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Duke 5538 13219
  • 1 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

@esturias said:

This is what don't get about this team. This post gets an answer within 5 minutes, but other ones, which report a major issue, give detailed feedback or are very helpful in another way - nothing. Nothing at all.
I guess our socalled "Community Manager" just made his weekly stroll (or scroll) through the first few centimeters of the "General Discussion" forum and clicked on this because he expected some funny nonsense thread to laugh a bit about...

I read most of them, don't respond to all of them.

Duke 5538 13219
  • 31 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

I have to split my time between the forums, reddit, discord, answer tech support and player report email, business emails, twitter, steam discussions, and more. I read a lot of what is on the forums, but I don't have the time to reply to everything. I'm just one person, but I'll try to be more active around the forums going forwards.

Those are the main reasons I've listed, along with a lack of content and updates. We don't have the business infrastructure in place to rapidly expand, and doing so wouldn't be the wisest choice for us long-term. We can pretty much work on Mordhau indefinitely right now and not have to worry about running out of money - if we hired a ton of people we'd need to change the legal side of our business, rent an office, get managers in place, HR people, and then hire a bunch of devs, train them up etc. That would take a huge investment, and what it would get us is the ability to push out content faster. What we would lose is what I mentioned above - at the moment we have a 'safety net' where we're able to work without needing outside investment or having to pump out MTX, and not have to worry about making a sequel or going bankrupt. At this point in time, it's not really worth it to expand for marginal gains and a lot more risk.

Duke 5538 13219
  • 31 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

The thing though is that we're not going anywhere. If we were taking the money and running we would have done that long ago. Aside from Chiv 2, there's nothing coming out that fulfills our niche of 1st-person realtime melee (I don't count Bannerlord because it's a slightly different focus in terms of gameplay, scale etc) so if people feel like playing a 1st person melee game, we'll be here, adding new content and features,

I think the player base dropped off so much for a variety of reasons, but a few of them are:

  1. Natural release peak/decline: this happens with virtually every game.
  2. Niche game: a lot of people bought Mordhau because it was something different and not many big games released around ours. Once people's main style of game (FPS etc) released they went back to those.
  3. More sales than we expected/great release: We sold a lot more than we expected, and for some reason the game caught on really well in the beginning. That's awesome, and we're very grateful for everyone that gave Mordhau a try, but 60k peak players wasn't something that was sustainable. I think that the situation is more of us having a higher peak than we expected, not as much the drop. If we had a peak more in line with what we expected, say 10-15k, our current numbers wouldn't be anything to comment on.
Duke 5538 13219
  • 31 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

hmm, didn't know this. I'll bring this up to the team and see what the issue is / if there are solutions

Duke 5538 13219
  • 24 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Mordhau is generally more cpu restricted, what do you have?

Duke 5538 13219
  • 23 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

"Show defaults"

Duke 5538 13219
  • 23 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

A loss of cognitive function in relation to days since a recent update?
Here ya go, enjoy the read

Duke 5538 13219
  • 19 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch with Feitoria is soon. I'd love to give a timeframe but it's not something that we can know until a few days in advance really. We aren't taking the money and running, we're in this for the long haul.

Feitoria will come before Castello, as they're at different stages of production. Other unannounced maps are also in the works but heavily WIP at this stage as well

Duke 5538 13219
  • 16 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

try verifying files on steam, reinstall etc first

if that doesn't work send us an email - [email protected] including a link to your steam profile.
we can look in the backend and see if your items/gold/xp are still there and try to 'reboot' your inventory, but if we don't see the items we can't do much :(

Duke 5538 13219
  • 15 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

suggestions / criticism must be constructive

Duke 5538 13219
  • 12 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

we're still looking into some bugs with the new backend. a few issues to iron out but as a whole it's much more stable than the previous iteration we had.

as for lost gold we can't fix that on a per-player basis, it's related to the backend so we've got to fix it on our side.

Duke 5538 13219
  • 12 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

we're looking into a leaderboard, no guarantees though :)

Duke 5538 13219
  • 5 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Verify files on steam, if it doesn't help send a link to your steam profile via email, [email protected]

Duke 5538 13219
  • 5 Oct '19
 Jax — Community Manager

email us: [email protected]

Duke 5538 13219
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  • 30 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Welcome back!


