angled to left or right.

In a nutshell; Mordhau only has opposite-side combos, whereas Chiv (as a general rule) only has same-side combos. In Chivalry, the exceptions being same attack combos (i.e. Overhead > Alt-Overhead, or Slash > Alt-Slash). Stab is also partly exempt from this rule (as there is no Alt-Stab), allowing for both same & opposite-side combos.

You could put off some ace combos in Chiv. Mordhau's combos are meh at best.

Combos are like the glue that bind the rest of the combat together, & make the combat feel fluid. Having only opposite-side combos slows down the combat/gameplay, & only serves to lower the skill-ceiling. Especially with regard to team fights, & 1vX (which is where the skill-ceiling lies with this genre). As they are quite predictable, & not very creative (just figures of eights).

I personally think the worst offender is not being able to perform a right slash after a right slab or right overhead (or a left slash after a left stab or left overhead). Not to mention counter intuitive cuing up a left slash, for it to only perform a right slash (or vice versa). This issue exists in both games. However in Chiv it was the other way around, but with same-side combos.

A while back I compiled a list of all available combos in both games. Please note that it is for binds, not 240 system.

Combos [Final].png

Really good points, should have your own thread.

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Should be limited to daggers or the short sword, and should cost at least 8 points


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@SushiFish said:
It's an interesting perk suggestion, but I wish you had added more meat to the bone. To say just double damage to the back is a little vague, and it sounds just annoying to begin with.

Firsly, it would just be frustrating if it were left to just deal double damage to the back, with the amount of backstrikes you are bound to take while playing Skirmish or FL. And also it should be limited to specific weapons, like one-handers so it may not be abused on heavy hitting weapons for a one shot kill.

The way I'd propose this idea, would be if this could be a perk used as a way to instantly kill someone you have snuck up on while being out of combat, like an archer or least something to give you a reward for actually sneaking up to someone. It should be strictly for one handers only.

This one is a bit tricky to balance imo.


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Think it would be cool to have a perk where your damage is doubled if hitting someone from behind.

Edit: The core idea is to have a perk that rewards you for sneaking up on someone. This perk would likely be limited to one handers and daggers. And would probably cost something like 8 points to use.

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When we are doing female warriors because we dont care about history why not add unicorns and flameswords. Its all the same. Fantasy.

yeah dude i'm real concerned about vaginas when i've got cave men unga bungas and triple frying pan tomatoes running around bashing people to death

Then flameswords and unicorns too right? There are fryingpans in the game so we should throw away all historicity guys. I want ork models and elf models also. There are frying pans so why not orks?

You are confusing authenticity with fantasy. Mordhau is not an authentic medieval experience, but it's not outright fantasy. Women are real, orks and unicorns are not.

Women on medieval battlefields is outright fantasy though. The step to orks and elves is miniscule from there on.

I bet you also think the Earth is flat, huh.
There’s women fighters in a lot of shitholes around the world, like Iraq for example. When shit goes down and your country is under attack your genitals don’t dictate if you’re going to fight for your life and home.

I made an abomination yesterday, a zweihander dodge man dressed up like the main character from the silly game “Kingdom Hearts”, yellow shoes and all. I could jump around like a fucking cat or a roshawn. I’ve seen even more ridiculous things, and I love it. If you’re looking for medieval simulation, or a “historical game”, this isn’t it 89F5D4E5-F888-4BBA-84EA-909FBEE2D05B.jpeg

You should see my current in game build. I look straight out of anime, pure dagger. And I'm rekting people with it.

Tempted to record and put naruto music on it.

My god, when they release female characters, I'm going to look sexy as fuck. Long white anime girl hair, half naked, daggers, spins, everything.

My steam name is Eve btw for people looking out for me.

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Also Hurdy gurdy as a lute custom skin that changes its sound

That would be fucking awesome.

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Instruments should add temporary perks when in range of the sound.

Drums make you sprint faster.

Vallhorn if blown loud and once will give a temporary dmg protection buff, but can only be activated once every 20 seconds. So great for blowing before a massive charge, on a position.

Lute slowly heals players who are near the player.

