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All "No" voters are fags.

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Nothing wrong with this!

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I 100% agree.

For a lot of casual players, it really feels good to have a feeling of purpose as to why they're fighting in this medieval setting. When I played World of Warcraft, I specifically chose to play on an RP-PVP server because it just felt more fun to immerse myself in the culture of the Horde vs Alliance as opposed to just PvPing for the sake of PvP.

These days, I don't care too much about a story, but I can completely understand why many people would appreciate this game having a real, fleshed out lore. It's really not hard either. Just follow the cliche that so, so many games and stories have adopted to some degree - Order vs Chaos, Good vs Evil, Blue vs Red, Civilization vs Barbarians (World of Warcraft, CMW, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

Like, that's all the foundation that you need to establish some basic factions. CMW had almost no lore, and a lot of people still felt that picking a side would help immerse them (I only played Mason, for example, because I liked to defend on those desert maps).

Triternion could go anywhere in between having nearly no lore/factions (Like CMW) or having a shit ton of lore/faction (WoW), but I think it's important to have at least some basic lore that encourages people to pick a side and to feel like they have a reason to be fighting in all these battles that they're going to be fighting in.

The end.

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Damn man, just make FL like different versions of Alterac Valley from vanilla WoW. That shit was the coolest. It had objectives that both teams could fight over, but also had progression in different ways for each side.

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@Stouty said:

But if all three players are of the same skill, roughly, then why should the 1 get an edge?

Nobody is saying this. The X will always be at a massive advantage with either AP or HA

But I rarely see people, even Stouty, clarify which they mean when they talk about a competitive scene

Tournaments with cash prizes, anything else would be a failure for the comp scene. Nobody knows what this will look like because it will all depend on the success of Mordhau. It could be purely player ran but this got old fast in chiv and really an organisation, either external or the devs themselves need to take charge for the comp scene to flourish. Left to our own devices the chiv comp scene was on the brink of death until MGA stepped in and revitalised it, even without cash prizes. Mordhau as a brand new game should be able to generate enough interest that prize-less tournaments can be justifiably ignored as usually it means that whoever is hosting it isn't serious and is wasting everybody's time, for example:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. What a shit show that thread was. Hahahahahaha. I signed up for that tournament too, with wide, bright eyes, and dreams of glory.


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I want chicks in the game. Ima try to get my girlfriend and female friends to play haha.

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I'm just here to let everyone know that I've been saying "Get rid of hyper armor and replace it with nothing"




Time .

We definitely don't need AP back.

Just get rid of it all and let the chips fall where they may.

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What even is this thread? Oh my fucking god. Save it for release you fucking goofs!

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@intTobey said:
Please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly do you guys mean by 'locational' play? I'm not familiar with that terminology. Do you mean positioning and dodging?

They're referring to when the parry hitbox wasn't so giant, so if you attacked someone's legs, they actually had to aim their parry at their legs to successfully parry the attack; if you attacked their head, they had to defend their head, etc., etc.

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The estoc and great sword are good at different things. Like Jax said, estoc can two shot T3 head. This is amazing and it's one of the main reasons why estoc is worth playing. If it only did 49 damage to T3 head, like great sword, then I would honestly just play great sword.

Estoc also had its very quick wind up brought back, which makes it great for lightning fast accels.

Unfortunately, estoc has pretty terrible strike damage and its drag potential is not as great as great sword, so it's not quite as preferable as great sword when it comes to 1vX scenarios or team fights.

If I had to put one above the other, I'd say that great sword is probably a bit better overall. Estoc might have a slight edge in 1v1 situations.

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@Jax said:

@coo_snake said:
The system is a bit flawed in that way. I think a lot of people would wish to go fully armored with a fancy halberd but don't get to do that in Mordhau. I could see this being balanced but it seems like it's not even considered. It could be a suboptimal loadout with clear penalties but why not let it be?

Let people make niche loadout, maybe they could serve well in some map configurations.

We had unrestricted loadouts in the earliest builds of the alpha, and there was simply no reason to not run full heavy with a zweihander and two backup halberds. Allowing max armor + max weapon would simply invalidate every other loadout and reduce the depth/variety of equipment in the game.

