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  • 7 Oct '18

Whatever this is. Rest of the match went on as normal.

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  • 18 May '18

So everyone's noticed that walls are very unforgiving in this game, even with the tracer reduction. The question is, is it fine as is or are changes needed? I like the idea of being able to use the environment to my advantage, using a wall to stop extra angles of attack. But as it is that's not really possible. The argument for wall hits would be that players can effectively herd others into a position that makes them easier to take on. I think if wall hits were reduced to be more frontal there would still be ways to outplay others with the environment, mainly baiting chamber attempts to hit walls.

Here's some examples of the current status of wall hits.

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  • 5 May '18

Patch #16

Removed extra damage to legs when being hit while jumping

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  • 21 Apr '18

If you see on your screen your parry/chamber attempt go up but you still get hit then there is an issue. This is where compensation should come in. Here is an example of the same thing with a parry.

The OP topic has nothing to do with chambers and whether or not they are a gamble, I don't know why you're derailing the thread unnecessarily.

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  • 21 Dec '17

@vanguard said:
Idk what huge skill there is in just turning your mouse away from the direction that the attack is comming, or turn it into said attack, and why this is so much more skill based then feinting a riposte. There are problems with draggin alright, but I think they are animation related. A drag heavy fighting stile, while manageable to be fought against, it isn't fun at all imho with these animations we have right now because it forces you to gamble.

Not sure what your point was here and how it all relates to my post but alright.
Saying chambering is as easy is parrying? I'm not sure what to say to that honestly.
I never really mentioned problems with dragging in my post. Other than stab drags I like how the drags are currently.
Yes there are animation problems but these are in the works. Though after 400 hours of play I can say that the current animations are more readable than people think.

What fun there is in having to gamble your deffense technics because you can't know if its gonna be a accelerated or a delayed attack, for instance. This actually lowers the skill ceiling because forces you to gamble. Just like fake-out backswings were in chiv.

Everything you said here can be applied to parries as well. Unless that's what you were getting at in the first place?

This sorta crap needs to go, we need drags, and I love big release times and I don't want to see them gone. But something must be done with the animations, it isn't even a matter of git gud imho, they are simply not conveying properly what is happening. Specially with stabs.
I never read ANYWHERE on this forum, any serious user suggesting something even close to remove drags, so this is not what is going on tbh. And when I saw people asking to nerf drags, was actually pointed towards the most ridiculous ones, that ends up making you have to gamble instead of react, because the animations are not clear in showing you that it is a delayed or a accelerated attack.
I find feints much easier to deal with then drags on this game.

Pretty sure this whole thing was just a rant on animations, which is fair criticism, but was not the point of my original post at all.

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  • 21 Dec '17

After a few hours with the patch I've found it to have some questionable changes. I'm curious how other people feel about this stuff too.

Last 15% of strike release tracers now no longer deal damage
Good idea, poorly implemented. Now it feels like the beginning of your attack and end just ghost through enemies. An animation change is needed here to go along with this.

Strike chamber/parry window reduced by 50ms
These changes were made to compensate for the drag changes but I feel like this hurts chambers more. With the drag changes it was mostly large, overzealous drags that were removed. These were never a problem for chambering because they were either easy to read outright or left you with plenty of time to ftp. This means that they removed something that was irrelevant to chambering but nerfed chambering anyways. Now slash chambers are down to 200ms. Factor in ping plus the fact that drags don't really beat parries but rek chambers makes this the first stage of making chambering obsolete. But there's more.

Brought back riposte feint with a small feint window
Adjusted feint lockout - early feints are now less clunky and easier to use for chamber baits
Riposte feints. Who even wanted these? They were removed once before and now they've been brought back. When I read the patch notes I thought nothing of it, figured they'd just be micro feints that are easy to read. So far this is not the case at all. Sure maybe they are micro feints, but they are micro feints that are coming from the fastest move in the game. Hell, if you put some work into it you can actually feint quite late. Factor in the fact that you can start your attack inside your enemies body means that, no, these are not as readable as I thought. Good luck reading this shit in the heat of battle.
Then you think, hey, feints are beat by chambers right? just gotta chamber the riposte (which btw was already barely possible, only time you could ever chamber a riposte was when the enemy was predictable) Even if you manage to read the riposte angle and go for a counter chamber it almost doesn't matter. If the enemy has a weapon of similar speed or faster than yours they can actually punish you before your counter chamber even lands thanks to the feint lockout change. Feint into attack will hit before a chamber attempt now which is it's own fucked up thing.
You can't compare riposte feint to chamber feint. One takes skill, is much slower and more choreographed, and (was) countered by other chambers.
Also I lol when I think about all the noobs that complained about feints in chiv. You had an excellent counter to feints that, even if it took a lot of skill would have made the casual audience much more accepting of this game. But guess what guys? If you thought feints were bad before wait 'til you try our game

No changes made to stab drags
The fact that I can take any weapon, release a stab on the right side of someone and bring it all the way around and hit them on the left is ridiculous. Of course I'm not saying they should be removed, just toned down.

So to summarize:
Chambers are harder to do. Pulling off this difficult move now only rewards you with some extra stamina. Parries are better than ever. Ripostes are better than ever. Feints are better than ever.
Feints and ripostes will become the meta, with chambers taking a backseat.
What game am I playing again?

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  • 9 Dec '17

I am unable to unban a player from my server. Typing banlist shows the banned players id, and that id matches with their id that I get from When I type unban <playerid> nothing happens and the player still shows as banned under the banlist. There is also no playerid filled in the banned players slot in the server files.

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  • 28 Oct '17

Wish we got to try the old kick (flinch) with the new kicks fixed mechanics (hand hits, turn cap changes) before just changing the kick completely. Old kick was strong enough to deter facehugging from happening in the first place, new kicks are more used to stop facehugging after its happened. The question is how we want the game to play.

Also I feel like flinch is just awkward as the only time you can get a reliable kick in is when you already have initiative, so one of the "strengths" of the new kick isn't really a strength at all. Maybe it will all make more sense when perks are added and stamina has more of a place in the game.