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  • 28 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

Dear Mordhau Players,

Recently, we have been experiencing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on our officially hosted servers, as well as privately hosted community servers. This has been negatively affecting players’ experiences in-game, and we are looking to do all that we can to resolve the situation. We are accepting reports of DDoS attacks via Discord, and will be taking legal action and/or other appropriate measures.

We apologize for the recent disruptions, and we’re working hard to prevent these issues from continuing. Going forwards, we plan on additional security and prevention measures to keep servers running smoothly. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

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  • 7 Dec '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch 20 is out now! Enjoy Highlands, bugfixes, and lots of balancing tweaks - Also, NVIDIA Reflex Support!

We're closing in on the end of the year. About time for another update, right?

This patch features a wide variety of bugfixes and improvements to gameplay, as well as a few treats on top.

Starting off with Highlands. A new map, which will be available for Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, Duel and Teamfight.
Don't worry, we've got bigger maps in the works too, but more on that another time!


Highlands, a new map for small-scale modes.

Furthermore we've also added a couple of new skins for shields, and a new helmet.


Crusader's Kite, and Footman's Heater shield.


The new Gallowglass Barbute Skin.

We've also overhauled the visuals of the Toolbox buildables. Also worth noting is that the wall cover is now shorter and allows to be vaulted over.


Updated visuals for the Toolbox buildables.

That's about it for the "headliners" of this update. As always you can see the entirety of the changes in the log below.

Patch #20 Changelog 7/12/2020

Added Highlands map, available on Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, Duel and Teamfight modes.
All nobles now have 4 health on kill as default
Skirmish round start now destroys engineer buildings and does not repair objects that cannot be repaired (e.g. trees)
Added NVIDIA Reflex integration

Horse couch now drains stamina on activation
Horse couch is now timed
Horse couch turncap slightly more strict across the board
Horse turning now slightly more weighty
Light & Medium horse top speeds reduced very slightly
Parry recovery increased 25ms, making double parries slightly harder
Max parry angle reduced to 70, reducing back/side parries some more
Getting disarmed now slows down more, making it easier to punish
Kick stamina drain reduced to 5
Kick no longer has look smoothing, fixing some ghost hits
Tank health regen speed buffed very slightly
Tank turncaps very slightly less strict
Fixed a dodge exploit that reduced the stamina cost for dodging

Weapons & Equipment
New & updated toolbox buildable wall and spike meshes; The wall is now shorter in height and allows climbing over it
Stun perk cost reduced to 3
Fixed rusty arming sword being able to heal when hitting plate legs
Executioner sword now has heavy weight slowdown
Stricter strike turncaps for Mace, Warhammer, Falchion and Axe
Warhammer alt mode headshot damage vs t3 reduced by 5
Axe stab windup slowed down 25ms
Eveningstar slightly stricter strike turncaps

Added Footman’s heater shield skin
Added Crusader’s kite shield skin
Added Gallowglass helmet

Fixed wrong party MMR being used for matchmaking under certain conditions
Fixed rare case of server stats reverting to an older state
Added new first person idles for some equipment
Added new first person equipment switch animations
Fixed shield jump animations
Various minor map optimizations
Fixed majority of reported map issues on Grad, Feitoria, Taiga, Castello and Mountain Peak
Various tutorial improvements and bug fixes
Fixed bug that was causing nobles to be offset in movement, which also fixes broken hit detection that happened in this case
Fixed bug where some equipment actions failed after entering and leaving a vehicle with said equipment until switching from/to that equipment again (e.g. toolbox placement, beartrap/pavise placement)
Projectile trails are now straight and no longer squiggle erratically

Fixed Teamfight score widget not showing all players
Fixed spawn screen bug where spawn points failed to hide if you spawned and opened the loadout menu on the same frame
Added display name to destroyable objects
Added builder name to buildables
Removed esc menu closing bind from team select menu
Removed close button from team select menu
Fixed invasion matchmaking tile being slightly smaller than the rest
Fixed gamepad shoulder buttons navigating the menu tabs while rebinding an action

Various new commands
Added ability to listen for broadcasts (chat, login, match state, killfeed, scorefeed, custom)
Modding hooks (Allows for back and forth communication)
Improved responses

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  • 21 Sep '20
 Jax — Community Manager


Check out our new merch at!

Update 19 is finally here!

With this update we’re releasing Ranked Teamfight - work your way up the leaderboards in a fast paced 3v3 mode! Face off against similarly skilled opponents with your friends, or queue in solo if you prefer.

Alongside the new mode, we’re releasing two new smaller-scale maps Arena and Truce, which will be the maps used in both Teamfight and Duel, and will also be available in the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Skirmish modes. Also in this patch, there is a new mode replacing Battle Royale, Brawl - hop into quick, face paced matches with smaller player counts.

See the full list of changes below on Steam, and enjoy!

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  • 8 Jul '20
 Jax — Community Manager

We've released a hotfix for build 18 to provide some miscellaneous tweaks and fixes. Check out the changelog below!

