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Duke 5538 13218
  • 11 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

remastered cruel voice lines are done afaik and awaiting implementation, i'll check on this

Duke 5538 13218
  • 11 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

@Earraigh said:
aka another patch without the Round Viking Shield

clipping and animation issues are preventing us from adding it :(

Duke 5538 13218
  • 11 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

Send me a pm with a link to your steam profile, and we'll take a look.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 10 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

This patch contains various bug fixes, improvements and balance changes, including things such as the ability to jump kick, use kicks with more equipment, adjustments for held shield mode and the ability to bind the console key in options.
Please remember to rebind your console key in options, since a lot of you have used .ini edits before to bind it!



Removed Christmas stuff
Added fortifications to Grad commander part
Enabled texture streaming amortization options by default to improve performance. Will significantly reduce stutters on some (older) computers


Reverted backparry change from previous patch fixing the attacks going through parry in cases where enemies were 90 degrees to the side from the player
Fixed attacks going through parry on active parry and chambers where enemies were 90 degrees to the side from the player (same as above, but was in place since release)
Improved stab windup animations to see transition to release easier (does not show up for self)
Third person Feint animations are now slightly more snappy/responsive
Global feint lockout increased 25ms, this will make feint punishing easier
Parry recovery increased 25ms
Chambering will now disarm like a parry when on low stamina, meaning you can no longer chamber at 1 stamina without being disarmed
Disabled team hitstop for strikes (Experimental)
Morph to kick 15ms faster
Added jump kicks
Throwables and ranged equipment can now kick
Throwables can now be used on ladders
Shield wall now has a longer raising/lowering delay to prevent abuse in duels
Players can now riposte out of the shield wall at any time, even without blocking
Shield wall stab riposte animation now comes from the same side, making it a bit harder to read
Shield wall shields now have 1 less stamina negation, but 25ms more parry window (50ms more total compared to regular parry)
Shield model now acts as blocking collider during ripostes, buffing their ability to 1vX
Shield wall turncap more lax
Shield wall movement speed increased to 66% (from 50%)
Couch no longer disarms
Removed previous CombatTest changes, CombatTest now has experimental movement on it. Added SKM variant.

Weapons & Equipment

Executioner sword turncaps nerfed. Now more strict
Zweihander main mode stab windup slowed down 25ms
Bastard Sword 1H strike release reduced 25ms
Greatsword main mode stab release reduced 25ms
Bardiche main mode now 15cm longer
Maul stamina drain on strike increased by 1
Estoc main mode stab combo 50ms faster
Poleaxe all windups 25ms faster
Shortspear stab windup 25ms faster
Shortspear miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Shortspear throw now 250ms faster
Increased blunt slowdown on hit slightly (Tier 1 12.5 -> 15%, Tier 2 25% -> 30%)
Increased Recurve Bow damage against Tier 2 and Tier 3 chest (4HTK instead of 5HTK)
Improved Bow 1p firing animations, making it more snappy/satisfying to shoot
Adjusted longbow sway slightly
Buffed Crossbow and Longbow projectile speed very slightly
Throwing knifes now throw faster
Throwing knife can now be equipped slightly faster
Throwing Axe can now be thrown twice in a row faster
Throwing Axe proj speed slightly faster
Tier 2 Chest now has the same speed as Tier 1 Chest, making it a straight upgrade
Slowed down shield throws and reduced their damage
Deliverable despawn time from 20s to 30s
Throwable two handed rock now throws faster
Throwable shields now get thrown with LMB if nothing is in the right hand.
Fixed pavise planting not working on LMB anymore
Toolbox structures now build faster across the board

Visuals & Misc

Fixed a bug where invasion actually counted 'tickets' for deaths and could cause loss if a team died more than 1000 times
Fixed the case where ladders would be climbed while holding because someone got onto it
Tightened collision on footsoldier wagon and king wagon
Fixed wonky skinning on splinted arms
Improved fall damage camera shake
Console key can now be bound in options
Feitoria gate can’t interrupt open but can interrupt closing

Duke 5538 13218
  • 8 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

yea it's a good idea, i can talk to the team about it.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 30 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

restart your game a few times and the items will appear

Duke 5538 13218
  • 30 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

All I can think is something hardware related, that's usually a sign that your GPU is not happy :(

Duke 5538 13218
  • 26 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

don't attack people over game balance. make an argument pro/against something and attack that (politely), not the person.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 1
  • 19 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch #15 Hotfix 1 19/12/2019

Fixed burning in duels
Grad buffed for defenders slightly
Fixed a crash
Being kicked in shield held mode no longer stuns but flinches instead
Shields can now sprint in held block mode (previously limited to walk) but movement is still slowed down (same as previous held block)
Fixed a bug with shields where they could ‘store’ ripostes for later use
Fixed Horde shielder AI
Fixed a random flap sound playing when joining an Invasion game

MORDHAU Patch #15

Happy Holidays!

