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@DefendinMyBase said:
Like did you not playtest this?

Most probably not.

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As I said before: As long as it's not a problem in duels or skirmish it won't be addressed - no matter how broken it is in the other modes.

Complaints will just result in a forum suspension or will be ignored.

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@Hailrake said:
I think I unistall this game for now

Well, the player base doesn't shrink like crazy for no reason. It took quite the dedicated work to achieve that.

The counter in your scenario would probably, as always, be a drag so that the chamber fails. So in the end you only use the shield to bait chamber kicks - which I find unsatisfactory. It's probably best to avoid shields until they have a plan what to do with them - assuming that will ever happen.

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Now I'm thinking about how putting a foot to good use might look like. Kicking ass maybe?

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@Cracksmith said:
I'm sorry, can you please show me where exactly the comp players were complaining about the bastard sword? I keep on hearing about these high level comp players, but they're nowhere to be seen. Hmm, it's almost like its easy to parry the weapons, you just don't have the reaction time to do so. It's okay, everybody has weapons that're tough to deal with. I always have fighting the war axe (y'know, the actually broken weapon that annihilates you if you get so much as scratched by it). :^)

E.g. in the last NA duel tournament and in Ren's parting words.
I don't think you will find the comp players in this forum a lot anymore. Just look above if you are curious why.

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@Aodlop said:

@esturias said:
Misleading threadtitle.
You aren't asking about how "realistic" people want the game to be, you are merely asking about their preferred historical setting. A different setting wouldn't suddenly make the game "unrealistic".

It kind of would. You wouldn't imagin fancy renaissance guys with rapiers fighting african tribes in an asian setting.

There is no realism in the game. None at all. Therefore changing the setting wouldn't make the game less realistic.

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You know, in the Greek dramas of old the protagonist meets his fate on the way to avoid it. Maybe something like that might work out for you, too. After all, if you don't give a fuck - isn't that cool?

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I dunno. I was never cool myself. Maybe buy a gun from Lazy.

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What's preventing you from playing Witcher 3?

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@Hailrake said:

but kick cannot be countered if you have shield, it just cant be
you will never win a single match against good enemy.

If you don't hold the block all the time you can avoid the kick.

and it doesnt make any sense from any perspective, either balance or realism.

That's true. Shields are in a terrible place. Boring to play with and against.

delete shields from the game then and be done with it

That sentiment is also shared in large parts of the community.

Welcome to the forums!

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@esturias said:
And Arcan~~i~~um was a good RPG set in a magic steampunk world.

How did you manage to enjoy that game? Honest question. I'd like that setting but the game just wasn't for me. Did you use turn-based or real time mode? And I read that the balancing was very bad. Did you use a fan patch?

Edit: Interestingly strikethrough is correctly displayed in preview but not in the actual submitted post.

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After browsing (read: stalking) through this I must weep about how deep you have fallen. Please become cool again soon!

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You seem to think that I'm pissed because of the suspension - which I'm not. I'm pissed about the half-baked dueling mode and about the fact that they still have no idea what to do about shields despite the huge amount of feedback as well as the delusions of thinking this was a competitive game at this state.

And honestly: You should, too.

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@Antoniokontos said:
wile true, he paid for the base game like all of us this isent a MMO or a Major title so wile i love patches i dont expect them

As long as the Kickstarter goals aren't met, I don't think this excuse is valid.

@Quenquentthebabysitter said:
Seriously, it's a 30$ game and it's really freaking good for its price. Yes, it still deserve more content, balance and mod support but opposed to many, I can wait.

I agree. I don't mourn the money I dropped on this game. It's still a waste.
And I don't think you are that special with your ability to wait. I think many people indeed do wait. What else there is to do? But don't expect them to promise to come back. I can't in good faith recommend friends to buy a game that I myself only play once every two weeks.

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@ Seymour said:
The developers are continuing to work on major updates essential features even this long after its initial release, and it is obvious they don't plan on stopping finishing anytime soon.

Funny how it's just a matter of perspective at the moment.

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Wow, Antonio. You seem to be really on edge since the last wave of suspensions. According to the rules it's not necromancy when the thread didn't rest for at least 60 days.

On the other hand he might get in trouble with whatever morally judging all-knowing entity he believes in. And that might be a fate worse than a suspension in this forum.

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As a paying customer that's well within his rights.

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@Wafflesk9 said:
I know it's to punish trolls but the system can't tell if I am trolling or just being careless.


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Yep, wrong expectations. I didn't expect they would sit their asses sore on the release money just to release patches that make the game worse whenever they feel like it.

I did not expect that the game would be balanced around ten people playing duels. I did not expect a map blunder like Crossroads. I did not expect that horses would stay broken forever. I did not expect hidden stats in a competitive game (and no comment about it). I did not expect incorrect server labels. I did not expect that they would add increased stamina damage for certain weapons against shields - rock-paper-scissors in a competitive game. I did not expect that they wouldn't hire anyone with all the money because they don't think they will ever sell a copy again. I did not expect the devs would abandon the game before I do. I did not expect a ranking-based dueling mode with maps that don't support it. ...

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The counter degrading, for example at 1 kill per 5 minutes, would certainly be nice.