Patch #18 Hotfix 1 Changelog 08/07/2020


Potential fix for suicidal horde bots on Feitoria docks

Moved a Horde spawn point on Camp

Adjusted first objective spawn protection on INV_Camp_1

Tweaked spawn protection of 2nd and 3rd objective on INV_Castello_0

Added dinner table to INV_Crossroads_0, food is locked to the noble and is accessible about halfway through the level

Fixed lift hole on Grad

Added a missing collision to Castello keep middle floor, as well as some pillars outside

Adjusted SKM_Castello blocking volume

MountainPeak fix for stuck icicles and missing interior doorway collision

Admin mute is now available in the chat context menu when logged in

Potential fix for scoreboard admin actions bug

Tweaked gamemode tiles

Fixed overlapping button prompts

Updated friendly marker

Fixed a condition where rewards could get discarded prematurely

Fixed fire pit being placeable inside vehicles causing them to be bumped

Fixed default mesh for polehammer showing up in some cases

Fixed shields being allowed to feint the shieldwall raise (which led to other exploits) -- can still parry while it's coming up

Fixed received knockback for some nobles being wrong

Fixed halberd and polehammer alt clash boxes being offset and trail direction being incorrect

Fixed spawn screen not updating when new capture point is secured

Can no longer kick if either leg is disabled (fleshwound)

Fix for replays having broken focusing on players

Added purchaseable Polehammers and Round Shields to all Horde maps

Added Polehammer and Round Shield to Horde chest drop tables

Added Polehammer and Round Shield to BR chest drop tables

Duke 5562 13285
  • 24 Jun '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Patch 18 is here!


Coming with this update is a variety of content and gameplay additions - starting off, we hope you'll enjoy our newest weapon, the Pole Hammer. This weapon features high damage coupled with considerable reach, although it's definitely not the most agile - make sure to keep a backup for close quarters! That's not all, however, as Viking-lovers haven't been forgotten - make sure to give the new Round Shield a go for some serious defensive capabilities.

Aside from weapons, we've added quite a bit more in terms of new cosmetics to the game, improved server stability and optimization, some minor horde improvements, and of course a host of balance and gameplay improvements. Also, 80-player Invasion/Frontline servers will be making a return for select regions as well.

While there aren't a ton of major changes this update, there are quite a few minor improvements that we believe you'll enjoy! Make sure to check out the full changelog below, and have fun!

Patch 18 Changelog

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  • 16 Apr '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Starting today, we have removed all forum sections except announcements and bug reporting.

This is to help condense our feedback down into more popular social media platforms, and also helps to assist with moderation, as we now have less to manage for our volunteer mods.

If you would still like to give feedback (and we would definitely appreciate it!) please use our Discord - or take a visit to the Mordhau subreddit - Or visit the official Mordhau steam discussions.

Thank you all for the valuable feedback that has been given on these forums, and we hope to see you on our other platforms!

Duke 5562 13285
  • 26 Mar '20
 Jax — Community Manager

We're aware of performance on Castello, and we're looking into some options to alleviate the issue.

Duke 5562 13285
  • 26 Mar '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Check out the update and what's changed here! Thanks for your patience and we hope you love it!

Duke 5562 13285
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  • 17 Mar '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Want to see what's coming in our next update? Check out our update trailer!

Duke 5562 13285
  • 19 Feb '20
 Jax — Community Manager

@TombstoneJack said:
so do they have to be posted on reddit or can they be posted here?

Sorry for the late reply. Post them on Reddit, so they're all in one place. :)

Duke 5562 13285
  • 19 Feb '20
 Jax — Community Manager

@✵ Legate Lanius ✵ said:
Also how many screenshots ? Some people share one while others share like 15-20 ?

Think I’ll just do one for each mode as I don’t see the devs going through hundreds upon hundreds of screenshots 😁

Thanks :D although a few helps us choose, it's up to you!

Duke 5562 13285
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  • 13 Feb '20
 Jax — Community Manager


Interested in winning up to 250k gold? Enter into our screenshot competition and get your art featured in-game! Details can be found over on the Mordhau subreddit:

Good luck, and have fun!

Duke 5562 13285
  • 11 Feb '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Yeah, so this seems to be a UE4 issue - not a Mordhau specific issue. We don't know exactly why this is happening, but there's a chance you can find a fix for all UE4 games. As basic as it sounds, make sure everything is up to date - drivers, windows, etc. and that could help :(

Duke 5562 13285
  • 20 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Hey, please pm me with your steamID's (a link to your steam profile works) and we can take a look. I'll forward it onto our server tech and he can try to fix your backend inventory.

Duke 5562 13285
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  • 20 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

Check the discord - we have a fix posted there relating to a missing/corrupted .dll file with an alternate download!

If this doesn't help, please let us know and we can look into it.

Duke 5562 13285
  • 11 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

go to the mordhau discord - look in the tech support pinned messages

Duke 5562 13285
  • 11 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

if they riposte they don't get flinched.

Duke 5562 13285
  • 11 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

ALT + ENTER, go windowed mode, then settings and change resolution, go back to fullscreen

Duke 5562 13285
  • 11 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

also for troubleshooting issues, it's best to go over to the discord. hard to help fix issues here, plus we have a list of known problems and fixes over there. tech support section should help you guys out :)

Duke 5562 13285
  • 11 Jan '20
 Jax — Community Manager

@Riddle said:
The new Basket Hilt Arming Sword's grip very visibly clips through a merc's thumb in first person. It is especially noticeable if the merc has a maxed out "skinny" slider, a minimal "fat" slider and no gloves.

we're aware thanks for heads up tho