This patch contains a little bit of everything. Two new Invasion scenarios, one on Grad and one on Crossroads, three new skins, and a new structure for the toolbox. We’ve reworked shields to be more in line with how parrying works, and their rebalanced held blocks are now only available by holding the mode switch (default R) button. This allows held blocks to be used to hold choke points while making it less desirable in 1v1.

And of course, what better way to wish you happy holidays than by sprinkling the patch with some time-limited festive content. Happy holidays!

Mjölnir Maul Skin


Basket Hilt Arming Sword Skins


Brute Bardiche Skin


Firepit - ignites projectiles like arrows, ballista bolts and catapult rocks that are in proximity


Patch #15 Changelog 18/12/2019


Added second Grad Invasion variant, with blue being the attackers
Added Crossroads Invasion map
Reverted Catapult Nerf
Split weapon bundle crates into two on and moved them closer to the attacker’s spawn on Feitoria Invasion
Added Fire pit for Toolbox, can be used to ignite arrows, catapult, ballista and deployable ballista projectiles
Mortar projectile ragdolling radius reduced slightly
Added Arming Sword basket hilt skin, 3 variations
Added Brute Bardiche skin
Added Mjolnir Maul skin
Adjusted original maul skin scale as it was stretched
Buckler/Targe can now be thrown by holding R


Kick is now 10ms faster, drains 10 stamina on hit and can be parried
Block/parry no longer forces slow kick
Switching weapon modes is now 50ms faster
Held block shields reworked - now have a longer timed parry as default. Held block can still be activated by holding R, has no knockback and very low stamina drain, but heavily slows down movement speed and greatly increases blocking turncap as well as having a raise/lowering recovery. Allows riposting, but no normal attacks.
Kicks no longer have extra ghost range vs shields
Jumping/climbing no longer cancels hp regen
Reduced Max behind parry angle slightly to fix some extreme cases of backparries
Fixed bug where ripostes would get stopped by a clash against a non riposte
Removed general shield movement slowdowns
Updated CombatTest map with some highly experimental combat changes, added SKM Variant

Weapons & Equipment

Spear can now force rearing on horses when stabbing from the front
Buffed spikes slightly
Reverted billhook movement slowdown nerf. Now 50% again

Visuals & Misc

Updated German localization
Siege tower score now ticks more frequently but awards less points on INV_Feitoria.
Improved bandage use animation
Improved lowerbody fall animation
Fixed characters jittering up/down when standing on certain surfaces
Increased score for objectives


Blocks/parries/chambers now play a more bassy sound on top for the local player
Raised time to start screaming due to falling from 1 to 1.25

Duke 5538 13218
  • 9 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

I'm like 100 emails behind on the account atm, we get a lot of em :| If you need to report a player etc it's best to talk to a moderator though.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 3 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

it's being fixed don't worry

Duke 5538 13218
  • 1 Dec '19
 Jax — Community Manager

i wouldn't say we'd allow it in a 3v3 but if we went for 6v6 i could see it being a strong possibility.

reason being is that projectiles in small engagements have too much of an impact, whereas more numbers tend to nullify their effect to a degree

this being said we're more interested in 5+ per team - less than that and it's hard to work objectives into the mix in a meaningful way.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 28 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

@123mop said:
Any word on the dodge bug preventing you from dodging after being parried? I'm really hoping to see that resolved in a hotfix. Waiting a month or whatnot for a full patch just for dodge to be fixed would be quite annoying.

Yeah we're aware, marox is working on it.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 28 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Hi everyone! This latest patch has added quite a bit to the game, but unfortunately we've run into some problems that weren't apparent in our internal testing. Please be patient as we roll out additional updates to fix performance, blurry textures and other issues. These require a rebuild of each map, and take up to 4 days or so per level - the team is busy rebuilding these maps, and we'll be rolling out hotfixes as each map is ready. If you haven't seen the changelogs, read below to see what's new, and once again thank you for your patience!