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We need war drums.

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(Which is also something that should be adressed. Stamina drain on light vs heavy weapons, but that's an entirely new topic)

It already is a thing. Get a buddy to hit you with a maul and parry him with a dagger. See how many times you can do that before you run out of stamina. If you couldn't parry maul with dagger ever it would terrible game design. Gameplay > realism. (Plus you can defend with a dagger against a big maul IRL, but to make it 'realistic' they would have to make specific animations for it which would be a stupid waste of time and money)

Yeah actually if there were two people and one had a maul, and the other a dagger. I'd put my money on the guy with the dagger. Maul is a pretty unwieldy weapon.

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@Punished_Rhodesian said:
Women? I mean, yeah - fucking why not? I love customization in games and having female shit just opens up options for me to make shit like Brianne from GoT or something.
I think aiming this game to be 'realistic in its depiction of the setting' is pretty unneeded. In fact - I reckon they should go nuts and add all sorts of shit. Add fucking Katanas for ninjabois, throwing stars, whatever.
I think this game would be best letting its hair down and just letting people use it as a canvas to do whatever the fuck they want in terms of customization.

I don't think people really care for this being ultra realistic - I have a Minecraft Steve build myself - and I've seen people with gnome builds, so, why the hell not have females for the sake of it.

Katanas.. KATANAS!!!!

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@Runagate said:
The graphics seem pretty, and I like the believable equipment but have they ever shown extended combat footage? I'm curious as to if it actually works.

They don't get into any depth on that video, only showing how it approximately controls. How do parries work? How does stamina work?

The whole thing seems kinda scammy tbh, they seem kinda directionless

I think Chivalry didn't have that much in depth information on how their combat system worked when they first had their kickstarter. Certainly certainly didn't have as much information as Mordhau did. And yet I still have more fun on Chivalry than I do Mordhau. I really thought with all the details the devs were giving that this game was going to be one of the greatest combat systems ever made. But at best it's 'ok'. And 'ok' isn't good enough.

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Combat system 2.0


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@Frise said:
What if, and hear me out on this one, you just tried it anyway and rolled a mini patch out with it. Isn't it better to actually see how a change plays out instead of speculating? It's the alpha, it's precisely the time to try dumb shit.

Thank you, this is what I've been saying.

Complex systems like this are hard to predict and speculate on. Better to just try out very different kinds of builds. Maybe even on multiple different servers. Or better, maybe give players the ability to change settings in the combat and experiment for themselves. And who's ever got the most popular settings, just implement that. I once got to play Mordhau in slow mo on a server, and it was actually very fun and interesting as it allowed me to test things from the combat system at a much higher level of fidelity than I would have been able to otherwise. Just from that, I was able to note multiple small changes I wanted to test that I felt would make the game much better.

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I haven't seen that. I can imagine that being devastating, mainly because the maul can kill in one hit.

Hm, my main reasoning is that perk only seems useful in team fights, not really in duels. And only for getting a surprise kill and running away. Which is useful, but doesn't seem very fun to me.

Out there idea, but maybe these problems would be balanced out if everyone or at least most people had that perk. Or at the very least, make it so the perk costs a lot of points, so it can only be used with light armor, and a particularly light weapon.

I kind of like the idea of the perk activating on hit, because what that basically means, is if the player is good enough they can constantly sprint at full speed in a duel. And it would even be very useful in 1vX fights. If I'm fighting a bunch of people, as long as I can hit them, and they can't hit me. I can move around all them more effectively than they can keep up with me. And in 1vX fights, there's more opportunities to hit people, than there are opportunities for the people to hit you. So it would actually be a perk that balances out 1vX fights, and increases people's ability to take on more than one opponent. I like mechanics that allow players to fight more and more people at a time, like how if you manage to block one attack, there's a force field around you that protects you from all attacks. Or if you get a kill, you get health and stamina.

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Right now the perk 'Rush' which makes you instantly start sprinting, activates only on kill. I think it would be interesting if it were to activate on hit instead. Like how the perk 'Second Wind' gives stamina on hit.

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The fantasy story behind it also looks interesting. I like the art.