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It's really depressing. Instead of getting rid of hit trades, they made it the core mechanic the game revolves around.

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Every weapon that's not right at the top of the current meta is always "supposed to be a support weapon".

  • Shields - only there for support. Bind the opponents so that your team can kill them.
  • Quarterstaff - support weapon to flinch the opponent.
  • Bows - support weapon to kill people with low hp.
  • Crossbow - support weapon to deal with archers.

How do you guys eat all that up without vomiting?

Here you can you see modern support weapons:

Can you notice the difference in support?

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Multiple users sharing a PC.
Multiple Steam accounts to have a fractured library.
One private and one public account for streamers or developers.

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The last one could be a keyboard-related problem. AFAIK mouse movement is polled. Keyboard input works with interrupts. If the interrupt signifying that a key is not held anymore doesn't reach the game (e.g. when the game is out of focus) it is assumed to still be held. This behavior is usually perceived when alt+tabbing out of some games.

Find out if you have a key assigned for turning right. Tap that key while in the game and see if that solves the issue.

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@Aodlop said:
There are shooter games for you to play a ranged character. I can help you find some, if you can't do that yourself.

There are schools for you to learn reading comprehension. I can help you find one, if you can't do that yourself.

You want the most toxic environment (different thread) in which you can fight duels. That screams private duel server without moderation. Why do you care about archery when it can just be banned from duel servers?

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@Lensey said:
Triternion is doing a awesome job at what there doing with their capabilities. I think everybody who is crying, that they don't have there shit together ,should do it better in their place.

Give me the millions they got and I will show you how it is done! Thank you for your generosity.

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@Aodlop said:
I don't care much about unarmed free kills. I would rather enjoy a good UNINTERRUPTED fight with a worthy opponent.

There are duel servers for that. I can help you find some, if you can't do that yourself.

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Tested it again today. Ran without trouble.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Cesspool is a rather harsh term

I'm not here to cater to your pussy SJW agenda. I'll call it a cesspool! U S A! U S A! ;)

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The votekick system is not the problem. The community is. You wouldn't want to be on the servers without votekick system.

The overwhelming majority of the player base is at least enabling toxic behavior - if not participating. We had some real geniuses on this forum, who said that moderation of the official servers was not necessary and would be fascism while hiding on private servers with active moderators all the time.

I think that once again the SDK might be a solution to the problem. A blacklist based on the Steam ID that can easily be added to private servers might keep the filth outside of those. That would have the side-effect of making the official servers the cesspool they were envisioned to be though.

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@Kashi said:
cant blame me for tying my dude ,im just hoping it does spark a civil discussion really .

I don't want to blame you. Sorry if that was the impression I made. I just want to save you the hassle.

This discussion will only become relevant once the SDK is finished. Before that you might come up with the most beautiful and absolute perfect solution that everyone agrees on and it will still just be ignored.

Whoever is responsible for balancing can't be bothered with changing the obviously broken shit. For some reason it's far more important to add minuscule, obscure changes to make 1vX a winning strategy.

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The maul will never be changed because it is the ultimate manifestation of the hypocrisy of the devs and the community.

Shields were attributed with exactly the same problems. But while shields were shunned the maul is cool. Even if you could somehow lead a civilized and objective discussion based on arguments in this forum, it most likely would still be just ignored.

The maul also escapes all the other balancing guidelines that were followed at least loosely with the other weapons. It's an outlier in almost every regard for purely romantic reasons. You are fighting a hopeless fight here.

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There are people that advocate that the toxic community was the main draw of this game. So I guess you enjoyed a premium feature.

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@CazzyVR said:
Hitting your Head accidentally and Gettign Hit with the Intention to Kill are 2 totally different forces Principle. I'm not calling you a Liar, but I do know what I'm talking about. Plus even if you don't die from a hit like that your gonna be dealing with Serious Effects, The BRain Damage alone must be horrendous

Don't take this disagreement personal. But you are simply just wrong if you use mass, momentum, inertia or even kinetic energy as the sole quantities for damage.
Everything about the maul leads to a damage reduction:

  • It's too heavy and therefore to slow ( F = m * a, when m = const ). People don't get stronger just because they wield a maul at the moment. The only way to reliable propel such a heavy weapon to sufficient speed would require multiple full rotations (hammer throw). At the speed you could get from half a rotation I can just let myself get pushed away. I wouldn't even get a concussion. I don't need to absorb the hit.
  • Its contact areas are intentionally flat and big. There is no potential for penetration. Every other design would actually increase the damage. That's intentional. A hammer's job is to keep the stuff it hits intact. If you want to damage/split stuff, you would use e.g. an axe. War hammers had a much smaller contact area.

If I had beef with Mike Tyson at his prime and I would have the chance whether he hits me with a maul side-swing (better yet: stab) or a bandaged fist, I would take the maul hit. With armored gauntlet or brass knuckles he would implode my head.

And please stop with your argumentum ab auctoritate already. It's infuriating that you oppose science based on the reasoning that you trained HEMA for 3 years. You are wrong. The world won't end because of it. Just deal with it and move on.

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That video is just a gimmick!

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Would you regret it even if the intern wasn't attractive?

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@DEADSY said:
If you spent the same amount of time it took you to prepare this post on actually just playing the game then twofold things would happen for you: 1) you would have answered your own autistic questions, 2) you would have improved and gotten better beyond the point of your initial concerns.

Are you denying the existence of red parries now?

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@Aodlop said:
Every game ever out there is for you, boring mature people to enjoy. Every big game has strict rules and a nice community.
Can't we, the childish, stupid, mean and somewhat racism people just have ONE, and I mean just ONE game where we can enjoy being ourselves and acting toxic together in peace and harmony?!

You can act as toxic as you want in almost every game in the world as long as you do it on your own private servers. Why do you expect subsidies for shitty behavior?

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The rules are closed because they are not up to discussion. They are pinned to the front page in the General Discussions sub-forum. They are not hard to find if someone was really interested in them. And honestly I don't think that I need to see the rules to assume that throwing around insults and slurs is against them.

I hope for the former to be honest. But I know this won't happen. The way it is now is certainly unfair. They only ban people that were snitched on.