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Keep an eye open around the release of the game, no doubt that there'll be a bunch of new or returning clans looking to recruit new members.

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@yep said:
So will this effect playstyles/ footwork? i hope not

If your playstyle was based on turning around and running away every time your opponent takes a swing at you, then yes I imagine it will.

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@ŁĐFlamarys said:
I like the look, however the naked legs will be your downfall when you stumble upon hidden bear traps xd

You say that as though I don't crouch my way into battle

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My Knigga 1.pngMy Knigga 2.png

Figured it was about time I posted my own Knigga , pretty happy with both it's look and strength.

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Please no spikes, we have enough edgy bois in full black armour already.

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Change Greatsword to 6 points

[Vomiting Intensifies]

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@Lord Petyr Baelish said:
Sickle needs an alt mode where it seizes the means of production

Only works when combining with the Blacksmith Hammer.

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@Cswic said:
In a similar vein as the above, works with mini ballista too though not as useful:

Is this a way to finally make the Red ballista useful?

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@Jax said:
I think you're over-estimating how competitive the 3 main modes are. Frontline is chaotic as hell and some noob can get quad kills easily with a catapult, BR has tons of randomness by nature and isn't an inherently competitive mode, and Horde is PVE.

Having 1st-person only doesn't improve these modes, and 3p has been reworked significantly with the changes crush has made. If we were talking about ranked or a competitive esports kinda situation, I would agree that having 3p would be bad, and that in a competitive environment you need to have the same forced perspective. But these modes aren't a ranked playlist where it matters.

I really don't think the main point of his post is that 3rd Person makes Frontline or Battle Royal any more or less competitive, rather that 3rd Person in general is noncompetitive.

Obviously things have been done to address some of the ridiculousness seen in the Chivhau video, but that doesn't change how fundamentally broken 3rd Person is versus 1st Person. Because of that there really cannot be a competitive Mordhau scene at the moment, and from the sounds of it there isn't likely going to be a proper solution implemented until some time after launch. The inability for Server Owners to disable 3rd Person as an interim fix seems like a very large oversight.

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@Peacerer said:
Is there any thread about recent changes? Or are the infos again available only to developers' asslickers?

Pretty much this, there hasn't been a set of patch notes for the last few updates.

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The game seems to stutter every few seconds/minutes. I'm not sure if it's related to the constantly flashing Packet Loss sign (which might be something specific to my end) but the stutters are there.

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@NewYariMeta said:
A really weird spot to get stuck in on taiga, it's impossible to get out, you can get stuck here just by walking up to this part of the tree.


I've had this happen to me by another tree as well

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@Stumpy said:
Traps can be hit to disarm them.
Traps ragdoll you and do 50dmg.
Traps are easily spotted if you know you should look for them when your chasing a rat who's probably luring you into ye olde' ambush.
They cost 3 points, no sane person would equip more than two at best. Which would leave him with shitty armor and a shitty weapon.

Swinging at a trap will get you killed in a fight, not practical in the slightest
Traps deal 100 Damage if you have T0 or T1 legs, getting ragdolled is akin to getting instakilled if you're in a fight.
Traps are nigh invisible if you hide them in bushes, on staircases, under bodies, in depressions, in shadows, etc
It doesn't matter how many traps someone has, if they instakill or get you instakilled from a position where there's nothing you can do.

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@SK.Edam said:
Read his first reply but slowly.

It's almost as though fixing something internally isn't the same as the fix being implemented into the live game :Thinking:

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@idiotgod said:
Notice how Marox thinks Lutebot is worth updating us on, but no dev has ever come into a shield discussion to set us straight...

Sort of revealing how low Shields are on the priority list.

To be honest, Lutes are significantly more important than shields.

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@marox said:

@Uncy said:

@marox said:
There's a bug with the lute in the current patch, should be fixed next update

Please set that fix priority to very high, thank you

I meant it's already been fixed internally.

That's awesome news, any ETA on when the fix will be implemented?

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Can confirm the above, the Lute (whether or not it's actually Lutebot itself is unknown) is pretty much unusable currently.

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Bit of a bug with the Lute that seems to have been around since it was introduced. Occasionally other people will be unable to hear the Lute or view the player's hands moving, while the player can hear and see both just fine. It appears to be remedied by Alt Gripping the Lute (Weapon-style) and striking a surface, after which other players will be able to hear and see it perfectly fine.