This latest update includes a host of improvements and features to MORDHAU - starting with duels, we’ve now implemented our first iteration of ranked play, a variety of gameplay improvements, map balancing to Crossroads, quality-of-life improvements, new cosmetics and more!

This update is the first of multiple coming to MORDHAU within the coming weeks; we’ve decided to break up our incoming additions into smaller updates to ensure that we can release new content without excessive delays. Expect iterative patches coming in the very near future that will build upon what’s currently available, and stay tuned for even more content and features soon, such as new maps, modding support, more gameplay adjustments and improvements for weapons, shields and archers, the new Invasion game mode, ranked 3v3 mode and more!

If you’d like to read all the changes for this update, check out our changelog:

As said above, we've decided to break up the content and features we’ve been working on for the past few months into smaller, progressive updates that will gradually build upon the base game. This will allow us to release specific things when they are ready, instead of holding up progress until all of these features are complete. We expect to have a much quicker turnaround between our latest update and the next; while we don’t have a specific timeline, a reasonable estimate would be a matter of weeks between these updates.

You can look forward to (in no particular order):


Feitoria and Castello are nearing completion, and should be ready very soon! To provide a bit of insight, these two maps are in different stages of completion, with Feitoria being closer to a release. Expect these maps to come along with other updates, but it’s likely that they will come in different patches.


The Invasion game mode is an asymmetrical attack-defend mode with a heavier emphasis on teamwork, objective interaction and a more focused experience than what you’d find in Frontline. Progress has been great on this mode, and at the moment we’re currently play-testing it on Camp, so we can further refine the mode before adding it to other maps. We plan on polishing this up in the coming weeks, and implementing the mode on all maps that currently have Frontline enabled.


With our latest update, we’ve launched 1v1 duels in a “beta” state to further refine our matchmaking, Elo system and to gauge interest in the game mode. Once we’re satisfied with the state of duels, we’ll be expanding this mode to include ranked 3v3’s as well. It’s important that we ensure duels play well first, and make sure that the gameplay and “meta” is in a good state before opening up the team variant.

Mod Support

While making a Software Development Kit (SDK/mod tools) is a big priority for us, it’s also a major undertaking that will require quite a lot of development resources, and ultimately quite a bit of time as well. To help support our wonderful modding scene, we’re currently in the process of implementing mod auto-download features - server owners can simply select what mods they want, and players only need to join the server to download these mods!

These are just the main areas we’re currently addressing, but more progress will be coming in the future as well. Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Duke 5538 13219
  • 30 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch #09 Changelog 30/08/2019

Added ranked Duel mode
Added Crossroads extension - now with two points, hopefully better balance and a new ruined tower
Added Veteran’s set - full armor set with 31 variations
Team damage in Frontline now disabled for 5 seconds after spawning
Friendly toolbox spikes now deal a maximum of 25 damage to teammates, fixing the griefing done by placing spikes in front of spawns. Enemy knockback is not affected by this, meaning you can still kick an enemy into spikes built by his teammate
Added autoban of 30 minutes for having 7 teamkills in a match. Currently only for melee and projectile weapons, excludes some things like catapult etc.
Added team damage % display on votekick
Raised votekick ban duration to 10 minutes
40% of people now need to partake in votekicks for it to have effect (50% previously)
Horse desync and hitboxes are now fixed
Horse riders no longer get a damage boost on the slower horse speeds, now only from gear 3 and onwards
Horse rider momentum damage now works both ways, so that infantry can one shot horse riders when hit at high speeds
Horse acceleration slowed down slightly
Horse bump knockback reduced slightly
Horse bump hitbox reduced significantly & fixed desync on horse turning
Horse bump slowdown reduced
Horse now slows down slightly when hit by a melee weapon, the unarmored horses more than the armored one
Riders on horses can now capture points
Horse respawn time reduced to 30 seconds
Firepots adjusted - fire starts much less damaging but faster - the fire is louder and generally easier to notice and react to
Toolbox destroyable walls now start with a foundation instead of a half wall
Battle royale minimum players to start reduced to 6
Removed walk debuff on Explosive Keg deliverables
Siege tower objectives now take two trips to complete
Damageable world collision will no longer ignore the weapon tip (non-damageable will do so still), which means things like destroyables won't ignore it, making it easier to hit