I ran 3/3/3 with 3 spears. ;)

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@Cswic said:
Let's see. There are many instances of people being toxic to other players in game and in forums. No perma bans from game as far as I can tell. Puppets at least has said shit as bad as lazy in game to other players.

What are other instances of players being toxic to devs personally? Aside from jax at times.

I can't think of many off the top of my head but most devs are EU so maybe someone else can shed some light.

As far as I've seen, only Puppets comes close to being as toxic as Lazy, but he hasn't been around too much. Plus, nobody has really told on him as far as I'm aware. I'm sure once the rules are up, if he comes back and acts the way he acts, he'll be banned. EU folks were aware of Lazy because he went to their servers as well, lol.

Again, like I said, nobody has been quite as misbehaved as Lazy, so it's not like he was just banned on a mere whim.

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@Cswic said:
Oh boy philosophy / logic 101 terms here we go.

Saying that devs could decide to ban someone else on a whim is not a fallacy when there are no rules currently in place.

Lazy case was just common sense, as in obviously there were some ban worthy things being done rules or no rules.

It is a fallacy, since Lazy is the ONLY case of someone being game banned and he literally had to go to INSANE lengths to finally get game banned. This doesn't just happen on a fucking whim, use your head.

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@Xatrian said:

@Prince Oberyn Martell said:

@Xatrian said:
He was in a private server. Your analogy sucks.

Hello retard. The private business in my analogy is in reference to the game as a whole, which the devs are in charge of, not just that private server.

So what you're telling me is that private servers don't matter and you're not allowed to do anything on them that the devs deem bad (without actually telling you, of course).

He's been banned from nearly every private server I've been on, east and west coast. I'm not sure what server he was on when he called the devs n-ggers, but honestly, whether he was on a public or private server shouldn't matter with his level of toxicity, because he goes from server to server trying to ruin everyone else's experience.

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@Cswic said:
Why are you going in about stuff lazy said to the "customers in the store" or stuff he did to other players in the server? It is not relevant according to the discord chats so talking about it is just missing the point of op's concern. The analogy would be more accurate if you said he went into a store and shit talked the owner who then refused service.

By all accounts though, the racist and edgy shit he said only mattered when he said it to devs.

Basically means this ban is personal and not because of some "we don't tolerate racism or being a dbag in the community" type reason. Instead the reason is just "we don't tolerate talking shit to devs" given the info shown so far.

Sure, devs can ban who they want from their game as that is their right. But next time it may be you who says something that a dev decides to take the wrong way, or he is having a shit day, and then you get banned.

The reason to have rules in place is to make sure there is a line clearly drawn about what is acceptable. This is good for everyone as anyone with questions about what is bannable will have answers and if devs ban someone else that player can't easily turn around and say it was for personal reasons if devs can cite rules.

If you read the discord chats in the multiple discords that this was being discussed in (mordhau and giru's), you'd know that Lazy being banned isn't just personal. It's not because the devs just didn't like him. The devs have known about his trolling and toxic behavior towards the community for a while. The final straw was Lazy literally calling the devs racist slurs to their faces, lol.

Please don't use this slippery slope fallacy of "next time it may be YOU". Nearly everyone in the entire Mordhau community that knows about Lazy finds his behavior abhorrent. He's interrupted duels, team killed, RDMd, thrown smoke pots to troll people, spewed racist profanity, threatened to DDOS the forums, threatened peoples (including the devs) family, and just about every other shitty thing a person can possibly do.

I agree that there should be written rules. However, there didn't have to be written rules in Lazy's case. He should have known better and now he's going to have to suffer the consequences of being quite possibly the worst member of the Mordhau community. Sorry!

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@Xatrian said:
He was in a private server. Your analogy sucks.

Hello retard. The private business in my analogy is in reference to the game as a whole, which the devs are in charge of, not just that private server.

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In all seriousness though, anyone defending 2Lazy4Name is being retarded. Sorry. No two ways about it.

I'll just repeat what I said in Giru's discord:

Fucking damn. Imagine you own a business and someone comes in, starts beating up your customers and calling them nggers. You gonna let that guy stick around just because there isn't a book of rules that says you can't call people nggers or beat them up?

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Trying to listen to the video but too distracted by the muscles.

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