MORDHAU Patch #14

Combat changes & Optimizations

This patch includes a large number of optimizations intended to improve overall FPS and reduce stuttering, especially during combat and on large player counts, as well as reduce load times. Also included are combat changes aimed at differentiating existing weapons more and at addressing overall balance. Finally, Feitoria has had its layout revised to make the ending more climactic.


Substantial CPU optimizations across the board to improve overall FPS and remove stutters and hitches during gameplay, especially on larger player counts
Optimized and improved loading times
Workaround for server information update error
Reworked Feitoria Invasion layout
Disabled dodging with barrels
Changed how deliverables work, it is now possible to drop them and pick them up (for attackers), and defenders can hold interact to destroy them
Disabled climbing on oil cauldron, ammobox, rock spawn, rock basket
Time to decline objective participation from 6s to 4s
Fixed a case where dying on ladder in Horde wouldn’t remember your equipment
BR/HRD Ladders on Grad now raise-/droppable
King-type objectives (Invasion) are now invulnerable until the first player could've possessed them (prevents rushing to take advantage of AI)
Traps and pavises no longer allowed to be placed on destroyables (which when destroyed would cause them to float)


Parry/Chamber box is now bigger - now significantly wider horizontally, fixing cases of attacks going through parries. Now always covers the legs and feet vertically, this fixes the broken toe stabs and makes it much easier to deal with overhead drags to the legs. - also affects shields, although less. Parry knockback reduced slightly
Parry turncap slightly more strict
Global attack turncaps 5% more strict
Trying to change attack direction during a strike release too many times will now get compensated by the game - this fixes (or attempts) the broken drags such as sky drags, waterfalls/wessex etc and promotes playing more “normal”
Attack lunge now decreases gradually after 105cm weapon range (Longsword) - this means that the longest weapons now have the least amount lunge
Miss recovery is now based on weapon length and speed or “weight” - this means that short one handed weapons now have significantly less miss recovery, making them much more nimble and lighter in use. Longer weapons have more, making misses more punishing.
Blunt weapons now have crippling effect - this means that being hit by a blunt weapon now slows you down more when being flinched and causes more camera shake/stun effect - comes in two tiers, strength depending on the attack and weapon. Tier 1 slows down 12.5%, Tier 2 slows down 25%
Billhook now has immobilize on the attacks that pull. This heavily slows down enemies and allows you to control them much easier
Stab knockback is now straight and more predictable
Huntsman now works differently and is no longer based on quiver, now only applies to enemies with a bow/crossbow in hand. This means that when switching to a melee weapon from a ranged weapon, after 4 seconds you no longer take the huntsman bonus damage, allowing archers to go melee without being oneshot from huntsman.
Fixed active parry blocking from behind
Plate leg armor now doubles kick damage
Kicks no longer have headshot damage
Kicks no longer drain stamina
Following up a feint with a stab will now have 50ms more lockout - this should fix most unpunishable stab feints