Fixed crouch hitbox “iframe” bug
All armory weapons strike and stab releases reduced 25ms - this will make attack releases slightly faster and more grounded/less floaty looking
Parry window reduced 25ms (this is mainly compensation for the new releases)
Chamber window for strike and stab reduced 50ms
Stab early release increased slightly (0.325 -> 0.35) - this will make stabs hit slightly slower out of the early release animation, making them slightly easier to read
Stabs now have 25ms smaller feint and morph windows than strikes
Combo feint window increased 100ms
Hitstop recovery is now 50ms faster (hitstop followup attacks can be started 50ms faster)
Added new dynamic feint lockout distribution based on feint time - this will make early feints slightly more punishable while making late feint followup attacks more reliable to hit and less prone to get double parried. Currently has only a very small effect, adds 25ms at the earliest feint and shaves off 25ms at the latest.
Morph to kick is now 25ms faster
Kick feint now costs 5 stamina
Kick range vs held block shields increased very slightly
Kicks now ragdoll people on ladders
Kick now drains 15 stamina instead of 20
Kick now gives 15 stamina instead of 10
Kick miss recovery increased 50ms (0.6 -> 0.65)
Parry turncap is now significantly less strict
Hand hitboxes are now disabled in parry window, this will fix some inconsistent hits trough parry
Bound upper attacks (overheads) are now 5 degrees more diagonal to make them easier to hit
Fixed active parry draining stamina - now gives stamina
Chamber disarm will now give stamina to the person who did the disarming too (same as parry disarm)
Stamina start regen delay raised to 1.25 (from 1.0)
Fury now gives full stamina on kill
Flesh wound now costs 3 points
Chase mechanic range increased slightly (4.5m -> 5m)
Chase mechanic activation time reduced to 500ms (from 1s)
180 Turn sprint momentum mechanic is now very slightly stronger, making it a bit harder to turn 180 and run in an instant

Weapons & Equipment
Buckler stamina negation increased by 1
Targe stamina negation increased by 1
Timed block shields no longer give stamina on disarm
Kite and Heater shield now have slightly stricter blocking turncap
Held block shields now always have a movement slowdown of 3/3/3 armor when equipped in hand, ignoring armor values (does not stack) - this does not change much for armored shield loadouts, but significantly nerfs light armor with held block shield combinations.
Longsword main mode strike release increased 25ms
Longsword strike turncaps slightly more strict
Longsword main mode strike raw damage increased slightly, this will greatly improve HTK against armored legs
Longsword main mode strike combo speed 25ms faster
Messer strike stamina drain increased by 1
Waraxe strike combo speed slowed down by 25ms
Waraxe strike turncap slightly more strict
Waraxe strike stamina drain reduced to 20 (from 21)
Executioner sword damage against armored legs buffed very slightly
Estoc strike turncaps slightly more strict
Greatsword main mode strike headshot damage vs plate armor to 48 (reduced from 50)
Greatsword alt mode strike releases reduced 25ms
Zweihander strike turncaps slightly more strict
Zweihander main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Shortspear strike & stab turncaps slightly more strict
Shortspear strike & stab releases reduced 25ms
Bastard sword strike turncaps slightly more strict
Halberd alt mode stab turncap slightly less strict
Spear alt mode turncaps more strict
Javelin damage vs plate torso reduced to 45 (from 50)
Removed flourish emote from pavise
Toolbox now starts with 6 ammo
Fixed some leg damage values being wrong (1H axe, Greatsword & Zweihander halfswording)
Poleaxe now has stricter turncaps
Poleaxe now has 5cm more range
Poleaxe alt mode is now the same range as the main mode
Poleaxe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Poleaxe strikes now have better damage vs armored legs
Poleaxe stab headshot damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45 (from 50)
Heavy Handaxe now has stricter turncaps and faster windups, making it less floaty
Bardiche main mode strike turncap slightly more strict
Bardiche main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Battle Axe main & alt mode strike turncap slightly more strict
Battle Axe main mode strike combo 25ms faster
Billhook strike turncaps slightly more strict
Eveningstar strike combo 25ms faster
Added new experimental longbow sway
Crossbow sway now stable for longer before it starts swaying, making it more reliable to use

