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I used to play short spear, falchion, bandage, rush and enough armor to avoid being one-shot.

Short spear was good for the unavoidable team fights. Falchion is good for the fast assassination of unaware opponents, especially when they are not heavily armored. It's also dangerous enough to be a deterrent to swarming. Rush is great even with light weapons.

Bot weapons could be thrown if necessary and bandages are cheap and a good counter to archers.

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Dodging forward was suggested to make Dodge more useful. I don't know whether that was considered by the devs though.

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No foot, no gun, no dog. NEXT!!

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@esturias said:
Was his own fault.
Most of his activity here was trolling and shitposting.

But that wasn't the reason he was banned. IMHO he was quite good and entertaining with his trolling and shitposting. Now he's left a vacuum. Some people try to step up to this important duty, e.g. the Bird is getting more active recently. But while his efforts are commendable he still has a long way to go.
This forum desperately needs a new chosen one. A beacon of hope.

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They did not run out of money. The team is small intentionally so that monetary problems won't be a concern in the foreseeable future. Bannerlord is a completely different game. The biggest competition will be Chivalry 2.

And yes, it is highly unfortunate that they didn't expand their ranks.

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@Lenin said:
Why would i need to see a doctor, as you said there is enough silly immerison-breaking stuff already in the game, so need to add another one. For me personally this would ruin the experience even more.

Game is officially dead now. As comrade Lenin pointed out immersion breaking was at it's limit. With the addendum of the 1411 they have gone too far.
As with everything this latest addition was of course a political statement and the devs showed their true colors! They let themselves get pressured by the fetishists to add out of context weaponry and killed their own game.

(Unfortunately Poe's law requires me to point out that this post is sarcastic.)

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They have now touched shields which almost no-one thought possible anymore. So chances are not too bad that Bloodlust will be revised too in the future. Taking a break from the game is very reasonable. That doesn't make you 'that guy', that makes you a regular user of this forum. ;)

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Is this a new problem for you or has it always been like that?

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Now he is going too far. Time to doxx the Bird.

First name: Bird
Last name: Reynolds
Location: Canary Avianue, 12345 Great Tits, Crowatia

You brought this on yourself with your oppressive suggestion to keep the #GETPEKT usage to a minimum!

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You having a bad day, PC_Principal? You are uncharacteristically negative today.

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@PC_Principal said:

@SWSeriousMike said:
By the way, competitive games can work. Take CS:GO as an example.

That's a funny joke. Valve was a totally unknown game company that got funded on a kickstarter in 2017... no wait...
CS 1.6 has been a standalone game since 99 and the first mod is even older. CS:GO is only popular, because of the good reputation that 1.6 built up. I played all installments of counter strike since 04. When source came out, we still played 1.6 for more than 5 years before they purposely patched it to death.
CS:GO and its skin bullshit are the biggest scam steam has pulled in it's existence. The game is free now and cheaters can just make infinite accounts. Before they charged a cheater 3.50€ (lowest on sale, MMOGA and others got the keys and resold them) for an account which is still pretty damn cheap. The game is unplayable at comp games, once you kill 3 or 4 guys some idiot toggles their cheats on. Cheat developers get paid monthly. It's become an industry. CS:GO fucked up big time.

I agree with the rest of your post, but this doesn't invalidate what I said before. Competitive games can work. They are not automatic failures. And AFAIK you can't start competitive matchmaking in CS:GO with a fresh account. I don't know too much about that though because the gameplay just isn't enjoyable for me.

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@CazzyVR said:
The Cazzy was summoned by Idiocy.

-I know it's a Game, doesn't make it Immune to Criticism. Just because Skyrim is a Game doesn't mean I can't Criticize it's lack of Proper Gambeson and Chainmail.

-I know it as many have believed what Modern Media has portrayed it as. Now are there those on the Forum who know how proper Plate Armor works. But that doesn't mean everyone. See, I try to take the time to educate those who... lack... knowledge of Medieval Times. In this case... I will educate you and anyone else who wants to watch this... which brings me to...

-Please watch this Video and many more that show the Misconceptions of Plate Armor, the Historical Accuracies and many, many more of his Vids.

Half-swording - Why grabbing a sharp blade in a sword fight is not crazy (Aka the Mordhau/Murder Stroke):

Mobility in medieval plate Armor:

Misconceptions of Full Plate Armor:

What Fantasy and Medieval Games get wrong about Armor:

The Truth about Chainmail Armor:

Why Gambeson is better then Leather Armor:

Female Plate Armor - Fantasy Versus Reality:

Is Female "Boob Plate" Armor Dangerous or Ineffective:

Shadiversity's Channel:

Medieval Crossbows Versus Breastplate and Lamellar Armor:

Skallagrim's Channel:

please check these out if you want your "Information" on how stuff really works.

I don't need to watch 10 different videos to understand that steel isn't easily cut. It seems you still haven't grasped that this is the Mordhau forum. Everyone here knows about the effectiveness of plate armor and the fencing technique called 'mordhau'.

But there seems to be lots of stuff you don't understand:

  1. There is no grappling in the game. If you made the armor realistic, that would make almost the whole arsenal of weapons in the game completely useless.
  2. It's a game - not a combat simulation.
  3. Mass slows down. Sure there are some people that can climb buildings in heavy armor. Now imaging how much faster they were without armor. F = m * a => a ~ 1/m
  4. Movement in heavy armor is exhausting.
  5. It's a game - not a simulation.
  6. A spear certainly doesn't cost more than a full set of heavy armor. Do you want realistic prices? Then say goodbye to almost all the weapons in the game because nobody would use loadout points for useless overpriced swords.
  7. It's a game - not a combat simulation. War isn't enjoyable for most people. So nobody wants to play a true simulation of war.
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You should at least specify what you are expecting from the clan and in which region you are active.

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I can help you fix that problem. You need an USB drive and an empty partition with about 100 GB memory.

This solution won't just fix this problem but almost every other problem you'll ever have with your PC as well and is completely gratis.

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It's similar to Updog.

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What's the news from the other parts of the internet?

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I think the real issue is that some people don't know that Mordhau is a game. It's not a combat simulation.

But really, how condescending must one be to assume that people don't know how plate armor 'works'? It's really a very simple concept. And you really thought you are the first one to notice that swords can't cut through multiple people wearing plate armor?! Also calling that technique 'Murder Stroke' in the Mordhau forum is just next level strange.

I have yet to see a sprinter at the Olympic games to start in heavy armor. Until that happens I will continue to assume that armor is a hindrance.

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I've been better. How about you?

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Hey, PC_Principal. How are you?

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No offense but let's pretend you developed a game and someone provided feedback like "add sword master perk that makes swords better". How would you treat this feedback?