Weapons & Equipment

1H Axe strike windup 25ms faster
1H Axe recoveries reduced to 400ms
Arming sword strike combo is now slightly faster and has a bit more raw damage
Arming sword recoveries reduced to 400ms
Warhammer recoveries reduced to 400ms
Warhammer main mode strike torso damage increased by 5
Quarterstaff now has 400ms recoveries
Quarterstaff alt mode strike damage now the same as the main mode, strikes now have 75ms faster combo speed
Maul miss recovery to 600ms
Cleaver miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Cleaver stamina negation nerfed by 1
Cleaver stab no longer flinches
Cleaver now takes 20 stamina to chamber instead of 15
Dagger miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Dagger now takes 20 stamina to chamber instead of 15
Shortsword miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Shortsword stamina negation buffed by 3
Shortsword now takes 20 stamina to chamber instead of 15
Falchion miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Heavy Handaxe miss recoveries reduced to 500ms
Mace strike windup 25ms faster
Mace stab windup 50ms slower
Mace miss recoveries to 600ms
Rapier miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Bastard sword 1H stamina negation nerfed to 12
Bastard sword 1H stamina on hit reduced to 6
Bastard sword 2H miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Messer 2H miss recoveries reduced to 550ms
Messer stab windup slowed down 25ms
Shortspear miss recoveries to 600ms
Shortspear can no longer combo
Shortspear point cost reduced to 3
Billhook strike pull distance increased
Longsword stamina negation buffed to 13
Longsword main mode miss recoveries reduced to 550ms
Longsword main mode strike windup 15ms faster
Longsword alt mode miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
Longsword alt mode strike windup 25ms faster
Estoc main mode miss recoveries reduced to 600ms
Estoc main mode stab windup 25ms faster
Chambering with Estoc now costs 10 stamina instead of 15
Estoc alt mode miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
War Axe miss recoveries reduced to 600ms
Poleaxe main mode miss recoveries to 600ms
Poleaxe main mode strike windup 25ms faster
Poleaxe alt mode strike can now repair toolbox buildings
Executioner sword stab headshot bonus damage removed
Executioner sword miss recoveries increased to 800ms
Bardiche main mode miss recoveries to 600ms
Eveningstar alt mode miss recoveries to 600ms
Spear main mode strike miss recovery to 800ms
Spear main mode stab now has more hit knockback
Halberd alt mode miss recoveries increased to 800ms
Greatsword halfswording miss recovery for stab now 400ms, for strike 550ms
Greatsword halfswording stab now has 25ms faster windup and 25ms faster combo
Zweihander main mode stab 25ms slower and slightly stricter turncap
Zweihander halfswording stab now has 25ms faster combo, miss recovery to 400ms, swing miss recovery to 550ms
Quiver no longer has invisible movement debuff
Horde shields no longer slow you down
Raised initial fire damage very slightly
Fire no longer damages buildings outside of the actual fire
Adjusted 2H rock AOE structure damage

Visuals & Misc

Added two long beards and a moustache
Players with the same name will now get a sequential number appended to the name, preventing confusion and abuse
Characters will now start screaming when they're falling for longer than 1s, does not happen if you have the cat perk
Added m.ShowServerInScoreboard (also found in options) which allows to disable the name showing up on scoreboard, useful to prevent stream sniping
Friendly bear traps now show a marker when near
Chain coat now takes metal color
Fixed a dropped ladder mesh on Grad clipping the ground
Fixed floating planks on HRD_Grad
Darkened eyes on slitted kettle and sallet a bit
Fixed motion blur settings on Feitoria
Improved hitmarker sound on torso and leg hits


Adjusted hitmarker sound

Patch #14 Hotfix 1 Changelog 26/11/2019


Fixed Taiga performance drop
Fixed texture streaming issues and performance drop associated with it


Reverted the drag attack compensation change since it had unintended consequences
Added new undercut drag prevention change to address this move specifically. This causes undercut drags that hit late to glance off, same with undercuts that were used to reverse hit enemies.
Kick miss stamina cost reduced to 10
Buffed archery projectile speeds (Recurve bow 5000 -> 5400, Longbow 5600 -> 6000, Crossbow 6100 -> 6500)
Adjusted recurve bow sway significantly
Adjusted longbow sway slightly
Recurve bow now 1 point cheaper

Visuals & Misc

Fixed player name display appearing even when aiming a bit too far away from the player

Duke 5538 13218
  • 26 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Talked to the devs to clear this up - looks like the emblem was added but you weren't given the ability to use it. Should be getting fixed ASAP.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 11 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

We're working on it, trying to figure out a bunch of technicalities really at the moment. Legal stuff etc. because unfortunately, that stuff is mega important. I'll make sure to let people know when we're making some big steps towards development on it!

Duke 5538 13218
  • 9 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

be racist and you get global muted, simple as that

Duke 5538 13218
  • 3 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

email us with your steamid/link to steam profile
[email protected]

Duke 5538 13218
  • 1 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Verify files on Steam and allow Steam via firewall to start, if that doesn't help maybe reinstall? There could be a lot of possible reasons. In any case PM me a link to your steam profile and i can have our server dev take a look at your backend and see if there's any problems there.

Duke 5538 13218
  • 1 Nov '19
 Jax — Community Manager

Hmm. We're looking into some things that may help performance, but unfortunately I can't give you a magic solution to fix it. typing 'stat unit' i believe into the console should show you what the bottleneck is, though.