Maps & Gamemodes
Lowered pillar on Contraband
Fixed out of bounds exploit on Contraband
Fixed all reported map exploits on Taiga

Visuals & Misc.
Added new Emblems: Carcosa, Melee Slasher, Purgatory, Raptor Rider, Royal Pug, Tempest Knights
Fixed missing gold & XP bug
Fixed a bug where loadouts could be written over when in face customization and going back to mercenary list
Fixed a bug with firepots that caused performance issues and damage against wooden structures higher than it should be
Fixed buckler passive projectile box being too big
Fixed fist falling animations in first person
Fixed a bug where the catapult could be turned faster than intended
Fixed the spawning naked bug in Skirmish
Certain buildables will no longer perform depenetration, fixing cases where players would be teleported around and could break certain maps. Can cause players to get stuck as a result if they stay in the spot while it's building
Adjusted hitstop attack blending for new recovery
Fixed characters bouncing around on ammoboxes
Removed flying horse from FFA camp

Improved Footstep & human awareness sounds volume and distance - they are now louder and can be heard further without the sounds being LODed
Sound occlusion is now less extreme, meaning you can hear sounds behind walls or around corners louder and clearer

Added rudimentary chat filter toggle (Disabled by default)
Added tabs to post match screen on Duel mode (this setup will later be applied to other modes)
Added and/or updated the following languages: Chinese traditional and simplified, Italian, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, German
Added new translators to credits
Split matchmaking modes into Ranked and Casual tabs
Players leaving and rejoining the server will now also have their kills/deaths/assists restored, not just score
Updated Bot and Credits backer attributions

Duke 5538 13219
  • 20 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

@SWSeriousMike said:
As always we can only speculate as they ain't tellin' us nuffin'. But my guess is that it's not Triternion staff that is closing those threads.

not us as far as i know, i'll double check some closed posts and talk to the mods as well

Duke 5538 13219
  • 18 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

The reason before this is that our backend systems for progression are pretty broken - there's not much we can do to fix the current system, as it's just not designed for what we're telling it to do.

That being said, it's looking like the next update will most likely introduce a new backend system that will fix these problems and be much less prone to errors.

Duke 5538 13219
  • 18 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

At the moment we're doing heavy bugfixing for ranked and a lot of the new tweaks that are incoming.
The way it's looking is that we're most likely going to drop an update with ranked, gameplay/general improvements and quality of life features first (also probably a bit of a rebalance to xroads), and then release another update relatively soon afterwards with the new maps and anything we didn't get sorted for the first one.

Our reasoning for potentially doing it this way is that there's no good reason to hold up Ranked and general improvements for the maps. As for the maps, there's been more of the same, a lot of optimization work and now we're also setting up gameplay logic (like frontline objectives, spawn points for game modes, different playable areas for each, I'm pretty sure Horde/BR setup as well). A point to note is that Feitoria needs a lot of work for optimization, since it's such a big and visually dense map with interiors and stuff - that's not to say the map will run badly, but that it needs a lot of optimization work so it doesn't run badly. This optimization work is time consuming, but it can't really be 'sped up' by throwing the whole art team at the problem; it just takes time.

As for the SDK and Invasion, these are long term goals we want to start working on ASAP. We're focusing on the short-term stuff (maps and ranked, etc.) because we realize there is a lack of content currently, and we want to fix that before starting work on the big things that will take up the bulk of our manpower. Mod tools will be awesome as they let the community make the content they want, but if it takes us a few months or more to get an SDK working it doesn't make sense to drop everything else and work on that, while the base game is sorely lacking in content. Invasion is something that is currently in the 'on-paper' design phase, and while it will be a big task to make, it shouldn't take forever, as we're most likely using existing maps for it.

Duke 5538 13219
  • 18 Aug '19
 Jax — Community Manager

The thing is the SDK will take a lot of resources (ie manpower) to get working, it doesn't make sense to do it before having a more acceptable amount of base content - if we dropped everything to work on it now, we wouldn't have the content. Working on it post content-update, we'll have more stuff in game that will make the small official content drought more bearable than now.